Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

T&T is wishing everyone a happy and memorable holiday season this year. Please share with us what you are doing to make this year special. Mr. Sprocket and I are going to celebrate with a movie and possibly a turkey tomorrow. We still haven't decided on cooking a turkey.

Ever since I adopted Sprocket fourteen and a half years ago, I've not put up a Christmas tree. Some years I decorate the windows and archways of our house with the various ornaments I've collected over the years, but I've always enjoyed seeing how others decorate for the holidays. has a nice entry on a variety of Christmas trees from around the world in years past. Here is an upside down tree from neatorama, and here is a kitty quite engrosed by a Christmas tree. The Welshman blog has a photo of a Florida palm tree decorated with lights. If you are a fan of Mountain Dew this is a tree for you! And last, for the fabric lovers here is a Christmas tree rag quilt.

Anakerie has this LOLcats image on her blog and I had to snag it.

Do you have a favorite tree image you'd like to share with us? If posting a link in blogger, please break it up on several lines, or email me the link. Once you post your link I'll include it a the bottom of this entry so that people can see it.

One of the treats we plan to do this evening is visit all the decorated houses in Hastings Ranch. In years past there has been a competition and every street has a theme. There are some houses that are over the top with lights and many people come from all over to see the decorations. Here are some photos on Tim Harwick's flicker page of decorated houses in Hastings Ranch last year.

Hanukkah started on December 21st this year and ends December 29th. Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th through January 1st. Please share with us what you will be celebrating this year. T&T wants to hear how you make this time of year special for you and your families.