Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scout Kitty Update & More Spector Trial Day 20 notes

Scout Kitty Update

First off, I wish to thank everyone who has opened their hearts and generously donated to Scout's surgery fund. We are grateful that we have received donations to cover about 40% of his total bill. With Mr. Sprocket on disability for the past eight months and several more months of recovery still ahead for him, your generosity in helping with Scout's surgery is an answered prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Several of you have written me asking for an update on how Scout is doing. He is recovering well. On Thursday evening he was up and about and acting like all was well and time for him to go outside again. His ears are finally cold which told us his temperature was back to normal. That's good news. On Friday evening he got his drain tube removed and we had a long conversation with his doctor about his sneezing and what the possible causes could be. The most likely culprit is the herpes virus. We have a strong suspicion that in Scout's prior life he had been vaccinated. His sneezing is not accompanied by other serious symptoms and it could be that with the infection he had with the bite wound, his immune system was depressed a bit, giving a virus the opportunity to express itself. His doctor felt the sneezing would be gone completely in about two weeks.

The other fur kids must be smelling the antibiotics he's on (he still has another bottle of liquid to go through) and are keeping him at bay with a few hissing fits when he tries to say hello with his traditional head butt. Meanwhile, he's letting us know vocally how unhappy he is to be staying inside 24/7. He gets his stitches out December 30th. Until then we are making him wear his skirt bandage. Here is Scout on one of his favorite spots.

Phil Spector Day 20th Notes

During the short court day on December 17th, it was obvious that AJ was tired. He did mention to someone in the gallery who asked that he had been up until 2 am working on motions. The trial was put in a holding pattern even before Juror #1 became ill over what latitude the defense has in their cross of Dr. Pena and whether any testimony on "psychological autopsy" will be admitted into evidence. According to Mr. Jackson, he only had 4 hours of sleep last night. AJ also stated that the prosecution team was welcoming the holiday break so that they could "recharge their batteries." It will be interesting to see if Weinberg delivers on the Judge's orders to turn over written discovery on his potential witness, Dr. Seiden by next Tuesday as ordered. Weinberg has delayed turning over this discovery on at least two other occasions leaving the prosecution with no other choice than to file a motion accusing Mr. Weinberg of gamesmanship. Each time, Mr. Weinberg has had a different excuse as to why he did not deliver the discovery as promised.

I'm guessing that the prosecution's case will take one more week to present, once court resumes on January 5th, 2009.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if AJ knows what a hero he is too many of us that have followed this case. What a valiant fight he has put up to get justice for Lana.
Sprocket, please tell him he is my hero.


Anonymous said...

Amen! I watched the first trial carefully and thought AJ did a BRILLIANT job and I was also VERY impressed by the judge, who seemed very intelligent and fair. The contrast between the superb prosecutors and judge in this case and those buffoons in the O.J. debacle could not be more striking.

Sprocket - we are are praying for you, Mr. SProcket and Scout. Hopefully next Christmas will find you all in great health and Spector behind bars.

jen said...

Spector looks frighteningly frail and not long for this world; if convicted that will surely push him into the grave. At least his wife is young & will be able to recover with the fortune he leaves her. Just need him to make it through his conviction for Lana's sake.

Best wishes & happy holidays to the Sprocket family; and NO, Scout, you can't go out! LOL

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

Anonymous said...

Someone just posted part of Sprocket's post on the San Mateo Daily Journal forum in the section on the case of alleged pedophile Dr. Ayres. Those of us who are also following that case fervently hope that the San Mateo DA's office is also reading Sprocket's excellent description of Doron Weinberg's tactics. Following the Spector trial, Weinberg will represent Ayres

Many of us who are vested in the Ayres case are avidly reading the Sprocket blog now.

Anonymous said...

Back in 1989, I interviewed Dee Dee Ramone for a story on Phil Spector. I have Dee Dee on tape saying that Spector pulled a gun on them and then shot at a flie.

Sprocket said...

Anon @ 12/21 11:35 am:
I've read about 28-29 pages of the thread on Dr. Ayres at the San Mateo Daily Journal Forum. It was a very interesting read.

I hope that there is someone in the area that is able to attend the hearings in this case and report their observations as to how well the prosecution will counter any courtroom strategy used by Mr. Weinberg.

Anon @ 12/21 11:36 am:
Unfortunately, Fidler has ruled that the 1101(b) witnesses in the Spector case need to fall into a specific pattern, to prove identity, lack of mistake and other criteria (that I can not for the life of me remember at this specific moment).

