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Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: Day 1, Part II

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Continued from Part I...

Kenneth Ortega 1st witness.

I can not see Dr. Murray on the screen. He’s there somewhere on that row of tables, but he’s the farthest away. I whisper to Steven (Mikulan), “Sounds pretty incriminating so far.” Steven responds with a funny quip back. (You can read Steven's piece in THE WRAP, here.)

Mrs. Benson gives the oath to Kenny Ortega. Judge Pastor gives his regular message to the witness that I’ve seen him give during the Brown trial. Ortega is a director and choreographer of film and television since the 1970’s & 1980’s. At some time he met Michael Jackson.

The witness first met him 1991. In a professional capacity. Michael contacted him and asked if they could meet and set up a creative partnership. Interested in having him direct his next tour.

There’s someone’s cell phone that went off that’s interrupting the proceedings.

Michael Jackson wanted help in directing his “Dangerous” world tour. Started 1992. He was to work as a director and choreographer. They remained in a (working) relationship up until his death.

KO: Most of the time that we saw each other when we were starting up and rehearsing a production. The last year, we talked in advance of starting THIS IS IT. They had dinner a couple of times, and Jackson came to see a concert I directed; he came with his kids.

Was involved in the directing and co-creating of the THIS IS IT. Began in April 2009. Came on the team in 2009. His role co-directed and co-created with Michael Jackson, the stage production.

DW: How frequently did you see him?
KO: 2 or 4 days a week in the beginning, 4-5 days a week, once we got into production. That frequency continued all the way up until June 25th, 2009.

Described his demeanor.

KO: He was extremely excited about it. (tour) It was really right, exciting; had tremendous potential. Jackson really shared his reasons for doing it.

DW: There were reasons that he chose to do it now?
KO: That he felt that it was a good time to perform again. His children were of an age that his children could appreciate it. For his fans who were loyal over the years. Wanted to use it as a platform for the people to take care of the planet.

KO: Jackson discussed plans of beyond the tour. At one point Michael asked if I’d ever been to India. He said, We’ll go there, I want you to see it.”

He asked if he’d been Japan. Talked about taking the show to those places.

Def: Objection to narrative answer.

After Michael Jackson finished touring he wanted to work with him on directing motion pictures. Jackson wanted to develop motion picture ideas.

Now asking about the various rehearsal locations.

He was at the rehearsals at Center Stage in Burbank, CA. Michael was at the location and part of those rehearsals.

Objection to leading question. Sustained.

They eventually transferred to The Forum, in June, 2009.

DW: Were these more large scale rehearsals?
KO: Yes.

Then transferred to Staples. Those were even more large scale rehearsals. He was on site every day of rehearsals.

KO: I can’t remember exact time from Forum to Staples Center. Forum there three weeks, then Staples Center.

MJ was still displaying his excitement about the rehearsals. Rehearsal times were staggered for dancers, band, Michael. Michael’s schedule was for late afternoon. It went into the evening hours. Jackson’s participation was six hours maximum, approximately four days a week.

DW: Some days were Michael Jackson performing, dancing?
KO: On some days, yes. Michael was involved in every decision creatively on the show. He was the last word creatively on everything.

Friday June 19th 2009. Incident. Describe.

KO: At rehearsals, at Staples Center, Michael Jackson arrived we had a pretty good day. Michael did not appear well at all. I observed that Michael was chilled, and soft spoken, not well.

DW: Did he indicate that he didn’t feel well? (I think there was a “no” answer here.) It was more from his physical observations?
KO: Yes. (snip) Was concerned that he wasn’t in the kind of condition to be at rehearsal.

DW: Did MJ rehearse?
KO: No. He did not want to go home at first. (snip) Asked if he would have the choreographer go through the movements and he wanted to sit in the arena.

DW: That’s what happened?
KO: For a while, yes.

DW: Then what happened?
KO: I just felt that he was, he just appeared, really lost. He was staring. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew that something was going on. It appeared scary. (I asked him) Do you really fell that this is the best place to be, or would you rather go home with family? (Michael Jackson replied back) “Would you be okay with that?” I replied, “Absolutely.” So he left.

He had never seen Michael Jackson in that condition before. There was a meeting at Jackson’s home on June 20th, 2009. (It was the) production manager who called the meeting. Didn’t know what the meeting was about.

DW: (When you) arrived, who was there?
KO: Jackson was there, Dr. Murray was there.

Witness identifies Dr. Murray for the record.

KO: Frank Dileo, Michael's manager (and) Randy Phillips were there.

DW: Prior to this meeting, had you met the doctor before?
KO: Yes. Met him at the house before, was introduced to him. Met him soon after started working on the show. Sometime around April or May of 2009.

He was introduced (to Dr. Murray) at the house by Michael Jackson.

DW: What happened at this meeting?
KO: (It) quickly became clear that the meeting was about me. That the Dr. was upset that I had sent Michael home and didn’t allow him to rehearse the night before. And because I had voiced my concerns about Michael’s health that evening. Dr. Murry told me that this was not my responsibility and to not act like a doctor or a psychologist and to leave Michael’s health to him.

DW: What was his demeanor?
KO: Scolding.

DW: Towards you?
KO: Yes.

DW: Did you respond in any manner?
KO: Yeah. I tried to explain that it wasn’t about preventing Michael from going on stage, that it was a choice we made together. That I thought it was a concern about his health and that it was Michael’s choice to leave.

DW: Did Dr. Murray elaborate at all, what you role was and Dr. Murray’s role was as it pertained to Michael Jackson?
KO: That it was better for all, that I concern myself with the show, and that Michael was fine and was able to handle all this concerning the show. (??not sure I have that correct)

DW: Following this meeting, June 20th. Was there rehearsal that day?
KO: No. We had a long weekend. Rehearsals resumed Tuesday June 23rd, at Staples Center.

