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Dr. Conrad Murray Prelim: Day 5 Part II

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LA co dept of coroner’s office.

Senior criminalist.
What is a seniro criminalist.
As a crim. my job is to study science as it pertains to the law.
1. toxicologist
2. controlled substances analyist
3. 20% a field criinalist. Collect evidence from bodies.

How long empl as criminalist? About 9 years.

have received formal educaiton Yes.
She describes DS in forensic chem from Arizona
Cal State applied forensic scientistis.
Board certified in criminalistics

When was empl, 9 prior worked as an internship capacity student capacity.
May 2000 did an internship at corooner’s office. aFter ward offered a job as a student profesional worker then hired on in May 2001.

In 2001, from that point to todays date, focused primarly on a particular field.? Toxicology technician.

Since 2001, assigned in field of tox, isit fair to say you’ve condicted thousands upon thousands of tests in relaiton to tox? Yes.

Ques. related to Propofol testing.
Yes familiar wiht prop. testing.

Prior to 2005 office did not have a method to determine propofol (in the body). She did research and established a method to find propofol (in bodies).

She had to find a drug that mimic the drug standard.Do duplication studies. Had to determine recovery, many things that go into estabilshing this method.

Parallel recoveries, parallel runs, things like that. From a period of 2005 to 2008. Primary toxicologist when it comes to cases involving propofol? Yes.

Certain accreditation carried by the lab? ASCLAD certified Lab (LA Coroner) Establishes standards and ensures maintaining those standards.

Proceedures for biological testing.

Biological sample, what is the first process, what do you bieng with in you testing for that biological specimin. It depends on the test that’s being tested.

We do a lot fo (assembly line) processes.

She explains the detailed process where they go through to test for a substance.

After receive a service request, is to create a work list.
Obtains the samples. document to maintain chain of custody... etc.

Run on the equipment overnight and the next day evaluate it.

In this case, did you contuct testing as it relates to propofol items that were logged in as to trauma Gershwin. (This was the blood vials drawn at UCLA).

Preliminary screenings indicated that propofol was present. (A)

Did you do full tissue distribution test on MJ tissues (for propofol).

She obtained samples of tissues from the heart, intestines, etc. (missed rest.)

Did you do a quantification for propofol. I did quantification for propofol. and did find propofol in those various samples? Yes.

Prepared an 8 page report detailing her findings. Peoples 68.

A laboratory summary report was prepared that detailed all her findings. She specifically handled the propofol. Yes.

Wu did some the lorazopam and other criminalists did some of the other samples.

8 pages, marked People’s 67.

Summary of positive tox findings, also addmitted into evidence.

Verifies the report up on the screen is the report that was generated by the lab. Propofol testing, that the heart blood analyzed, the hospital blood analyzed, the liver, and various contents noted throughout that report.

Summary lists all the positive findings that were noted? Yes.

Goes into detail, what the columns of the report are.

Listing of all the drugs.

Levels found in propol

Heart blood 3.2
micrograms hospital


viturs .40

Shoot. I’m having trouble typing the numbers.

heart 3.2
hospital 4.1
liver 6.2

urine .15

Lytociane did specime test positive?

Dyazopam results presnet in hsoptial blood
Miss a lot of what the report

Miz orapam.162

I’m just not going to try to get it all.

ephedrine positive in urine in negative in the heart blood.

Was that the urine that was recovered from the jug as far as you know? Yes.

In additon to these positive findings, did you also test medical evidence?

Specifically, what was logged #1, a syringe and separate detached needle?

Did you test medical evidence? Is that handled differently? Yes.
could you explain briefly.

It’s just a “what is there” test. We don’t have ability to test how much was there. She tested the syringe barrel.

What were the results on medical evid #1. The syringe barrel ot have lidocaine and propofol present.

Did same type of testing on an IV kit medical evidecne #2.

Yes I did.

Did a diagram of the IV kit? Yes I did.

