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Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: Day 2 Part I-b

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The attorney's are saying something about a problem with defendant coming into the building.

I "think" but I'm not positive that it had something to do with the sheriff's allowing his car to drive into the underground parking and avoid the mainstream media's cameras at the front of the building. I don't think the family is coming into the courthouse this way. I do know the family is escorted by quite a few sheriff's, and they hold elevators for them to take separate from the general public.

JP: We can discuss that later.

#4 Alberto Alvarez

Direct examination by DDA David Walgren

This is the second person that was in Jackson's bedroom; part of Jackson's security detail. News media has described him as a bodyguard.

The witness's attorney Mr. Carl Douglas present. (Carl Douglas of OJ fame.)

The prosecution asks that the court direct a man sitting (I'm guessing in the first row gallery?) in the courtroom with other defense staff to identify himself. He does. "Michael ?? with the defense." Darn. I miss his last name.

Alberto Alvarez. Judge Pastor gives his standard instruction. The camera is situated where we can't see the witness. I have no idea what he looks like.

His job was to perform "advances." Security (for the traveling route ahead). He would (be part of a detail) to go to make sure everything was ready before his (Jackson's) arrival (anywhere? at the rehearsal venue?). Sometimes he would check traffic reports so that they avoided those types of security shut downs. Employed by Jackson on and off since 2004-2005 . (His title was) Director of Logistics. (Oh lord. A title for a person who checks a route.)

(It) was at Carolwood in that (he worked) employment?
That's correct.

During the time while working at Carolwood address, did you at any time meet Dr Murray? Witness identifies the defendant.

When did you first met Dr. Murray?
Sometime after Jan 2009. Don't recall exactly. Met him at the property 100 N. Carolwood.

In the months April, May, June, did you see him there with (any) regularity?
Yes sir. Maybe five to six times a week.

When would he Dr. Murray typically arrive at the residence?
Typically, in the afternoons.

To you knowledge would he stay overnight?
Yes sir.

Going to the events of 24th & 25th of June, 2009. Did M have rehearsal at Staples Center?

Did you work as part of the advance team?
That's correct.

What time (did you) leave Carolwood?
Approximately about 6 pm.

Who if anybody accompanied (you)?
Issiac (Mon???)

And what did you do?
What we usually did was walk through the entire venue, quick scan, make sure there wasn’t any one there was wasn’t supposed (to be). Get Staples security and that everything was secure and that his dressing room was secure.

(You) did the same advance work on the 24th?
Yes sir. (snip) Was there to greet him and take him through. I took him from the Escalade caravan through the complex.

Question missed.
What I remember is (that) he was happy in a very cheerful mood. That day I was assigned to the back stage. There was a ramp at the back stage (where the dancers came through). (He was not out in the arena where Jackson was rehearsing.)

This ramp is that where you were located?

(So) he didn’t have much interaction with Michael throughout the rehearsals. His only interaction was through the “ball park.” (On the return trip home.) He then took Michael with the golf cart to the Escalades.

Still appeared to be in good spirits?
Yes sir. Once we got him back into his vehicle. Then his job was to select the route to drive back to Carolwood.

Arrived before Mr. Jackson?
Yes sir.

Did you see a vehicle that you recognized as Dr. Murry's?

What time did you arrive?
It was after midnight sir.

Exhibit People's #4, Dr. Murray’s vehicle. He did not see Dr. Murray. Just his vehicle. (He) then parked the vehicle in the driveway and make sure the (front) door was open.

(Was he) part of the crew to bring things into the house?
Yes sir.

He then checked into the security office beside the trailer.

About 12:17 p.m. did you receive a phone call?
Yes, from Michael Amir.

On that day, do you recall what the phone number was?
(Witness reads number.)

12:17 received from Michael Amir Williams?
That’s correct.

(Walgren asks if he answered the call.)
No. I was sitting at my desk, and my phone was in my pocket. I reached into the pocked but by the time I pulled it out it had gone to voice mail. So I dialed back twice and he was able to answer. He proceeded to ask me (if I was) at the property. I said, "Yes." He said, "Get up (to the house) don't be so, (rough?) Go to the front." He said, "Walk don’t run."

Exhibit of the front of the house. DDA Walgren has him identify the security trailer and photo of the front door. Has him show on the exhibits the path he took from the trailer to the front door.

