Monday, January 24, 2011

Casey Anthony's Defense Gets Funding

Today's hearing was not televised due to the fact that the hearing room where it was conducted is not wired for live broadcast. WESH capably filled the gap with it's LiveWire updates by Gabe Travers. We have been promised video of the hearing, but as of this time it is not available. I will post the link here when it becomes available.

Jose Baez and Ann Finnell both submitted requests for funding. Finell's motion asked for the $5000 cap originally discussed. Check out the financial paperwork she provided to show her expenses. Perhaps Jeremy Lyons could learn a thing or two about bookkeeping by checking them out.

Baez' motion was followed by Lyons' accounting. It is minimal at best. In his motion, Baez complained about all the pages of discovery and additional witnesses provided by the State.

Judge Belvin Perry agreed to grant Finell's motion and he will have an order ready on Friday.

As for Baez' motion, after the usual arguments about all the discovery being dumped on him by the State, Linda Drane Burdick, who was present for the telephonic hearing pointed out that the majority of the material released to the defense has consisted of letters to Casey Anthony, Dominic Casey's e-mails, and transcripts from Laura Buchanan. Ms. Drane Burdick didn't believe there was a whole lot to investigate there.

Nevertheless, the judge granted Baez' motion. Considering that Baez was in the red by about 124 hours, he's not gained all 300 for future use. I'm sure we'll see him back for more.

I'm sorry I haven't been around too much lately. About three weeks ago my husband came down with the nasty stomach virus that's been going around. One week later, I fell victim to it myself. Unfortunately for me, the 24 hour bug lasted a lot longer than that and I've not had much energy.

I've been printing out all the motions and orders that have come down and only have a few things to say. Most of the orders signed by Judge Perry were announced at the January 3rd hearing. Funny, I didn't see an order on the Jib-Jab video!

As for Mr. Kronk, I can finally retire the yellowed stack of papers that comprise that motion and file them away for good. It's amazing that the motion, filed in November, 2009 was never argued in open court. Perhaps the reason is that once the state deposed the witnesses under oath, they didn't have as much to say as they did in the "designer videos" circulated by the defense in 2009. If Mr. Kronk gets grilled on the stand by the defense, it will be more about his August calls and how he figured out where to locate the body.

Our next hearing is Friday, February 4th, less than two weeks away. I wonder how that hearing will go!


FRG said...


Thanks for the update!

I am really disappointed that HHJP approved all the money to the defense but I was expecting! *sigh*

Big mouth whiner JB is always complaining when it comes to get JAC's money but he didn't use the money he got from ABC to do depositions, how many did he take before KC become indigent? How many investigative hours? From what we have learned JB didnt pay a penny to DC. Oh well.

You are so good, Ritanita! I didn't notice That HHJP didn't order on the jib-jab video. I wonder why defense filed a motion to exclude that video, in the first place. Don't they have anything else to do?

Not so happy today but we have to support HHJP's decisions right? I hope JAC is going to read carefully all the invoices turned over by the defense. They are so "vague", in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

TY so much for your hard work and wonderful updates! I recently moved and had no cable access for 2 weeks and it was nice to be able to come here and get up to speed with your posts. I hope you feel better!