Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Case Against Casey Anthony: December 11 Pretrial Hearing

Well, the hearing was short, sweet, and quite pithy.

After asking to approach the bench to discuss a matter, Casey's attorney Jose Baez waived her right to a speedy trial and suggested it be moved back to March.

Judge Stan Strickland, who was originally scheduled to turn the case over to another judge, will remain on for the trial. He is moving to civil cases in a normal judicial rotation. He recommended that another pretrial conference be held before setting a trial date. He discussed the possibility of a change of venue in the future. The next conference will be January 15, at 9 AM.

Baez also brought up the "tip" situation and stated that he was working out the "non-conforming" goods issue with Orange County. If you recall, he was royally miffed at the November 25 hearing because he received all those psychic "sightings" of Caylee.

Beth Karas, who is covering the case in Orlando mentioned that Casey's brother Lee was in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, I foresee more months of "document dumps," Anthony family spin, and Jose Baez press conferences to correct all the "mis-truths" out in the public.

Correction: December 14

We just received word that Lee Anthony was not in the courtroom. The "Lee in the courtroom was Lee Dorough, Alejandro Ferrer's attorney.

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Anonymous said...

What no comment about Larry King with Cindy and George being on there last night? I know it will take awhile to sink in. I am still processing that one, I could just tell they did not believe what they were saying, it was hard for George to keep a straight face when he said it was just rotten pizza in the truck of the car. I could not believe what I was hearing after what they have already said about it. The things Cindy said about Nancy Grace was another one that got me, Nancy will have alot to say about this I think. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Caylee's body possibly being found this morning?

Anonymous said...

I always thought that I had heard some where else that they can get ping signals from towers even when no calls are being made... it had something to do with how you never need to set the time on your cell, cuz the it received signals anyways, like how it automatically does the daylight savings time change... i bet the fbi has a lot more info then is being made to the public right now they just wanted her to admit the location of the body as a bargaining chip so they didn't want her to know how screwed she already was. There was definitely a body in the trunk but also swamp smells a lot like decomp too maybe it was her clothes that stunk the most and that was why the tow truck guy didn't smell it at first maybe the damp swampy clothes needed to ripen for a while.... just a thought

Anonymous said...

okay side note unless your time/dates of posting is off then how did the poster named Katprint know that the remains were found 45 minutes before the person who found them even call the police? that's odd