While you were walking path were you on the phone with Michael Williams?
Yes I am.

Are you continuing to converse with him?

Another question.
Then he said, "Okay never mind jog to the front of the house."

Did you go to the front door and attempt to open the door?
Yes sir.

Were you able to gain access?
Not immediately. The door was locked.

Photo of the front door.

Were you looking through the front door as you approached?

When you first looked through (who did you see)?
I saw the nanny.

Rosalie (Sp?) Mohamed? (Sp?)
(Yes?) And Paris next to her. (snip) I saw Kai Chase. And I looked toward the top and I noticed Dr. Conrad (there?).

Another photo exhibit. Front doors are glass doors. Witness describes the entrance way and entry areas in the house.

Paris was standing right next to Rose. Rosalyn and Paris were standing (here) in People's Exhibit six. Points to general area. They were to the left of the photo near the stair.

And that’s where Sister Rose, Kai Chase, the chef (were)?

She's located further back from Paris and Rosalie as we look at the photo?

Also saw Dr M?
Yes sir.

He was in this area? Walgren points at top of (photo) showing the wood railing of the landing area.

What was he doing at that time?
When I saw him he was leaning over, looking downward. (The witness demonstrates palms on a rail looking downstairs). I made eye contact with Rosalyn. She proceeded to the door and unlocked the door.

Still on the phone?
(Yes.) I told Michael Amir that I was in the house.

Okay now, runs up the stairs. (? Q or A)

What did you do?
I got to the stairs, skipped steps to get to the top as fast as possible.

Arrived at top of stairway?
Yes sir.

At that point (?)?
When I got to top of the stairs, Dr. Murry was coming from hallway and he was walking in towards (???)

Witness goes over a diagram as to where people were. Goes over where Dr. Murray was.

What direction was he walking?
Walking in towards the room this way.

Did you walk into the room at that time?
I walked in as soon as (?).

Who enters foyer area first?
Dr. Murray.

As you were walking to that area, did you see at any times Michael's son Prince?
As I was coming up the stairs I saw Michael's son Prince coming from the opposite direction. (He had reached the top of the stairs at this point.)

Prince was walking in the opposite direction of you?

This sucks that we can't see the exhibits on the screen in 107! Sprocket

When you first saw Dr. Murray did he say anything to you?
He said "Alberto, come quick."

He was still on the phone with Michael Amir and then at that point hung up with Michael Amir.

Does the Exhibit in front of you, does that show the entry way in the foyer?
Witness shows on the exhibit where he was. As I entered the foyer, looked over to my right side, and walked toward the right side, 2nd floor bedroom (#2 on exhibit).

Now when you first walked in what did you see Dr. Murray do?
He was on the right side of the bed and he was giving chest impressions to Michael. He was already giving him chest compressions.

As he looked in he (Dr. Murray) was on the right side of the bed. (Q? A?)

As you’re standing on the foyer looking into this bedroom, Dr. Murray was on the far side of the bed? Michael was on this (side) laying with his feet facing this (way)?

Laying on the bed with his feed toward the direction in the area located (a) balcony? (His) head was customarily at the head of the bed?
Yes sir.

What observations did you make about Mr. Jackson?
He was flat on his back with his hands to the side of him in this manner (witness demonstrates) and his face was slightly to the left and his eyes were open and his mouth was open.

His head to the left, his head was slightly turned toward they foyer area?
That's correct.

What did you see Dr. Murray (do)?
He was standing over him. He was giving him chest compressions with one hand.

Witness is demonstrating with one hand up and down.

While this was going on M was on the bed?
Yes sir.

And while this was going on Paris and Prince entered the room?
As I observed Alberto (said?), "We need to get him to an hospital and get him to and ambulance!" Paris screamed, "Daddy!" And she started crying. Dr. Murray then said, "Get them out!! Don't let them see their father like this!" (It's interesting, the tone of voice the witness uses for each person when he's describing what they said.) I turned to children (and said something like) "Don’t worry children we'll take care of it." And then got (them to go) outside (the bedroom). I secured them outside and then I shut the door. (snip)

(I) then returned to the room where Michael Jackson was on the bed I asked what happened. Dr. Murray said, "He had a reaction! He had a reaction!" (The witness quotes Dr. Murray in an excited manner.) And that’s all he said at the time.

