Friday, August 21, 2009

Phil Spector Farts, the MSM Stops to Listen

Soap-box rant #134.
The only reason I'm writing about this (in a rare for me, "rant" form) to begin with is because y'all out there, T&T's loyal readers keep sending me every story that hits the news with Spector in it, wanting to know if I've seen it and what do I think.

What do I think? To tell the truth, I'm sick of it. Are y'all as sick of it as I am? It will not be soon enough if I never see another mainstream media story (the Associated Press again) about Phil Spector and his latest antics, IN PRISON. That's right, PRISON. Spector is again complaining about being, IN PRISON.

For those of you who have been living in a cave, Phil Spector was found guilty of second degree murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson on April 13th. He was sentenced to 19 years-to-life on May 29th, 2009.

So here's the latest. Someone in prison made the mistake of giving Spector pen and paper, and now he's writing every single one of his suck-up-fawning-hanger's-on about how terrible things are and how afraid he is, IN PRISON. Apparently, delusional Spector, who is currently housed in the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison near Corcoran, thinks there is someplace "better" that the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDC&R) should have placed him because he is in fear for his life. A "better" PRISON with people that are "just like him." Wake up Phil. You are where you belong, among murderers just like yourself.

So this Spector "admirer," (who probably wet himself when Spector wrote him back) passes Spector's letters onto Spector's publicist and suddenly,the Associated Press is reporting everything in these letters as the hottest news since sliced bread. You have to wonder how professional the Associated Press is, when they print Spector's letters from PRISON as news.

Once this story hits the press, California prison officials now have to do an investigation. With our state as broke as it is, unnecessary man hours are spent investigating Spector's latest written antics. And then they have to issue a press statement, dispelling the ramblings of the disgruntled music producer. And that's exactly what happened. Hours later, the Associate Press publish a statement issued by the DOC&R, that prison officials spoke to Spector and he states he's not fearful. Did the AP get two news stories out of a few rambling, delusional letters?

Let me address the "former Playboy" model label for Rachelle. There's something to be said about "stretching the truth" to it's limits. Rachelle did appear topless in Playboy, but not because Playboy photographed her. What she did was, she sent in a black and white topless photo of herself to Playboy and it was published in their "Grapevine" section. I wrote about that during the first trial! While her photo did appear in Playboy, she was never a model that Playboy "chose" to photograph.

And who cares how many times per week, or how many miles Rachelle drives to visit her CONVICT husband? If she's on the road, at least she's not in front of a camera, protesting his innocence.

I do know there was a hearing in the civil case on Thursday, August 2oth, in Pasadena. I was still too sick from the flu to go find out Judge Jan A. Pluim's rulings on the latest motions.

Phil Spector in pictures
, courtesy the LA Times.


shari said...

I am sooooooo sorry to hear poor Phil doesn't like prison. I wonder if he ever thinks maybe Lana didn't want to be DEAD.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's going to get out anytime soon if ever. And it seems to me that by whining and causing any hassles for the system he is making things more difficult for himself.

The LA Times should have covered the trial, but that little feature article is just the same old rehash. I was hoping for a new photo, who cares about when he was the big successful producer.

It is interesting that in truth absolutely no news comes out of the actual prison experience. Maybe there isn't any, and no one to tell how one day runs into another, or what he looks like these days without his wigs. Or if he talks with anyone, or what goes on.

One would hope that his time will give him to opportunity to reflect on his causing the death of another human being.

I'd like to see the letters, the actual handwriting as well. Just to get a feel for what his mind is like. You can tell a lot by something like that.

Anonymous said...

A good place for Phil Spector would be the general population at San Quentin.

David From TN

ritanita said...

I understand the rant, Sprocket! I'm getting sick and tired of his whining and moaning and groaning about his plight.

Anonymous said...

Betsy I was surprised myself when this got a small write-up in the local paper yesterday. It is incredible to me that some letter to a musically-oriented friend would just be published verbatim, no fact-checking done at all (as we have come to expect). And what "better" prison is there than the SAB (Substance Abuse) ward, where surely there is kindness and civility to the infirm and impaired population there?

I wonder how that sleaze-o publicist sleeps at night, circulating all this BS? And knowing his past antics, why does the bona-fide press accept anything that he dissiminates?
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

We are sorry you are under the weather. We hope you'll be feeling better soon. I know we pester you with news of PS and RS, but, we are only curious...please don't scold us. Many of us would like to know the Judge's decison (Judge Pluim) at the Pasadena hearing.
If you feel up to it, we'd appreciate it. You've got a vast readership and we always check in to see what's happening. Please get better....we hope very soon.

Sprocket said...

I wasn't scolding my readers. I was ranting about the MSM giving Spector any more print or air time.

I did not attend the hearing. If I do hear what happened, I will let my readers know.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, so sorry about the flu, its wretched. I hope you are feeling better. Please be careful about going out too soon. Don't want to relapse.
Best be put somewhere else with people like myself....
duh..right. Its a beautiful thing that the doc thought of that and put you right where you belong.

Anonymous said...

O.J. Simpson has been almost forgotten. The 15th anniversary of the murders this summer went by without notice. His Las Vegas robbery conviction is being appealed. Not many pay attention to it.

David From TN

Katprint said...

Phil and Rachelle have enough money to buy a house in Corcoran, CA so she could live close to her husband (if she were willing to leave the "mansion.") Many families of inmates move close to their beloved incarcerated one to make visitation easier. In fact, one of the factors that parole boards will consider is whether the inmate has family that has kept in close contact and will provide necessary social support for the inmate.

