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Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: Day 4 Part I

Friday, January 7, 2011 (notes edited January 7, 2011 by Caligirl9 at 4 p.m.)
Correction edit by Sprocket 1/8, 9 p.m.

8:10 a.m.
I’m on the Orange Line bus, hoping I’ll make the 8:39 Red Line subway train. If I’m lucky, there won’t be a delay on the tracks like there was on Wednesday, when I almost missed getting into the morning session. Back during the first Spector trial, this is how I got to court every morning. I would exit the Red Line at the Civic Center station and take the Temple Street stairs. This entry to the Red Line is on Hill Street, halfway between Temple and First Street and right in front of the plaza with all the flags. From there it is a block walk through the plaza, down a series of steps that end right in front of the Broadway crosswalk. The rear entrance to the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center is just a short walk from there. Entering the building this way, I miss going by the press cameras and groups of fans that come down to the courthouse.

Interestingly, the public lottery for seats is being held in the Temple Street Plaza in the front of the building. I don’t know if the Public Information Office (PIO) has ever done that before, During the Robert Blake trial and the Spector trials, the public lottery was held right outside the courtroom doors.

For those of you who are not familiar with the California Courts, LA County has the largest court system in the nation. There are approximately 50 court locations & buildings that the PIO office manages public and media requests/access.

Whenever there is a delay on the train, and they have to switch to a “single track” for north- and south-bound trains, I can’t help but think about the horrific train crash in Chatsworth a few years ago. That was a different rail system altogether, but it still gets me a little apprehensive.

In the past year, the LA Co. Superior court has installed a computer-based inquiry system in the lobby of the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) and in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse as well. You can use the computer screen to search for the courtroom and time that a particular case hearing/trial is being held. The CJC is not a new building. The elevators suck and as most of the country knows, California is majorly broke. There isn’t the money to install cameras in every courtroom like Florida has. Besides, it’s my opinion (and that of many I’ve talked to in the MSM) that some California judges like their anonymity. They want to be able to move about the public without being known as the judge who presided over a particular high-profile case. Judges have been threatened before, and although rare, there have been cases where defendants have tried to exact their revenge on the judge and/or prosecutors who tried their case.

If you are planning on coming down to the courthouse to try to get a public seat at this hearing, there are several low-cost parking lots a few blocks away. Low cost being $9:00 to $10.00 compared to the lots close to the courthouses which average around $18.00 or more for the day. If you can walk five blocks, there are even less expensive lots for around $5.00 or $7.00. If you decide to take a bus and/or train, a metro day pass is only $6.00

T&T writer CaliGirl9 has agreed to do what she can to edit my entries once they are posted. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but hopefully this will help to get the prelim coverage in a more professional and readable format. I don’t expect her to correct EVERY spelling or grammatical error, but she will try to get the medical terms cleaned up that I totally mess up on. She will be adding to the entry a notation a date and time she performed her edit.

Only 2 more stops then Civic Center! Better close the laptop down and get ready to climb the steps.

9:20 a.m.
I’m inside the courtroom. It’s very quiet. There are only 9 other reporters here, beside myself. In the nice cushion seats to my left are the reporter from Splash who is reporting for The Sun in England and the very pretty, petite TMZ reporter. Ashley Banfield, a CNN reporter and Eric Leonard from KFI are the only others that I know by name. It’s a much different atmosphere than what I’m used to being in the courtroom. My seatmates have been very helpful when I miss the spelling of a witness’s name.

We have no sound or picture yet. I’m wondering if my friend Steven Mikulan from THE WRAP is going to make it today. Detective Myers will be back on the stand under cross and then it’s anyone’s guess who the next witness will be.

We have sound but no picture.

9:25 a.m. (starting early)

Witness #12: Detective Myers continues.

Cross by defense attorney Ed Chernoff

Q: Talk about when this whole case erupted.

Myers: This detective was out of town. (Objection beyond scope. Sustained.)

Q: What day did you come back from out of town? (Objection overruled.)

Myers: June 29th, actually returned (?). My partner, Det. Smith... He came back after first two trips back to Carolwood... (Objection sustained.)

Q: What documents Det. Myers, have you reviewed? Did you review documents? Did you review notes, what documents did you review? (Objection beyond scope.) Did you have a chance to review documents before you testified?

Myers: Yes. I continue to update myself with all aspects of the case. I refresh my memory.

Q: You also review you notes?

Myers: Yes.

Q: And witness statements you typed up yourself?

