Thursday, December 18, 2008

Harper and Power Being Set Up As Fall Guys in Jersey Abuse Scandal?

Lenny Harper will be giving evidence to the High Court in London next month about obstructions he faced in trying to bring cases to court during his tenure as lead investigator at Haut de la Garenne.

MP John Hemming and Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret challenged the High Court over the handling of the Jersey child abuse investigation with claims they don’t have confidence in the Jersey’s authorities ability to properly administer justice. Harper will provide evidence of the obstruction and interference he faced during the investigation an is expected to tell the High Court that victims may not get justice unless an outside body steps in. He said he is concerned that there have been no more arrests or further progress in the investigation.

Harper has filed a complaint with the Jersey Police Complaints Authority about the smear comments made by Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup and Detective Superintendent Michael Gradwell at a recent press conference.

Mr. Harper told the Belfast Telegraph he recently received a “bizarre” letter from Mr. Warcup requesting the return of any unused documents relating to the case.
“I have no unused material whatsoever. I have nothing which is relevant to the inquiry. This letter was very puzzling and a little disturbing. I can only think of two possible reasons — one that it is an attempt to intimidate me just before I give evidence in the High Court or two, that it is an attempt to set the scene to blame me for any discontinuation of proceedings. In light of all that has been happening I believe I am being set up to take the blame if no charges are brought.”

Suspended Police Chief Graham Power claims that he is the victim of a ‘blatant abuse of political power and an independent review may be held soon.

Constable Simon Crowcroft has submitted a proposition to Jersey’s Bailiff calling for a ‘compliance check’ into the way Minister Andrew Lewis handled the suspension of Graham Power. Power has claimed that his November 14 suspension was not carried out properly.


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