Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jersey Christmas Speech and Senator Stuart Syvret Under Arrest?

In just a few short hours, Senator Syvret is scheduled to address the assembly as they finish the session for Christmas break.

Last year’s Christmas speech was an attempt to express empathy and acknowledge the Jersey child abuse survivors.

We all know what happened there! The Bailiff called a halt to the speech and cut Stuart’s microphone. Then mayhem ensued as other States members came up to Stuart and screamed in his face.

Stuart no doubt will attempt a similar speech today and has declared if prevented from delivering the Christmas speech he will simply do it outside of the assembly, publicly, in the Square.

How fun is that?

Now, remember Stuart’s, “you’ll never take me alive, copper!” response to the UK police?

Syvret possibly faces legal threat, intimidation, having his home raided and his files seized, and the prospect of his blog being shut down. He could be arrested and prosecuted because he allegedly received a leaked, confidential report.

The good Senator believes there is likelihood the raid could be imminent. You see, the States assembly shuts down for the holidays this afternoon and the UK parliament will be finishing up for the holidays as well. The MPs who support Syvret will be off for a month and unable to raise the issue.

Timing is everything!

To be sure, if any or all of this occurs Stuart, the outcry will be heard round the world!

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