Myers: Yes

Q: Were you present when the Carolwood house was searched? (Objection beyond scope sustained.)
Chernoff is showing documents, showing defense C, D, E, and F.

Brazil has an objection to documents. These documents do not related to the scope to his testimony yesterday. Explains to Judge. Prosecution is still objecting about the documents.

(PIO Pat Kelly arrives.)

Attorneys still arguing whether or not these documents can be shown to the detective. They are market to be identified C, D, E, and F...but that’s it for now.

Attorneys continue to argue. Prosecution mentions there is over 7,000 pages of discovery.

(Sustain objection on relevance 352.)

Q: On part of your investigation have your prepared any documents of a chronology of events.

Myers: Yes.

Q: Was it a chronology or a time line.

Myers: I’ve prepared various documents.

Q: Have you prepared what would be termed a timeline of events including phone calls?

Myers: You’ll have to be more specific counselor as to your events.

Q: Chernoff asks did you prepare this document.

A: (regarding defense exhibit D) Yes, I had input on that timeline.

Defense exhibit E... Brazil objects to the three-page document.

Judge Pastor: We can move on.

Q: Chernoff asks can I show the detective this document? Did you have any input in the author of that timeline?

Myers: Yes.

Q: Referring to Def E, do you know when you had input into that timeline?

Myers: This would be every early on in the investigation. I can’t say precisely but the first week or two

Q: How about Def D?

Myers: I believe this was sometime later. I don’t have an actual recollection. One month, 2 months later. I don’t know.

Q: Was the processing from Def D of E, was that in related to your investigation.

Myers: As far as Def E, I think I may have authored it, and only on Def D I had input (??)

Q: Det. Smith and Martinez has already interviewed witnesses at the house? (Objection scope.)What was your reason in this investigation? Were there assignments? (Same objection your Honor. Obj. beyond scope.)

Judge Pastor: Det. Meyer is being called for only a small scope and not a general purpose.

Q: Were you in charge of the investigation?

Myers: No.

Q: Was there a detective who was in charge of making assigning responsibilities?

(Sprocket note: I miss the name of the commander. Mentions the detectives...)

Myers: "It was a collective effort."

Q: Did Det. Smith make any of these phone calls?

Myers: Well, there was more than just phone calls. (Q? A?)

Q: Did Det. Smith or Martinez interview any of those individuals that we heard about yesterday? (Objection relevance; sustained) We looked at a series of phone calls, and you explained some of the numbers and people that were attached, and these were all the phone calls that we made on the morning of the 25th?

Myers: Yes.

Q: Did anyone else investigate that activity, other than you? (Objection relevance, sustained) Is the info you provide is complete and total? (Objection vague. Sustained. Refine question.)

Was there a phone call made on June 25th that you did not investigate?

Myers: "A range?"

Q: You investigation did go no further than the mid afternoon for June 25?

Myers: No.

Q: Was five more phone calls, was it two hours more? Was it up to midnight? How far did you investigate phone calls? How long a period of time? (Objection, sustained).

Judge Pastor: Refine please.

Q: Chernoff lists calls Myers testified about. And you investigated phone calls AFTER that time frame?

Myers: It was? (Confusion. Objection vague. Overruled.) There’s been investigation into those other phone calls.

Q: Asks about the notes for those phone calls. (Objection out of scope, sustained.)

Chernoff is trying to get more information. Apologizes to judge and says he will move on.

Judge Pastor: Mr. Low has to leave for another responsibility.

Q: Chernoff asks if he (Myers) interviewed any people involved in those phone calls. Meyers did take to people but is not sure if it was on the first or second trip to Texas.

Myers did speak to Sade Anding (interview) (Objection sustained.)

Judge Pastor: We have a problem. I think we need to move on.

Myers: Sade Anding was one of the people that he talked to and that she was the phone call of 11:51. Yes. Misstates. The call was to Miss Anding, not from.

Q: And this is the person you interviewed her in Texas?

Myers: Yes.

Q: And have you interviewed her again?

Myers: Yes.

Q: When?

Myers: Last night.

DDA Brazil: no redirect.

Witness # 13 Sade Anding

Background established by DDA: In Feb 2009 where employed?

Anding: Sullivan Steak house.

DDA Q: Where?

Anding: (Tx?) She was a cocktail waitress. “I was there for six months at that time; six-eight months.

DDA Q: Describe the steak house. Which part did you work as? (Objection relevance, sustained.)Restaurant or lounge? (Objection sustained.)

While working as a cocktail waitress, did you meet someone who identified himself as Conrad Murray.

Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: Do you see him? (Anding identifies Dr. Murray.) Do you recall when it was you first met Conrad Murray, what month?

Anding: It was after Valentine’s Day. I just know I had started there two/three months [prior].

DDA Q: So the latter portion of February or the beginning of March?

Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: How did you meet? (Objection, overruled.)

Anding: Met him at the restaurant? (Objection, sustained.)

DDA Q: When you met Conrad Murray at Sullivan Steak House was he working there, or ????

Anding: Answers she met him at the restaurant.

DDA Q: Did your first meeting with [Murray] at the restaurant stand out in your mind? (Objection, sustained.) Was there something unusual about your meeting? (Objection, vague.)

Judge Pastor: Do you have an offer of proof?

DDA (EC): I do your honor. Approach the bench.

(Still at bench.)

(Sprocket comment: Just like the prosecution was trying to prevent the defense from asking questions of Detective Myers, the defense is trying to prevent the prosecution from asking questions of Ms. Anding.)

(It’s 10 am and we wait. This is a long sidebar. Overruled!)

DDA Q: From that first meeting with Dr. Murray, did you see him with some frequency? (Objection sustained.) When you first meet him did you see him on other occasions?
Did Dr. Murray refer to you as his girlfriend? Were you Conrad Murray’s girlfriend?


Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: Ms. Anding, in June 2009, was your telephone number (837) 366-3832?

Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: On June 25th 2009 did you receive a phone call from Conrad Murray?

Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: What time was it your time in Houston [when Dr. Murray called]?

Anding: I know it was 12:30 about. It was in the afternoon yes.

DDA Q: You were on your way out? (Objection sustained.) Did Dr. Murray telephone you on your cell phone, residence or landline?

Anding: Cell phone.

DDA Q: What did he say when he first spoke?

Anding: He told me he it was Conrad; he said “Hi,” and “How are you?”

DDA Q: Did you recognize his voice?

Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: He identified himself and asked you how you were. Did he tell you how he was doing?

Anding: He told me I was doing well, then I cut him off and I started talking. I said, “Well, let me tell you about my day.”

(Sprocket note: She basically interrupted him.)

Just talked about how down and that I had a job. (Sprocket note: can’t hear her at all!) Before that time I’d seen him was in May.

DDA Q: What day?

Anding: May 23rd. In Houston.

DDA Q: [Referring back to June 25 phone call] So you interrupt Dr. Murray and start chatting about your day and going on in your life?

Anding: Yes.

Anding said that she heard another phone go off. Then mumbling voices and then the phone cut off (?)

(Sprocket note: not sure if I have this correct.)

DDA Q: For a while into the conversation, you realized that he wasn’t there because he wasn’t saying anything to you? [for five minutes?] (Objection sustained.)
Do you have any way of knowing when he stopped listening to you?

Anding: No.

DDA Q: Did you ever say anything specific when you realized that he wasn’t saying anything?

Anding: “Just hello, hello, hello. Are you there are you there? (But she didn’t get any response back from Dr. Murray.)

DDA Q: When you heard the mumbling on the other end, did you recognize the voice [as being Dr. Murray]?

Anding: No.

DDA Q: You said you tried to call Dr. Murray’s phone back and you got [a] response and [but] you got no response back? Was that unusual?

Anding: Yes. Last time I talked to Dr. Murray was when LAPD came to my house. It was sometime in 2009.

DDA Q: She was attending an event when the police came in Houston?

Anding: Yes.

DDA Q: Did you go to a sporting event?

Anding: Yes. A baseball game.

DDA Q: At some time did you learn that police that wanted to speak to you?

Anding: I called Conrad Murray and told him that the police came to my house. He said that he was sorry to have put me in that position. He made a request for her to call an attorney afterward.

DDA Q: Asked if she spoke to Dr. Murray’s attorney the next day. (Objection sustained.)

Defense cross-examination Chernoff.

Q: Ms. Anding, how are you when did you get to LA [to testify in court]? Did you fly yourself in?

Anding: No. She flew into LA on County’s dime, spent the night last night and will fly out today (Friday).

Q: Was there anything else that you told Ms. Brazil today that you did not say previously?

Anding: No.

Chernoff: That’s it.

Court calls witness #14: Bridgette Morgan.

Chernoff: This is Mr. Low’s witness and he walked away with all our stuff.

Judge Pastor: We were notified about Mr. Low’s other commitment. (Attorneys arguing about notification; I think Walgren keeps saying “I called you.”)

