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Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: Day 2 Part I-c

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1:16 pm
I was able to take a few minutes to cross Temple Street and say hello to Beth Karas. Just about ever hour, she’s doing live shots for CNN or HLN. She doesn’t even have time to get a bite to eat!

Im back inside the courtroom in my favorite seat. We can see the shot of the courtroom up on the screen. There is a slightly better view of the witness seat now.

Woman witness is next.

#5 Kai Chase (Chef)

Deputy District Attorney Deborah Brazil presents the witness.

She was employed as personal chef for Michael Jackson. Began work for Michael Jackson at the end of March, 2009. She is currently employed as a chef now. Employed for him and his children. Her duties were to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. On occasion proved meals for others, people that came over as guests and employees.

Her typical routine was coming in at (e8 or 8:30 or 9 am preparing breakfast for (Michael); morning, preparing breakfast for school, preparing lunch when you reported for duty at the Carolwood residence?

Did you prepare meals for Dr. Conrad Murray?
Yes. Identifies the witness and his clothing.

Preparing meals for breakfast for children Paris, Prince and Blanket?

She would prepare breakfast for Michael Jackson; Dr. Murray also. She would prepare granola, sometimes or a fresh organic juice for Mr. Jackson & Dr. Murray would come and get it.

She arived around 8:30 am, on June 24th. She saw Michael Jackson and she saw Dr. Murray that morning. Dr. Murry had brought his juice to Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray came down to the kitchen and would take it back to the bedroom location.

If that’s where he was, he (Dr. Murray) would take it to him. Different than before, at 12 noon. prepared lunch.

Where was Michael Jackson and his children when they ate lunch?
At dining table.

Did you have a conversation with Michael Jackson on June 24th when he was eating lunch?

Did you see him (Dr. Murray?) leave the residence that day? Sometime after 10:30 a.m.?

Later in day, afternnoon, did you see (miss rest of question).

(Did you) prepare an meal or snacks (for Michael Jackson?)?
I prepared a snack for Mr. Jackson's rehersal.

Rehearsals were held at Carolwood Drive. Later, she prepared dinner.

Had the same salad that he had for lunch? (Ahi salad)

Did you prepare anything else for him other than a salad?

Did you prepare any food to be refrigerated so that they could be eaten later?

Did you prepare a... ?
Tuscany wedding soup for Dr. Murray and Michael Jackson.

Would you traditionally leave those in the refrigerator?

(? Who?) approximately left around 10 p.m.

Are you familiar with the car that Dr. Murray drove?

Charcoal gray BMW 650. (Q? A?)

When you left, did you see this BMW left at the residence?

Now June 25th. You arrived between 8 or 8:30? Entered throught the service entrance? Would it be your normal rounitne to enter through (the kitchen).

What dd you do next?
Start preparing break for the chindlren. Granola, setting placemats and Michael's juice for his breakfast.

Tuscan bean soup last night. The items she prpared on June 24th for Dr. Murray or Michael Jackson to eat after the rehearsals was untouched and left in the rerigerator.

Did you prepare breakfast for the children?

You started preparing their lunch?
I went to the market which was down the street. Then I started preparing lunch.

About what time was it when you went to the market?
Around 9.

About what time (did you) return?
Closer to quarter to ten.

Did you in fact prepare lunch when you returned from the market?

Was there anything unusual going on at the residence when you returned?

What was the normal lunch time?
12:30 pm.

Was that pretty consistent when they had lunch?

Did Dr. Murray come down to pick up the juice as was his custom on June 25th?

From the time you arrived at residence, when was the first time you saw Dr. Murry that day?
Saw him between 12:05 and 12:10.

How is that you are certain of that time?

I’m a chef, I’m preparing for a particualr time, so I look at my cell phone to see if I’m on time.

Describe the cricumstances that you saw Dr. Murray after that time.
Dr. murray came down the the stairs. He went and entered the kitchen screaming to get Prince, get help and to call security. I immediatly ran to where the childeren where, got Prince.

Dr. Murray said Prince. (Q? A?)

Prince ran up the stairs to the area that Dr. Murray was located. She remined in the kitchen.

Did you hear anything shortly after?
I heard the housekeeper(s?) crying. They were inbetween the kitchen and (?) saw or heard.

One of the housekeepers said to her, "There may be soomething wrong with Michael Jackson."

Did you see Prince? He was with his siblings down in the first floor near the kichen playing. (Did she say praying? or playing?)

At this point in time who was in the kitchen between the (?) and the den?
Myself, the chlidren and the housekeepers.

We were consulting one another and we were praying. We were holding hands and praying.

What was the next thing that happened?
Paramedics arrive. I had seen paramedics and security running up the stairs.

Did you go upstairs?

After you saw the paramedics, did you remain at the residence?
I remand at the residence until 1 pm.

And security asked you to leave? Did you see the parmendcis leave the residence prior to you leaving the residence?

People's Exhibit. Kitchen area Carolwood residence.

Using the laser pointer, plese incidate where you were located when Dr. Murray instructed you to call Prince and call security. Indicating the corner at the island in people's 15, corner of the island closest to the counter.

