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There are two cases against Park on this page. This page will be periodically updated. Sprocket
Last update: 06/18/18 12:30pm PT.
Fraud Case BA425397 (Park) and BA435339
(Munir Uwaydah, et. all & Tatiana Arnold et. all)
On September 14, Kelly Soo Park was arrested. Park was one of 14 other defendants indicted in a 150 million insurance fraud, patient scam conspiracy. As of 10/6/15, the DA's office states Uwaydah is not in custody. Additionally, defendant Wendee Luke is believed to be living in Estonia.

BA425397 [Uwaydah et. al]
1. Munir Uwaydah (defendant still at large)
2. Paul Turley - LASD Booking # 4443122
3. Maria Turley (wife to Paul) - LASD #4443148 - Out on Bond
4. Marisa Schermbeck-Nelson - LASD #4444153 - CHARGES DISMISSED
5. Peter Nelson (husband to Marisa) - LASD #4444134
6. David Johnson - Out on own recognizance
7. Leticia Alvarez Lemus - LASD #4445554 - Out on Bond
8. Jeff Stevens - LASD #4444131
9. Wendee Luke (daughter of Terry; still at large)
10. Kelly Park - LASD Booking # 444396 - Out on Bond
11. Ron Case - LASD #4443996

BA435339 [Arnold et. al]
Tatiana Torres Arnold - LASD #4443057 - Out on Bond
Terry Luke (father of Wendee) -LASD #4443120 - Out on Bond
Tony Folgar - LASD #4444754
Yolanda Groscost - LASD #4444094 - Out on Bond

DDA Dayan Mathai 
DDA Catherine Chon
DDA Karen Nishita 
DDA Kennes Ma
Defense Counsel (as of 9/25/15 hearing)
 If defense counsel changes, I will update as soon as I know.  Sprocket.
Munir Uwaydah: (defendant still at large)
Paul Turley: Ariel Newman & Benjamin Gluck
Maria Turley:  Vicki Podberesky
Marisa Nelson: Robert Hill, DPD or/ Amy Jacks & Rueven Cohen - CHARGES DISMISSED
Peter Nelson: Louis Shapiro
David Johnson: Amanda R. Touchton
Leticia Lemus: Anthony Brooklier
Jeff Stevens: Richard Moss & William Flemming
Wendee Luke: (defendant still at large)
Kelly Park: George Buehler & Mark Kassabian
Ron Case: Vito Caruso, Dep. Alt. Pub. Defender
Tatiana Torres Arnold: Ellyn S. Garofalo
Terry Luke: (female defense attorney as of 2/5/16)
Tony Folgar: (new counsel possibly Issacs & Nixon as of 2/5/16)
Yolanda Groscost: Joel M. Athey & Vince Farhat

Other Counsel Appearing on 9/25/15
I believe these attorneys appeared under Penal Code 23
Board of Chiropractic Examiners: Deputy Atty G., Elyse M. Davidson
The Physician's Assistant Board: Deputy Atty G., Peggie Bradford Tarwater,
The State of California Medical Board: Deputy Atty G., Richard D. Marino

Also on 9/25/15, there were additional counsel who asked to be heard/represented on bail only for several clients.

09/15/15 Kelly Soo Park Arrested by DA's Office
09/25/15 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Pretrial Hearing 1
10/05/15 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Pretrial 2; Folgar Bail Hearing 
10/06/15 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Pretrial 3; Park Bail Hearing 
10/08/15 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Pretrial 3, Part II
10/15/15 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Pretrial 4  
10/20/15 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Update - Bail Status of Defendants
01/14/16 & 2/5/16 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case & Franklin Hearings 
02/18/16 Kelly Soo Park Fraud Case Pretrial 5 
04/15/16 Kelly Soo Park Case Update
04/20/16 Kelly Soo Park Bonds Out

LA County DA Office Press Release on Case
People's Opposition to Reduced Bail BA425397
People's Opposition to Reduced Bail BA435339
People's Motion to Disqualify Defense Counsel