People’s #69. Did you draw that diagram? Yes I did.

It’s not to scale is it? No it is not.

The bag, including hte tubing and the white thumb clamp and the short tubing? Yes.

Item A shown in the top left of the diagram.
It is a diagram of the IV bag. Not attached to the rest of the system when she received for analysis.

B: syringe And depicted here with red laser pointer? Yes.

Barrel with the plunger inside of it.

C: Wide connector. Is that plastic? I don’t recall specificallaly. could you describe. Piece of long tubing, connector, and another piece of short tubing on the other side of it. short tubing proceeds to a clear tip that had a bit of red on the end of it.

Describes the rest of the item.

G. white clamp? Yes. white clamp attached to the tubing.

H. white thumb clamp. That’s correct.

IV label as an IV bag plub. It was a long sylinderal piece with a puncture o the end. typically it goes into the bag.

Did you break that down into certain components as it related to you testing? Yes. browk it down to four different areas.

Tested contents from IV bag. A.
Tested the long tubing section letter F
Syringe B
Letter D, the short tubing.

Long tubing coming from the IV plug to the entry into the white (?) did you notice any of itmes in that long tubing. I did not detect any drugs.

In the IV bag, Item A , did not detect any drugs in the IV bag.
No in the IV bag, none in the long tubing.

Syringe. Any drugis in the syrings. Yes, I did. lidocaine, propofol and proflazonil??????

D. tested for drugs, lidocaine, propofol and proflazonil...

p at screen, people’s 70, is that the medical evidnece summary report listing the medical evidence found? (What we just went over. tomazinl.

not proflaonil tomazinl.

Cross by flanagan.

Who asked you to do analysis on the blood? Typically, the coroner and (also?) from the scene investigator.

FEmoral blood, you didn’t test for anything that what appears up there?
I only tested the propofol.

So, it was only tested for lidocaine, toraziml and propol? (Yes.)
Can you see those numbers up there? Not clearly.

The number for the lidocaine is what? on exhibit .84 pr milileter.

There’s a relationship there of 1 part lidocaine per propofol....”Based on numbers alone.)

Am I wrong, it’s not about 3 to 1. It is about 3 to 1.

Asks about nanograms. 1,000 nanogram per milligram (???)

Testing is usually done in therapeutic doses.

What is the theropetuic rnage for the lorazapam? Loraapam is not (her testing services) so she does not know.

going onto the heart blood.

Heart blood 3.2 propofol? Yes.
Why is it different from the femoral blood?
obj calls for sepculation.

JP question.

It is not uncommon for us to have different numbers from femoral blood and heart blood. If going overall level, will rely on femoral blood (vs heart blood).

Femoral blood and lidocaine 3 to one and heart 4 .5 to one.

She goes over the numbers.

So that’s about 4.5 to one. That’s aobut right.

So why is the femoral blood (different ration than) heart.

They’re different drugs, their different from dif locations... miss rest?

You would have to ask the doctor as to who collected that sample.

Was wondering why, they would be in different ratios.

One of the things in toxicology is portmortem distribution. Drugs can leach out and g into different tissues.

Where is the heart blood taken from? I don’t know.

Heart blood is 4.1 and the lidocaine is 5.1 That is correct.

Femoral blood 3 to 1 and heart at 4.5 to one and hospital blood at 8 to 1.
That’s correct.

And those are all measured in micrograms per millieter. That’s correct.

Millieter is that a volumetric measurement. Yes.

Now onto the liver.

6.2 micrograms per grams and done that way because it’s a tissue and it’s done per weight. that’s correct.

The liver is volumetric per weight in the liver.

May I explain. To analyze the liver, we have to turn the liver into a liquid. And then homogenize it. We have to weigh it before we transform it.

Liver in relationship propofol about 13 to 1? About 12 to 1.

Now i nthe vitrious, you’ve got down here that it was less than, 0.40. why use that number? For my original analysis. There was a very small volume for the vitrious. In this case, there was a lot less sample to begin. four times less than what I would normally begin with.