At some point, on your return to the room after escorting children out, did you notice tubing or some type of tubing in Michael Jackson's groin areas? His penis was out of his underwear and he had an apparatus on his penis and there was tubing attached to his (cover?).

Do you know what a condom catheter is?

Was that something that attracted your attention?
I saw that.

Did you see any type of emergency medical equipment such as a heart monitor or medical equipment at that nature?
The only thing that stands out sir, is an IV stand.

Did you see, where was the IV stand when you saw it?
It was in this direction here (using the laser pointer to indicate on an Exhibit) on this side of the bed.

(Witness indicating) the general location of where Dr. Murray was the far side of the bed, the night stand and the chairs.

Could you tell if there IV stand had anything attacked to it?
I notice it was there, I just focused... I didn't focus on it.

By this time, you knew that he was Michael Jackson's person a doctor?
Yes sir.

Did he instruct you on what do to do?
After he said, a bad reaction, I was froze. I was looking at the situation. I looked around at the whole scene and then he (Murray) grabbed (a?) handful of bottles, vials and he instructed me to put then into a bag. I looked toward my right and there was a chair and a plastic bag so I went for that bag and grabbed that and I had him put the medicine bottles in the bag.

From where did Conrad Murray grab these medicine bottles? There was a night stand, or little table in this area, here, (indicating on the exhibit) the side of the bed that Dr. Murray was on.

Adjacent to the bed at the head of the bed?
Yes sir.

Photo Exhibit. People's thirteen, night stand.

What exactly then did you see Dr. Murray do?
I saw him grab the bottles (witness demonstrating with one hand). (He) grabbed those, stretched them out to me.

Was he (still at the bed?) Was he actually kneeling at this time?

(DDA Question about the bag.)
It was see-through type of grocery bag. I was standing at the foot of the bed sir. He was closer to the (left?).

You held open the plastic bag?
Yes sir. He (Murray) then placed the bottles in the bag.

How were (you) able to tell they were bottles?
I saw them. He held them out and put them in the bag. (Witness demonstrates how he held the bag open and how Dr. Murray dropped the bottles in the bag.)

Now bottles are now in the bag. What did Dr Murry tell you to do that bag?
Put it (clear plastic bag) inside the brown bag and I looked towards that direction (Dr. Murray indicated) and saw a brown bag, that was left of a chair facing the bag. There was a brown bag and I dropped the bag.

You dropped the plastic bag into a brown bag?
Yes sir.

Question about the bag or to describe it.
It looked like a reusable lunch (bag) things, it was brown bag with a (light weight?) beside it. There was a blue bag right next to it.

When then, did (you do after) that?
He then instructed me to remove the IV bag.

At this point 911 had not been called yet?
That's true sir.

At this point he had not instructed you to call 911?
That's a true statement. (Q? A?)

(DDA Question?) From his position, he pointed in one hand at the IV stand, (said) remove that bag and put it in the blue bag?

Did you remove it per his instructions and did you put int in a blue bag?
That's correct.

And did you notice anything about that blue bag?
Yes sir.

The IV bag was handing at eye level. (Q? A?)
I noticed that inside there was an bottle inside the bag. I noticed that, at the bottom of the bag there was a milk like substance. (Separated?)

It was a milk like color?
It was whitish, yes sir.

And when you removed that IV bag that appeared to have a bottle inside, was there another bag hanging from IV?

Did Dr. Murray instruct you to remove that bag?
No sir.

At that point did he tell you to call 911?
Yes sir.

And did you do so?
Yes sir.

DDA: At this point I would like to play the 911 call. People’s transcript submitted into evidence. The evidence is the CD and the transcript.... (not evidence). The defense objects. I think defense object that it might not be the correct transcript? ??? Copy of transcript presented to witness and it’s also up on the ELMO (which we can’t see). The defense complains to the Judge.

"Why put it on the ELMO, there doesn't seem to be any evidentiary purpose since it’s not evidence." Judge allows it. We hear the 911 call.

You relayed to operator that Michael Jackson was still on the bed while Dr. Murry was attempting some kind of compressions?
Yes sir.

In regard to the bags that Dr. Murray had you place the bags and the IV in, do you know what happened to those bags?
No sir.