Fidler ruled that the sixth witness the prosecution found could not testify about Spector brandishing a gun after she rebuffed his romantic advances.

I would have to know more about the alleged incident, if you care to share anon, or refer me to something in print or on line where there were witnesses who stated Spector discharged a weapon in their direction.

Weinberg told the jury in his opening statement that Spector (I'm paraphrasing here) never discharged a weapon at another human being. Granted, opening statements are not evidence; they are only "statements" about that sides' case. However, if Spector did fire a weapon at another human being, this would be powerful evidence (if allowed) to present to the jury on rebuttal if it was ruled admissible in this trial.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear that Scout Kitty Ross is doing well. Thanks for all of your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Dee Dee said he pulled a gun on them, but then shot a fly... Have to go listen to my tape of him again. Too bad Dee Dee is no longer with us to elaborate.

I do know that the San Mateo DA is irked with Weinberg for having scheduled t a Spector and an Ayres hearings on the same day back in October, and then calling in "sick"to the Ayres trial. They were looking into whether he had broken any laws. They are also irked by his latest excuse about not being able to attend the December 23 hearing. Apparently, he is going to show up now.. Reporters will be there to cover the delay tactics. I will be attending the hearing and will report back.

Sprocket said...

The prosecutors in that case need to be aware that Mr. Weinberg apparently has several times promised on thing verbally and then in front of the judge will claim something else. That is what I observed in motions outside the presence of the Spector jury.

They also need to know that Mr. Weinberg will possibly deflect any motions of gamesmanship by claiming the same tactics by the prosecution. They need to be on their toes in regards to discovery.

And the thing is, he will on the surface appear "so nice" (quoting an experienced trial watcher) while he is in front of the judge.

Anonymous said...

Spector, wishing you a good holiday!

I went to the Santa Monica blog about Weinberg, it makes interesting reading to compare the way he's doing there with the way he's doing in the Spector trial. Particularly as the judge disliked Weinberg so much that he recused himself from the case. I get the feeling that one of Weinberg's tactics is to make the judge hate him and show it, thus causing a mistrial because of bias.

Guess if you were guilty and wanted a good advocate, Weinberg's the one as he'll take anybody if they pay and then try every trick in the book.

You'd have to be awfully detached to be defending a pedophile like Ayres and Spector at the same time and then go home to a nice family life and normality. I look at AJ in comparison, he seems like a real decent person who cares that justice gets done, a person committed to these trials because he believes it's for the common good. I'm not saying that Weinberg isn't, I'm just saying it takes a totally different sort of mindset to be defending a client whose guilt seems obvious and to try to win by any tactic you can come up with even if you know "justice" is not being served.

Anonymous said...

Just returned from the Ayres pre-trial hearing in San Mateo. Weinberg was there early for the 8:45 hearing. Arrived around 8:25. Ayres and his wife didn't show up until 8:45.
Although Weinberg made a big show of tyring to get out of the pre-trial hearing and setting a jury trial date, which San Mateo prosecutor Melissa McKowan objected to, the judge went ahead and set a trial date of May 11, 2009.
Just before the hearing took place, McKowan and Weinberg were going over things and laughing and making a show of being jovial. She was acting coy, but I know she can be a class A tough cookie in the courtroom. She has not revealed this side to Weinberg yet and he may be in for a surprise. It was McKowan who looked confident and tall today (although she is not a tall woman) and it was Weinberg who looked much diminished and not nearly as tall as the last time I saw him at an Ayres hearing in July. I get the sense he does not like this case at all.. His client, pedophile Dr. Ayres ( I know, I am convicting him already) also looked diminished and weak. Robbed of his medical license and power, he comes across as a little boy...

McKowan told us later that Weinberg wanted the option of a plea deal but with no life, and she turned that down.
A friend of one of the victims who was sitting behind Ayres wife Solveig, expressed satisfaction that the trial was going ahead because the lives of so many boys had been ruined. Hearing this, Solveig Ayres merely smirked. She is an enabler and just as accountable as her husband.

The friend of the victim held the door open for other people leaving the courtroom but made a point of not holding it for Mrs. Ayres or the good doctor....
Melissa McKowan seems very confident and Weinberg looks like he just wished the case would go away.
He also represented San Francisco Radio show host Bernie Ward, who was convicted of child porn. Don't know how he sleeps at night... maybe he doesn't have a good family home life, for all we know.

For a good description of the Ayres hearing today from one of his victims, go to

Anonymous said...