It was reported as present, but I couldn’t give it an exact spec number.

At somewhere between .02 and a point .40. For my limit of quanitation, I can go to 1.0 since my original sample was about 1/4, I divided.

Now goes onto the urine contents.

The urine at the scene, did yo usee that? No.
The urine you’ve got there is .15. Is that from the body?
The lidocaine you have there is present.
Did you get that from the???

The lidocaine has nothing to do with the propofol.

I’m not sure what the analysit did on that.

Gastric contents.

You analzied the propofol in gastric contents? Yes, that is correct.

Noticed that the autopsy report says that the stomach is not extended and takes 70 grams of dark fluid.

Did you analyise that for propofol ? Yes.
(Ans That’s not correct.)

It was 0.13 milligrams.

So, how do you make that determination. We weight ou t the total sample and then factor that into our calculations. (I don’t understand that at all.)

there was .13 of the 70 grams of propofol.

I don’t remember exactly what the contents looked like.
I was not the analysist who did the initial contents looked like. but they would have looked for pills, etc.

I’m just kinda wondering what that dark fluid looked like other than having 1.3 milligrams, and some of lidocaine, and we’ve got another 60 plus of either food or lidocaine.

Could it have been food? could it have been juice?
Objection sustained.

12 parts of lydocaine to 1 part propoofol. Ans In the stomach? Q yes. A about 12 to 1.

Ramblin question about all the different ratios of everything but for the first time there is a preponderance of lydocaine over propofol. Correct? Yes.

Also analyzed also medical evidence 1...and medical evidence 1 that is what has been referred to as the “broken syringe” But it’s what has been referred to by ms Fleez as “broken.”

She agrees that it appears to have been taken apart.

She testified that only the plunger side was analyzd.

What about the needle side ? No.

But the needle did fit the barrel? I didn't attempt to put them together.

They were delivered ot me in the same bag, but they were not together.
Think you said you tested found propofol and lidocaine in that barrel.

Never tested ratio. She did not test (for ratios).

Could be vastly different, you just don’t know. That’s correct.

Medical evidence 2, you analyzed that also? That’s correct.

As to Medical evidence 2, that is basically this drawing isn’t it?

I analyzed components of that drawing, yes.

The drawing exib 69 the summary report 70.

Anything that was analyzed in that drawing was on the summary.

Goes over the four items.
A - IV bag. What did it have in it?

I didn’t find any drugs. Was there something in it? Yes. But she doesn’t know what it is.

Did it say it was a saline bag? I don’t recall.

Analyzed the tub that comes from the IV bag, all the way down to the injection port. correct?

I analyzed all the fluid from the plug site, to the connector.

And there were no drugs what so ever. That is correct.

Based on your analysis, there were no drugs, coming out of that bag?

Objection vague, speculation. Sustained.

Did you do the same analysis on that tube that you did on the D tube?

The D tube had drugs in it? Yes.

The D tube had lydocaine propofol and flazaxidal?

You can’t analyze for flazadnil in a blood sample? We don’t have an extraction method. (futher explanation).

So you can’t test for flazadnil in the body? We don’t have a method for it.

Don’t know how much was in the tube? No.

Question calls for speculation (hints of propofol and lydocaine)?

Was there a hint of propofol and lydocaine in that tube? They were present?

Ans: Were they in the same ratios. I can’t say. I wasn’t trying to find out how much drugs were there.

flanagan thinks speculation is relevant. but JP sustains the objection.

“I can’t say how much was there.”

Now B up there, that was the syringe. Yes. It hasn’t been unscrewed or manipulated? Objection sustained. objection sustained. objection sustained.


Fully intact syringe & plunger at B. How much did that have in it? I don’t recall off the top of my head. Summary report indicated 1.7 grams? That’s is correct.

Lower tubing B marazipil, (?) lidocaine and propofol.