Anonymous said...

I grouse to the AP every time Deutsch comes out with one of her sickening puff pieces about Lana’s killer, not that they care but it’s so infuriating that they think he is newsworthy; the only thing I want to hear about him is when he chokes to death on his prison slop. And I don’t understand why his complaints merit an investigation when I’m sure many others have grievances that are ignored. But I’m thrilled to know he’s unhappy & sniveling about his “conditions.” Tough chit, Spector.

Anonymous said...

a bunch of haters but oh well, i have to agree that some of his letters to me are rather personal and i would never share with anyone,,and his first letters to me were in writting and is very unique however he now types his letters and then signs them,im very lucky to get his mail

Anonymous said...

If ever I cannot fathom anyone to produce a fart (and we know Phil must or he would die) it would be Spector. I would have thought that was what the numerous bodyguards throughout his life were for, and probably on command for the wee one. Shari says it best about lovely Lana. Get well soon Sprocket.

Anonymous said...

I, too, receive mail from PS and have received his typewritten letters. And, ones that were hand written. It is rare privelage to be allowed into his circle of corresponders. They, like a previous writer has stated, are personal and I don't share them. He has only shown kindness and generosity toward me and and I consider him a friend of mine.

Sprocket said...

Interesting how all these people are proud to correspond with someone convicted of second-degree murderer.

Anonymous said...

Notice how these fans on here are bragging about Phil's letters?
They claim they never share the letters with anyone [yeah right] but somehow they still need to gloat about it somehow, their association with Spector.

Everyone thinks their repoire with Spector is "special."

Just like Escobar and the like, these fans are a scary flashback to Manson followers who were so blinded that their "Charlie"
could never do wrong.

They need to wake up and realize they are just lowly syncophants on the bottom rung of his totem pole...Sucking up to a guy who values them as much as he does gum on the bottom of his shoe. He just wants people he can gripe to and hold a captive audience. He is bored out of his eye sockets. He's playing the "poor me" card and these misguided fans gobble it all up like candy. He doesn't give a damn about these people. I just hope they don't waste too much time and money figuring that one out.

Anonymous said...

It is more than obvious that the letter (whoever wrote it) was filled with lies. It is NOT 400 miles (or 800 miles, as one article stated) from Alhambra to Corcoran. The size of his prison cell is also NOT as small as 3 feet by 7 feet. Rachelle is NOT bringing him food, as it is NOT allowed.

What peeves me is that MSM will print these blatant lies without so much as a hint that the claims may be false. So much for responsible journalism.

For those that relish the letters they claim to receive from PS... I hope he keeps sending them to you... FROM PRISON!

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the CDC does not allow inmates to be provided with food items (prepackaged or not) purchased outside the prison walls and furnished by visitors and/or the inmate’s family.

The claim seems suspicious to me.

If inmates which to supplement their diet, there is a commissary where inmates, using finds deposited to their account at the prison, can—up to a prescribed monthly cap—purchase food items from the commissary.

Any other giving of food items to inmates is verboten for obvious reasons relating to contraband, particularly drugs.

Anonymous said...

“Interesting how all these people are proud to correspond with someone convicted of second-degree murderer.”

Not really.

You are forgetting the celebrity factor. Spector was famous before he was a defendant.

Celebrity makes people, not all people, but enough, behave in all kinds of ways that they normally would not.

But even high profile defendants who were unknown before their infamous legal transgressions do OK in prison—pen pal wise.

Need I mention names or the number of murderers who met women and married while they were behind bars?

Even the night stalker had many suitors and is now married.

Sprocket said...

"You are forgetting the celebrity factor. Spector was famous before he was a defendant."

The truth is, Spector would never have answered any of this fan mail "before" he became incarcerated. Now, it's all he has.

John said...

Hey Bets,
you might want to post this elsewhere...but wanted to share this with the readers anyway:

Upset wife of PS? He's incarcerated so what's she doing here??

Confirms any suspicions what her true motives are: The limelight!

Clueless Chelle said...

Thanks for that link above. Just when you think Chelle can't sink any lower.

What happened to the poor sad girl pawing Phil's suit on the bed, pining away for the guy?

Oh that's right, she's gone off to some premiere of a movie in some horrible dress to boot.

Geez!!! Rachelle Spector farts and they still cover it too!


Anonymous said...

Hey what does Rachelle think she's up to. I certainly don't think anything she is doing or saying at the moment is helping Phil at all. I'm glad she looks so happy attending a film premiere NOT. The only reason she has been photographed is because of who she is married to, don't forget that Rachelle. BTW I think you need to go to a different dress shop, cos it sure doesn't do you any favours imo. Make it below the knee next time love.

Sprocket said...

The dress Rachelle is wearing is from bebe, and it sold out, (somewhere in the range of $150).

So now y'all know Rachelle buys "off the rack" which means she must not really have "financial control" of all Phil's rumored millions.

In support of Phil, not Rachelle said...

In reference to Anon above;

The 'Three Faces' of Chelle:
Her actual face,
and then her two kneecaps!!!! LOL

Those have got to be the funkiest knees I've ever seen on a woman.

Sorry Sprocket. I know you want us to be respectful. But I can't respect someone who has shown zero respect for Lana, zero respect for her own husband, or any true respect for herself.