DW: How did that rehearsal go?
KO: Fantastic. Michael was in great form. It was like the Michael that we all knew and loved and was excited and took the reins. (He was) there to answer questions and make creative decisions and he was in a delightful mood and we had a fantastic day.

DW: Gong to June 24th, 2009. Did Michael Jackson rehearse?
KO: Yes. Similar.

DW: You said similar?
KO: He was bold, active, and participating in the entire production. Had a conversation with Michael. We had two wonderful days of rehearsals. (He was?) feeling good, confident. (One) could feel it everywhere in the entire room. (I) Asked Michael if he was happy. He said he was very happy. Said he felt very good there in the room and appreciated (everything and) to tell the crew and everyone that he really appreciated ( everything).

(For the following day, the 25th) He was very excited since he was going to rehearse an illusion.

Objection to narrative. Sustained.

He was excited about the illusion trick they were going to rehearse the next day. That concluded the rehearsal. Michael said goodnight and they finished shortly thereafter.

6/25/2009: At some point he learned that something happened. He received a telephone call while he was rehearsing. Earlier, he had spoken to Randy Phillips and was on his way to rehearsal. I asked him to, “Please let Michael know how excited I am and how much I look forward to rehearsals.”

(Randy Phillips said?) I thought you were calling for a different reason,

CROSS by Ed Chernoff

EC: Do you have a good rep(utation) as a choreographer?
KO: Yes.

EC: Reputation you have for, together 30 years? The survival or success of this show THIS IS IT, would affect or enhance your (presence? reputation?). Would that be fair to say, if it was good show?
KO: Sure.

EC: If it was a bad show, as a result if it was bad, that would also affect your reputation?
KO: I highly doubt it.

Chernoff asks about the dancers...

KO: I was was the directer and the co-creator...not the choreographer.

EC: Wouldn’t that affect your reputation?
KO: (Don’t think so.)

Asks about the meeting.

EC: Do you know who called the meeting?
KO: No, I don’t know who called the meeting.

EC: Paul Gonga(ware)?
KO: Not there.

EC: Paul Leto?
KO: His manager was there. Randy Phillips was the promoter for AEG.. was also at the meeting.

EC: You observed Michael to be sweating and cold?
KO: Not sweating. Chilled.

Crossing the witness on his testimony about that meeting and his observation of MJ on the 19th.

KO: For the most part, I think we were headed for greatness and that Michael’s vision would have been accomplished. (snip) There was a period of time when Michael Jackson didn’t show up. This created anxiety for me. (The show) couldn’t at times move forward without Michael’s involvement. Couldn’t move forward. (He) didn’t know at times, why Michael Jackson didn’t show up.

Questions about the 19th again, at rehearsal.

KO: He was cold, soft spoken.

EC: Was there anything else you observed?
KO: He seemed sort of, quite, in himself. He seemed to be in a state. Not present.

EC: Did it seem like he was in pain? Nauseous?
KO: I don’t know. I was confused by his state.

EC: You had a lot of people there, at this meeting to talk about including AEG to talk about Michael’s condition, is that right? (snip) The conversation on June 20th, was you were called had been about Michael had missed several (rehearsals)?

Questioning the witness about supposedly a meeting three weeks prior...witness doesn’t remember. Questions about how many rehearsals that Michael Jackson was missing.

KO: He missed a number of rehearsals, in a period. It was LATER in the rehearsals, that he missed.

EC: There was a lot of concern about this?

From his perspective, yes.

EC: Have you had any experience of someone on drug withdrawals?
KO: No.

EC: Do you remember yelling at Michael, telling him to get back in the show?
KO: No.

EC: Do you remember having a conversation with Karen Fay? (sp?)

The witness asked for water and we wait while the bailiff’s get him a glass.

He knew Karen Fay since she worked for the show. Was Michael Jackson's makeup and hair artist. (She) worked with him (Michael? Kenneth?) for some time.

EC: Do you remember having a conversation with Karen Fay after the meeting.

KO: I don’t I remember having a conversation with her before.
EC: Do you remember telling Karen Fay of reading Michael the riot act? Do you remember telling Karen Fay not to placate Michael?

The witness states he doesn’t know what the word means.

EC: Did you advise Karen Fay in any respect in regard to how to treat Michael after this meeting?
KO: No.

EC: Did you discuss with Karen Fay any thing regarding how she should treat Michael?
KO: I don't recall having any discussion with her.

EC: What time on the 19th did Michael leave the stage?
(That evening? 19th? Late evening?)
KO: It could have been 8 or 9 pm.

EC: Could it have been 12 midnight?
KO: No. He was there about 2 hours.

EC: The meeting that was called was for what time?
KO: Late morning or early afternoon. I don’t remember a time.

Questions about what time he first was notified about the meeting.

Asks him about the number of shows and that it had increased from 30 to 50 shows. Asked him if he talked to Michael about the increased number of the shows. He doesn’t remember exactly. Trying to clarify when he entered the show and if his involvement coincided with the increase for the number of shows.

EC: When did filming begin for the THIS IS IT documentary?
KO: We never filmed FOR that documentary.

KO: (Michael) He asked to film the rehearsals. The interviews were done for shows that were to be done in London. We never started filming the documentary. The documentary was never a plan. The filming of rehearsals were for our personal use. And to review rehearsals. Sometimes he had a private camera rolling. It was always through via Michael’ s request.

EC: Did you yourself do any film?
KO: No.

EC: What about Travis Kane? (sp)

Objection. Sustained.

Questions about how he heard about Michael’s death.

Paul G. called him. in the afternoon. He was on stage rehearsing. Paul G. called him to tell him that MJ had passed. It was sometime in the afternoon. Paul Gongaware.


Walgren asks about Michael Jackson missing rehearsals. (You said?) Well he missed some shows, but it was in a period of time. There was period of time.... “It was accumulated dates. It was a week.” Early June, for about a week, Michael Jackson missed a series of rehearsals. He had met Dr. Murray before that.

June 20th meeting.

