Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Bad Is It In Jersey? Pretty Damn Bad!

The fate of Gordon Wateridge, alleged Haut de la Garenne child abuser, rests with the 10 man and 2 woman jury. Quite frankly, I have always felt that Wateridge was the token fall-guy; chosen to shut-up the victims, their champions and the public as well.

Will there be justice? The skeptic and cynic in me say ‘nope’ because I believe this will go the ‘Jersey way’.

First, we are already aware the entire abuse investigation is/was being terminated – plug pulled! With all the ‘bs’ the government served up, really makes this no surprise.

Second, 10 men and 2 women deciding the fate of a 78-year-old man? Ya really think they’ll put this old man away for things that happened years ago?

Several things have occurred that are absolutely appalling and despicable.

The trial was actually halted for a day because new evidence had been discovered which needed to be reviewed by all parties.

Supposedly, emails between several witnesses, discussing the case had been found (hmmm, my hinky meter automatically went off). The witnesses were recalled and all vehemently denied the accusation. That was pretty much all that came out of it.

Throughout Wateridge’s trial, the defense made several remarks about the jury needing to be skeptical of evidence as investigative errors could have been made.

Ok, what exactly does that mean?

As unbelievable as it sounds, the defense actually told the court in arguments, that errors like Lenny Harper believing a “nut/partial remains of a child’s skull” could possibly be relevant when he knew full well it was found in a layer of ground that predated the construction of Haut de la Garenne should make them suspect.

So, Lenny Harper’s blundering is reason for the jury should be skeptical of Wateridge’s guilt. Harper wasn’t even in Jersey when the allegded sexual abuse by Wateridge occurred.

I’m begging, can anyone please explain what in heaven’s name does Lenny Harper have to do with Gordon Wateridge being a ‘sexual bully’?

Yeah, I’m pretty disgusted with the government and justice system in Jersey, but how much worse can it get? Just wait!

The one and only paper, the Jersey Evening Post (JEP), more commonly known as The Rag, is yet again blatantly showing that it truly is a mouthpiece and puppet of the government.

JEP Headline 8-18 - Home children ‘treated like family’

The article goes on discuss Wateridge denying all charges and replying “not true” when asked about each allegation and well, Gordon sounds like an ok guy.

Read the article here

Ok, maybe it’s not that bad and I just let the skeptic and cynic in me take hold, but the truly egregious headline screaming off the front page yesterday was - Lawyer: Harper made up ‘remains’ story

The article repeats what the defense said in court that trashes Lenny Harper just as the Jersey government consistently does. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the trash that is spouted by the government and parroted by The Rag, is totally dishonest.

Read article here

So knowing all this, I decided to pop in on Stuart Syvret and I’m truly glad I did! You see, Lenny Harper has written an amazing response to The Rag. (By the way the so-called reporter who wrote the article had no by-line, however Harper address the response to Diane Simon. We’ve seen Ms. Simon’s handywork before.) Harper really calls her out on some of the false implications.

You are right. I do not trust the Jersey authorities. There are many reasons why. Try the lies they told the media about what I had said - try blaming me for unlawful spending when I have an e mail - highlighted by the Sunday Times only a few weeks ago, where I am firmly admonished by Bill Ogley on behalf of the Chief Minister for daring to consider the costs of the enquiry - "Cost is irrelevant" he said. The Sunday Times highlighted this and other untrue assertions made by them. I would trust a fox in a chicken house more than I trust the Jersey authorities.

[…] the authorities are so desperate to deprive the victims of justice once again that they will stoop to any level. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Read Lenny’s full response on Stuart Syvret’s blog.

Just as I was finishing this rant, headlines came across stating that Wateridge was found guilty of eight charges and cleared on and additional 12 charges. He was also found guilty of assaulting a teenage boy.

No word on sentencing.



ritanita said...

Donchais, thanks for keeping up with this case. It blows me away that the entire scandal came down to this one case.

One indeef falls through the rabbit hole when one goes to Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think that awful island is a powder keg ready to blow. Nothing, absolutely nothing, ever made sense to me after the Harper investigation ended. It is like looking into a carnival fun house mirror and observing a society with reverse priorities from any other. I personally still believe there were murdered children whose only remains are the mysterious teeth Harper's team found. I still hope the truth will be known for the sake of so many innocents who were institutionalized in such an awful place. Thanks for updating o this story.

Anonymous said...

There are rumors that the dreadful island paper is about to disclose that Detective Lenny Harper has signed a book deal. If so, expect more of Jersey's preventative propaganda against any inconvenient truths Harper might disclose. I hope Harper or someone else does write one and I think it would send the Haute de la Garenne story global again. I can't stop thinking about those tiny milk teeth Harper found, and I can't believe it was because of the tooth fairy, either!