Judge Pastor: TIME OUT! Do we know if Mr. Low can be called back? Let’s take 15 minutes.

12:06 pm
I'm in the cafeteria, wolfing down my lunch before I do some editing then posting the testimony of the last three witnesses, the last being Nicole Alvarez. I don't think I've heard as many "I don't recall" answers in my life!

Morgan questioning begins. DDA Brazil direct.

DDA Q: Do you recognize Conrad Murray?

Morgan: Yes. (Identifies the defendant.)

DDA Q: Ms. Morgan, when did you first meet Dr. Murray?

Morgan: In 2003.

DDA Q: Where?

Morgan: At a club. (snip) Developed a social relationship with him.

DDA Q: Ms. Morgan, I ask you what your telephone number was in June 2009? [Exhibit 20 on ELMO.] (310) xxx-5868 (not sure if this is right)

(Brazil points out phone number and agrees that’s it.)

DDA Q: Did you call Conrad Murray on June 25th?

Morgan: Yes.

DDA Q: Did you actually speak to Dr. Murray when you made that call to him?

Morgan: No.

Witness #15—Nicole Alvarez

(Sidebar at bench. Someone, an attorney for Alvarez introduced. A reporter whispers to me she looks like she might be from the Dominican Republic.)

Alvarez identifies Dr. Murray for the record.

DDA Q: When did you first meet?

Alvarez: I don’t recall exactly, around 2005. (snip) Met him in Las Vegas.

DDA asks where.

Alvarez: Specifically? I met him in a club.

DDA Q: Were you employed at the club?

Alvarez: Yes I was.

DDA Q: What position? (Objection, sustained.)

When you met Conrad Murray in the club, was he a guest, or was he an employee?

Alvarez: I believe from my understanding he was a guest.

DDA Q: When you met Dr. Murray, did he introduce himself or did you introduce yourself? Or was there some other way?

Alvarez: I don’t recall exactly how that came about.

DDA Q: After you met him the first time, did you maintain contact with him via phone or in person?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Did you give him your phone number when you met him at the club?

Alvarez: I don’t recall exactly.

DDA Q: When you met him where were you living at the time in Los Angeles?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Did you commute from LA to Las Vegas to your job?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Developed an intimate (personal?) relationship? When?

Alvarez: I don’t recall exactly.

DDA Q: How long after you met did you start a personal relationship with him?

Alvarez: Quite some time had past. I can’t recall how long. It’s something that developed over time.

DDA Q: Over that time, would you see him in person?

Alvarez: At times. Not all times.

DDA Q: Did that relationship develop in Las Vegas?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Did it also develop in Los Angeles?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Your present address since 2005 have you always lived in Los Angeles?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Would it be correct to say you were involved in a personal relationship on 2009?

Alvarez: I assume so yes.

DDA Q: In 2007?

Alvarez: I can’t recall.

DDA Q: When you developed this relationship, did he inform you that he was still married?

(Sprocket note: I think there are several objections here along this line of questioning.)

At some point during the relationship did you find out that he was married? (Objection, sustained.)
During months of April, May, June of 2009, was Dr. Murray living at your residence?

Alvarez: Can you clarify the question please?

(Sprocket note: From this point on, it was PAINFUL! She kept asking for the question to be repeated, or didn't understand the question, or said she wanted to be as accurate as possible.)

DDA Q: Let’s start with April 2009? Was Dr. Murray living at your residence?

Alvarez: I’m trying to answer accurately. I wouldn’t describe it as permanent residence.

DDA Q: How would you describe it? (Did you know where he lived?)

Alvarez: I would assume in Las Vegas.

(Sprocket note: Several more questions along this vein.)

DDA Q: Do you have a son with Dr. Murray?

Alvarez: Yes. Born in March, 2009.

DDA Q: In April 2009, how much time was Dr. Murray was spending in LA?

Alvarez: I don’t recall how much time.

DDA Q: One night a month?

Alvarez: No. It was quite frequent.

DDA Q: One week?

Alvarez: At times.

DDA Q: Two weeks?

Alvarez: At times.

DDA Q: Three weeks?

Alvarez: I’m not comfortable with three weeks. (DDA asks another question to describe how often he was staying at her residence.) I think you’re asking me to give you an example, correct?

DDA Q: I’m asking you how frequently Dr. Murray was staying at your residence?

Alvarez: I think it’s fair to say that he was staying 2 weeks out of the month.

DDA Q: When he was not there, where did he stay?

Alvarez: I do not know.

DDA Q: When he left your house you didn’t know where he stayed?