DW: You specifically were asked if he had yelled at Michael. You said that you did not.
KO: Michael, said “I now that you are concerned about me and I know that.” Michael gave me a big hug, “Don’t worry. WE can do this.” If there was any voices, it wasn’t yelling, it was caring.

JP: Mr. Chernoff? Recross?

EC: One question. June 25th, very briefly. Was that a day he was scheduled to rehearse: What time was he was supposed to arrive?

KO: Afternoon.

EC: What time was he supposed to arrive ?
KO: 4:00 or 4:30 pm.

Ortega is excused.

Going to take mid-morning break. Return 10:45 am.

10:45 am
Back inside the courtroom.

A reporter has taken Steven Mikulan’s seat beside me. I don’t know if he will be coming back or not.

Ordering a witness back to Friday, 8 am at the DA’s office.

Ms. Alvarez ordered back.

10:00 pm 1/5/2010: To be continued... I'll post some more tonight in this entry.

Next witness.

#2 Michael Amir Williams

Witness is instructed on testifying by Judge Pastor.

Carl Douglas is his put on the record as his attorney. June 2009 directing to that time. (He) worked for Mr. MJ.

DW: How long, had you been employed?
MAW: A little over two years as of June 2009. I played the role of an assistant, personal assistant, arranging day to day operations, hiring media, staff. (snip) Spoke to him (Michael) several times almost every day.

DW: Was there a security detail?
MAW: There were two men 24/7 hours a day, to open the gate and screen everyone who came in.

(His responsibilities) traveling, as needed. He would work with security to do as needed. He would be liaison between security. At that time Michael Jackson was living at 100 North Carolwood, in Holmby Hills.

Presenting a photograph up on the ELMO. (In my experience, the overhead projection screen device has sometimes been called an ELMO in California courtrooms as long as I’ve been attending a trial.) In the overflow room, we can’t see any of these exhibits, even though they are up on a screen in the courtroom. They are not visually transferring via the live camera feed. The screen just looks white. Must be the lights on the feed camera. The screen looks white on the ELMO in the courtroom. Too bad we can’t see any exhibits.

Photos close up of the front door and photos of the white security trailer.

(MAW was) involved in rehearsals at Staples Center arranging security and things of that nature. He would call Kenny Ortega or his assistant to find out what time Michael was supposed to be there. The witness identifies Dr. Murray for the record. MAW first met Dr. Murray, back in 2008

MAW: I met him, knew of him (before) then probably met him in 2008 early 2008. Met him in Las Vegas in 2008, as Michael’s personal assistant.

Before June 25th, he frequently saw Dr. Murray at the residence.

DW: (What was) his pattern, as you observed?
MAW: It was regular. He would come if we hand rehearsal, he would come. Stay the night.

DW: You became familiar with his vehicle?
MAW: Yes I was.

He was involved in ensuring that Dr. Murray was there are the residence when Michael Jackson got home from rehearsal.

Photo of Dr. Murray’s car parked in the drive of 100 North Carolwood on the ELMO. MAW describes the regular procedure to get Michael to Staples center and back home. An advance car would go ahead to make sure everything would be set up. Usually there would be fans there at Staples Center. Michael would always make sure that they would slow down so Michael could say hello to his fans. He accompanied MJ at all times back to his (dressing?) room, back to the stage. He insured the vehicles would be warmed up. When going back to the house, Michael would stop by the fans sometimes to shake hands. There would be an advance car again on the return home.

MAW describes the routine for dropping off the gifts Michael sometimes received from the fans. They (him/security) would leave any gifts that were given to Michael by fans on the (inner stairs?) steps of the home. It was normal for Dr. Murry’s vehicle to be at the house (when the got home from rehearsal. The following morning, sometimes Dr. Murry’s vehicle would (still) be at the house. The next day.

Photo on ELMO of inside the house. Directly when you would walk in the door. Gifts were placed there and someone (housekeeper, staff) would take them up. Areas in the photograph are described.

June 24, 2009. MAW was involved in the general procedure in transporting MJ to the staples center.

DW: Do you recall what time they left?
MAW: It was in evening around 6:00 pm no later than 7:00 pm.

Drove with Michael to rehearsal. He as in the front seat. Faheem Mohammad was the driver. No one else in the car. Drove straight to Staples Center.

DW: What was his general spirit or demeanor?
MAW: He had a great spirit that evening. He was punctual. Wanted to make sure he got there on time. Sometimes Michael asked for a heater, saying he was cold.

DW: (So?) he was in great spirits that night. Did you observe the rehearsal?
MAW: It was him, yes, dancing and singing. I thought it was extraordinary, personally. I thought personally, it was great.

DW: How long did rehearsal last?
MAW: It was close to midnight, past midnight when we finished.

DW: Did you follow the same procedure to go home as before? Same vehicle same driver?

Michael was in the back seat. (They) drove straight back to Carolwood residence. They had security outside the gate, since there were fans there. Maybe a few gifts, then drove onto the property.

DW: When you arrive, was Dr. Murray’s car there?
MAW: Yes it was.

After they arrived, he did not see Dr. Murray. Same procedure, took everything (items from car; fan gifts) to the stairs. It was late, so everyone just went their own way and went home. They (Faheem, MAW) debriefed at security station. Went over the ride, what was wrong. Just security stuff, then he left. Returned to his residence. He was back on duty next day.

June 25th. At some time prior to returning to work he received a phone call from Dr. Murray. He got a call at 12 :13 pm. There was voice mail message. He listened to the message. It was Dr. Murray’s voice. It was a frantic voice. “It was, call me right away, hurry call me right away!” His phone was an iPhone. He made a video of retrieving the voice mail. Took a video retrieving it.

Photo of an iPhone, several photos up on the ELMO. MAW identifies photo of his phone, retrieving his message. After he retrieved voice mail he described as frantic, then he immediately called (Dr Murray) back. He called Dr. Murray directly. He spoke to him at that time. Dr. Murray asked “Where are you?” I’m home, he replied. “You need to get here right away.
“Michael had a bad reaction. Had a bad reaction. Get here right away.”