I’m so confused now.

Question about quantities in syringe D were the same.

I did not do a quantative in the tube or the syringe. Qualitative they were the same? Correct.

Did you analyze any other physical evidence for propofol?


Specifically referring to, were you asked to analyze any juice containers for propofol? No.

2:25 p.m. I’m starting to get sleepy again.

Goes over what she did qualtitave vs quantitively.
Explains the detail again as to what she did quantitative vs qualtative.

Nothing further at this time. But then asks for a moment.

Nothing further. No redirect.

Could we take the afternoon break so I can retrieve something from my office? (Walgren.)

Take the afternoon break 2:25 p.m.

No audio

And get the witness name,

#20 that’s Orlando Martinez

Work city of LA robbery homicide.

What do you homicidd section investigate deaths.

16 years. Since May of 2005

One of lead investgating officers?

Did work with Dan Myers and Scott Smith? Yes I did.
June 25th 2009,

Were you assined and workin on this case? yes.
Did you make efforts to make contact with the defendant in this case? I did

Was able to make contact on June 29th?

At somepoint on June 26th, made contact with Michael Penia?

Made arrangements to sit down and meet with the defendant,

Evening hours late afternoon? Afternoon.

Met with Mr. Pena on June 27th n a hotel.
Who went with you to location. Scott Smith.

Who was with him? Chernoff and Dr. Murray.

So, on the 27th not 29th (my note)

Mr. Penna and Chernoff, him and Det smith.

Inside a board room at hote.

Ws this interview recoreded ? Yes.

Did you begin you or det smith asking him about how he began his reationship with M. Jackson.

He said he first met MJ in 2006 through a patient’s son.

Referred becaue he was a cardiologist or as a dr in general? Just as a doctor in general. treated MJ children and MJ for flu in Las Vegas.

From that initial meeting to 2006 to the current interview, did you question Dr. M about his care preceeding the months 2009.

Dr. Murry said he received a phone call from Michael Amir williams requesting to treat him for the tour.
did Dr M tell you that MJ wanted him to accompany him on this London tour? Yes.

Did he give you more details or words to that effect? Yes.

According to Dr M, after this initial phone call from MAW, (answer) he said htat Mr. Jackson called him and was elated happy that he was going on the tour.

Did you question him on the treatment at MJ home. Dr. Murry said that for a little over 2 months been teating him, assisting him to sleep, He said nightly and he also said six days a week.

Different parts of the interview he said those two answers.

How did he say he was assisting . He would assist Mr. Jackson with 50 milligrams of propofol. An injection to get him to sleep and with an IV drip to keep him under.

Initial infusion followed by a drip? objection sustained.

You mentioned 50 milligrams, did he say that was 50 milligrams every night?

That was the maximum.

Did he say that was the total or the amount of one dose. ??? I don’t think he specifically noted.

He told me it was a dosage, to put him under and then a specific drip.

Throught this interview again, were both Mr. Chernoff and Mr. Pena (?) present, at varous points in the inteview, did Dr. Murry ever tell you about a dependnecy issues that MJ had?

Yes he did. Did he reference that on more than one occasion in the interview ? yes he did.

Q... did Dr. Murry explain those last remaining evenings ? Yes.

What did he tell you. ? He felt that Mr. Jackson had developed a dependency on the propofol. So he decided to try to wean him off, and introduce other agents.

In describing these evenings, last couple days, did he tell you he’d been giving MJ propofol every single night for over 2 months? Yes.

Now, in these last three days then, according to Dr. Murray that he was attempting to wean M J off the propofol what did he do?

He lowered the amount of propofol and administered the other two drugs.

lorazapam and the midazalam.

How about the following night, the second night of attempting to wean him off. He did not use any propofol and just used the lorazapam and midazalam.

On that day June 25th, did he respond to the Carolwood residence? Yes he did. He arrived around 12:50 am.