Alvarez: No.

(Sprocket note: DDA questions about her just giving birth in April, and she is fighting/deflecting answering every question. I can’t keep up.)

Alvarez: When I mentioned two weeks, it wasn’t two consecutive weeks. So I can not say that I saw him consecutively for two weeks every single day.

DDA Q: So he would come [during April], Dr Murray would stay overnight two, three, four days at a time, go someplace else you’re not sure where, and then he would return and stay again?

Alvarez: That sounds about right. Two, three days, but not three, four days.

(Question again about not knowing where he stayed when he wasn't with her.) Well, I don’t have expectations of Dr. Murray, so that’s fair to say. That’s just a rule that i live by.

DDA Q: When Dr. M would spend two, three days with you, would he let you know that he would be away from you and your son for a period of time? (Objection 252 sustained.)

During the month of April, 2009, you would not know if Dr Murray would be at your house?

Alvarez: Could you repeat the question?

DDA Q: You were not sure from one day to the next, you were not sure if Dr Murray would be there from one day to the next.?

Alvarez: Can you repeat the question?

Judge Pastor: You’ve got to pay attention.

DDA Q: Miss Alvarez according to your memory, Dr. Murray would spend a few days at your residence and come back?

Alvarez: Correct.

DDA Q: Did you have any idea if you knew when he would be there or away from your residence?

Alvarez: I would not have an idea.

DDA Q: In May of 2009, did Dr. Murray maintain the same type of schedule, as in April?

Alvarez: That’s fair to say.

DDA Q: Did Dr. Murray spend the same amount of time in May as in April as to the same stretch of time?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: In June of 2009, did he (maintain the same amount of time)?

Alvarez: That’s fair to say.

DDA Q: In May, did he tell you when he would be returning?

Alvarez: No.

DDA Q: In June (same question).

Alvarez: No.

DDA Q: During that time, would you be in telephone contact with him?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Would he let you know where he was?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: But you spoke with him every day?

Alvarez: I never said I spoke to him every day.

(Sprocket note: More questions I miss.)

DDA Q: What month in 200, would you say that Dr. Murray spent the most amount of time in LA with you?

Alvarez: I’d say, June of 2009.

DDA Q: Did Dr Murray spend more time at your residence in June than in May?

(Sprocket note: Missed answer)

Did Dr. Murray spend more time at your residence in June than in May? (Brazil mentions her child.)

Alvarez: Not June, but in March, he started to spend more time in LA than before.

DDA Q: Was he paying your rent in March 2009? (Sprocket note: I don’t get answer)

Alvarez: It was around 2,500 per month. (Sprocket note: Not positive about that amount.)

He wasn’t responsible for my rent. Everything was in my name. I was responsible for my rent. If he wanted to help me that was up to him.

He helped her at times but she was working as an actress, shooting various projects.

At that time, I was working more than ever.

DDA Q: During March of 2009, was Dr. Murray working with Mr. Jackson as his personal physician?

Alvarez: March, 2009, I can’t recall exactly.

DDA Q: When did you become aware that he was working for Mr. Jackson?

Alvarez: I can’t recall exactly.

DDA Q: Were your pregnant with your son?

Alvarez: Noooooo, I was not pregnant.

[She] learned prior to the time she got pregnant. "Actually, I learned way before I got pregnant. I can’t remember an exact date."

DDA Q: Can you give me a year?

Alvarez: If I back track by month, it was very early on when she was pregnant. One month.

DDA Q: Ms. Alvarez, you take the time that you need. When did you first learn that you were pregnant?

(Sprocket note: She can’t answer. I can see her hands in her lap and she's counting on her fingers! Oh. My. G!)

Alvarez: “June of....”

DDA Q: 2008? When did you first learn that Dr. Murray was working for Mr. Jackson?

Alvarez: I don’t recall.

DDA Q: In June of 2008 were you spending time with Dr Murray?

Alvarez: At times.

DDA Q: At that time did he tell you he was working for Mr. Jackson?

Alvarez: I don’t recall.

DDA Q: When you were working in Las Vegas, did at some time he tell you he was working for Michael Jackson?

Alvarez: That’s fair to say at some point that I became aware that he was working for Michael Jackson.

DDA Q: When was that?

Alvarez: From my recollection, it was here in Los Angeles.

DDA Q: When he was staying with you, did you become aware that he was providing care for Michael Jackson at Carolwood Drive?

Alvarez: No. You’re asking me—

DDA Q: Did Dr. Murray ever tell you that he was providing care for Mr. Jackson in his home?