DW: Did he ask you to call 911?
MAW: No.

After he got off the phone with Dr. Murray he called Faheem. Faheem said he left the property he was at the bank. Then called someone else on the security detail. He called Roberto. First asked how are you. (?? Walter??) at front door. He walked inside the property, sound of somethings going on, then the phone (conversation with ?) suddenly cuts off.

Now at this point, while conversing with Alberto, but this while?? time, I was trying to call back and forth, trying to find out what was going on from downtown Los Angeles. (Where he lived.) He drove strait to Carolwood. There were people outside; the ambulance was there. He proceeded straight in to the property.

DW: Did you eve go upstairs?
MAW: No sir.

DW: Were people allowed to go upstairs?
MAW: No. (snip) No staff was allowed in his room. Maybe housekeepers to clean, but as far as security, people, no they weren’t allowed upstairs.

He immediately went to Michael’s children. The paramedics were upstairs. Got the children Prince, Paris and Blanket and put them in a vehicle; in the Escalade.

MAW: I remember them (paramedics) bring the back board, while he was tending to the three children with their nanny Rosalie. (sp?)

He remembers seeing Dr. Murray, paramedics. Just a horrible, crazy experience, a lot going on.

DW: When did you see with your own own eyes, when they came out with the back board? (snip) So Michael's on the gurney by paramedics....Dr. Murray was with them or near by?
MAW: He was there. There was a lot of emotion going on.

He got in the (car with) the children and followed the ambulance.

DW: Did you observe Dr. Murry? Did you notice anything?
MAW: He was sweating. I got in the car with the children...and followed the ambulance.

Demeanor of children. They didn’t know what was going on. So it wasn’t too bad.

DW: What was the scene at UCLA.
MAW: Chaos. People with cameras, we were trying to do what we could to cover things up. Trying to do what we could with the children, to cover their faces up.

At UCLA: There, children where inside. Rosalie (sp?), and security detail in front of the room. They went back to where Michael body was and they were working on him. Went to the bathroom, wash his face because he was crying. They were working on him behind a curtain, it wasn’t even a room.

MAW: I remember after awhile, Dr. Murray walking out, doctors walking out, just said he was dead.

DW: Afterwords, you were told Michael Jackson was pronounced dead? Were you there when the children were told?
MAW: They wanted in there (where the children were) with Dr. Murray and Frank Leto. Frank blurted out (that Michael was dead). Prince was saying make sure you tell them Daddy’s allergic to this, to that. (Frank said?) Your daddy had a heard attack and died. Dr. Murry said, “Oh, no don’t tell them that; We don’t know.”

DW: Did Dr. Murry approach you that you found odd; make a request?
MAW: It was in the hallway. We were both crying. (him & Faheem?) The whole atmosphere was horrible.

DW: Dr. Murray approached you? What did he say?
MAW: He was all over Michael, small talk. He says, he asked question. “Mr. Jackson had some cream that he didn’t want the world to know about. Would you or one of the guys (take me to) go back to the house, to go back to the house to get it.” At first he just asked. And that was the last thing. It was just and odd question that he wanted to go back to the house. And that was one thing that I just couldn’t do. So I said, let me check with one of the guys.

He went and spoke to Faheem about Dr. Murray’s request. And Faheem said we can’t go back . Just said that, to avoid confrontation. It wasn’t true. So they were going to tell Dr. Murry, the police have our car keys. Told Faheem what he was going to say to Dr. Murray and Faheem said "Whatever."

Then Dr. Murray reapproached later, about getting food. Told him that we couldn’t take him anywhere. He said he hadn’t eaten and he wanted to go get some food. At the time Dr. Murray asked to get some food. I don’t recall the time, but I do recall that family was there, family had arrived.

The witness is asked about the time again I believe and he can’t remember exactly.

MAW: Just told him that we can’t do anything about that.

DW: Did you then contact security at the residence?
MAW: (Told them to) make sure you lock the house down. Don’t let anyone in don’t let anyone out.

DW: Following these requests by Dr. Murray. Did you see him again that day?
MAW: No.

DW: Did he ever contact you and say goodbye?
MAW: (No.) Detectives came and asked his where abouts. I just gave them Dr. Murray's pone numbers.

CROSS by Ed Churnoff.

Michael Amir Williams is his full name. Birth name.

EC: You said that, one of the jobs was to coordinate security?
MAW: Yes sir.

EC: You were instrumental in the hiring of security?
MAW: Yes sir.

The security that was in place was by a company called SECURITY MEASURES. Based in LA.

EC: Who were the people working for SECURITY MEASURES (SM) in June?

Alberto Alvarez. Faheem Mohamed. They wern’t hired by Security Measures. Patrick Mohamed: SM. Issiam (sp?) Mohamed: SM. Larry Tolbert. ?

MAW: I dont’ know if Larry Tolbert is Larry Mohamed.

The actual owner (of Security Measures) is from the Nation of Islam.

MAW: I knew him (owner) and I tried to hand pick some of the guys.
EC: He’s connected with the Nation of Islam? Patrick Mohamed? Nation of Islam?
MAW: Yes sir.

EC: Alberto Alvarez? Nation of Islam? Patrick Issaic? Nation of Islam?
MAW: The nanny, I knew her personally. My mom is a good friend of hers.

EC: Is she Nation of Islam? Is there anyone there who were (?)
MAW: The (?) housekeeper's, or about three or four security were not Nation of Islam.

A question is asked about the chef.

EC: Who was working the morning of June 25th?
MAW: There were three shifts. There were two men on the property 24/7. Larry and Phillip. Lewis Williams. He is related to Lewis. His brother.

He knew Lewis was working that day.

EC: You said that the first person you called was Faheem Mohamed? You said the reason you said that because he was always hanging around, he was always over there.
MAW: He worked the day shift. So I know that he was there.