Who arrived first? according to Dr. M. ? "Dr. M."

What did he do upon arrival? He went to the room where he always treated Mr. J and waited. And that is the room the paramedics testified they found the decedent? Correct.

Did Dr. M. indicate what time MJ arrived. He said MJ arrived around 1 am.

And what happened at that point. That MJ arrived upstiars, they had a brief discussion as to what went on that night and that MJ had a shower and changed.

Dr. Murray rubbed some skin lotion on MJ back. For a dermological conditon? Yes.

Did he begin using an IV. Yes. For what purpose? In either his right or left leg below the knee.

Was anyone else in the room? We asked that question ahd he always said no.

Placing the IV for hydration, did he describe what drugs he gave MJ?
What is the first thing that MJ was given.
2 pm 2 mil lorazapam diluted with saline. he siad he pushed it slowly.

Did he mention anythng about valium orally? 10 mg orally was that the first thing? Yes.

Then 2 am? 2 mil lorazapam with saline pushed it over the course of 2 to 3 minutes.

He indicated this was done with a syringe? Yes.

Directly into a arm or leg or using the IV port? Using the IV Port.

This was slowy pushed using the syrings over 2 minutes accord to Dr M. ? correct.

Following this valium and the 2 am slow push of lorazapam, what occured next.

MJ remained awake for another hour, the n Dr. M. introduced 2 mg of diazopam (same method).

This was around 3 am.

Did he indicate he took the time to look at his watch?

So at 3 am, he gave 2 mil dizdo also injected slowly? Yes.

And according to Dr. M, did he fall asleeP/

He said that around 3:20 he fell asleep for 10 to 12 minutes.

Was it at that point where dr M said he had been looking at his watch? Correct.

And after following this 10 12 minutes Mr J woke again.

Dr m M turned down the lights turned on the music, and suggested that MR J meditate.

He then said, that MJ would have to cancel his shows, cancel his reherasals becuse he couldn’t slee.

Then dr murray gave him some moe drugs. Mirazapam. then.

It did not put MJ to sleep.

Asks to look at his notes to refresh his recollection.

Asking about following 5 am 2 miligrams of lorazapam?

Mr. J began to complain som more, about cancellations.

7:30 am. he indicates he gave more drugs to MJ? Yes.

Accoring to Dr. M, MJ is stil awake. Mr. J is complaining that he is still awake and pressure is being placed on him (about the cancellations)

What did he do at 7:30? He gave another 2 milligrams of diazopam.

It did not have any effect according to Dr. M.

10 am June 25th 2009, acc to Dr. M. what is happening?

MJ was still awake, and was asking for “milk” which was his name for propofol.

around 10:40 or 10:50, did he give propofol (acc to Dr. ) ? Yes.

Did he look at his watch? Yes. According to Dr. Murray he had to look at his watch, to calculate (miss last)

He said he halfed his normal dose, gave him only 25 milligrams over 25 mnutes.

It was simply an injecton to put Mr. J asleep, and then a slow drip to keep him asleep.

According to the time the propofol was given, Dr. M was looking at the time, looking at his watch, did Mr. J. fall asleep? Yes.?

Did he indicate that was around 11 am? Yes.

What did Dr. Murray do, after he fell asleep? He said that he monitored him for a while. He was not snoring, and monitored him until he felt comfortable with Mr. J condition.

After did he indicate how long he monitored him after that (time? condition?)?

After he saw him fall asleep around 11 am.

At some point did he say he felt comfortable leaving the patient? Yes he did.

Did he tell you what he went to go do?

He went to relieve himself in the restorom.

DId he tell you what restroom he used? He did.

Identifies the restroom he used via photo.
The bathroom he used is depicted in People’s 9 (I think in MJ bathroom? I don't know.)

From the bedroom, where MJ was, on peoples nine from left to right, is this the large room referred to as thecloset? Yes.

So one would have to walk throught the corridor between the bedroom and closet and then enter the bathroom? correct.

