Monday, November 24, 2008

Free Frankie!

This is not a joke. I've known this family for over 15 years. The institutional treatment of Frankie has been horrendous. He was sweet as child and has been locked away for far too long.

Kindly take a minute and sign the petition. :

Thanks and lets get Frankie home for the holidays!

After loosing all hope, Janette Vance wrote and set up the enclosed petition.

The miracle we are asking for is that Governor Corzine approve the Proposed Community placement and allow Frankie to have a home and receive humane treatment.

If you find it in your heart to do so, we are asking that you… sign your name and add a comment of your choice even if the comment is just "Governor Corzine Free Frankie".

Help Frankie achieve his dream and express your feelings.

Please forward the petition to all of your family, friends and associates, please ask them to send it to all of their family, friends and associates.

Please help save Frankie—you can make a difference.

Click here: Governor Corzine, Free Frankie Now!

Thank you,
Kathy-- Frankie's Mom


The statement from the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities' Olmstead Plan "Path to Progress."

This Special Project describes conditions at New Lisbon at the time the U.S. Department of Justice was conducting its investigation.

Department of Justice reported the results of its investigation into conditions at the New Lisbon Developmental Center. By then, Frankie had been at New Lisbon for 9 years.


katfish said...

The first 2 links didn't work. I made a fairly lengthy comment on the petition. While my name shows up on the petition my comment didn't.?
Frankie and his family are in my prayers!

donchais said...

Thanks so much Kat. I'll try to figure out the link works for me.

I spoke to Kathy a few minutes ago and she is blown away that folks who don't know her or her family are willing to enter the fray1

Thank you so very much!!!

donchais said...

Kat, btw..comments are there, just the owner is seeing them now!

Sprocket said...

I hope some coverage on T&T will help spread the word about your friend and more people will sign the petition. {{{hugs}}}

katfish said...

I'm a nut, those links work now, let's just blame it on the server.LOL At any rate the info I needed to feel comfortable signing my name was included on the petition.
My Mother's brother was institutionalized after a mental breakdown in the Korean conflict.He spent over 30 years in some very grim places until my Mother was able to have him placed in a nursing home the last 20 years of his life.
I hope Frankie can be with his family for Thanksgiving. Please let us know how this turns out.