Describe to us what we see in people's sixteen. This is the kitchen, stairway. Where does that stairway go? What does it lead to?
I don’t know. I’ve never been on the second floor. I’ve never been up those stairs.

Witness indicates where Dr. Murray came down the stairs, and stopped near the 3rd or 4th banister area.

He was leaning over when he called out to you?
Yes he was.

Did he ever ask you or instruct you to call 911?

At that point I had left to get prince, so I don’t know.

Witness indicates on a new exhibit where she saw Dr. Murry when he called out to her.

Ms. Chase, you indicated that as soon as Dr. Murray came down the stairs he instructed you to get Prince and security, you went into the den area where the children were?

Exhibit to show direction she went when she went to go get Prince.

When Dr. Murray came down stairs, did you have any difficult understanding what he said to you?

Initially, there was music playing in the house, but his accent... (Q? A?)

Did he ever shout call 911?

Did Dr. Murray come all the way down the stairs?
He remainded at the top portion (of the stairs).

Describe Dr. Murray's demeanor, when he asked you to get Prince.
He seemed in a panic.

Did you ever see Dr. Murray again?
No I did not. (on June 25th)

Is that the same stairway that Dr. Murray first came down?
No that’s a different stairway.

CROSS Don’t now who is crossing. Maybe Joseph Low?

Tell us how long you worked in Mr. Jackson's house.
I worked for Michael Jackson since March, five or six months.

Primary (cooking?) not only to Michael Jackson but other people as children, or for meetings?

Is it true that Mr. Jackson had a particular diet?
No. Mr. Jackson ate quite healthy, organic foods.

In fact Dr Murray had some contribution as to what that diet might consist of?

Is it fair to see that you had a sense of obligation to adhere to that diet?

He was requied to eat well because of that tour he was about to go on. (Q? A?)

It was because he wanted to eat healthy and he wanted his children to eat healthy?

Was someone other than Dr. Murray required that you prepare this health food?

During (the) time at the house you said you had never been to the 2nd floor?
There was no (need to?). My room was the kitchen.

Did you have any understanding that there were various parts of the house not to go to?
I've worked for a lot of high powered clients and this is something that you don’t do. Your job is the kitchen and you just don't do that.

Your aware of their privacy and you're very good at that?

Certainly in Michael Jackson's case you respected that?

Who had access (to the upstairs)? His children?
The area where I worked was the kitchen area. So if there as anyone (other) than his children, they would come down in to the kitchen, and that’s what I would see.

Had you ever seen Dr. Murray ever come down those stairs prior?

Besides Dr. Murray coming down getting the juice, did you ever see him come down with something else or go up?
He would come down with oxygen tanks.

They were metal black tanks? Did they have a valve on top?

Did they have masks?

Sometimes you see tanks with, on a set of wheels, (for the elderly) were they something like that?

How old was Michael Jackson?

You understnad there was something in his health that required a regular dose of oxygen?
I was not aware of that.

How would you enter (the house)?

She would enter in the sevice side of the house. Security would would knock on the door. The children or whomever would, whomever was in home would open that door. She never had a key to that door.

Did you know if anyone ever had a key to that door?
No I don’t.

Morning of June 25th. Is it fair to say the first event that came to your atention, was Dr. Murray coming down the stairs?

You described that you believe that he was in a panic?

Can you go there now, and tell us what you see?
I see him panic stricken. His...

What does that look like?
His eye were large. He's screaming. Panic.

Time is of the essence. Did you get that sense?

Did you have any disagrement with that or did you agree with that?

He wanted to find the kids?
He asked me to get security, and Prince, yes.

He didn’t say why he required those things?

Did he ask you to di anything else?

Does he ask you to call security on the phone.
No, he did not.

Did he say anything else to you?
I dropped what I was doing and ran down to reach Prince.

How long did that take?
Approximately 2 seconds. (snip) I then went back to the kitchen and proceded to my work.

Why did you not to do that? (I think this was about not contacting security.)
Pricne was in my eyesight.

Why did you not go to do that?
Dr. Murray was in a panic, Prince was in my eyesight. I didn’t know what was taking place, I just knew something was very urgent.

So you decided not to call them?
Because again, Prince was in m eyesight, and I new that if I went out of the house Prince (would not be in her eyesight) to locate security. Prince was in my eyesight and that was the best choice. He asked me to get Prince.

I brought him to the stairs and I went back to work.

Was Dr. Murray still on the stairs when you brougth Prince back?
I belive so.

And pricne and he went (up the stairs together)?
They had met, yes.

Defense asks Judge Pastor for a moment.

Ask if you recall seieng any other individual on the same day?

Do you know someone by (the name of) Rosalin.
Sister Rose.

Did you see her this day?
She was in the den with the children.

Did you see Faheem Mohamed that morning

Where did you see him?
In the outside in the courtyard.

Any other place?

Waht about Mr. Alvarez?
I saw him in the (?) court and also in the (?).

Did you see them go from the home?

Your location in the kitchen gives you a very limited view of the house?

Mr. Michael Amir, do you recall whether you saw him that day?
I did not.

Believed that just before Mr. Murray came down the (stairs) you looked at you cell phone?

She wore a chef uniform and an apron with two pockets and her phone was in her pocket. She remembers the time from 12:05 or 12:10.