How long did Dr. Murray say he was gone ? Dr. M said he was gone approximately 2 minutes.

Transcript page 63. As you sit here today do you recall the exact words of Dr. Murray.


Would it referesh your memory to look at the transcript?

Page 63, line 22. Is that referencing, dr M speaking?

Objecton sustained. about referencing room 2 minutes.

JP: Reask.

After Dr. Murray, after he returned from his 2 minute absence. <-? qu/a?
He says that he was stunned to see that Mr. J was not breathing, because he was looking for breathing motions.

Please look at transcript pg 62 line 22...
What did he say?

He was stunned to see that he wasn’t breathing, because he always looked at his chest and his diaphramatic motion.

What was the first thing he said he did, once he noticed MJ was not breating?

He started chest compressions.
And according to Dr. Murray, what else did he do?

Mouth to mouth.

And according to Dr. M, where was Mr. J. ? He was still in bed.

Did he switch back to checst compressions.
He described that he had one hand under his back suppoting his back. and the other hand on top of his chest.

Did he explain why he didn’t move MJ to the floor?

He said he could not move him to the floor by himself.

6 ft 5” 22o pounds

How much did jackson weigh?

obj sustained.

At this point in time, in the interview, did Dr. M offer a reason why he did not call the 911 operator. He said he was carrying for his patien and did want to interrupt it.

However, he did say he

Did he tell you afterward, he did take time to make a phone call. ? Yes.

Just prior to making this phone call, did he tell you he was holding thephone and making 1 handed chest compressions.

He said he called Mr. Williams to call security, and to send them right away.

Did h say why he din’t ask them to911 right away, because the would ask what this was about and (this would nterfere with is care???)

Then he injected MJ with tomazapil. .2 mil (he gave)

At some point, did he leave the room and go out on the landing area.
He left the patient to go go to the landing and went down to the chef, said to the chef, I have an emergency send security up.

Did at somepoint did Dr. M acknowledge the entrance of Mr. Alvarez to the room?

Yes, MJ was still on the bed.

And according to Dr M, at somepoint he asked Mr alverez to call 911, Yes
And at some point did the paramedice arrive? yes.

Now, dring this inteview, how long did the interview last? about 1/2 hour

How many pages of transcrpt do you have? onehundred 30..

could it have been longer? Can I refresh my memory?

Does it reflect a start and end time? Yes it does.

He looks at transcript.

Acording to the times say in the microphone., it would be 20 minutes.

Inteview beginning 4:02. He thinks he may have misstated the time.

During this interview, Did Dr. M indicate he said he used during the juen of 6 25. He said at the most 3.

At some point did you being questioning Dr. M where his equipment or drugs were located? yes.

Did you ahve him describe various bags he used in treating MJ?

As him where the bags were located Yes.

Did he seem surprised to you? Yes.

did he seem to think you had already recovered those bags?

Yes he did.

did he then tell you where tey were located? Yes.

Describes the cubby in the closet. (cabinetry)

Is that were the three various bags and ziplock baggies were located? yes it is.

At any point during this inteview did he indicate that he used lidocaine as quote and quote antiburn when using propofol? Yes.

Did he tell you any proportion, or did he say he just diluted it with lidocaine? He said he just diluted it.

Did you ask for medical records? Yes.

Did he ever provide medical records for his care of MJ at 100 Carolwood?

Objection. sustained

Walgren: May we approach your honor?

Bench confenrence.

have you ever seen, medical records of Dr. Murray in the care of MJ at the carolowood residence? No

did he ever say he made phone calls during the care of MJ /No he did not
did he ever say he sent and received text messages while caring for MJ?
No he did not

At some point, did Dr. M indicate reference that he had requested an autopsy be performed? Yes.

Did you follow up with richelle cooper, She said that she would not and did not ask Dr. M to sign a death certificate and that was her call.


Chernoff. You left out a lot in your dicussion.

