Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Judge Elizabeth Halverson – Gone

In a scathing 28 page finding, the Nevada Judicial Commission has removed the contentious Halverson from the bench and she is barred from ever serving as a judge in Nevada again.

Some of the counts against Halverson included sleeping in court, lying under oath, and mistreatment of staff.

Halverson has maintained her innocence, saying that the court officials who filed the complaints were "out to get her."

The commission said Halverson had an unrepentant attitude, lacked professional litigation and judicial expertise and had a disrespectful demeanor. "Some judges are in office for an entire career and do not accumulate the type of dismal professional history that the record in this case establishes."

Halverson refused to comment on the Commission’s ruling.

Nevada Judicial Commission’s Findings

Las Vegas Sun



Sprocket said...

I forgot to mention on my Spector blog entry that Beth Karas will be phoning in a report on the Halverson hearing today also.

Dom and Nan said...

I was DELIGHTED to read that the woman was taken off of the bench. I watched the coverage months ago on Court TV and was blown away by her arrogance.

The committee made the correct decision. Love your site!

Dom and Nan said...

Does anybody have any feedback about her husband beating her up? A prolonged hospitalization? This is the first that I had heard of this.

I'm thinking that she fell in love with him when he was a prisoner.

donchais said...

Dom and Nan

Try reading here:


Dom and Nan said...

Thanks, donchais.

It sounds like one is kookier than the other! What a mess. *cringing*

ritanita said...

Donchais, I read the whole report this morning. The comission was dead-on in it's findings. They also chose someone to write the report who knew how to use the English language to their advantage. They painted such an articulate portrait of this sad lady. I say sad lady because she is a very sick person, both physically and mentally, and she now has nobody but herself to live with.