At the time when I saw Dr Murry, I wasn’t looking at my phone. When I looked at my phone, it wasn’t long after that I saw Dr. Murray.

She had recently looked at her phone and then a short time later....that she saw Dr. Murray.

From time you sae Dr. Murray, and when paramdica arrived (how long was that)?
I went back to work. From where I was in the kitchen, I couldn’t see, so I don’t know.

Estimate time from the time she saw Dr. Murray to ?????
Two mnutes.

Do have any idea, if she (?)?


You told us that you daily prepared juice for Mr. Jackson. About what time did you prepare juice?
Around 9, 9:30 and Mr. Jackson's juice around the same time.

What time would Dr. Murray come downstairs and pick the prepared juice up?
10 a.m.

As to the time frame you took the cell phone in the chefs apron, you looked at it approx 12:05 12:10 and its a few moments after that

JP: Moments or minutes?

Ans: Minutes. Less than five minutes.

And that’s why she's testiying to the time range 12:05 to 12:10?

(You) sensed the panice and emergency in Dr. Murray's demeanor and so you crossed over into the den where you knew Prince to be

Prince immediate response to his request; came from the den to the kitchen stair area. (Q? A?)
We both ran.

When you got back to that area, dr murray was still there in the stair ariea.

From the time that you walked across the area, and you and Prince run back to the kitcen area and you were able to see Dr. Murray?

Does that mean you saw a portion of his body?

Dr. Murray gave you no other rason, but only instructed you to get Prince or get security?

JP: Was it an Or or and?
Get Prince. Get securty. No "or" or "and."

You chose to get Prince because Prince was closer? Objection! Sustained.

Why did you chose?
Well, Prince was in my eyesight. I could see. My first instinct was to get Prince as opposed to going out of the house and into the courthyard. looking for security.


When you got there, you saw Dr. Murray and described his demeanor; that sence of urgency transferred to you as well?

And so you got Prince?

So then you wnet back to the kitchen?

then you at some point went went with the kids and started to pray. You never went upstairs?

I saw a gurney... it was empty. The housekeepers started crying. There was an energy in the house. There was an energy of uncertiantly so we started consoling one another.

tTell me what that energy said to you; (it) changed you?
It was a feeling of uncertainty. It didn’t feel right. It was happy home there was music always playing and there were dogs and animals because (it was a happy home).

So that's why you liked to work there because it was a hapy home?
Who wouldn't?

What was Dr. Murray doing? Objection! Calls for speculaton! (Rulling?)
I didn’t see.

Witness is excused.

#6 Firefighter Paramedic Richard Senneff.

Judge Pastor gives the witness his standard instructions.

He's been a firefighter for the city for 25 years. Paramedic since 1982... 26 years.
He was a paramedic before became a firefighter.

(I miss some testimony since I was getting my power cord straightened out.)

He received a teletype about the location, the age, and the gender of the person responding too. (The teletype) also reflects an incident time: 12:21.

Does it reflect a dispatch time?
12 :22 p.m.

How long did it take you?
We got on the scene at 12 :26 p.m., so four minutes.

Does that depect where rescure ambulance parked. descies where and just indicate to us where you parked. (with the lazer printers)

Were you immediat escord into the hosue. by secirt peole wearing dark suits, dark ties white shirts. As far as the rescu paramedics

Maparamedic blunt. was they anyone else Mark goodwin. There was firefihter and fire captain. and the engineer himself at some ont.

medical supervisor. as far as the caravan the recue amblance and the engine would that

baron mills, engineer bragande? who was the first oe itn the home. yes i do it was me.

where wre you directed to go, up the staris... and from going up the stires whre did you go, at the to pf the stiars and then to a bedroom. do you reco what i shown there, dyes I d od does that that depcit the entryway as well as looking into the bedroom wher you resonded yes it does.

what did you see when you first came into the room.

I saw the doctor. to whom are you referring. identifing the witness.

and where was dr muryr. looki at hte pictue ssing lazer pointed he was stanid right her by the night stand of the bed, reachign over the patient.

You wre oting to the far side of the bed. yes sir iaw what apeared to be a plae, thin patient wearing pajames and a ngiht cap on, on the wed.

did you se e anythign happenign. I sw the doctor atemtpin to move the bed to the floor. was anyone assisting him> I did not see anyone asisting him.

Do you remember being interviewi by police.

Do you rmember there I remember ther was a seciy personabel i nthere, but It could have been.

did you have a particular role to play as part of this emergency repsons team.

All of our jobs are predetermined. you were the passenger, that’s correct. does that have a meaning who does what. I as the radio man, I have control in information gathering, whehat the most imortant part.

what is our cheif complant wht’s happened.

Did the doctor refer t himself as the paritnets persnonal cardiolgist. yes he did.

Other than what You first diecribed, did you observe any type of hospical machnie hoed up heart moitor I did not.

did you see an Iv or an IVstand or an IV kit. that ws o nthe othersie of the bed between the doctor nad me.

at some point, comig into the room, are you tring t oobtain information form dr murrya. and being the radio mand and the person in charge, was that you rpimary responsiblity. to get that info from dr murrys yes it is.

did you start asking questions? yes i did.

