Friday, December 5, 2008

OJ Goes Down

The Goldmans are in court and looking very intense. The courtroom is packed.

Galanter requests bail for OJ. Bryson makes same request for Stewart, pending appeals.

State argues both are a flight risk and that bail should not be granted.

Glass denies the motions, as she believes they are both flight risks!

Bryson asks for severance for Stewart. Glass denies that request also.

The coercion charge has been dropped by the state!

The State says Stewart isn’t as culpable as Simpson and should not receive the same sentence. Simpson was the ringleader and had been planning this for a long time. Simpson escalated the violence. Simpson ruined so many lives in this case.

Grasso says Simpson is not only a client, but is now a friend also and asks for minimum sentence for each charge and requests credit for time served. Also asks for counts to run concurrently.

Holy cow! Gasso is now giving a civil war history that explains his feelings about sentencing. My head is spinning.

Galanter asks for OJ to speak. Jackie says after she hears from him, she'll let OJ speak. Galanter now sucks up to Jackie saying what a pleasure it has been to serve in her court! (Eye roll here.)

Galanter says stupidity is not criminality! He admits that had OJ run the idea of what he intended to do by any of his attorneys, they would have told him not to do it. OJ got caught up in the moment and acted stupidly. Galanter asks for leniency.

Simpson speaks and says he's sorry and apologizes to the State of Nevada. I didn't come here to reclaim property, I came here for a wedding. When I got here I found out my stuff was here. OJ claims he was "tricked" into the room.

I didn't want to steal anything, I just wanted my family stuff back. I didn't want to hurt anybody. I'm sorry. He does all of this with a wavering voice.

Bryson and Jones both thank the court and say that Stewart has no priors, three sons and an adopted one. Stewart has no assests and suffers from multiple health problems. They ask the sentences run concurrently.

Glass tells Simpson he is both arrogant and stupid and she saw that throughout the entire trial.

The tapes indicated he didn't want the items to fall into the Goldman's hands - you referered to them as them "Golddiggers".

You had no idea everything was on tape.

Your own words have brought you here to my courtroom.

The eveidence in this case was overwhelming.

After the event, there were phone calls going back and forth - "there were no guns", "there were no guns" You realized you might be in trouble.

You are just lucky nothing more serious happened!

OJ gets 15 years! He could serve up to 16 years behind bars, but there will be the possibility of parole after five years plus time served for a total of six years, Judge Jackie Glass said.



shari said...

And the "best actor" award goes to: OJ Simpson for his outstanding performance in a courtroom setting.
Eye Roll!!!! Eye Roll!!!! Eye Roll!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!

donchais said...

Dunno shari...OJ sure elicited sympathy from me...NOT!