In fact the conversation was about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The time on the transcrpt said 20 minutes. I didnot note the correct start and end time.
Well, I was there with you and it seemed a lot longer for me.

Did you read the transcript. Yes I did.
It was hopefully ver batim? Yes.
It was put together by internal affaris? Yes.

Did you read that before testifying today ?

I did.

We will get into the specifics.

Lets talke about how all this all transpired.

You said that Dr. Pena called.

On thursday and on friday, he texted Dr. Murry and finally got a call back.

hypothetical that he arrived at hospital at 4 pm. did you know that dr. Murray was still there?

He first talked to to ? and ? and they couldn’t find them at that time.

You do know that Dr. M made a statement there at the hospital (vershinko and binky) ???/ what? that he had given MJ a sedative.

That he told htem at that time at the hospitll Porche and Binky? Did they tell you that he had made a statement? They were not there to take a statement.

He left a voice (and text?) with dr. M.

Found out that Dr. M. was in housto Tx. That he has an officei n Houston, Tx.

Then he told you that right?
Do you remember him saying that we should meet at 2 pm? We said 2, but you moved it to 4 pm. Do you remember that?

Prior to interviewing Dr. M you and scott smith had been doing some investigation. Is that correct? yes.

You had already spoken to faheem
You had already spoken to alvarez.

You had seen syringes and knew about bottles, and scott smith had attended the autopsy, correct? Yes.

You had spken to rosylin mohamend the nanny, yes.

You had spoken to paramedics, doctors?

I think I had spoken to the head nurse.
You do recall speaking to the housekeepers. Yes.

And you had all that info before speaking to Dr. M.

It was your interview? correc.t

Dr. M didn’t refuse to answer anyquestions did he?

In fact, I asked you, is that all you wanted to talk about? is that right?


You choose the questions you wanted to talk about. correct.

You said that Dr. M. didn’t mention any phone calls .

Othe rthan Michael Amir.

You didn’t ask anything about phone calls or emails. You subpoeneaded phone records a week later?

So you’re not suggesting that Dr. Mr lied, you jsut didn’t aks him.

I didn’t ask him.

Now asking about the autopsy . ...
You told Dr. Murray tha YOu ahd heard that he had requested an autopsy.

You have no reason to believe that Dr. Murray didn’t ask for an autopsy.

According to Dr. cooper, he did not.

But not according to other sources...?
but the other source was dr. Murray.

Detecives Porche and Binky, said he requested an autopsy, but that info came from Dr. Murray, not other sources. (ans)

Lets talk about the days preceeding June 25th, lets talk about the months preceeding.

Now talking about the offering a job on the THIS IS IT tour.
do you recall that Dr. Murray told you about a period of time and that MJ called Dr. M in order to obtain a Doctor that would provide MJ with propofol, Dr. David Adams. That other doctor was david adams.

Offered both the job? ??? Dr. Adams had given propofol?

You have implied in front of the job, Dr. M was hired to give propofol.

JP tone it down please.

Dr. M said, he did not sign up for this. Isn’t that what Dr. M told you.

I’m just answering the question.s Well, now you’re answering mine. (EC)

You do recall Dr. M was worried aobut MJ use of this propofol. yes.
And you do recall Dr. M saying he needed to find a way to get him off of this. ? Yes.

he said that he first started to give MJ propofol, becuase he was worried about this tour and he could sleep and that MJ convinced Dr. M to give him this propofol.

I don’t remember the word convinced.
He had a nickname for lidocaine. He called it his anti-burn. And Dr. David Adams said he called it that too.
And he called it his “milk.”

And Dr. M said that MJ knew all about propofol? Yes, that’s what he said.

This interview happened 2 days after his death. Yes.

Dr. Murray told you MJ often asked if he could push in the propofol himself.

DW: page reference please?

page 44 transcript.