What did dr murry tell you. he didn’t answer. I repated he question again.

What is the underlying edical condtion, he said THERE ISNT any. I did pursue it.

asked again.

Its unusual to come into a home and have an iv pol there, and his first thought was that this was a hospice patient. repeated question? yes I did

No hei’s fine, he’s alreight I’m jsut treating him for hydrationd. And os that seems, too simple. The patinet appeared under eight, imeant its mid day, hes got a doctor, and there’s items around theou house it looked like there was someone under hte car of the physicians.

Asked if he’s taking any medications. He said. no. none. He’s not taking anything.

I asked him that gains. because that dindn’t add up. I gave him miraazapam.

did he tell you any other medicnie narctoci agens he gave the patient at all.
He said that’s it. just the mirazapam. Did the do tell you at any time he had given the dr poropfol, its commonly revered to adavan... but no other meicantion other tna mirazapam. o nothing else.

did yo uask how long the patien had been in this condion hadn been down. He said. “it just happened.”

I said it just happened? He said it just happened? did you tell the police It just happened right when I caled you. Yes I do recall.

when he says that, when I just called you what does that mean?

We go on a lot a calls, and a cancer patinet, been down for 15 minutes ,it’s not gong, when we get a cal llk that, we get excited, because we’re going to get to do something. bring the patinet back.

did you obseve the aeinte. I helped them move the patinet. at some ont ws he moved

Our firfeghterghght behind me, had him go aound to the heand of the bead got his arms ner the ptnits and moved him to the foot of the bed. The patnes feet wer toward us the patents head towards the fireplclace.

Did hte appeati en appear to you, did it appe that he just went down. But as soon as I picked him up, the legs were cool to the touh. when we hooked him to the ekjg we had a flat time with very little pules elect activitty.... the taps are placed on the chest of the ptneti that’s correct.

what did hte reading show. I’d say it was flat, with an aoccasional small plat Ppulse selecta actvity. what it means is the backup systems of the heart. when the pacemakers i nthe heart are trying to start the entire electircal processing of the heart hits not capturing or causing the other processes to occur. It’s a small blip.

othe than the pea you descirbed, the ekg were flatline? that’s asystole.

Did you make any observations as to the colr and hadns or feet of patinet. hands and feet wer tinged lbue. t means were there hanst’ been repsaration were going on and the red blood cells were turning blue. there’s not circulation going on.

based on the opservaitons of the eyes being dry, how bout teir size
the publis were dialeted. It means that the yey sytem colapesed. In lay person terms, from the time you were at the scene throughout your care and tsfr to ucla. was it i your mid the patinet was deceased. yes.

and that was based on a number of factors that you had decscibed alread. yes.

you asked the question of dr murry, what are hte other people on you team doing. Um, Mblunt is securing an air way. Bret harren is tarting chest compression mark goodwin is tttmepting to get an Iv im ooking u the eectrodes to give us the keg reading and I’m chancging the iv to a system that we can use.

did any of this poiton of care start on the side, it all occured at the foot fo the bed. wer’e all very busy.

what does it mean for the eyes to be blown. it means the eys were fully dialtated. and subseuent learned thi patient was michael jackson.based on your 27 years exper an the observations yo umade astytlci ,the flatline ,and the tinged color o the feet, fixed an dialted eys ad well the patne eing cool t the touchas well as being dry eyes, its varies from individuals it depends in whetehr your laying in a ac or fan blankets, I’d all ic an tel you gut eleign this did not just happend it’s bene ap eriod of time. Can ou give awindow of time that’s hard to say, more than 20 minutes.

From the time you arived from the patine at 12 :26. Within iscoend, this did not just happend. more in consisten in the time of 20 minutes had passe.d

THe Iv stand. at leat whe y arried. It ws hooket up to his left leg on the inside of his calf. standard saline bags . It di apear to be a s tandard Ivsaline IV bag.

in addition to the tratment yo ualred mentions. were drugs used on the patine to revieve him yes.

what were epenefrind. and aprefine.

epefnefprin thatls adrelneline. that kick starts the heard.

Atraphine, that doe sthe same thing but different roue. works on the heart.

All thoughout this were compressions happening. yes.

In simple terms basically, tube insered into the trachea, and sealed and air pumped directly into the lungs.

so, the air goes directly into the lungs and not inth the stomach. w

wh ws handling hte intubation Mark Plunt.

Catography. a means to read carbod dix0xide from the body.


Was that part of capnography. care of patient. yes.

Ws thats how effective the et tube is. yes. gives us reading.

How succesful was et tube. It was very quick. I was surped how quickly it went. were not doing it in a hospital iperating room under ideal continditions. but was intisin, were you geting readings on the capnography .yes.

what kind of readis were you getting did 902 M is the medical services report tha we create for every patingt that we (treat).

Would it hep if you looked at your 902M. yes it would.

Mr senneff if you could just take a look at htis report.

Recognize this at the 902 M that you authored.

memeory is refreshed what’s the tube was placed what is the reading 16. normal is around 30... readings went up to 26 told them the tube in the correct place.

that takes stess out off of the team. we have to ge d a good airway. if we can’t get a good airway, then everythin else if ro naught. everythng else can go forward.

The Judge calls the afternoon break at 2:45 pm.