Mainstream Media Reports
09/15/15 CBS/AP - VIDEO Dr. Charged in 150 Million Insurance Scheme 
09/17/15 Slate - Orthopedic Medicare Fraud 
09/25/15 LA Times - Judge calls operations by non-surgeon "horrible"
09/25/15 Yahoo News/AP - Unlicensed Worker Did Surgeries
09/25/15 - KPCC - Unlicensed Worker Did Surgeries in Scam
09/29/15 LA Times - You Idiots! What Did You Do? - Uwaydah/Park Case Coverage

Older News Stories
09/09/2010 LexusNexus - Dr. Munir Uwaydah's Medical License Status

Related Murder Trial Civil Case
LA Times: Woman Acquitted in Murder Trial May Sue Police

US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit Ruling

Murder Trial
People of the State of CA v. Kelly Soo Park
Case No: BA361202

Victim: Juliana Redding
Defendant: Kelly Soo Park
Defense: Geroge Buehler & Mark M. Kassabian
Prosecution: Stacy Okun-Wiese
Prior prosecutors for pretrial motions: Alan Jackson, Eric Harmon
Ronnie Wayne Case -- Park's boyfriend at the time of the murder and arrested with her. The DA's office chose not to press charges against Case.
Tom Chronister -- Park's husband (married after arrest),  former Oxnard Police Department Patrol Watch Commander
Gregory Redding -- Juliana's father
Patricia Redding -- Juliana's mother
Dr.Munir Uwaydah -- Park's employer.  Believed to have been involved in widespread worker's compensation insurance fraud.  Was going to go into business with Juliana's father, Gregory Redding, via a chain of pharmacies.  The deal fell through five days before the murder.

Juliana Redding was found in her bedroom beaten and strangled on March 15th or 16th, 2008. Kelly Soo Park was arrested for her murder on June 17, 2010.

Kelly Soo Park is accused of 187 felony murder in the beating and strangling death of Juliana Redding in her Santa Monica apartment, March 16th, 2008.  The prosecution contends that Redding did not know Park and their only connection is a Dr. Munir Uwaydah, who Park worked for in some capacity.  Within 48 hours of Park's arrest, Dr. Uwaydah fled the country.  He is believed to be living in Lebanon. 

06/05/13 Former DDA Alan Jackson Comments & Reader Poll
06/08/13 Park Trial Synopsis: Part I 
06/14/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part II, Witnesses 1-10 
06/16/13 Park Trial Jury Instructions
06/17/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part II, Witnesses 11-18
06/21/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part II, Witnesses 19-21
06/22/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part II, Final Pros. & Def. Witnesses
06/29/13 Kelly Soo Park Case Exhibits 
07/04/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part III, Prosecution Opening Argument
07/12/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part III, Defense & Pros. Closing Argument
08/08/13 Park Trial Synopsis Part III, Additional Arguments to Jury
11/23/13 Part Trial Synopsis Part IV, Non-Admitted Evidence, Pretrial Motions 
01/15/14 Kelly Soo Park Sues Santa Monica Police Department 
01/20/14 Kelly Soo Park Sues Detective Karen Thompson, SMPD - The Complaint

05/13/2013 Day 1: Jury Selection Begins
05/14/2013 Day 2: Jury Selection Finishes 
05/15/2013 Day 3: Pretrial Motions & Opening Statements 
05/15/2013 Day 3: Part II (Afternoon Session)
05/16/2013 Day 4: Prosecution Testimony Continues
05/16/2013 Day 4 Part II (Afternoon Session)
05/17/2013 Day 5 Prosecution Testimony Resumes
05/17/2013 Day 5 Part II (Afternoon Session)
05/18/2013 Kelly Soo Park Q & A 
05/20/2013 Day 6 Prosecution Testimony Continues
05/22/2013 Day 7 Defense Testimony Continues 
05/23/2013 Day 8 Jury Verdict Watch - Day 1
05/24/2012 Day 9 Jury Verdict Watch - Day 2
05/24/2012 Kelly Soo Park Q & A II 
05/28/2012 Day 10 Jury Verdict Watch Day 3
05/29/2013 Day 11 Jury Verdict Watch Day 4
05/30/2013 Day 12 Jury Verdict Watch Day 5 
05/31/2013 Day 13 Jury Verdict Watch Day 6 
06/03/2013 Day 14 Jury Verdict Watch Day 7
06/04/2013 Day 15 Jury Verdict Watch Day 8