Where the compressions still being done with the one hand?
I don't recall sir.

Have you told the police back in August that it was one handed, where you trying to be as accurate as possible?
Yes sir.

Once the 911 concluded, (did you) give (information? instruction? to Dr. Murray (?)?
I went and I believe (I? he? -911 op? said? send?) move (Michael) to the floor. I grabbed his legs and there was an IV in his legs, so he, (Dr. Murray) took the IV out.

The witness testifies about a device possibly attached to Michael Jackson's finger. Do you know what a pulse oximeter is?
No sir.

Dr Murray assisted in bringing the body to the floor. There was a pulse oximeter on his finger, Dr Murray took it off his finger. (I think I have that correct.)

Witness describes what he saw of the pulse oximeter. The DDA, through questioning reminds the witness of earlier testimony with detectives where he said he had seen Dr. Murray with the pulse oximeter, a period of time before Michael Jackson's death.

Witness describes how Dr. Murray came to the trailer room and asking of batteries a few days before and the witness gave batteries to Dr. Murray. He was holding this same device that he placed on his (Jackson's) finger.

Some kind of commotion happened that I miss and the Reporter next to me is kicked out.

DDA Question.
While Faheem Mohamed was in the room, I approached him and said, "It’s not looking good."

DDA Question.
While we were looking at (each) other, I heard Dr Murray say, "Does anyone know CPR?" We (witness and Faheem Mohamed) looked at each other for a split frozen second, like at each other. Like, okay, you do it. So I walked over to Mr Jackson. He (Dr. Murray) instructed me to give chest compressions. He was pushing with two hands one over the other. He started giving him mouth to mouth.

Did Dr. Murry make any comment about giving mouth to mouth?
He came and said, :This is the first time that I've give mouth to mouth, but I have to do it because he’s my friend."

Now at about this time, did you become aware that paramedics had arrived at the scene? Paramedics came into the entry way.

At that point did they take over trying to save Michael?
I moved out of the way.

Did you see Michael? Were you present when he was moved from the side to the foot of the bed? Yes sir. Witness shows (the move of the body) on the diagram.

Using laser pointer could you show where Michael was moved to?
Moved him from this direction. Notes on diagram.

Did you remain in the room while the paramedics tried to revive Michael?
Yes, I was in and out. I went downstairs to let Michael Amir in. At one time I went down again to check on the children.

At any point during your own personal observations was there any indication that he was (alive)? Objection! Sustained.

Did it appear to you that Michael was breathing?
No sir.

You said his eyes were open and his mouth was open?
Yes sir.

When you picked him up was hie limp?

So did he seem to be alive or dead? (Objection was overruled.)
Dead sir.

Were you present when paramedics took Michael out of the room?
I was walking up when they were walking down the stairs with the stretcher.

Was it the same stairs that we've been referencing throughout?
Yes sir.

What did you do as Michael was brought out of the home and brought into the ambulance?
I was watching the children and making sure they didn’t see him being brought out.

At some point, did you follow the ambulance to UCLA Medical?
I was in one of the Escalades.

Did you remain at the hospital and subsequent ER treatment of Michael?

At some point at hospital, did you become aware that Mr. Jackson had been pronounced dead? Yes.

After learning that, while still at UCLA did Dr. Murray say anything to you?
He approached me a couple of times. First time, he said, "Thank you for all that we did." We tried (our?) best, I said. He asked me if we could go home or (him be) taken (back to the) home.

DDA Question.
I didn’t have the keys or the authority .

He (Murray) proceeded to ask Michael Amir.

After that, did you ever see Dr. Murray again?
No sir.

At some point were you involved in the logistics to leave UCLA?
After they had secured the body we discussed how we were going to take him out. We then (learned) that it was all taken care of and we proceeded to, me, Amir , Faheem and Derek (sp?) and myself, we drove around towards Carolwood. (At the house) we saw that there was already a lot of police officers that had blocked off the area. We identified ourselves and they (police) let us in.

Did you remain at that location?
I was there or a few minutes. Then I was instructed to take the children's dog to the Havenhurst property. A Labrador that they owned so I proceed to... It didn't have a leash, so I used my belt and took it to Havenhurst.

Another residence associated with the Jackson family?

