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The Case Against Casey Anthony, An Editorial by ritanita


Beth Karas has informed T&T that there was a communication error at In Sessions. Lee Anthony was not present at the hearing on December 11th. Thank you Beth. Sprocket
Please, A Little Respect for the Dead

I think that many readers here have been in a situation where a relative has died. There is a respectful funeral and polite reception. Then, the grieving relatives hurry over to the house of the deceased and, like a pack of vultures, pick the place clean of items of "sentimental" value.

That's how I feel about this time in the Casey Anthony case. It's a terrible time. The remains of a small child have been found a mere forty second drive from the Anthony residence on Hope Springs Drive. Those of us who have followed the case and have become emotionally involved in sweet Caylee's disappearance are waiting for a positive identification of the remains. We feel such mixed emotions about the discovery. We hope it is not Caylee and that somehow she is alive and well. We know realistically that it probably is Caylee. We hope that is her so that she will finally have a proper burial. We want to see the prosecution up the ante in their case against her mother.

This has been such a bizarre case and the press has been all over it from the beginning. Casey's parents, George and Cindy, have done their best to support their daughter by splashing themselves all over the news proclaiming Caylee to be alive and that their "investigators" are busy all over the country hunting down supposed "Caylee sightings."

George and Cindy Anthony have up until today taken their new attorney's advice and avoided the media. However, they and Kid Finders have announced a press conference for tonight at 7:30 PM.

The media, on the other hand, has descended on the house and reporters wait in front to interview whoever approaches. They are camped at the crime scene around the corner watching as the OCSD and FBI painstakingly sift through the entire scene for the tiniest bone, the smallest clue.

On one hand, I wish the press would decamp and let law enforcement do it's job in peace. On the other, it is comforting to me to know what is happening.

What bothers me the most right now is the new defense "Dream Team" and their current shenanigans. In the emergency court hearing on Friday, Judge Stan Strickland supported the prosecution's arguments that new Team Casey forensic pathologist, Dr. Werner Spitz not be allowed to attend the autopsy since the remains have not been positively identified. In an interview, Dr. Spitz proclaimed that this is the first time he has not been allowed to observe an autopsy. Sorry, Dr. Spitz, the judge was only following the law.

Last night, the entire team showed up at the crime scene and stood around for a few hours doing interviews and whining about not being allowed inside the tape to observe the processing of the site. Again, this team wants to get to the evidence before it is completely processed to insure that it is done correctly. They obviously think that the OCSD and the FBI don't know what they are doing.

The fact is, it is entirely normal and proper for law enforcement to process a crime scene and then turn it over to the defense. Dr. Henry Lee felt that he couldn't do a proper investigation because the scene will not be the same as when the remains were discovered.

Sorry, Dr. Lee! Don't you remember the Phil Spector case? You were able to go into the crime scene only after it was processed by law enforcement. You found some evidence and somehow lost it.

Of course, that was an indoor crime scene. In this case, the crime scene is a formerly flooded wetland area. To do a thorough job, the investigators have to sift through every inch of the scene to locate the tiniest of bones, the smallest clue. That is the nature of crime scene investigation. I am sure that, if the investigators were not to do the most thorough job possible, the defense would appear at trial and blast the OCSD and FBI for not doing a proper job! The defense team is making this all a lose-lose situation!

This is the point where I compare "Team Casey" to a pack of vultures. In my opinion, they are standing at the scene, the last relatives to get to the scene and have lost the "best pickings."

Please, "Team Casey," stay away until the work by law enforcement is done. Have respect for the little child whose body was unceremoniously dumped there in a garbage bag and duct tape over her face. That area is sacred ground. It is a place which should be treated with respect for the dead child.


Jose Baez and his forensics team
Baez Looking For Answers
Linda Kenny Baden, Jose Baez

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Anonymous said...

Great entry as always Ritanita. I'm just speechless over the defense team's behavior. Speechless and thoroughly disgusted!


CaliGirl9 said...

I 100 percent agree. The media had its place in trying to find this sweet baby. Now stop buying into the antics of Casey and her parents. They’ve said all they need to. They are just looking for material to sell their story.

The “Casey Dream Team” crap is disgusting. I recall that there were discussions on the old board about the disgustingness of defense tactics, and to have this most reprehensible group of LKB, Dr. Spits, “Dr.” Lee, and whatever buffoon joins this ragtag group is disgusting. Good Lord Anthony family, have some sense of decorum. Yes you love your daughter but Caylee didn’t wrap her skull in duct tape and put herself in a garbage bag and walk to a corner of her grandparents’ property and die.

I wonder if LKB is taking this on pro bono? Is the Anthony family property mortgaging themselves to the hilt to “defend” their no-doubt guilty daughter? Who will take care of Cindy and George Anthony once their assets are handed over to their “dream team?” Oh yeah they still have a story to tell!