EC: You mentioned that he worked the night before. So when their shift ended. tha ws 1:00 am in the morning So then you expected them to be back on shift at 9, 10, 11? Would it be fair to say that Faheem Mohamed is at the residence more than any other security guards?
MAW: Well, between him and (?) they worked the day shift.

EC: When you got the phone call from Dr. Murray, the first thing you did was call Faheem Then the next thing you did was call Larry? ???
MAW: (Yes.)

EC: Did you review you cell phone records before you testified today? Did you look at your cell phone records?
MAW: No sir.

EC: Do you remember making another phone call before Faheem?
MAW: No I don’t. (snip) My attorney told me about (my) phone records ...

EC: He told you that prior to making your 3rd statement to police? You made a statement to police officers at the hospitals?

He spoke to officers back at the residence.

MAW: If it was, it was only for a few minutes.

EC: You then made a third statement to police on August 31st 2009? Him and his lawyer dind’t go through his phone record prior to today?
MAW: We never went through the record who I called that day. I’m being honest with you.

JP: I hope you re being honest all the time.

Courtroom laughter. He’s only recalling for memory.

EC: Do you remember making a phone call prior or after to Roberto Alvarez? (?)

When you spoke to police on August 31st, you had a specific time. Do you remember that today? (The answer wasn't what was expected.)

Would you say that your phone records would reflect better than your memory?
MAW: Yes sir.

EC: When you called Roberto Alvarez, are you sure that you called him and that he didn’t call you?
MAW: I think I remember calling him. and I remember asking where he was.

12:30 am 1/6th. To be continued.... I will continue on these notes when I get home tomorrow.

Is it possible that you called him and left and message and he called you back?

How long was your conversation with Alvarez?
It could have been a minute, 2 minutes. (snip?) I remember him talking about going up to the property, asking to be let in and to go upstairs.

More questions about how long the phone call lasted.

Do you remember getting a phone call from Faheem Mohamed? (Yes.)
I remember me calling him too.

I remember he had instructions to go to the house and asking what’s going on.

I don’t recall if he asked to go upstairs.

You said that you went upstairs on occasion?
I was asked from him (Jackson), to go up to watch a movie. I wasn’t allowed to just go upstairs.

Witness can't remember the exact day he was asked to go upstairs. sometimes to help set up a Skype meetings; set up the computer. Witness can't remember if it was a week or 2 weeks before.

As far as your prints found on IV bags or (other medical materials)?
No, that would be (impossible?)

Did the police ever fingerprint you?
No sir.

People’s exhibit #1.

Show me once again where this security trailer is?
The staff normally went through the kitchen

They went through the kitchen or the front door, depending on what they were doing.

The kitchen door was locked sometimes, so it was easier to go to the front door. We didn’t have to bang on the kitchen door. I remember telling him to go inside.

During the day, the front door is unlocked?

The front door would be left unlocked??

Yes sir. Unless Michael Jackson told them to lock it.

Witness is being approached with a document.

Phone records.

Asking him about if those are his phone records.

His cell phone records.

Back then, he had a 310 number that Michael Jackson would call him directly on. A phone exclusively for Jackson to reach him with.

After Michael Jackson passed, he never used that phone.

He’s still using his same iPhone, with ATT.

Defense underlining numbers and asking him specific numbers and who they belong to.

Walgren approaches to see which number is being outlined.

Did you speak to the prosecution prior to testifying today?

Did to speak to Mr. Walgren or Ms. Brazil? (Yes.)

And was your attorney present? Yes.

When did you hire a lawyer?
Objection! Relevance. Sustained.

I think we should be allowed to find out why.
Objection. Sustained.

Did you contact police after June 25th, telling you(?) to make another statement?
I know I was contacted.

Was it the day after, 2 days after?
No it was sometime after that.

Then your next statement would be August 41st?

Where did the statement take place? Mr. Douglas’s office?

You made a statement in Mr. Douglas office?
Where was Alvarez when you made a statement?
Did you drive with him to Mr. Douglas's office?

Defense trying to determine who all was with him going to Carl Douglas's office to make a statement.

Made more than one trip to Mr. Douglas office?
Yes, when we were looking for an attorney...

You say we?
Myself Alberto, Alvarez....

Did you have a conversation with Mr. Douglas at the same time as Alvarez and Faheem?
(I "think" there is an objection here and it's sustained.)

Was Mr. Douglas an attorney you used prior?
Objection. Sustained.

Other than the conversation you had with police that....
Objection. Sustained.

1 pm
I’m back in side the courtroom.

Now there is a media sign in sheet for the overflow room.

Pat Kelly tells the room, "If the problem of the exhibits can be solved, they will solve it. But at this point there is no solution." She also adds that, "The time is very important. If we have extra spaces in the courtroom, they will come and get those who are already on the waiting list."

There’s a bit of chatter in the overflow room but I’m not able to get most of it.

1:10 pm
We’re still waiting for a live feed into the Pastor’s courtroom.

There’s a big placard on the little gate into the well of Ito’s courtroom. It says, "Communication with custodies is forbidden by law 4570 PC." The same thing right below it in Spanish. The same sign as in Fidler’s courtroom is up on the wall right near the bailiff’s clear plastic enclosure: "Max occupancy 80." There are some pictures on the wall, one behind and to the left of the bailiff’s area, and two over the back credenza area of the clerk’s desk. I can’t see from here what the pictures are. I note the big sign over behind the witness box, that I remember from back in 2005 or 2006... of almost being in the jury box in Judge Ito’s courtroom for a stabbing death. It's a list of things the jurors must state about themselves.

Looks like the feed was turned on late. We’ve missed testimony. I’m like, totally lost now where we are. Williams is still on the stand.

New court reporter up.

The defense is still cross examining about when the witness carpooled with other Jackson security workers to Carl Douglas's office.

