Friday, August 28, 2009

Delay Delay Delay 2.0

Today in San Mateo County Superior Court, the child molestation re-trial of child psychiatrist William Ayres was officially deemed a “go,” with Deputy District Attorney Melissa McKowan eager to set a date.

Not so fast. Our old friend Doron Weinberg asked for a two-week continuance, so it appears he’s signed on for Ayres 2.0. Potential dates have been discussed in chambers, so one of those yet unknown to us dates will be it.

Another hearing will be held on September 11 in Judge Beth Freeman’s courtroom. I suspect I will be reunited with Caltrain in January …

Re-trial is a go!


Patient Advocate said...

Glad about the retrial!

But I just have a feeling Doron Weinberg is going to pull out.

He doesn't work for free. With all the civil suits against Ayres there is not much money left in the bank.

Unless some of the former partners of Ayres have taken out an equity loan on the old house I can't imagine the money just flowing to Weinberg's wallet.

Of course, Weinberg, might just really be into this case.....doubt it.

Unknown said...

I think Doron Weinberg is going to leave skid marks, Ayres does not have any money.

Just go to the court house on 9/11 and you will smell the burning rubber after Doron Weinberg leaves his parking spot!

CaliGirl9 said...

I would not argue with either of you. I'm sort of shocked that he's not yet backed out, but the longer he can prolong it, the longer he can delay delay delay. Weinberg did an excellent job of delaying this case with his involvement in the Spector trial, and to withdraw at the last minute would cause even more delay.

The ultimate "final sacrifice" for his client. It would take an new attorney several months to come up to speed on this complicated case.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if the above people have figured out Weinberg's ploy: stick in until the last minute, then dump the client, which will buy the client many months more time. After all, as long as Weinberg is on the clock, he's racking up billable hours.

Anonymous said...


The case is not complicated in the slightest. For forty years Ayres has been telling anyone who challenged him about his making boys undress in his office that he was trained to do so at Judge Baker Guidance Center in Boston.

The Chief Operating Officer of Judge Baker told the William Ayres blog that this is "absurd and horrifying." No child psychiatrist in the history of Judge Baker has EVER been trained to give physical exams in therapy. In fact, the people at William Ayres Watch found doctors who trained with Ayres that they were warned NEVER to touch kids in therapy.

There's not a single medical school that has ever taught shrinks to do this.

I think whether it's Weinberg or someone else... Ayres is going to wind up pleading guilty.

He's boxed in.

CaliGirl9 said...

Unfortunately while you and I believe what Ayres’ survivors report, this is a complicated case in that there is no smoking gun, no DNA, no concrete evidence except for the “he said he said” regarding the reported molestations and Ayres’ saying he didn’t do it, or if he did, it was because the boys asked him to do it.

Most people aren’t mandated reporters. They don’t understand how difficult it was for the survivors to come out and say what happened to them. The jury pool watches TruTV and Investigation Discovery, and they expect concrete evidence to be presented—photos, DNA, physical injuries they can see.

In all probability that’s what went wrong with the one holdout juror. “Show me the evidence.” As I recall she was quoted in one of the local medias as saying she felt that the victims felt they’d been molested, but she didn’t feel what happened to them was molestation. Had there been one witness, say a nurse, who would have said “I walked in on the doctor and the boy, and the boy was lying supine on the play table and his pants were on the floor,” maybe that’s the smoking gun.

We all know that ain’t happening. I do hope someone from the SM County DA’s office does follow up at the Judge Baker Center, and though Ayres’ professors are no doubt long gone, certainly someone can testify to what psychiatrists’ duties were and how those duties did NOT include physical exams on adolescents.

I do wish Ayres would man up, but I honestly think he believes he did nothing wrong as evidenced by his bizarre behavior in smiling at and talking to parents and his victims outside of the court room in the first case, and by his actions with the one juror who showed up on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Judge Baker - the place where he said he was trained to give "physicals" to kids in therapy- won't defend Ayres. They are outraged that he would make up stuff like that about his training.

His defense was based on the fact that he was trained to do this in Boston. But he folks in Boston are saying he's lying. So who you gonna believe?
I repeat- Ayres has backed himself into a corner.

Watch for him to plead guilty to one count.