Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Huckaby Ordered To Court 8/17

Originally scheduled to appear in court in mid-September, prosecutors have moved up the hearing and are having Melissa Huckaby appear in court this Monday at 1pm.

After the body of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu was discovered stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in a dairy drainage pond, Huckaby was arrested April 10 and charged with:

Murder with special circumstances of lewd and lascivious acts on a child
Rape by instrument

She pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Several weeks ago, a secret criminal grand jury was convened to consider the evidence and to determine whether or not to prosecute Huckaby, but no indictment has been handed down as of yet. The scheduling of Monday's court appearance seems to signal the grand jury has decided to indict and Huckaby will likely be arraigned and given a trial date.

A gag order issued early on in the case prevents those involved with the case from discussing it with reporters or the public.

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Anonymous said...

It is very rare to have a female sexual offender and murderer. It will be most interesting to find out what her mental diagnosis is, and once again you will see all kinds of "expert (paid) witnesses" coming out of the woodwork like roaches giving many various takes on what her mental state is.
Wes J.

Unknown said...

It is also rare to have a mental
imcompentence defense that succeeds. Who will be paying for this defense? Could make a huge difference. The 'roaches' cost money. Very sad situation for all concerned, but my guess she will be spending her life in incarceration, or perhaps in a mental ward, who can predict?

donchais said...

My understanding so far is, San Joaquin County Deputy Public Defender Sam Behar is handling the defense.

If Huckaby is indicted on Monday I'm not sure how much more will will be told due to the gag order imposed by Judge Linda Loftus.

Anonymous said...

It's so rare to be a female, and a child molestor, and a murder and be mothering your own young daughter. I wondered if her child was molested by her?
Any chance this will be televised? This judge doesn't seem to be to very open to the public.

September MOO