If I were in this situation (the parent of a child who no doubt murdered her own child), I’d tell my daughter I love her but she will have face up to this on her own. I’d be in court, but I sure wouldn’t be covering for her. And she knows this …

Kudos to the authorities in Florida not to bend to the ridiculous “requests” of the defense attorneys and “scientists.” Unless by their actions they are telling us something they have known about for some time, that Caylee wasn’t far away and that she wasn’t in an alligator but treated as common trash.

Heads up to any studio contemplating turning this horrible tragedy into a movie of the week or a major motion picture starring Lindsay Lohan as Casey—just don’t. I’m not interested in anything but the truth and I trust that will come out in court.

I trust the trial will be on *cough* TruTV. Krekt?

ritanita said...

Thanks, Ms. Kitty!

I had almost put this article up saying that the family was for once following their attorney's advice to keep quiet. Then, I heard it had been announced that they will have a presser tonight with Kid Finders (AKA Michelle Bart?). Then I saw that they had made another announcement.

I can't believe they can't wait for a positive ID to make a comment.

Most disgusting of all, is that "...Team" standing around, giving comments to Geraldo (which aren't posted), and literally asking LE to "throw them a bone."

Why can't they be a class act and show some respect?

I don't know if the trial, whenever it occurs will be broadcast over the airwaves by a (cough) certain cable channel featuring Beth Karas, but I'd bet it will be!

Anakerie said...

Thank you for voicing my own thoughts, Ritanita. These people, the media, the defense "team" and the family need to back off and let LE and the FBI do their jobs. I was shocked yesterday when Ms. Baden was whining on camera about the judge not allowing Casey to view her daughter's remains, and then last night, the rest of the defense team chimed in and whined some more. Yes, the remains are most likely Caylee, but there hasn't been a positive ID yet. The defense team need to stay away until there is a positive ID.

The family... Oh my, the things going through my mind about the family are mostly things I prefer not to put in print. However, I will mention Lee. How dare he pick up and destroy a memorial to his niece! What on earth goes through the minds of the Anthony circus players? Anything? Nothing? Or is it just that they are working so hard to get Casey off that they don't care about Caylee? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for this post! After watching Geraldo on FOX last night ... I thought maybe I had gone loco! The "dream team" acted like the defense is allowed at all crime scenes and that this was a ploy by LE. I've never seen a crime scene that wasn't first processed by LE?! Started to think ~ maybe FL has really weird laws?! Whew!

Sad to see all these same "players" from the PS case though.

IMO ~ These "professionals" only get the "best in their field" "noted" "the best" titles because they glom onto hi-profile cases. The real "noted" should be those medical/forensic/legal professionals who perform their jobs every day ... day in .. day out .. because they believe in, respect and love the job they do ... without seeking any spotlight.

This case is guaranteed to become another sad spectacle now that the "dream team" is involved. When it should be about a little two-year-old girl ~ Caylee Marie Anthony ~ who lost her life ...

Geralyn said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, Ritanita. The actions of the defense team are really low. I just viewed a spot that Geraldo did on Fox news about this case. Not sure when he became "Team Casey" but he must have had some of the Casey Kool Aid. Geraldo went on and on about how (in his opinion)the prosecution really stepped in "it" by not allowing the defense to view the crime scene and autopsy. He declared that Henry Lee is one of the most respected forensic pathologists. Specifically referring to DR's Spitz and Lee, Geraldo said something to the effect of "What are the prosecutors afraid of? That the defense team is going to sneeze on the evidence?". Um...has Geraldo read anything of Spector 1.0? Sneezing on evidence is the least of what Dr. Lee is capable at a crime scene,IMO!

Also, last night on Geraldo's show I was irked by Casey's team walking down Hopespring drive to the crime scene from the Anthony's home, which not so coincidentally was caught on tape. After knowing what Dr.s Spitz and Lee and LKB, are capable of (from Spector's case) I felt as if I was watching a bunch of vultures. The prosecution was right to keep these people as far away from an active crime scene as possible.

Geraldo being so buddy buddy with the defense team doesn't wash well with me.

I know my opinion may sound strong but this case should not be "The Casey Show" as I suspect her life has always been until her adorable baby entered the Anthony Family. Dignity and respect for little Caylee should be a main priority on both sides.end of All I want to see is poor Caylee rest in peace.

Thanks for enduring my rant!

Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted by the defense attorneys. Plain and simple, they are media whores and pimps.

ritanita said...

Well, the time for the presser has come and gone. The Anthony family announced that they won't be making any comments.

Geralyn said...

While there was no press conference, WESH 2 news is reporting that investigators tell them that little Caylee was wrapped in a covering aside from the trash bag. This prompted them to go and search again. Also, (per WESH) some of Caylee's bones were scattered. So sad!If this source is reliable, is it any wonder why the defense hasn't been granted access to the site?

shari said...