(Sprocket note: I roll my eyes. I can't believe this.)

DDA Q: Let me make it simple for you. (Asks question in a simpler way.)

Alvarez: Yes. That was my assumption.

(Sprocket note: Lord.)

DDA Q: Did he ever tell you (that he was providing care for Michael Jackson)?

Alvarez: I knew he was his personal physician.

DDA Q: What did he tell you?

Alvarez: Absolutely nothing. (snip) He’s a professional man, and I know my place and it’s not my position to know his patients, his business or his whearabouts or anything of that sort. (snip) I was aware that, when Dr. Murray was in LA, he was at times to my belief, with Michael. As to what capacity, I [didn’t know anything about that].

DDA Q: (Do you) know if he was treating anyone else while in LA?

Alvarez: Not to my knowledge.

DDA Q: Describe to me, Dr. Murray's schedule, during the time that he was staying with you in April. Did he go (to Michael's house) during the day, did he go in the evening?

Alvarez: During the best of my recollection, it would be in the nighttime.

DDA Q: So Dr. Murray would be there with you in the day? You had a baby...?

Alvarez: Fair to say.

DDA Q: What time did he leave your residence?

Alvarez: I would say, approximately on average, I used to put my son to sleep at 9 o'clock. It was never at the same time, on an average it would be 9 o'clock sometimes ten.

DDA Q: And when would he return? The next day?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: What time did he return?

Alvarez: It was always different times, it was never the same. I would say usually it was in the morning. 7, 8 , 9, 10... there wasn’t a regular pattern. There wasn’t a time that he would DEFINITELY return every morning.

DDA Q: When he returned, what would he do, normally?

Alvarez: He would relax, go to the gym, and sleep....sleep for a large majority of the day.

DDA Q: Did you have dinner together?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: So that was typical routine for him that he would leave 9 10 o'clock, and that he would return some time the next morning.

Alvarez: That would be fair to say.

(DDA questions now about the London tour and upcoming trip.)

Alvarez knew that Dr. Murray would be going to England. She was invited to go along with him. Doesn’t recall when she was invited.

DDA Q: Were you excited about the trip?

Alvarez: Definitely! Definitely.

DDA Q: Did you know how long you would be gone?

Alvarez: He never told me exactly how long (we would be gone), I knew it would be .......that we would be home for the holidays.

She had not made any plans (regarding a question to give up her apartment or not) for the trip. The baby is mentioned. “I was concerned. I wanted to go. I had a baby. “

DDA Q: The baby might have prevented you from going on the trip? Childcare, traveling.

She just wasn’t sure that it was in the best interests of the child, correct?

Alvarez: Yes.

(Sprocket note: So he had made arrangements for her to go...)

DDA Q: In May to June, he said that there would be packages coming to the house?

Alvarez: Yes. He didn’t really say anything, other than if the packages came, to bring them inside. But if they came to my unit, I would bring them inside the unit. So, (he said) just to be ware that they were coming, to bring them inside and to put hem aside for him.

DDA Q: Did he tell you what they were?

Alvarez: No.

DDA Q: Did he tell you that they were important?

Alvarez: No. He would just let me know, out of respect to me, that there was a delivery coming...

DDA Q: Describe your apartment and deliveries. Did you receive packages at your residence that were addressed to Dr. Conrad Murray?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Was it on a regular basis?

Alvarez: I don’t recall it being on a regular basis, I just know it had been a few times.

DDA Q: What type of things were they?

Alvarez: I don’t know what they were.

DDA Q: Did you ever open any packages that came to Dr. Conrad Murray?

Alvarez: Absolutely not.

DDA Q: Some of the packages were left in the lobby?

Alvarez: I can recall one or two times where I was going for a walk with my child... and I would always check and sometimes there would be something there.

She testifies there would be mail addressed to him, addressed to him in her mail box, but there would be packages left in a common area.

DDA Q: And sometimes packages left at her doorstep?

Alvarez: Yes. (snip) He would always inform me if there was something coming as I recall.

DDA Q: Did he ever tell you what these packages were or what they were for?

Alvarez: No.

DDA Q: Did you ever ask?

Alvarez: No.

(DDA prepares to show witness exhibits.)

(Sprocket note: I can’t believe she is struggling to answer these questions. They’re not difficult.)

DDA Q: Like to show you a series of documents and see if you recognize them. Exhibit people’s 22.

This is a FedEX receipt dated .... do you see 1540 Sixth Street?

Alvarez: Yes, her address in 2009.