I believe the morning break is called. There's more testimony for this day and I will put it up either in this entry or a new entry when I have time to work on it. Sprocket.

15 minute break

CROSS (I'm sorry I can't remember who performed the cross. Possibly Chernoff.)

Questions about his work hours.

You were there by schedule, not by coincidence?
Yes sir.

And you worked the night before?
Yes sir.

When did you finish your scheduled (shift) on the 24th? (Did your?) work went through the 25th (and) finished about 12:30 a.m., one in the morning?
Yes sir.

I want to clear up some things that were said. When did you exactly place Michael Jackson on the floor? When (I?) was on the call you had mentioned that Michael Jackson was limp when you picked him up. That was your testimony earlier?

Defense Question.
I grabbed him by his ankles; by his calf area and Dr Murray lifted him from his head or shoulders?
Yes. From this part.

JP: What part?
From the shoulder sir.

And I’m sure you were careful with him?
Yes sir.

And you still had your phone with you?
Yes sir.

Before you placed him on the floor, exhibit brought out.... can you please show us where this IV stand was?
In around that direction.

Was was it still connected to Michael Jackson?
Prior to us moving (Jackson), Dr M removed the IV.

Just before (he was) moved to the floor?
Yes sir.

(Did he have to also move the IV stand?
I don't recall sir because it was a pretty long tube connect to the IV.

Brought him down right beside the bed? Show us where the IV stand was.

Right they by the night stand. (Q? A?)

And where did you place Mr. Jackson?
We placed him right there.

(I think Walgren objects.) Witnessed has twice identified the areas.

You did this while you were on the 911 call.
Yes sir.

You say that you were continuously on the phone with Michael Amir until you saw Dr Murray?

As son as you saw Dr. Murray and you hung up the phone?
Yes sir.

From that period that you hung up the phone until you called 911, that’s the time that you place the items in the bag and the IV bags? You were sure that it was before the 911 call just as sure as when you placed mg on the floor?
That’s correct sir.

Where were you when Dr Murray first say you?
On the landing. Points on the diagram where everyone was. He was here and he said, "Alberto, come, come (quick) please."

Judge Pastor asks the witness to clarify the on the diagram more specifically. He noticed me coming up the stairs and that’s when he said those words to me.

You said, that Dr. Murry was leaning over the landing when you were outside the door?
I didn’t make eye contact with Dr Murry at that point.

He first saw you when you had already made you way up on the landing?
Yes sir.

Then Dr. Murray goes into the foyer and you follow him there?
That's correct.

Asks what the weather was on that typical sunny day. Michael Jackson's bedroom was dimly lit.? Quite a contrast from what you experienced outside?
Not too much sir.

What would you mean by dimly lit? Would, is the courtroom dimly lit? Was it less bright than in the courtroom?

So you walked in. You testified you saw Dr. Murray perform CPR, and he was on the other side of the bed when you walked in the room?

You don’t know where his other had was, when he was giving compression?

He was going like this with his left hand and he was saying we have to get an ambulance. (Q? A?)

At that point I was reaching for my phone.

You don’t know if he placed his hand on his back, or other hand on his knees?

At the time you got the phone call from M Amir there was nothing going on at the residence? Correct.

Would you say your concern was ratcheted up quite a bit?
Yes sir.

And you're security, and part of your responsibility is to make sure Michael Jackson is okay?

So he’s telling you to walk to the door then telling you to job to the door, would you say your concern was getting higher and higher?
Yes sir.

And as you got upstairs in the room and you saw him lying there with his eyes and mouth open. you were even more clearly alarmed?

From (1 to 10?) 19 would you say a ten?
I would say so yes.

Would it be fair to say you were in shock?

The first thing he said, we need an ambulance and he said that word, then you reached to your phone; you were going to call 911 because you knew what he meant? Objection! Sustained!

Because you knew he meant because when you walked into the room, you didn’t know he needed an ambulance. As soon a you reached for the phone I hear Paris there. Well I heard Paris scream daddy daddy!! ??? (Q)

Then Dr Murray (and you?) both agree (?)?
He instructed me to escort them out.

But you would have done that on your own? Those kids mattered to you.
Of course.

You walked them out of the door; did you tell them anything (about) what happened? (You) said, don’t worry kids we’ll take care of this and I (?) kids rushed them out tot the foyer into the landing area?
Yes sir.