Normally Williams would come in (to work) at 10 am. That day, he was going to come in before rehearsal, around 4 pm. The defense is going over the exact details as to who called who notifying about Michael Jackson’s state. Defense crossing on who specifically left or came and went at the house. Witness is describing events after Jackson's death at the house, with detectives at the house. It was a hectic time. He had to go to the bathroom and a detective walked him to the bathroom. MAW found Dr. Murry’s question about the cream, strange, odd, and that Dr. Murray wanted a ride back to the house.

Witness doesn’t know if Jackson used a cream or not. Defense asks him about the rumors about Jackson using a cream on his skin. He told the detectives about the phone call, other things

You did not tell them though, about the statements about Dr. Murray.?
No I did not.

Goes over his history of work with Michael Jackson.

You not only had a professional but a persona relationship with (him)?

He confided in you?

You knew (that) Jackson had a trouble with Insomnia?
No. I was never told that.

I did notice that, sometimes that he had problems with sleep.

Difficulty with sleep?

Questions about other places he went with Jackson.
Some of the trips were to doctor’s office.

You had mentioned that the last few months were kind of crazy. Do you remember taking Jackson to doctors appointments?

You remember Dr. Klein?
I knew of him I never met him.

Dr. trips Michael Jackson would take during the day?

He never saw Dr. Murry on the trips to the doctor's office, or in the vehicles ....?
I think he just said he(?) saw Dr. Murray in the parking lot. (of the Dr’s offices)

Denies ever picking up prescriptions for Michael Jackson in alias names. He does remember picking up a prescription from Dr. Klein’s office, but he doesn’t remember who it was for.

Asks if the pharmacy he picked up prescriptions from, was that the Mickey Fine Pharmacy?
He doesn’t remember.

Asks about if he helped in the move out of Michael Jackson's Las Vegas residence.
Objection! Sustained!

Asks if he was with Michael Jackson when he moved out of the Virginia residence.
Objection! Sustained!

My friend Steven doesn’t come back to the media overflow room for the afternoon session. I learn later he got inside the courtroom. Steven must have connections, lol!

Did you know security personnel that took over at the Jackson residence?
Objection! Sustained!

Who is Michael Laqurue (sp?)?
He was Mr. Jackson's security for a brief time in 2007. Before that he was...

Was he at the hospital?
I did see him outside.

Was he at the Carolwood residence?
Objection! Sustained!

After police left the Carolwood residence, did you leave?
I waited for the family to get there.

Was the house sealed? (No?)

Police made no limitations as to what could be done at the house? (snip) The y just said,
"You can go in?"
I’m not sure what the family did. (snip) When they arrived, I left.

The family walked inside the house? Any police officer stay at that time?
I left.

Were any there when you left? (?)

You believe there was one there ?
I really don’t know.

The only other statement Dr. Murray made to you except about the cream, was that he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat? Is that correct?


You may have picked up a prescription for Michael Jackson, and if that prescription bottle was at the house, would your prints be on the bottle?
No not at all. The prescription was in a bag.

Asks about his prints on medicine bottles or things.

I didn’t even know about it much less touch it or go upstairs. (snip) It was a frantic scene, lots of people, detectives were there.

Subsequently, when you got a sit down with detectives, you gave a more detailed statement as possible.

Did you try to be as truthful as possible?
Yes. Truthful and accurate as possible.

What was going on in your mind as to loading up the Escalades and driving off at that time?
We told police officer that we’re going to get the Escalades and drive. People would follow us.

He was just trying to be a decoy, so that the family could go to the house.

After he started driving, a few minutes, he got a phone call.

Goes over the Defense A, same phone records.

Has him identify the phone call from Dr. Murray; the phone call from Faheed Mohamed and the phone call before he called Alvarez. Witness identified the other person he called.

Derek something. Cleveland?


You said it could not be (your) fingerprints because you didn't know? You didn’t know about the vials and IV. so you couldn’t have touched them? Defense now asks him if he had ever seen vials in Mr. Jackson's house before.

In Las Vegas?

Now asking about his phone call to Derek Cleveland.

Defense is crossing him on the specific phone calls on the record.

You first remember (about) calling Derek, today, at lunch?

Objection. Sustained.

You first remember Derek today, when it was brought to your attention at lunch?
Objection. Vague. Sustained.

Defense reads back his testimony.

All this stuff about the phone records is boring.

Objection. Sustained.

JP: Did anyone go over your (testimony?) with you at lunch?
The DA did show me the phone records at lunch.


Mr. Williams, I showed you the phone records and you said I recognised the phone number as Derek Cleveland?

#3 Faheem Mohamed

Another black man.

Direct examination.

Employed with Michael Jackson Head of his security (for) 10 months.

Maintain overall security. Just make sure the house , the children were secured.

Oversaw his security detail and interacted with Michael Amir Williams as a liaison with Michael Jackson.

Do you know Dr. Murray? Witness identifies the defendant.

When did you first meet him (defendant)?
Met him in March, 2009.

You recall where you first met?
(At residence)

Testifies he would generally see Dr. Murray t night.

Attorney Carl Douglas represents Mr. Mohamed.

Would he stay over at night at the residence?
Initially it wasn’t as regular as the last month or so.

How frequently?
Last couple weeks it was pretty much every night.

Knew Dr. Murray’s vehicle and would see it at the residence.

He was involved in the security arrangements to get Michael Jackson to the Staples Center.

(When did you leave the evening of June 24th?)
Evening, around 7 pm.

Who drove?
I did.

(Who sat where?)
Amir was in the front seat with him and Michael Jackson was in the back.

What happened?
There was an advance team that arrived ahead (of their vehicle).

Did our regular routine. There was a golf cart inside the Staples Center and they used the golf cart (to get to the stage for rehearsals).

He observed the rehearsals.

The general mood was positive. He was as energetic as I’ve ever seen him. (Jackson)

At conclusion, was it the same driving arrangement back?
Yes. (snip) Amir was with them and Michael Jackson was in the back seat.

When you arrived at the residence 1 am, was Dr. Murray's vehicle parked there at the residence? Yes.