Depending on which clock you follow its about 301 or 3:03 pm. Estimate is 4:15 pm today.

NO vido. pictues.

finally got pic back.

You had mentionded initally there was in iv in the patients leg. when you gave the pateint that Iv it was via the IV that was already in place.

Was there some restrucitng that neede dto be inplace.

two systemes its with a needles or without a needled. pre hispital setting we changed over to a needlels system years ago. IV cather tube there a port onto .

Needle port has a little rubber stopper and a vavle and you screw that syringe on it.

with a needle sytem you slide the needle in and slide it right back out.

when you get htere theres an ib bagand a tube attaced to Mj leg area. and off that tube there is a port to allow adiminster drus into that iv tubing.

whe you first arrived was it was a needle system kit.

LaFD has gone to a needleles ssystem.

what whas canged to allow your remove saline lock it self, achange it out, and put a new one. while leaving the tubing in.

Because the port i where we would be injectin our meidcaitons.

Needs to look at his report.

I would say 2 rounds of epenephrine and apapine.

in resone and atropine, was the asystlic natuer of the patine at lee.

the ekg readings did not change.

at some point at these too rounds was the leg Iv comprmed in some way.

We had our meica kit opene starter kid, had some medications here, dr murray took some medidines and we he used hte IV port
he in ising he pulled the IV out.

what happened ten. I started another IV.

was one of the other parmends asisitng you in starting a new IV.

when MGoodwne starting looking at arms hands to get an IV.

We normally don’t trust another IV thats in plane

Before we got a better one, the fist iv was compromise.

Did you see that goodwn trying ot get an iv put

he was doing hte usual, getting a turnnequest, trying to get a needle in.

Mark goodwin is inserting the needs into tryi to get a neele and his right and left arm in multiple locations.

was he able to get godo Iv location on iether arm.

No sir.

at some point did you tryi to get an ivin the jugular. of the patine.

The lest external jgular.

did you do that personally.

I did.
and werey ou able to get the Iv set up in the fjuglular are? yes i did.

was here an andditona rounds of epenefine and atrapine i the patinet.

would htat have a different aeffect than and arm or leg.

yes becuse that’s a larger vein, and a more direct to the heart.

did youget any results. from that round of ep and atrp no sir.

Did you ever see or feel ap luls on Mj? no sir.

did any onever inciate to you of your tema that they felt a pulse o tnem.

is there anyoe who ever said that they felt a ppulse.

Der Murray.

I think the carrotid.

He said he got a femeral pulse?

Yes he did. I put my hand on a femeral pulse. I didn’t feel anything.

starter drugs epeniphrien and atraphone.

At some time are you taking contact with the bay tation at UCLA?

what is the bay station and what is the procedue i nthat regard. paramedics are not doctors and we wok under a n ausipce of doctors. specifically there’s protocols in place and speically traned nurses that main the riados who give out standard orders. so we call them and we get orders (doctor ) behind scnes and we carry out the orders.

Giving them information, ever thiem we do sothign invovledi n a medication we tell them.

12:5 7 were you notified by ucla that all atempts wer frutile. I don’t know the exact itme would that be on the base station recording? He notes where it wouldbe recorded.

Approsimately thats corect. right around then.
at some point, if it was instructed y UCLa, it woould be parto hte recording betwene you and bay station. Some alt point you’e done all you can and we’re going to call it.

I told him that we had a very hi profild VI and we’d be much more comfortable transporting that patinet to the hosptial. Did you tell ucsla that his pernao lphsyciian on the scene.

Icula had qustion. well we’v done thre eround nothing happened. lets jsut call it. The physican on the scne would like us to call. it. the physician at UClA, sayd we’re going ot call it.

The ysicaon o nte scenes was not willing ot call it. So, conveyed that t Ucla and they asked if dir no scene would assume care. He said yes. so that was the transport.

Were additonal rounds of started drugs given?

yes in the ambulance.

after that, prepared ot trnasport patient. Told him he had to acooompnay patient in the amblance if he was going ot assume care.

he was the floor, a flat was brought up. slid the patient onto the flat secured him and move dh as much equipment as we could to the gurney and secured to the gurney.

nce the patinet MJ was placed in ambluance did you have reason to run back upstiars.

yes I turned aorun went back upstiard because I dindt’ want to leave any eupment behind. dwhe you went back upstiard id you see drm urryai nthe room.

He was standing on the othe side of hte bed on the nightsitand, and a bag, whit plastic trashbag. picking things up.

could you see what he was pick p n sir I wasn’t lookng hard enought.

Did you see nay ventlators, heart monitors, that had been at the residnece esie LAFD euit.

I saw the iv the pole , the oygen tank, that was it I didnt’ see anything else.

Ther was a lot of debris.

Where were you in the . I was at he heand of the gurney at hthey ehad, between his knees, to keep an eye on his airway, That alows me to be right they near the microphone . I was in the RA, facing th windows, facing bakwards. my back was to the drive. the other two paramedicas werw eht us. D

how about Dr. Murray. And

yes and Dr murray.

Were you being follwed b vehicles. It was unbelievable to say the least.

Therw was security pelple when we came back out it wals like the rose pread.