Did you see their nanny at that (time)? Did you see their nanny?
No sir.

Did you call for the nanny?
No sir.

So you went back in the room, so you went through the foyer and back into the bedroom.
And then you asked him a question?

Yes sir.

You said, "What happened?" Is) Dr. Murray still performing chest compressions?
Yes sir.

Did you see the other hand? Was he still standing?
No he was kneeling.

It could have been under his back you still don know?
No I don’t.

And Dr Murray told you he had a bad reaction and that’s when you say that Dr. Murry told you to put some things in the bags.

And that Dr, Murry told you take something of an IV bag and put it in bag. You put the IV bag off the stand and put it in a blue bag?

And you looked for a plastic bag, and put it in front of Dr. Murray? All of this happened, and you still have not called 911?

Then you you called 911 after setting everything down?

Do you know what time you called 911 ?
Approximately 12 21 p.m.

How did you know that?
I looked at my phone log.

Did you happen to hear or see your voice on the 911 call on TV? Did you ever (hear) that on TV that it was on 12:12 p.m.?
Yes sir.

You actually spoke to another operator before that call?

Do you (?)
I don't recall that sir.

Do you recall getting a hold of Beverly Hills dispatch?

You don’t remember the transferring of you to this other dispatch?
I don’t recall that.

Did you have at time to review your cell phone records?
I did that today.

With the prosecution? Did they show you the 911 call on your records? Did you see the call made at 12:20 p.m.?
I did see that, that’s correct.

All these things happened before you made this 911 call?

How long do you say that you were talking to Michael Amir? Michael Amir phone call came from 12 :17 p.m. How long did that conversation last?
I d say over 1 minute.

And you saw in your in your record that call lasted 88 seconds?
Yes sir.

I didn’t recall what you said when you met him first. Some time after (1/1 January 1st? )?
After I started working at Carolwood.

Were you friends with Dr. Murray?
We actually had a couple of conversations, yes.

In depth?
Other than that it was just a hi Dr. Murray. Only a couple of times that we actually held a conversation.

It was somebody you knew?

No relationship that you had with Dr Murray that would have you to conspire in some way was there?
No sir.

You called him,the second time? (Going over the phone call from Michael Amir.)
Now questions about when Faheem showed up at the house.

How much time before the phone call from Michael Amir from when Faheem left the residence? Objection! Sustained!

Judge Pastor: Did you see Faheem leave the residence (when he went to the bank)?

You're aware that there is surveillance cameras at Carolwood and there is time? You didn know? no sir.

Have you ever had an occasion to observe that video surveillance yourself?
Did you know where the surveillance cameras were pointing?
Not all sir. I did deal with the security on the property. I know of one at the gate then one right by the garage, and know some of them were pointing towards the back exterior.

Do you know anything about cameras pointing at the front door of the residence?
I don't recall sir.

Now that front door is always open, it’s always open?
No, it would be locked up. but the kitchen door, next to the security trial, that door is always locked. For the most part it would be.

Do you remember Michael Amir tell you to go the the front door?

Did you know why?
No sir.

The only time we were permitted to go into the property was through the kitchen door and that was to use the bathroom.

But you remember Michael Amir telling you specifically to go to the font door?
Yes sir.

When you first entered the room... Back up. after you placed Michael Jackson on the ground, you said that Dr. Murray was performing CPR and (you) were having a conversation with Faheem Mohamed. At the time were you pacing or were you over (?)
By Dr. Murray sir.

And what were you doing, what was Dr. Murray doing when Faheem entered?
We had (?) him on the floor. As soon as we had placed him on the floor, that's when Fhaeem came in. I didn’t kneel.

I think we had already placed him.

So he walked in when?
I was at the feet of Mr. Jackson at the time.

And what were you doing?

And Dr. Murray, was doing compressions?
Yes, he did.

When Dr. Murray asked if either one of you knew how to perform CPR, did you find that suspicious?
No I didn’t think anything of it.

To be continued....

So, you placed vials in the bag. (Another question?)
When I had it open, it was a clear plastic bag.

Do you remember discussing this entire incident to police, and that was recorded on audio tape, taking police on August 31st?
Yes sir.