05/20/2011 James Fayed Penalty Phase Day 1
06/30/2011 Stephanie Lazarus Pretrial Hearing 5 & Kelly Soo Park
03/12/2012 Going to Court: Pretrial Hearings 
04/16/2012 Kelly Soo Park Changes Counsel
07/11/2012 Going To Court: Gerhard Becker, Kelly Soo Park & Lonnie Franklin, Jr.
10/02/2012 Cameron Brown Third Trial, #3 & Kelly Soo Park News
10/17/2012 Kelly Soo Park: Pretrial #7
10/24/2012 Kelly Soo Park:  #8; Lonnie Franklin, Jr, Pretrial #3
11/27/2012 Kelly Soo Park: Pretrial 9
02/28/2013 Kelly Soo Park: Pretrial 10 
05/02/2013 Kelly Soo Park Update 11
05/08/l2013 Kelly Soo Park Case: A Note to T&T Readers
05/10/2013 Kelly Soo Park Pretrial 12, Part I



Kelly Soo Park Trial Exhibit List 
Grand Jury Exhibit List
Jury Instructions
Def. Opposition to Motion in Limine to Exclude Evidence of Third Party Culpability
Pros. Opposition to Def. Motion to Dismiss Charges Based on Alleged Outrageous Government Misconduct 
Pros. Opposition to Def. Motion to Compel Pretrial Discovery of Notes and Reports Regarding M.A.
Def. Motion to Exclude References to Prescription Drugs Found During Defendant's Arrest
Def. Motion to Exclude Graphic and Prejudical Photographs of Decedent 
Def. Motion to Exclude Evidence of Fraud or Business Wrongdoing
Def. Motion to Compel Pretrial Discovery Of Reports Regarding Ronnie Case 
People's Opposition to Def. Request to Grant Use Immunity to Melissa Ayala 
Defense Motion to Continue (Delay the trial.)
Def. Supplemental Memorandum In Support Of Admissibility of John Gilmore's Other Acts 
Def. Brief: RE: Admission of M.A.'s Statement Under Evidence Code 1230
People's Opposition to Defense Motion to Exclude Crime Scene and Autopsy Photographs
Def. Motion in Limine to Exclude References to: Allegations of Illegal Activities of Uwaydah, Investigations of Uwaydah, Uwahdah's Departure From US 
Def. Opposition to Motion to Admit Evidence of Other Conduct
Def. Motion in Limine to Exclude References to "James Bond" Girl
Def. Declaration of Mark Kassabian in Support of Kelly Soo Park's Supplemental Memorandum in Support of Admissibility of John Gilmore's Other Acts
Audio Transcript of Search Warrant for Park's Fingerprints
Charging Document & Statement of Probable Cause
People's Request for Court Inquiry (partial document)
People's Opposition Motion to Compel Discovery
People's Motion to Admit Other Conduct
People's Supplemental Application
Signed Conflict of Interest Waiver by Parks

Mainstream Media Verdict Coverage
Video of reading of verdict via NBC 4
DA Jackie Lacey's Statement on People v. Park Verdict
KCAL 9 News Reading of Verdict with gallery outbursts 
LA Times Jack Leonard Summary of the Trial

Initial Mainstream Media Coverage
LA Weekly
06/21/2010 Woman charged for alleged murder of Juliana Redding
04/2011 Desert Living Today Story 
10/19/2012 ABC News The Life of an Alleged Female Enforcer
10/19/2012 CBS News Legal Wrangling Delays Trial 
05/08/2013 Fox News Video Report- Pretrial Hearing

Los Angeles Times 
03/16/2008 Juliana Redding Homicide Report
06/22/2010 Arrests made in 2008 slaying of aspiring actress
06/26/2010 Alleged payments investigated in the slaying of Juliana Redding
07/07/2010 Judge freezes bank accounts of three people
10/17/2012 Suspect in Model's Murder Was Muscle For Doctor
12/05/2010 Detectives Say Santa Monica Actress Dialled 911 Before Killed

TruTv Crime Library
Beyond 90 - Juliana Murder Coverage
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