OMG, I just read all of your posts here and I am so glad you are all in agreement on this. I was appalled at the spin that the Casey team put on the situation with Geraldo also. They acted as if they were all God and "how dare someone not let them in on everything" P U H L E A S E!!! I would never want all of these people in on a loved one of mines autopsy if there hadn't yet been a positive ID. What would they have to say if the DNA came back NOT Caylee and they had all been allowed in there and opened their big mouths to the press?? How foolish and disrespectful would they have looked then? But I guess when you have such high opinions of yourself, things like details and Florida statutes don't matter.

Anonymous said...

It must be truly ghastly for the folks that live near Casey's parents. Impossible to imagine having the press, protesters and goodness knows who continually on your street.

As for the "dream team" - just unbelievable - do they charge by the hour to stand near yellow tape?

I cannot find the list of the "expert" fees paid in the Spector trial - I do remember seeing it at the time - large amounts of money, for very few pages of "discovery".

I find myself more disgusted with the lawyers' behaviour than with the Anthony family. The lawyers and experts should know better. The Anthonys seem only able to focus on protecting Casey. They need some decent legal advice - not so called "experts". Said better in 2 lines by Anonymous (7th comment)

Many many thanks for the great post Ritanita

Anonymous said...

When are these grandparents going to wake up and smell the coffee? How can you stand by your daughter who didn't report a missing 2 year old for 30 days?

How can you stand by someone that blatantly lied to police, family and friends about the disappearance?

This family should be ashamed of themselves.

This should be about justice for a 2 year old that was murdered.

Doesn't she deserve justice?

Anonymous said...

I have a completely different feeling about the defense team then the majority. It seems very important to me that they leave no opportunity to act on their clients behalf undone. I have completely read every police report that has made the public records and want them to do a very complete job so that grounds for appeal won't make it through the appeal courts. It is my conclusion that Casey Anthony did indeed murder this child. It may even come out that she was aided by her brother after the fact in some way. I think her parents have knowledge now that their daughter has done this; that some fact that has not been disclosed by them sooner will be forthcoming now. The state of Florida will more then likely change their decision about the death penalty. Since the highest standard of defense must be made and encouraged in all capitol offense cases I will just repeat now; the better the job they do now, the less likely an appeal case will even be heard.


Anonymous said...

My heart aches for this precious little angel. A beautiful child who had her entire life ahead of her has been sacrificed for the selfishness of the one who should have loved her the most. As both a mother and a grandmother, I can not fathom the ordeals this child had to go through during her brief life on earth. It is absolutely astounding to me that this woman who gave birth to her so obviously lacked any maternal instincts to love and protect this child. It sickens me to see Casey Anthony and her unending web of lies. It is obvious that all she cares about is herself and her needs. As a mother, I have always given 150% to my children and supported them in any way that I could to make their lives a little easier, however, as a grandmother, God knows I would never allow any of them to lie to me in the manner that Casey has in order to protect them. I can not imagine one of my children telling me I couldn't speak with one of my grandchildren for an extended period of time and my just sitting by and believing a string of false stories about their being somewhere other than with their parents. You can rest assured that I would be the first one beating on their door demanding to see my grandchild. It is obvious that these grandparents worshipped this child and I don't understand how they allowed so much time to go by without seeing or talking to Caylee. Additionally, it seems they were so actively involved in her day to day life that how could they not know that Casey was not working, that she was not taking this child to a so called "nanny", etc. I feel for these grandparents in an immense way because of their loss, but at the same time, I can not condone their continual enabling of their daughter. There comes a time when we as parents must stand up and make our children take responsibility for their lives. It is ok to be there for support of your child and assist when we can, but to be taken for granted over and over is totally unacceptable. This girl didn't work, she didn't pay her own bills, she was a thief...dear God, she lived better than a Princess and she was a "monster". There is so much pro and con regarding whether or not she should be given the death penalty...that option is too good for this despicable individual. Dealth for her would be too easy! It is my belief that Casey Anthony should be spared the dealth penalty and instead live the remainder of her natural life being tortured in the same ways that she has tortured her daughter, her parents, and the American people. Instead of taking the easy way out and ending her life, let her sit in jail and be made to watch videos of this little girl, view pictures of the precious child she was day after day after day. While it is more costly to us as taxpayers to keep her in prison, my choice would be to keep her alive and make her pay through heartbreak rather than put her to death. It will be torture to her just to know that she is unable to party in the manner that she is accustomed while she sits behind bars. As for the Anthony family, my heart goes out to each of you and you will remain in my thoughts and prayers, as you have since the beginning of this nightmare. Caylee Marie, may your beautiful soul rest in peace little one. You will be safe in the gardens of heaven and our Lord will protect your from any further harm. Fly with the angels pretty girl...someday, you will be reunited with your Grandmother and Grandfather; my heart tells me they loved you in a way that your mother never did. God Bless you Caylee Marie