During that interview you never told that the vials were taken off the side table. And during today's (testimony) you said that Dr Murray held out his hands, and that’s what you showed us today. And you said in his hand were some vials. And the hand that he was holding out (?)?
I did see. I saw him reach over.

Well this is important so lets think about it. What hand did he use to grab those bottles of the side table?
His right and sir.

And the hand he reached out with the vials, that was his right hand too?
Yes sir.

Can you tell us what these vials were?
I just can remember they were the type of bottles that you get syringes in them and you get medicine out of them. (Another question here?) The whole things were clear.

And was there a color to the top of the vial?
I remember they were surrounded by a silver... don't remember.

Any other color than silver? How many were there?
I don't know sir. I remember there were a few.

So you ‘re saying it could be three or four?

Could it be two?
I know there were more than two.

So your standing while that happens?
I din’t look into the bag, but I saw him drop them in the bag.

Was there anything else in that bag?
No sir.

Same testimony, about grabbing the bag when Dr. Murray told him to put the vials in the bag. Pastor asks witness to clarify where he was pointing. More detailed questions about the plastic bag and the bottles. I think either testimony is read back or the defense attorney is reading his statement here. Then pointed, looking towards the brown bag, and he said “place them in that brown bag.”

There was a chair on this side, here in this areas here, and the bags were on the far side of the chair on the floor. And you mentioned a blue bag was that also on the chair?
On the side of the chair, yes.

Did you ever touch these vials?
No. never.

When all then was going on, did you ever have an opportunity to see this or other bottles anywhere, any syringes there?

Did, you didn’t touch a syringe?
No sir.

This bag that you touched, took (the IV?) off this stand,
That’s correct. I had to curl it around.

There was a period of time you were holding that that IV bag?
That’s correct sir.

(You stated?) that there was something in the bottom, that white milky fluid, and your’e sure that was absolutely in that was milky white?
Yes sir.

And thee was a bottle “inside the bag” and that’s something that you told the police as well?

In fact that you drew a drawing for the police.
It was towards the bottom of the bag.

And yous sure that it was IN that IV bag? There’s no doubt about it?

I don’t know how that could be. Very confusing. (Q? A? My comment?)

It, the IV bag that was left on the stand, was the one that was connected to Michael Jackson? Do you remember that?
Yes sir.

The one that you took off the IV bag wasn’t connected to anything?
Yes sir.

When he asked you to take that off, that was a very quick operation, it all happened all at the same time? One instruction after another?

Was anything, was that IV bag (stand?) moved?
I mean I don’t know sir, I don’t know if it rolled away.

Did yo move it yourself?
I could have. I don’t recall.

One of the things you testified, that there was a dark brown machine on the bed?
Yes sir.

But that was also placed on Michael Jackson's finger when it was placed on. That was actually during the time of the call. Do you remember talking to police about this particular machine on August 31 2009?

And you do you remember describing what this machine looked like ?
Yes sir. It had one wire with a rectangle that had Mr. Jackson's finger in it.

Do you recall telling officers on the 31st that the machine had wires, plural, hanging on from it?
I don’t remember if I said wire. I remember there was one wire.

Do you remember the picture?

And you drew this for police?

And you remember that it was fastened onto his finger? You said, "I could have said placed?" Could you have said “placed into?”
I don’t know sir I could have.

Defense asks if he’s ever seen a pulse oximeter?
No sir.

When you told police on the 3st you told them you had never seen that machine before, but today, you said that you had seen it before. So that’s the truth that you had seen it before?
That’s correct sir.

The first time, briefly, he what it was, because he was placing the batteries inside the machine. (Q? A?)

But you do recall Dr. Murray telling you that it was for monitoring? Objection! Sustained.

You testified that Dr. Murry told you what it was for. What did he tell you?
I couldn't give you the exact words but I know it was something about monitoring.

On August 31st, at that time, it didn’t come to me sir.

Now back to the, were there any other items left in the room after you placed (the IV bags in the bags?) in the room or anything else that you saw?

JP: Limited to if he saw. Objection! Def: Withdrawn.

You said there were a number of vials placed in the bag. Would it be fair to say you never saw any other bottles.
No sir I didn’t see any. I remember seeing one of those thins that you put over your mouth and pump with air.

When did you see that?
I dont’ recall sir.

Did you eve go in that room after June 25th?

After that time , you never when upstairs again?
No sir.