I notice that there are three clocks in Ito’s courtroom. One behind the judge, one behind the gallery and one over the jury box. Unusual.

After they came back to the house (what did you do)?
Went to the security trailer to debrief.

(The next day, when did you arrive at the Carolwood residence?)
Arrived at Carolwood close to noon.

At some time around noon, left residence to go to the bank. While he was out, he got a phone call from Michael Amir Williams that something was wrong with Michael, that Michael Amir had received a phone call from Dr Murray.

When he got to the residence, were you allowed back onto the property?

He got on the property and called Michael Amir...and made sure that he was correct about going upstairs.

What was the policy?
No one was allowed upstairs. Made sure it was okay to proceed upstairs.

Where did you go?
At top of stairs turned left.

New photos are put up on the ELMO People’s next in evidence #9 I think. Photos of up at the top of the stairs I believe. Next exhibit #10 top of stairs. Show’s the room that Faheem entered. More photos are entered into evidence. I’m having trouble staying awake. It happens every time I’m in a courtroom. I think it's the mass of fluorescent lights that does it to me.

When you first walked in, (who did you see)?
I saw Roberto Alvarez.

Where was he?
He was on the side of the bed, pacing back and fourth. He was in stress. You could see that something bad was going on.

Witness indicates with the laser pointer where he first saw Roberto Alvarez.

He’s near the entrance off to the foyer and he’s pacing?

I also observed... (snip) I first spoke to Alberto and he says it’s not looking good. I asked him if 911 had been called. He said, "Yes."

I proceeded to go check for myself. (Not sure what question was.)

I first remember seeing Michael Jackson's feet, were in a particular location.

That’s when I seen Dr. Murray on his knees attempting compressions with (one hand?). (snip) Mr. Jackson with his eyes and his mouth open and he’s laying there.

Questions about whether Jackson was dead or not. Objection. Sustained.

As a layperson did he appear to be alive?
No sir.

What was Dr, Murray doing?
I remember him being in a panic state. I remember him asking if anyone knew CPR.

Was Dr. Murray on his knees?
He was on his knees.

I didn’t see Dr. Murray first because he was lower and the bed was higher.

Dr. Murry was closer to the...? h
He was on the far side of the bad between that area (of?) the nightstand and the bed.

New photo, where he saw Dr. Murray.

Was anyone else in the room other than yourself?

At some point did you see Michael's children?
They were.... Prince was right near the doorway, he was about 2 steps inside. He didn’t have a visible on his father. She (Paris) was father out, in the landing area on her knees crying.

When you saw Dr. Murray on his knees did you notice if he was perspiring?
No sir.

Do you recall telling the police that he was sweating?
I can't get a picture in my mind right now but I do recall...

That’s when Dr. Murray asked if anyone knew CPR?
I looked at Roberto, kind of shocked.

What did Alberto do after the shocked look?
Alberto attempted to assist Dr. Murry to give CPR.

Had already asked if 911 had been called and they had been called. He then left at some point to get the nanny to get the children away from all of what was going on. Left the room, went downstairs with the children and came back up. He did that about 4 or five times.

At some time the paramedics arrived at the scene. Briefed them as to what was going on.

Prior to that time had you ever seen Mr J hooked up to any equipment?
He did see and IV stand.

Doesn't ‘recall where the IV stand was when he first went into the room.

Question about (Dr. Murray?)
Stayed in the room.

Sitting there, just watching what was going on.

(after paramedics arrived)

At some point paramedics transported him out of the room?

Witness left the room, to deal with paparazzi because to block them from shooting images of Michael Jackson. Saw the paramedics exiting the home. The children were in a corridor of the house. Followed the paramedics to UCLA. Blocked Michael Jackson's body from paparazzi and then covered the children wit their jackets.

Then made preparations for Michael Jackson's family to arrive.

At some point became did you become aware that Michael Jackson was pronounced dead?

Do you remember Michael Amir approaching with a request from Dr. Murray?
Objection! Sustained.

In response to what Michael Amir said, in regards, what did you say about the car keys?
The police took the car keys so no one could go back to the house.

Sometime after that, didn’t Dr. Murry approach you directly.

What did he say?
Dr. Murry said that he was hungry and that he wanted to go get something to eat.

Do you recall how much time had elapsed after Michael Jackson was pronounced dead, when did Dr. Murray ask?
It was about 30 or 45 minutes. I told him there was a cafe in the hospital.

At some point did he tell you that he had to leave?
He said that he was tired, and that he needed to leave.

When was that?
About 30 minutes after that.

He saw Dr. Murry leave through some doors at UCLA.

Now about his interview with police?
Interview was at Mr. Jackson’s house.

Told police everything he knew?
No. It was quick interview. It was 10 minutes, maybe less.

On Aug 31st, you sat down with Detective Smith and Meyers? Gave a truthful and accurate statement?

Now asking about his phone number he was using at that time.

CROSS by Chernoff.

How is it that it came to be that you made a statement to the police? How did that happen.
The police contacted him.

The detectives contacted Amir Williams. (Q? A?)

Do you know if they contacted you before your lawyer taked to them?

Asks how it is that he had a lawyer.
Objection. Sustained.

His lawyer was present on subsequent inerviews with police.

You said that 20-30 minutes at the hospital first talked to you.? Withdrawal question.

Did he ever speak to you at the hosptial before that?
Dr. Murray was in the room (with Jackson. (?)

Do you know what time, Drm Murray told you that he wanted to get something to eat?

Could it have been 4:30? Could it have been earlier, later?

When was he pronounced dead?
I dont know the exact time.

Defense is now crossing him on if he walked out of the hospital.

Did you see him talkng to Jermaine Jackson to help prepare a statemnt to the press?

Not sure as to what time Dr. Murray left the hospital.

Have you looked at any documents today to refresh your recolection?

Witness looked at statements he made to police.

What time did Michael Amir call you 12:05 pm?

