Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: QUICK LINKS

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1/26/2011 VIDEO: Tom Mesereau on NBC TODAY show w/Matt Lauer
LOS ANGELES COUNTY Superior Court: Dr. Murray Document Links
23 PAGE Autopsy Report @ THE SMOKING GUN
58 PAGE Autopsy Report of Michael Jackson
Copy of Search Warrants served in 2009

Dr. Murray's Death Drip Explained

A four-part series by guest commentator, KZ a CRNA.
01/20/2011 PART 1 - IV Technique: Tutorial on the Basics
01/24/2011 PART 2 - The Evidence: What We Think We Know
01/27/2011 PART 3 - The Lies: Conrad Murray's Lies and Actions
02/10/2011 PART 4 - Putting It All Together: What I Think Really Happened

T & T Coverage
7/4/2009 About Time We Talked About Michael Jackson, Don't You Think?
09/24/09 Putting the Parmacology of Michael Jackson's Death into English
01/08/11 Michael Jackson's Drugs: A Cast of Characters
01/10/11 Sprocket on Talk Radio One - Interview
01/10/11 Guest Commentary on the Autopsy Report
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01/18/11 Q & A: Dr. Conrad Murray Preliminary Hearing
01/25/11 Dr. Murray Arraignment on Involuntary Manslaughter Charges
02/14/11 Conrad Murray Adds New Lawyer
03/02/11 Conrad Murray Case Delayed 1 Month
04/29/11 Possible Delay in Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial
09/07/11 Conrad Murray Trial Starts Tomorrow
09/09/11 Murray Trial: MSM Jury Selection Coverage
09/27/11 Guest Entry by KZ: The Conrad Murray Case
09/29/11 Conrad Murray Trial Day 3
09/30/11 Conrad Murray Trial Day 4
10/03/11 Conrad Murray Trial Day 5
10/12/11 Conrad Murray Trial Update
10/18/11 Conrad Murray Trial Update II
11/07/11 Conrad Murray Trial: A Verdict Has Ben Reached

Prosecution Team:
DDA David Walgren & DDA Deborah Brazil

Defense Team: (Known at this time. If it changes, we will add new names.)
Ed Chernoff of Stradley, Chernoff & Alford
J. Michael Flanagan of Flanagan, Unger, Grover & McCool
Nareg Gourjian


1/4/11 Preliminary Hearing Pre-testimony
1/4/11 Day 1 Short Testimony Highlights
1/4/11 Day 1 Part I Trial Notes:
#1 Kenneth Ortega (Co-director, Co-creator, THIS IS IT tour)
1/4/11 Day 1 Part II Trial Notes:
#2 Michael Amir Williams (Pers. Asst. to MJ)
#3 Faheem Mohamed (Head of security)
1/5/11 Day 2 Part I Trial Notes
1/5/11 Day 2 Part I-b Trial Notes
#4 Alberto Alvarez (Security)
1/5/11 Day 2 Part I-c Trial Notes
#5 Kai Chase (Personal Chef)
#6 Richard Senneff (1st Firefighter Paramedic inside MJ bedroom)
Direct Examination
1/6/11 Day 3 Part I Trial Notes
#6 Richard Senneff (1st Firefighter Paramedic inside MJ bedroom)
Cross Examination
#7 Martin Blount (5th Firefighter Paramedic inside MJ bedroom)
#8 Harry Doliwal (ATT Area Retail Sales Manager: Presents phone records)
1/6/11 Day 3 Part II Trial Notes
#9 Jeff Strohm (Sprint Nextel Custodian of Records)
#10 Dr. Richelle Cooper (UCLA Emergency Room Physician)
#11 Dr. Thao Nguyen (UCLA Cardiologist Fellow)
#12 Dan Myers (LAPD Robbery/Homicide Detective)
1/7/11 Day 4 Part I Trial Notes
#12 Dan Myers (LAPD Robbery/Homicide Detective)
#13 Sade Anding (Former mistress of Dr. Murray)
#14 Bridgette Morgan (Former mistress of Dr. Murray)
#15 Nicole Alvarez (Current mistress of Dr. Murray)
1/7/11 Day 4 Part II Trial Notes
#16 Elissa Fleak (LA Co. Coroner Investigator)
1/10/11 Day 5 Part I Trial Notes
#17 Steven J. Marx (DEA Forensic Computer Specialist; now retired)
#18 Tim Lopez (Pharmacist, owner of Applied Pharmacy Services, Las Vegas)
1/10/11 Day 5 Part II Trial Notes
#19 Jaime Lintemoot (LA Co. Coroner's office toxicologist and criminalist)
#20 Orlando Martinez (LAPD Robbery/Homicide Detective)
1/11/11 Day 6 Part I Trial Notes
#21 Dr. Christopher Rogers (LA Co. Deputy Coroner who performed autopsy on Jackson)
#22 Dr. Richard Ruffalo (Dr. Anesthesiologist & Pharmacist Expert consult to prosecution)
1/11/11 Day 6 Part II Trial Notes
#22 Dr. Richard Ruffalo (Dr. Anesthesiologist & Pharmacist Expert consult to prosecution)