You remember that breathing apparatus the room? Was it on the floor?
Yes sir.

Do you remember because pictures were shown to you?
No. I remember sir.

Remember policy officers spoke to you at the hospital?
Don’t know by name sir, but they were both present.

Was it Orlando Martinez and Scott Smith?

Afterward you went to the Caorlwood house with Amir and ?? Do you know why you went back to the house?
No sir.

You don't remember a conversation that Michael Amir had (with you?) that "The police wanted to talk t us?"
No sir.

Do you remember what time (he went back to the house?)?
I remember it was about 5 o'clock.

Now asking about taking the dog to Hayvenhurst property.

In fact, you didn’t find all of that suspicious at all? (I believe this is about the medicines Dr. Murray had him put in plastic bags.)
No I didnt sir.

You just thought it was all being packed up to take to the hospital?
Yes sir.

When you left the hospital, how soon after you left the hospital did you discuss the incident with Faheem and Michael Amir?

When was... Objection! (Don't know ruling but possibly overruled.)

When was the fist time that you discussed it with Faheem Mohamed?
I think it was a day or two afterwards when I started seeing the report on CNN.

Was it on at that point in time that you decide to hire a lawyer? Objection. Sustained.

There is no ... You’re just trying to tell us what happen?
Yes sir.

You were being honest with the police on August 31st?
Yes sir.

Do you remember when our investigator came out to talk to you?
It was late.

Can you remember that?

And you wouldn't take to us?
You said, you said, "Go call my lawyer?"

You’re just trying to tell us what happened?

Why wouldn’t you talk to us? You just trying to state the facts?

Why wouldn't you talk to our investigator?
I was instructed by my attorney.

Sometime after this year, in June of 2010, after Dr. Murray had been charged with manslaughter, were you asked to give your fingerprints? Objection! Sustained.

Were you ever given your fingerprints? Objection! Sustained.

After August 31st, did you have an conversation with your lawyer? Objection Sustained.

How long did you stay at Jackson's residence after you drop the dog off? You testified you brought the dog to the Hayvenhurst residence. And that’s the Jackson (Michael's mother) residence?

In Encino?

How long did you stay there?
Not too long sir. a

After some time, after the death of Michael Jackson, were you employed?
I was security for the children sir.

Who hired you?
I spoke to Janice and Mrs. Jackson, sir.

And this is a job you sought out? Did you seek this job out.
Occasionally I reached out to check on the children sir. And at one time it was discussed how I might be able to obtain the job.

In August 2009, you were not employed by the Jackson family?

When did you go to work for them?
It was around February, March 2010.

So you were hired 2010? yes. You were not yet hired in August 2009 by the Jackson family? You were hired in 2010 by the Jackson family?
Yes sir.

When did you stop employment?
April, May. I was only there for 2 months.

Did you quit? Objection! Sustained. 252

Mr. Alvarez were you, you one of the staff that was to go to England for this 2009 tour?
Did you have the opportunity to go to England? Did you pay for that trip? Objection! Relevance. Sustained.

Who payed for that trip? Objection! Sustained!

Where are you currently employed? Objection! Relevance! Sustained.

How do you get paid? Do you have a job? Objection! Relevance! Sustained!


Since the death of Michael Jackson, have you been contacted by media outlets on repeated basis?
Yes sir.

On repeated occasions?
Yes sir.

Has it been suggested by your atty, Mr. Douglas, have you not spoken (to anyone)?
Yes sir.

There was no way that you would know how to distinguish between an investigator or a reporter?
Yes sir.


Your trip to England had nothing to do to that? Objection. Relevance. Sustained.

Actually, you volunteered to police on this topic, that you wanted to help them first?

(Did you tell them?) Maybe at a later time, I might sell my story, but not just yet? Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence! Overruled.

Is that was you told them?
Yes sir.

Why did your lawyer tell you not tell you to talk to the defense? Objection! Sustained.

That's the end of the recross of this witness.


Anonymous said...

Wow thank you! Great job reporting from the court house for us.. Some of this stuff is just NUTS what was going on in that house. Dr.M should get life in prison for MURDER he KNEW better! Hiding stuff and having the bodyguard hide stuff shows guilty concious.

Ruba said...

Thanks again, Alberto Alvarez's testimony is very important.