Ter were peoe runing down the stret takin pictures, there were secuit pople bfollowign us. there wer elots of other cars passing us on te helft on thergit.

The teletype.
computergenerated print out. it’s the run sheet. (ra rear ambulance)

type writen notes. time it was that ucla asked to call it. does this form also document in suppmmary fashion all medications that Drm Murray had given. him.Yes.

So when I walk in, it’s a natural piece of scratch paper. does it reflect in your own hand the medications that dr m told you at that itme.

the first couple minutes I remember J(thats whre he documented it).

Hydra= on from abrievation he wrote for threating patinet for dehydrations, that’s what dr murray told him.

atro for atrophine sodiom bicarbonate. what is that. It’s an alkaloid liek baking sdia. when your body and cells arent brathing whcidh they goes into anaboic repration thatls like latic acid, becomes incomaptable with life, it helps bring the acidl evels in normal range.

DOes hti addtionaly reflect what time, yo uinitiall arriedo n 12:25. and the time trans poretd out 13 o7 and 1313 arrived at hospital.

on patient at 12 :6 thoruout threatment until arrival at hosptial 1:0 pm did the patients condition ever changed from being flat line asyyolicl. did you ever dectect a uulpulse in the patinet, noe sir.
thogut han of you attmepts werey ou successful at reviving the patinet./ no sir.

Waht did you do when you first arrived at UCLA

backed up to the door.

a whole lot of peopele hopsotal security was not deployed yet. Dr. Murray asked if we could put at owel over MJ face. we said sure.

Gaive the doctors notifacion of the treatment they gave MJ. then one of hte doctors spoke directly to dr murray.

Did you ever see dr murry speaking on his cell phone. (whe he was in the Ra)

Di you you ever diescribe hidrm murrys demeansor as spinning.

He was moving around he was very busy, he was sweating, mutittasking at a high rate of speed.

(I probably could have use a beter wordl).

Did dr murry every adivse anyoe in your team that he ad adminsiterd propofol to Mj no sir.

parpmedic for 27 25 with LAFD.

I heard you say earlier that as a parmedic thaty ou don’t have all the discretion that all the things a dr can do. that’s corect I’m not a doctor. to give yourslef you work in a much differne enviroment htan a doctor thati’s corect.

you hae to gov oit in he ireld thats’ ture.

You hae to go out and i nvieomtn in situatuoins that are directly unpredictable. In fairs to do, he
you don’t get any of that.

Doctors have a controleld invoronent and a lot of team, that have trined with.

our engine company that I train with, we get some of that.

You now tran seasoned paramedics because you’re so good at it/ that’s corect.

questions, abot his role. You’ primar y role.

This is a gradizing atotattonrey. has a slight southern.tenisee ascent.

I’m just tired. These quesitons are not relevant.

so i’m not taking notes.

It’s almost like, he has a jury in front of him.

Very general questions. Nothing specific to this event.

About his role about what paramedics do.
We have guidelines and we have to interpret to follow..

Sometimes you ahve to be areful, becuase osmetimes the patine have a DNR... and they do not want to help.

Here you found if here was DNR. I askedi htere was an andvanced life direcitve. But it could also mean other levels, It could be okay to yhdrate, it’s okay to give oxhern but not compressions. I was told there was not.

And sometimes you find out they had a bad reaction to t stret drugs.. yes sir.

i facty ouve seen people who are quite sickly and quite unhealthdy as a result a chornic drung. and that’something you want to know because that helps you now what you are dealing with. yessir.

When you got out the coralwood dive. who did you first see.

Security perso. did this person give you a name. It’s not that id on’t recalle, it’s just that they didn’t give me a name.

afrinca america, dark suit, white shirt.

We ulled up stopped driveawy. SAnd he said to me, someone should be doing CPR. i said somebody should start.and he say anthing in reposns to that.

When you shoaid that to me, di

what I mean, ws I ackneled that somebody should be oding cpr,... and that’ it’s important bt i was busy at the moment.

what I saw was the docotr taking his shoulders and preparing to get him off hte floor.

when you entered that room were you ware of anyone who had performed cpr. no I was not.

goes over waht he saw when he first entered the bedroom.

asks where he saw the IV bag, and if he can esitmate where the IV bag is.

He was focused on the doctor. so the witness doesn’t know.

Asking him about what he sees about MJ. and what he notices. a showercap type thing on his head, pajamas that were opened.. and that he sees a patient appeared to be very underweight.

What do you mean.

well, when people say they need to drop a few pounds, he appeared to need to add a few pounds.

Did you from any opinions or impressions at that time.

My first impression was this was a hospice patient. I think you first characteried him as lying on the bed, , and very, very, very, think like a hospice patinet. a cancer patient.

This peron was very pale. I could see ribs.

It’s also not unusual for some one who’s been a drug addict is it . No sir.

Why you were stading htere in that moment, were you able to recognize that face had you ever seen it before?

obj. facts not in evidence.

re ask.

No sir.

did that perosn in that moment, did that persno look anything like mj.
objeciton sustained.

right about the time now, agian, person on the gorun at the foot of the bed.

now the afrincan american gentleman. Did yo uknow his name. He identifed himself.

