Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Case Against Casey Anthony: Pre-Trial Hearing Tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the long-awaited day for the pretrial hearing for Casey Anthony. InSession on TruTV will broadcast it live with Beth Karas doing the coverage. It should also be live-streamed by CNN and local stations. It will be interesting to see what happens!

If I am able, I will post a summary.

Mid-Week Summary

This week has been a virtual tornado of Baez and Anthony spin. Sunday evening, the Anthony family announced a temporary cessation of vigils for Caylee until the New Year.

At the same time, Cindy opined about the decision of the prosecution not to seek the death penalty:

"I don't think they have much of a case at all," said Cindy following a candlelight vigil for Caylee at the Eastside Baptist Church in Orlando. "I don't think they have a death penalty case at all, so I wasn't surprised."

She added that the whole notion of raising a death penalty case against her daughter was ridiculous. "I think we should be out there looking for Caylee and not focused on a few lies Casey told to the Sheriff's Office. The evidence will speak for itself."

It's interesting that Cindy refers to her daughter's "few lies" when those following the case know that virtually everything Casey said was a lie!

Monday morning, Jose Baez appeared on the Today Show. The broadcast began with the coverage of the extensive pretrial publicity and the difficulty of finding an impartial jury. Apparently, asking for a change of venue would cause a delay in the trial, something the defense does not seem to want. Baez still is doing media research to make a decision on the change of venue issue.

In his interview, Jose Baez contended that

"We believe that Caylee is alive, and what we want to do, as her attorney I have a responsibility to Casey, and that is to do the best job possible, so it's not an issue of rushing to get a trial just because we expect a body to be found,"

Apparently, he believes a speedy trial is necessary to absolve Casey of guilt and get her out of jail as soon as possible. I also noticed that Mr. Baez is now using the royal "we" nowadays.

Baez also indicated that he believes the "leaks" from law enforcement were put out in the public well before they should have been. He also stated the jailhouse videos released last week show an emotional Casey who is crying all the time. Cindy Anthony had also applauded the release of the tapes saying that:

"I said from the very beginning, if they would have shown those tapes people would have seen that she does have emotions," Cindy Anthony said. "She's not a cold, calloused person like everybody wants to paint her out to be. She's a desperate, loving mother."

Did Cindy actually view the videos, or is she doing this from memory? I haven't heard ONE expert say that's how Casey came off in those tapes. Pathological liar, deceptive body language, severe family dysfunction: That's what I observed and what was reported in the news by any number of experts.

Baez also claimed the public only has a "fraction" of the story. My goodness! All the thousands of pages of information released under the Florida Sunshine Laws are only a fraction! Does that mean Casey has much more to say? If she does, she'll have to take the stand at the trial. According to the defense witness list, there are only three scientific experts listed. There don't seem to be any witnesses to buttress Casey's lies and swear to her veracity.

Also on Monday, Jose Baez petitioned the court for an Application For Subpoena Duces Tecum for the release of various security tapes, including those from the infamous "Caylee sighting" at the Florida Mall. Apparently, the Anthony family can't get them for themselves without one. According to George Anthony, there is a 50-50 chance the little girl is Caylee.

Hello? How did he come up with that? OK, I get it, it's Caylee or it isn't! I suppose that the same logic would apply to almost any little brown-haired girl with bangs and a pony-tail? If there is a math wizard out there anywhere, please explain George's math to me!

The last news reported Monday of any value was the fact that Jose Baez still hasn't picked up the DVD's with the rest of the tips he's been begging for. According to WFTV:

Baez's spokesman said the sheriff's office has misled them in the past, implying the abandoned discs don't contain tips of Caylee sightings. He said that despite the defense having not looked at them yet. He also said that Baez "could maybe already know what's on those discs."

I personally believe he knows they won't find anything of value on them and he doesn't want to pony up the money he already owes the court for the last batch of tips. Also, his staff of 40 that he alluded to at the hearing last week just doesn't want to go down to the courthouse to sort them out for free.

Tuesday's news was replete with announcements about Cindy and George's journey to California on Wednesday to appear live on the Larry King Show. Of course, that trip is secondary to another hunt for Caylee. This time, they plan to visit a restaurant in Newport Beach where there was yet another Caylee "sighting."

On Nancy Grace, Leonard Padilla chimed in with yet another of his opinions:

Everybody knows when she died, and the 30 days is not a secret anymore ... Don't be surprised if Orange County or the FBI don't drop it on us here that they've got the body somewhere," Padilla said.

So, folks, it seems as though tonight is the night for the Larry King interview. It will be interesting to hear questions from the viewers. If you want, you can e-mail your questions here!

Tune in Friday! The Casey Anthony Case will be covered on Dateline NBC!

CNN Find Caylee Blog


ritanita said...

Anonymous, for some reason your post didn't appear when I published it.

But, I'll be glad to answer your question.

Court TV changed it's name January 1, 2008 to TruTV. The daytime portion of the programming is called InSession.

This station should be located where Court TV used to be.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

"In his interview, Jose Baez contended that
"We believe that Caylee is alive, and what we want to do, as her attorney I have a responsibility to Casey, and that is to do the best job possible, so it's not an issue of rushing to get a trial just because we expect a body to be found,""
WE EXPECT A BODY TO BE FOUND? Are they kidding? How can they believe Caylee is alive AND expect a body to be found?
Did anyone else catch this? For the love of God, just tell someone where she is already!!!

ritanita said...


I think that it's sometimes hard to dissect what Mr. Baez is saying.

I read it as to be saying that OTHERS are saying he wants a speedy trial trial because he doesn't want the body found before trial.

Mr. Baez seems to have stated he wants a speedy trial so that Casey can be acquitted as soon as possible and get on about her "normal" life.

Unknown said...

does anyone know what time the hearing starts?

donchais said...


The hearing is at 9 am EST.