Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Note to Readers of the Dr. Murray Prelim Coverage III

Please understand that I am at a disadvantage being in the media overflow courtroom. The exhibits shown in the courtroom on that ELMO are not showing up on the live feed to the room I'm in. The ELMO screen inside the courtroom that we see is all white. The Public Information Office (PIO) has told us there isn't anything that they can do about that at this time.

Yesterday, coroner criminalist Jaime Lintemoot (who I saw testify in Spector one and the retrial; she's a great witness btw) testified about the IV bag that was collected in Michael Jackson's bedroom on June 25th, attached to the IV pool. That IV tubing attached to that bag had a branch in it, where injection drugs via a syringe could be administered. The tubing from that Y branch did have evidence of propofol. She did not find propofol in the saline bag or the tubing above the Y branch.

Lintemoot did not test the IV bag found on June 29th by coroner investigator Fleak in the closet cabinet area, with the slit in and a bottle of 100 ml (? size) propofol inside (attached to the puncture area of the IV tubing). My guess is, we probably won't hear about that until trial.

Detective Orlando Martinez stated that in his interview with Dr. Murray on June 27th, Dr. Murray said:

DDA Q: How did he say he was assisting?

A: He would assist Mr. Jackson with 50 milligrams of propofol. An injection to get him to sleep and with an IV drip to keep him under.

I hope that clears up any confusion T&T readers might have.


Moonstreet said...

back again, thanks for clarifying, MJ fans are abit extreme sometimes & have high standards of detail. Dont stress, its just that many of us have been dealing with all this since June 25 09 on a daily basis. And its not the first time, we went through all this back in 04/05 too, anylysing witness testimony & figuring out facts from media spin. Know that we really do appriciate all your hard work but are at times under huge emotional stress & strain
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KZ said...

That description in Sprocket's post of a little while ago answers the drip question definitively for me. Now I know what Murray was doing! He did NOT pour the propofol into the slit open bag. He spiked the 100cc bottle ON TOP OF the IV tubing spike coming up thru the IV bag. The white liquid puddled in the bottom of the bag is what leaked out from the spiked bottle, or from his attempt at venting the bottle. One way to "vent" a glass bottle without vented tubing is to inject air into the bottle with needle and syringe, as you are infusing. But you have to do this often as a vacuum develops in the glass bottle.

Another way is to simply insert an open needle into the rubber stopper alongside the tubing spike. Problem with this is that some fluid will leak out of the needle hub when you do this. The propofol leaking out of a presumed needle vent hub was caught in the IV bag and didn't drip on the floor. The other reason Murray needed to do this is that there probably was no hanging strap on the propofol 100cc bottle. So he had to figure out how to hang it upside down. He slit the liter bag open so he could access the IV spike, catch the drips from the rudimentary method of venting the glass bottle, and use the loop on the NS bag to hang the bottle upside down! THAT is how he was free dripping the propofol!

Filthy Tabloid Trash said...

I know there are limitations to what you can hear/see, but thanks for all you ARE doing. I really appreciate the coverage.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they could think MJ or anyone for that matter could be addicted to propofol? It's not like Vicodin or Xanax where that could get you high. How does one get addicted to something like propofol?! Weird..

Anonymous said...

There is no addiction to propofol, that is just speculation on his part.