Defense now crossing him on the phone call.....and his events after he go the call from Michael Amir.

Mini disaster. My trackball mouse fell off my lap and the trackball went flying (Totally embarrassing moment! Another reporter retreives it and I get it back.). My mouse died when it hit the floor. I couldn't get it to work. I miss a bunch of cross of this witness. Sorry!

Back inside the overflow room, cross continues.

Linda Deutsch from the Associated Press came into the overflow room to let her colleague into the courtroom.

Do you know how long he was preforming CPR?

When Alberto went to help Dr. Murray, did Alberto Alvarez take over doing the CPR for Dr. Murray?

Was there more than one paramedic performing CPR?
What I saw, they were giving him shots. They were giving him the machine, the electric shock.

You’re sure they were giving him electric shock?

You don’t remember the paramedics using mouth to mouth?

Did you see anybody do that?

Did you see anyone compress down on Michael Jackson’s chest?
No sir, not that I recall.

But you remember that device being brought up?
I assumed it was that machine.

I saw a machine being brought up.

You only knew Michael Jackson for 5 months?

Did you ever call Dr. Murray for Michael Jackson's benefit?

Did you ever call any doctor for Michael Jackson's benefit?
Objection! Relevance! Sustained.

Do you remember at any time, being upstairs on the 21st?
Objection. Sustained.

He’s talking about the 21st.

Lets clear up the times that you went up and down the stairs.

1st time to take the children to the nanny. How long did that take?
Took a couple minutes.

Then went down to get the cars lined up to take Michael Jackson to the hospital.
Told another security detail to do it.

All of this would have happened before the paramedics arrived?

Then went up and down 2 0r 3 times?
One time was to tell security to put the children in the car.

Did you ever see Alberto Alvarez bring the children down stairs?
I dont’ recall.

Did anybody other than you do that with the children?
Possibly because I didn’t do that myself.

Where were you when you realize you were going back to Carolwood?
Doesn’t remember when or who told him to go back to the house.

Once left Carolwood, Larry and Lewis were instructed to keep the property secured.

Questions about his qualifications to be head of security. Witness testifies when he was first hired, He originally was hired as a driver.

Now asking about what he does now.
Objection! Overrulled.

And Alberto Alverez, how often do you see him?
I see him (frequently?)

Do you remember when the paramedics arrived?

Question after question about what he remembers about the sequence of events. Now asks him about his phone number and the area code. It’s registered out of Phoenix.

Did you ever tell police that your name was Larry?

Do you know a Larry Mohamed?
I know two Larry’s. The guard with the last name, at the gate. The only other Larry Mohamed is a relative.

If you remember, did you touch anything, in Michael Jackson's room when you went upstairs?

Not a thing?
Not that I recall.

And you recall no IV bags or syringes? Did you see any of that?
No sir.

Did you see any bags that were on the chair or the floor?

Have you ever, did the police ever requested your fingerprints?
Objection! Sustained.

JP: Mr. Walgren, redirect?

No redirect.

Judge asks counsel to approach.

JP: This court is currently involved in a jury trial and he needs to address something. They are going to recess this matter at this time.

Rather than start with next witness, they will recess for the day. 9:30 a.m. to start tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are BUT THANKS for all your updates. This kind of article is just what I was looking for ... just facts that were told inside that courtroom. Please keep posting!! I'm a fan of Mr. Jackson and I just wanna know what the hell happend on that sad day.
Justice for MJ! May he rest in peace after this trial is over (cause I'm sure there will be a trial even if I fear that Dr. Mengele Murray will soon make a deal with the prosecutors)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great blog, hope u will be there the whole time!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for such a detailed transcript.

KZ said...

Thank you for all your late night efforts to update the moment by moment account of the hearing! Much appreciated. It's becoming clearer to me that after MJ's ill appearance June 19, and the "big meeting" of the 20th, suddenly MJ is the picture of health, punctual, and energetic. Of course, this is pure speculation, but due to Murray's comments at that meeting, and MJ's subsequent vitality, I strongly suspect that Dr. Murray renewed his efforts to aggressively "help" MJ with cocktails of medications to restore his energy level, ward off withdrawl symtoms, and help him with heavily medicated unconsciousness (not exactly restorative sleep!).

I'm very disappointed that Murray is only facing 4 years in prison if/ when he is convicted of involuntary manslaughter. I'm very disappointed that the prosecutors did not bring charges with more severe consequences. 4 years doesn't seem harsh enough for what Murray has done, and is certainly no deterrent to any other shady doctor doing the same thing for a celebrity.

KZ said...

One more comment. Even if the defense is floating theories that MJ woke up and somehow opened the IV and bolused himself, or injected another bump of propofol, I'd submit that the very fact that MJ was unattended with access to propofol and a running IV in place while being treated by Murray constitutes grounds for an involuntary manslaughter charge! That Murray left MJ unattended for even a second is grounds for manslaughter conviction. We don't even need to discuss whether or not Murray should have been giving him the propofol in a home setting. It was Murray's job to ensure the safety of his patient at all times while receiving those kinds of medications-- and he left him ALONE and unmonitored by another human, or any machines. IF he had been monitored at all, there is at least a POSSIBILITY that he could have been resuscitated (assuming CM could have done that, which is in doubt.) When Murray left the bedside, he committed a deadly crime.

Murray could have, and should have, said NO to the propofol, but he didn't. Murray took his life. Period.

CaliGirl9 said...

@ KZ:
With this (probable) trial and the Anna Nicole Smith verdicts being overturned, methinks California lawmakers need to really look hard at prescribing and dispensing laws.
The way very potent drugs were just tossed about by Dr. Murray gobsmacks me! Ativan and Versed strewn around as if they were simply vials of saline for injection. Amazing.

Ali said...

Thank you so much for posting all of this for us. It means a lot to his fans xx

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Please where can I find the other notes? There is no testimony from Faheem Mohammed.

Thank you so much for providing us with these notes they are very much appreciated.