DDA Q: Do you recognize that signature?

Alvarez: It very well could be, it looks like my signature. (Sprocket note: Holy cow.)

DDA Q: Do you see where it says recipient, care of Nicole Alvary?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Do you see where it says Applied Pharmacy Services?

Alvarez: Yes. But she didn't necessarily pay any attention to that.

(Sprocket note: Another prosecution question I miss.)

Alvarez: You have to think of the big picture here. I have a lot of things going on. I sign for it. I may have glanced at it, and maybe read a paper in detail, for something that as for me. (But if it was for Dr. Murray she didn't pay much attention.)

DDA Q: But you would have just confirmed that it belongs to you or Conrad Murray?

Alvarez: That’s correct.

(DDA shows Exhibit 23, a FedEx receipt dated April 29, 2009, addressed to her apartment on 6th street. Signed for by a P. Maria.)

DDA Q: Do you know a P. Maria that resided at that residence?

Alvarez: No. I’m the only one who resided at that residence.

DDA goes over the part of the receipt that says C/O Nicole Alvery. The witness verifies that her name is spelled wrong with a Y instead of a Z.

DDA shows a May 1st, 2009 Fed Ex receipt to Alvarez’ apartment, c/o her from the same pharmacy to Dr. Conrad Murray.

Alvarez: That’s correct.

DDA shows witness a FedEx receipt dated May 13th 2009. Alvarez doesn’t recognize the signature on that receipt. DDA notes same shipper applied Pharmacy Services. Alvarez says there’s not a doorman...

DDA Q: Was there anyone beside her who was living or staying with her? Did your mom or someone helping you with the baby.

Alvarez: Absolutely. There was always someone coming (helping out).

DDA Q: So, possibly one of those people could have signed for a package that could have signed for it? (Objection, sustained.)

Did anyone tell you that was a guest at your apartment sign for a package?

Alvarez: Not that I recall.

DDA shows another FedEx package to Dr. Murray c/o her dated May 15.

DDA question as to if there were packages left that she did not sign for. Alvarez says, perhaps, yes, that she would come home and there would be a package left.

DDA shows another package, same shipper. I miss the date. This oneAlvarez answers, “Perhaps she did that."

Another package; same shipper—Applied Pharmacy Services. Same thing. Alvarez says “I think that’s correct.”

DDA Q: Is Conrad Murray currently staying at your apartment?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Do you recognize Mr. Chernoff sitting here to my left?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: Did you contact Ed Chernoff, for legal advice after Michael Jackson died?

Alvarez: No. There would be no reason to contact Mr. Ed Chernoff for personal reasons.

DDA Q: Why did you contact Mr. Chernoff?

Alvarez: I contacted Ed Chernoff after I had received a subpoena.

DDA Q: Why did you do that?

Alvarez: I thought it would be a reasonable thing to do. I think any thinking person would do that.

I don’t recall exactly how the exchange (as to how she reached out to Ed Chernoff via Conrad) for legal advice. I just wanted to know what it (the subpoena) was.

DDA Q: Did he explain that to you?

Alvarez: I don’t know. I don’t think he did? He made a referral. He just put me in touch with Joseph Low.

DDA Q: Mr. Chernoff gave you Mr. Low’s phone number? Did you come to court as requested back in 2009?

Alvarez: Absolutely.

DDA Q: And Mr. Low came with you?

Alvarez: Yes.

DDA Q: You also reached out to in 2010 to an attorney.

Alvarez: I believe so, yes.

DDA Q: And who was that attorney? (Sprocket note: Alvarez is vague; I can’t hear the answer.)

Was that Mr. Penna? (sp?)

Alvarez: I think so...

(Another question I totally miss.)

(DDA Brazil takes a moment to confer with DDA Walgren.)

DDA Q: When you began an intimate and personal relationship with Conrad Murray, were you aware that he had six other children? (Objection! Sidebar at the bench.)

(Sprocket note: It’s 11:45 am. This direct exam felt like pulling teeth.)

DDA Q: Dr. Conrad Murray is the father of your son?

Alvarez: Absolutely.

DDA: No more questions.

No cross.

(KFI reporter Eric Leonard rushes out of the room to go report on air. We still wait for the side bar.)

Someone tells me the outfit Alvarez is wearing is very nice. Apparently, she looks pretty well dressed. I’m told she’s a pretty girl. Her address at that time was in Santa Monica near the Promenade. Nice area.

1:30 p.m. return for the afternoon session.

