Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bette Midler set for HBO's Phil Spector telefilm

The LA Times is reporting that Bette Midler has joined the cast of HBO's telefilm of Phil Spector's murder trial, directed by David Mamet. Midler will play defense attorney Linda Kenny Baden. Interesting casting choice.


Nora said...

Bette Midler is good casting for that role.

Anonymous said...

When I got that email I did not open it, I was in a hurry and just assumed she would play Ms Abramson! They certainly look more alike than any two non-related people could. Now I wonder about this movie....will it spend that much time on the trial? Baden was not part of the trial where the conviction happened. Maybe this is to be a mini-series?
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

After watching Linda Kinney Baden comment today on the Casey Anthony trial, I agree that Bette Midler is a good choice.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I read that Jeffrey Tambor has signed on to play Bruce Cutler. As far as physical characteristics, I see Tambor more suited for playing Judge Fidler.

One article I read stated that the movie would focus on the "relationship between Spector and Linda Kenney Baden". WT? . . .??? That is an odd angle (and relationship) to focus on, IMO. Hopefully Bette will give Ms LKB a little more "life" or else the viewers are going to fall asleep. I can't help but picture LKB up there during closing arguments, reading directly from her big 'ol 3-ring binder, droning on. Z-z-z-z.

Since the film seems to be centered around the 1st trial (most likely because there are certainly an abundance of interesting characters and events that took place the 1st go around - - and I can't imagine watching 2 hours of the Weinberg character tipping back in his chair while thumbing his lips non-stop), I'm wondering if they'll conclude with a hung jury and then cut to a small summation at the end - stating that PS was eventually found guilty at the 2nd trial. Or they'll just end it with a guilty verdict.

Perhaps Rachelle has here fingers crossed that she'll get asked to play herself in the film. You know she does have "acting" credits on her resume. With her radio gigs, music video, singing, wig styling, pilot, PI license, etc - she's a plethora of talent. I'm sure she'd love nothing better than to "hump" Al Pacino's leg for the cameras.
Thanks for the updates - "my 2 cents"

Sprocket said...

I think the producers would conclude that Rachelle looks to old to play herself.

Personally, I am not that interested in this production because I believe, from my memory, it was the screenwriter for this project....damn I can't think of who that is at the moment Sondr... something???? said he didn't pay attention to the trials, didn't watch the first trial on TV and thought Spector was "innocent."

To me, that's just irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article in the June 11 issue of Slate.com where Mr. Mamet gives an interview about Sarah Palin. During the beginning he does talk about his making of the PS movie. I knew he leaned towards his being NG, but I was shocked to read he felt PS wouldn't have been indicted if he was a regular citizen. I wonder if the Clarkson civil suit attorneys are keeping abreast of this movie? Even on the tiniest level since it could possibly air before a civil trial would take place? I can't imagine how their client's daughter is going to be either portrayed or spoken about in it.

Just a thought, instead of taking only an interest in showing PS relationship with Mrs. Baden he should take a few minutes and get to know the victim according to the laws and State of California Lana Clarkson.

I do worry how he will portray (if he does) the 1101B witnesses that were not only affected earlier in their lives as victims of PS pattern of behavior as established by the state, but who had to endure 2 trials and possibly a third civil trial. Then again maybe this is just a tender touching movie about LKB acting as his attorney and PS as her client!It seems kind of a waste of time to make such a movie on that subject alone.

Where can Mr. Mamet be getting his information from to make this movie with any accuracy or personal detail cncerning PS, LKB or Lana Clarkson?