Did Drm murry tell you that he wanted something done. Yes. and that it was ome way to intubate

This is ridiculous. So, now is he tring ot imply that if was only done because of Dr. Murray.

Martin blunt did intubate.

I soon as I was in the room I started asking quesitons. Did you ask any of hte secuty perosnell any questions. id you akd any of htem if he had been taking in drugs or not. No sir.

Did I ask Drm Murry.

It would be a tandard question, but I don’t remember if I asked about recreational drugs or not.

But isnt’ it tur,e n the past, you later find out were under the influence of drungs, their own family mebers were not even waware of it. yes sir.
sometimes they are very secretie o the type of drugs that they’re taking. Yes sir that’s true.

You did ask if he was treating MJ for anything. He as not ind disress, You see the Iv, and the oxygen tanks and you see the dor there. yes sir.

He did say that. He did say exhaustion. What was your impression that that meand. releavance obj sustained.

What did that mean to protocol that you wre going to adhere at that time.

It make some seince for osmeone that was underweight. Would it change how I would traet a cardiac arrest, no not intiially......

But sometimes the littlest tihings are most imortant

mirazapan...= adapan.

Its something we dont carry in our box, but it is something that I’m familiar iwth? ?????

You want to make sure the airway is there, is that the yaire wi is well?

capnography..... quesitons.

getingaway fro mteaching ABC, now taching CAB compressin first.

So, if you heard someone hay, do you know cpr, taht could be normal, becaue you may need people t trade off.

Questions about the EKG machine, and reading the tape.

looks like we are going to 4:15 pm. It’s going to be a long night. I rmeember him saying his docotr, I rmember him saying he was a cardioligist, I just don’t remember when.

I don’t know if it was during that day.

Is ti can be that hte machine could be used to delier a shock to the hart. so why that you could no do it. why? becdeflublation you see in movies etc, anytimes someone has a heartattack its very dramatic, but what it is there are verious caridac becthere is only a couple of those that you can defribulate But some imes ti it will get cofused, and fire out of ewuene and the hear ets cofusned and no lnger pumps in seuqnece. and blood pressure drops.

did see someting.

did see pe a

pulseless electrical activity.

Did see that spark of life, so using the paddles is the worst thing you can do.

So when you hear the term flatline, that’s a mischaraceriziation. Well that argument, so JP I’l sustain your own objection.

Oh lord. what a drawn out questions. covering the same stuff the prosecution elicited.

Now about etting the chemicals they injected into the body. the epi the atraphine.

eventuall used three rounds.

Parto f protocol and get on the comuicaiton to the hospital.

yes sir.

pointness useless quesitons if you ask me.

about the communication with the hospital.

“We are under their direction” (not the other way around that the atty submits).

so theny give you discresion, out in the field, so that you can call it.

That’s wrong. Where do I start.

It’s become a lot common that taking to hosptal. that it takes up a lot of time and manpower. Is it ture that you don’t have to take them to the hospital anmore.

because because it takes up manpower.

Is it also ture sure. that comm problem taking to hosptial, becuasi takes up room and manpower at the houspital and takes a lot of money. and yes that would be my understanding.


Lawyer is trying to inject that it was the paramedics decision to go to hospital or not.

Going ot recess and adjuourn until 9:15 am tomorrow.

very busy tomorrow. signicat nuber of case and jury panels. and ohter matters that wil ltake a lot of people. so everyone to allow a extra time to get through security.


KZ said...

Wow, Sprocket! This answers even more questions I had! And it confirms a few things, too. First, confirms Murray was using an "old fashioned" very basic style of IV tubing that required a needle to access the rubber Y-site ports. And it confirms that there was fine grade, sporadic PEA at the scene when paramedics arrived, so I can now revise my time estimate of how long MJ was down before EMS arrived.

I have been privileged to attend and witness many deaths in the hospital of patients with DNR orders. Those patients early in my career gave me a precious gift with their passing, in that in the process of their dying, I was privileged to learn what happens to a dying person when CPR and resuscitative efforts are withheld. In particular, what happens to a dying heart. From those many experiences, I can put forth an estimate that MJ was down for anywhere from about 15 to 45 minutes at the point the EMS saw sporadic bit of PEA/ asystole. A healthy heart takes a bit longer to die than a sick heart, of course. Earlier last week the reports made it sound like MJ had complete systole, but now we know he had a bit of residual electricity. Would not have made ANY difference in the ability to resuscitate at that point, but definitely points out that the WINDOW for successful resuscitation by Murray had passed.

Sprocket said...


AGAIN, Many thanks for all your time, energy and input!

I hope to edit the rest of this page over the weekend. Then I'll take a break from editing (day 5 & 6) and get back to my sewing responsibilities. I'm hoping CaliGirl9 or you can help with this page in correcting most of the drugs mentioned I'm certain I got 100% wrong.

Special mention/thanks to Sedonia Sunset for her work on grammar and spelling edits after MY edits.

Anonymous said...

@ Sprocket Thank you again for all the work involved. The testimony here also explains the multiple needlemarks in the arms that had been reported.

