Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Case Against Casey Anthony, Judge to Hold Emergency Hearing


The hearing will also be broadcast on InSession at TruTV. Beth Karas will be covering it.

Judge Stan Strickland has called a hearing for 2:00 ET today. Defense attorney Jose Baez has filed motions

...calling for the prosecution to turn over photographs, video recordings and drawings taken at the scene where the remains of a small child were discovered Thursday.

The defense has also asked for a second autopsy on the skull found among the remains.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's attorney, also said he wants it ordered that forensic evidence in the case be preserved. Baez said he wants his own experts to examine the remains, and fears the FBI could destroy that evidence after the remains are identified.

Should be a very interesting hearing. I'm wondering if these motions are being asked for a bit early as the remains have yet to be definitively identified as those belonging to Caylee Anthony.

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katfish said...

I think since Casey has already been charged the defense can ask for any forensic evidence related to the case to be preserved but as far as the rest of the motion....didn't the judge already tell the defense to wait until the remains are positively identified?.Grandstanding, IMO!

donchais said...


Danger Will Robinson! Baez's stupity is showing again.

If I were a Floria taxpayer I would be livid of how much money and court time no-neck Jose has been wasting.

shari said...

Donchais, as a Floridian, i am outraged at this hack baez. He's only been a lawyer for 3 years and isn't really eligible to try a death penalty case (as i am sure it will be again) hence Ms. Baden is here to repeat the Spector babble. She ended up boring us all to death with her on and on blabber about nothing. If everything in life were picked apart by Ms. Baden and the likes of this defense, we would all be convicted of something just out of trying to escape the tedium of it all. I still am wondering where the money for this group is coming from??????? No one seems to have a clue except for the fact that Henry Lee did say he was doing it pro bono. How long that will last is anyones guess.