Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: Day 2 Part I

First Break
Yes, I am her for day two. I'm in the hallway on first break. I only have a second. Alberto Alvarez is on the stand, describing the scene inside Michael Jackson's bedroom right before and after the paramedics arrived. It's very amazing testimony. The rest of my notes from yesterday will be going up later tonight. I will try to do some at lunch, but lunch is only and hour and sometimes it takes over 10 minutes just to get down to the cafeteria. The elevator bays are packed!

I arrived late and got to see the Jackson family be escorted into an elevator that the deputies reserved for them. I recognized La Toya, but not any of Michael's brothers. I'm sure there were a few. I'll try to post more at lunch, approve comments and reply to my emails. Thank you all for reading!

12:18 pm
Lunch. I'm trying to wolf down my lunch and answer E-mails at the same time. Just a few moments ago, Harriet Ryan of the LA Times confirmed to me that Janet Jackson did attend the morning session. Alberto Alvarez's testimony is concluded. Alvarez testified that after he helped Dr. Murray move Michael Jackson off the bed and onto the floor he assisted in CPR on Jackson. Alvarez testified that Dr. Murray said to him, "This is the first time I've given mouth to mouth but I have to do it because he's my friend."

1:09 pm
Back on the 9th floor, waiting for the overflow room to open up. As I was coming down the hallway, I got my first up close look of Dr. Murray as he was being escorted up the back elevators by deputies. These are the elevators they use to move prisoners. He's very tall.

In the hallway. The chef, Kia Chase testified. The only noteworthy thing she testified to was that Dr. Murray did not ask her to call 911 when around 12:05 pm, he came down the stairwell, called for her to "Get security, get Prince." She testified that normally, Dr. Murray would come downstairs to the kitchen to get the juice she would prepare for Michael around 10 am. Dr. Murray did not come down at all to get the juice that morning. She also noted that the dinner she prepared the night before and left in the refrigerator for when they returned from rehearsals at the Staple Center, was untouched when she arrived around 8:30 am that day.

The first paramedic, Richard Senneff, who entered the house is now on the stand under direct examination.


Anonymous said...

Do have the report from Day 2 Part 2, I can't find one.


Anonymous said...

Did Kai Chase mention anything about being downstairs and praying with the children? as she has said this happened on many TV interviews.
By the notes was it a very short testimony?

Sprocket said...

Please be patient with me. I don't know when these notes will go up.

I am working on trying to get some of Day 2 up on the web by late tonight. I'm working on that verses the real life responsibilities I have at home. Day 1 still isn't complete.

Thank my husband that he is a patient and understanding partner regarding the time I'm putting into trial coverage instead of his needs and our home.