Does that refresh your recollection, Yes.
Dr M told you that MJ told Dr. J that he wanted to push the medication in himself. but Dr. M told you that he wouldnt’ let MJ do that.


Dr. Murray told you that he was trying to wean MJ off of the drug. Yes.

And that he gave him 1/2 his amount. On the last day.

But that’s not the first time, that he had given him 1/2 the amount.

He told ou that three days prior, he gave MJ 1/2 that amount.

I recall him saying that he gave him a lesser amt, I don’t recall him saying he gave him 25 mg.
And he said that on the day before, he said taht Dr. Murray gave him no propofol? I don’t recall this.

And that the next day, that Dr. M was going to try this again. Was going to try to wean him off of propofol, and he told him of the other drugs he gave MJ. Yes.

Which you now know that he gave MJ. that’s what he told me.

And that MJ said. It’s 3 days out from my tour. I have to get some sleep.

Is that what Dr. Murray told you?

And Dr. Murray NEVER told you, that he never gave MJ a drip, on the 25th.

I need a page number (ans). Page 62, quesiton line 15 through 17...

What he told you there, was the prior .

He told you that normally. “I don’t see the word normally.”

That’s you testimony today? that Dr. M told you he gave MJ a drip on June 25th?

yes, that’s my understanding.

In this cronology, when was this created? I created this to give to the dept. coroner, as to when Dr. Murray stated he gave the specific drugs and the amount.

Do you mremeber conversations of witnessed arrest was? Not the definition no I don’t recall that.

I remembe dr murry saying that he said it had just happened. And ..
Def question I miss

page reference please...(DW)

Page 74 (EC)

Looks like we’re going to 4:15 pm.

He says that he witnessed in regards that he had not been gone long from the bed, and not that he witnessed it occur. Correct.

EC asks for a moment.

You were aware are you that the coroner why you were doing investigation, the coroner was doing their own investigation.? (??)
They were talking to witness and so were you.

Did you have an occasion to talk to any doctors or did you. obj sustained.

Heres my question. Did you take the information abut Dr. M past information about past drug use. Obj beyond the scope.

The skin lotion that you found was that benoquin?

the Iv for hydration, he also said what he gave you was saline? Yes.

You said you aksed hte dr if there were any medical bags at the residence.
You went back to the residence? Yes.

to look for these items

And you found these items in exactly this place that dr M said that you would find them. correct.

pass, hold on. One second.
that’s it.


Mr. chernoff asked about this incident in March 2009, relayed about Dr. Mark burg via Dr. Adams, supposedly MJ was given propofol,

In whos office was MJ was given propofol? Dr. Murray’s.

And that’s because in his office he had a crash cart. and oxygen there at his office? (Other iem.. puls oxyometer? ) at the office? Yes.
RECROSS chernoff? No.

Judge asks to see the attorneys at sidebar.

Sound is off. We kon’t know what time. Judge is off the bench.


Deputy calls

9:15 am tomorrow.


KZ said...

Sprocket/ CaliGirl,
Well, that explains why I haven't been able to find journal articles about the ratios in post mortem sampling methods for propofol in avascular fluids! It's proprietary! Ha!
But I came up with some of the same conclusions about the gastric contents that she did, so I must be barking up the right tree after all. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see another familiar name from the Spector case with Jamie Lindemuth. Even in a large department, there are certain "experts" who repeat in different cases.


Anonymous said...

What's your conclusion KZ? ~ReCe~

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for providing these invaluable reports, Sprocket. As heartbreaking as they are to read through, we all need to know what happened in order to find some sense of closure. Dee x

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for tracking this testimony, Sprocket. It's much more complex and complete than the mainstream media is reporting, and much more tragic, too, whatever the final outcome.

Anonymous said...

The final outcome is going to be that Dr.Murray will serve 4 years in prison if convicted. Nothing else to add to that.. 4 years! Hardly long enough to even annoy the good doc. Why even waste $$ on a trial when the outcome is only 4 years? I don't understand that..