Out in the hallway, I’m about the first one out and I see her up close. She’s a very slender woman, maybe a size 2 or 4, and it is an unusual outfit. Can’t even describe it. She’s attractive, but not stunningly “beautiful.”

Whew! I finished that edit in just in time to get back upstairs.


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Thank you so much!
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Thank you AGAIN!!!

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Thank you also. This is the type of information I was seeking from this pretrial. Great Job!

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Thank you for your coverage today. It is very much appreciated. Excellent notes taken!

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thank you for your dedication and in depth coverage of this trial

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thank you so much! you're amazing!

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Did Sade definitely say the phone call was at 12:30?

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hi there,Im in Europe & I run an MJ fan site. Thank you so much for all your amazing reports. Being so far away (8hours ahead) its almost impossible to get proper info. I was in the court in Santa Maria & I know how much the media spin their daily court reports, we need more people like you to keep us informed of the true facts revealed in court. Sending you warm wishes across the miles
Moonstreet, Admin MJJSTREET.COM

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Once again, thank you so much!

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When you edit the times, can you put the Houston times EST/CST/MST/PST with the calls from Sade, Nicole and Bridget? KTLA just reported that Murray called her at 11:51 PST. But I read here Sade said it was about 12:30? I guess that would be 12:30 Houston time (is that CST?) meaning 10:30 PST right? If they are 2 hours behind in June? I am confused! Thank you.

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We all appreciate your efforts in providing us with truthful, up-to-the minute accounts of what is happening. Many thanks.

CaliGirl9 said...

There is a great deal of editing to do, so for Sprocket or myself to take the time to convert to time zones is prohibitive. Therefore, all times mentioned are Pacific Daylight Time (which is where the event took place and all calls originated from) unless the Court says otherwise.

Remember, neither of us are being paid for our time, and if a reader or media outlet is looking for a 100 percent accurate transcript, might I suggest purchasing official copies from the LA County court or waiting for those transcripts to be published elsewhere?

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Sometimes this whole ordeal reminds me of "The Life of David Gale". The only thing I want to know is that everything that happened to him was his own choice and will, that'll at least bring me some comfort.

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Thank you for taking the time to do this, and updating us so quickly. You are one of the best sources I found for this prelim

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Thank you so much for this! BUT PLEASE NOTE: USE EXTREME CAUTION AND BE VERY PRECISE WITH THE TESTIMONY! HYDROCODONE AND VICODIN ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!!!! I appreciate that the editor made it clear that was an editorial remark, but this detail makes a huge difference in the interpretation of why this medicine was being prescribed to Jackson. There is a lot of false information out there, this is our chance to get to the truth! Please be as precise as possible, given the impossible task at hand! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi I see you put ''Also collected several pill bottles, tubes of lotion. Hydrocodone [ed. note: Vicodin]'' - I believe this is an error.

I checked the coroner report (which I will post below) and there is NO mention of Hydrocodone, however there is mention of HYDROQUINONE - liquid 8% LOTION IN A TUBE.

PLEASE correct this, it's a pretty significant error.

Coroner report -

Sprocket said...


I recommend you read my latest entry on the blog regarding "USE EXTREME CAUTION AND BE VERY PRECISE WITH THE TESTIMONY!"

I will also repeat to you what CaliGirl9 has commented above.

There is a great deal of editing to do, so for Sprocket or myself to take the time to convert to time zones is prohibitive. Therefore, all times mentioned are Pacific Daylight Time (which is where the event took place and all calls originated from) unless the Court says otherwise.

Remember, neither of us are being paid for our time, and if a reader or media outlet is looking for a 100 percent accurate transcript, might I suggest purchasing official copies from the LA County court or waiting for those transcripts to be published elsewhere?

CaliGirl9 said...

@ Lisha:
Actually hydrocodone IS the generic form of Vicodin, Lortab, Norco, etc. and it does make sense that he was prescribed it because of his facet disease (arthritis) in his lumbar spine and arthritis in his fingers. Not a slam on Jackson that it was there. I take this medication daily secondary to residual back pain from three spinal surgeries.

I plan to do a "cast of drug characters" entry sometime today to help keep track of all of the medications and their names. When I edit, if a drug's name is NOT capitalized, this means it is the medication's generic name (e.g. hydrocodone, lorazepam). If capitalized, it's a brand name (Vicodin, Ativan).

All of the drug names being cast about confuse me—and I'm a former RN!

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Time Zones - 12:30 in Houston would be 11:30 in Los Angeles.

Thanks Sprocket and Caligirl!