@ KZ Thank you so much for all your comments.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that may seem like breathless arrogance and dumbness, from a novice who has never read any type of trial transcript before this one, but here goes:

Based on the preliminary material, it seems - my personal opinion of course - that Dr. Murray is culpable in at least two regards right up front: 1) delivering substandard care in administering propofol in an inappropriate setting, with all that implies about equipment, mixing other medications, etc - in other words. violating the Hippocratic oath, - and 2) being untruthful to the others in his profession who were also called into this drama and were trying to give good care - the EMC and ER staff, - which, again IMO, undermines his credibility in telling his version of this narrative and, in its own way violates the Hippocratic oath.

So this thing will now go to trial - months later, gazillions of testimony later - what's going to make a jury let him off the hook? It's a hypothetical question at this point, but could anyone not agree that even if MJ is involved in any way, that the higher standard would belong to the doctor?

I'm just curious as to what type of defense could be mounted here? There must be something - will it turn on the definition of 'manslaughter' - or is it just to get a reduced sentence, not an acquittal? Reading the defense's questioning and comments, I sense they're trying to implicate everyone else - the EMC crew, Kai Chase, the security detail - in a finely grained argument, for not doing things that would have saved MJ's life. They'll throw dirt at anyone, and some of it will stick, but tho' that's what a good defense lawyer does, will any of it be as egregious as Dr. Murray's behavior, no matter how much doubt is raised about timing, drug amounts, resusitation efforts, or lethal drug doses?

I guess I'm looking for the T&T team to set me straight and knock some sense into my head. :)

Anonymous said...

Can a child as young as Michael Jackson's son be called to the stand to testify? Could one get balanced testimony from a family member like this?

From Kai Chase's testimony, It seems that Prince was the first person on the scene after Muray, not Alberto Alvarez.

Just wondering, thanks, and a great job you're doing!

Sprocket said...


We don't have any direct testimony yet to verify Prince actually entered his father's bedroom and saw Michael before Alvarez and Mohamed were in the room.

It appears he might have from Kai Chase's testimony but we don't know for certain.

Sprocket said...

Children much younger than Prince have been sworn in to testify in many states.

There is a case where, a very young child (can't remember the exact age...possibly 4 years old) was sworn in and testified that he saw his mother put her hand over his older sister's face and hold her head under the water in the family swimming pool.

Under cross examination, he gave quite a bit of conflicting testimony.

She was convicted of murder.

Sprocket said...

Anon @6:18 am:

I apologize. Your comment was not seen until just a bit ago.

What type of defense could be mounted? Well, we've seen a snippet of the defense case so far. It wasn't "involuntary manslaughter." The defense case will be accidental suicide. That MJ, desparate for sleep, woke up and drank propofol.

That will be part of the defense. We still don't know how the defense will attack some of the witnesses at trial, but I can take a guess.

The three witnesses that now have Carl Douglas as their attorney. The defense will try, in any way that they can, that these three were involved in a cover up, or that they did more than what they said they did.

Or, that THEY helped give MJ the propofol. Those are just OFF THE WALL, SPITBALLING suppositions and guesses. I do not know exactly what the defense is going to do. But rest assured, they will try to throw other people under the bus.

But you also have to take into consideration the testimony of the coroner who performed the autopsy and the Dr. pharmacologist/anethesiologist (sp?) who testified that even if Dr. Murray did not give MJ the propofol, his standard of care was so negligent, because he left a drug out where an "addict" could get it.

Many are outraged on two fronts. 1) MJ was NOT an addict. 2) Propofol is NOT an addictive substance.

I don't know if MJ was an addict or not.

However, although some are saying that propofol is NOT physically addicting, it's my opinion that MJ psychologically addicted to it. I don't hear people mentioning that at all.

As far as more serious charges, I've addressed that in a comment section on the ©COPYRIGHT© entry.

Tiya said...

Sprocket, I enjoy reading the comments section as much as the trial reporting, where you give generously of your knowledge and experience.

About your answer to defense strategy, Jackson and drug addiction, self-administering, throwing people under the bus. The msm made short news interviews of several of Jackson's staff right after his death - I recall seeing one by Mike LaPerruque and one by Cheryl Lewis.
These two are mentioned in your transcripts, I believe.

Besides sharing happy memories of Jackson, LaPerruque, a security guy, spoke of taking Jackson out of meetings, so drugged he couldn't keep his head up. LaPerreque would put Jackson to bed and sit in a chair for hours, watching Jackson to make certain he was still breathing.

Cheryl Lewis, a nurse-nutritionist, recalled receiving a phone call from one of Jackson's security staff who was relaying information, with Jackson speaking in the background, complaining of one side of his body feeling hot or cold, I don't recall which after doing 'something'. She told them to call 911 and go to the hospital.

These two are both probably wishing they had never spoken! I think the defense will bring out alot of this to bolster their 'self-administering' defense. The security team was probably smart to lawyer up,

Thanks again, for all your great work. I've been reading through other trials on your site. It's rather addictive -no pun intended : )

Sprocket said...


Thank you for reading T&T.

The individuals you mentioned:

Mike LaPerruque and one by Cheryl Lewis

Did not testify at the preliminary hearing.

If these individuals gave media interviews, it's understandable (to me) why the prosecution did not call them to testify at the preliminary hearing. Their media interviews, and everything they said in them could be used to impeach them in cross examination.