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Closing Arguments: James Fayed Murder-For-Hire Trial

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I’m inside Department 109, waiting for closing arguments to begin. The DATELINE camera crew is already set up. Judge Kennedy has some other case, because there are quite a few people here that appear to be here for other cases.

Scott, his wife, Dawn and Gretta are already. here. At 8:55 am Pamela Fayed’s daughter Desiree enters and hugs her uncle, Scott.

8:56 am DDA Alan Jackson enters and shakes Scott’s hand.

A friend of Desiree, the young man I saw on day one enters and sits beside her.

Jackson speaks to a few other counsel already in the well. One of the attorney’s is an interesting looking fellow with dark skin, graying hair a bit long in the back. He’s got a bit of a belly and from here it looks like he has cowboy boots on. He moves around the well a bit, but I don’t think it’s nervous movement; maybe just impatience. He goes over to speak to the bailiff, Shawn.

My friends Katie and Lisa arrive to hear Jackson present closing arguments. Katie brought her daughter. The short haired public defender I say days ago is here. The courtroom is almost full, but I don’t know if they are all here to listen to closings. Greg Fisher from CBS is here and Marjorie Hernandez from the Ventura Co. Star was here long before me. When I came in, I went to the other end of the courtroom to say hello. I would have sat next to her but the DATELINE camera crew took the other outlet plug and I forgot to bring a power strip. So, I’m down by the other outlet near the courtroom door.

There’s a young man and woman, dressed like they might be with the DA’s office who are trying to find a better place to sit. They squeeze into the second row new where the cameraman has set up.

A curly-haired blond woman attorney in a rust sweater and flower-print skirt goes into the gallery to speak to a black woman with her hair braided in many tiny corn braids pulled into a ponytail. The attorney asks her if she’s ready for trial. I believe she says “Yes.”

A black defendant is brought in wearing a blue jumpsuit. I'm wondering if this is the case that all the attorneys are here for.

9:12 am: Mark Werksman enters. Bailiff calls court in order.

Judge Kennedy takes the bench.

JK: C. Byers.

Defense asking to put this order over to next week, 0-10.

JK: Mr. Byers, do you agree to waive time?

Prosecution agrees. So ordered. Defendant taken back into the holding cell area.

Judge Kennedy is off the bench. Some conferences are going on with gallery parties and attorney's in the antechamber of the courtroom.

The short-haired female public defender goes over to briefly speak to Mark Werksman. My guess at this point is she represents Jose Moya.

Jackson greets a pretty, tiny woman in the gallery and they chat for a moment. Now he's back in the well, speaking to the two young people who found a seat in the second row.

All these attorney's are waiting for something. Is it a defendant to be brought out? ???

An attorney in the well goes over to greet Mr. Worksman.

Lori Clerk: Lori? Shawn?

Bailiff: Court in session!

Judge Kennedy takes the bench.

A whole group of people are called to the well. The blond is a DDA on the case. One of the attorney's is standing in for another defense attorney.

Ms. Allen is the DDA. Someone is there representing herself. There is a defendant in custody. I just saw him brought in. Hold over case until July 12th, and Judge asks if everyone agrees.

JK: Counsel join?

Pat Kelly from the PIO enters at 9:23 am.

The case is held over and all these people leave the courtroom.

Judge Kennedy asks about another matter, "Curtis matter?"

Pat Dixon enters the courtroom for a moment then leaves. One of the defense attorneys from the other case shook hands with him before he left. Pat Kelly goes down to speak to the camera crew. Steve Meister finally arrives and enters the well and sits in his usual seat at the very end of the defense table.

Mr. Dixon comes back in and sits down directly to my right. He has an Amazon Kindle in a leather case that he starts up and starts to scroll through.

9:28 am. Still no sign of when they will be starting closing arguments. A very pretty woman that I've seen several times before comes in at greets Scott Goudie. She then sits beside me and I ask if she's with the DA's office. She says, "No, I'm with the State's Attorney's office."

I ask her why she is sitting in on the trial. She indicates that the State Attorney wanted her to sit in on the trial.

9:33 am: We’re still waiting. Jessica who I met last week from DATELINE is here. She is off to my left speaking with an attractive young man who is probably also from DATELINE. Pat Kelly is in the well speaking to the court clerk Lori for a moment.

Pat Kelly is giving the handsome DATELINE young man an outline as to how the day will go and how long jury instructions will take.

The gallery is very chatty.

Judge Kennedy takes the bench again.

On record on case with Fayed. Lori has told me about a couple of things are unclear from the record. People’s exhibits 153 & 154 redacted CD and transcript. Just want to make it clear that those items are moved into evidence.

Werksman objects, but Kennedy overrules.

Werksman tries to get Exhibit A modified into evidence as A1, modified.

People agree that it is what we discussed and agreed upon last week.

Are they any other matters that we need to put on the record?

JK: We were missing one juror last we checked.

Shawn: More than one.

JK: Lori, could you go out and check and see how we are doing?

Lori leaves to check on jurors.

Lori: Your honor, we are missing juror #1 and 9, so I’m going to call them again.

Two people slip in just now and sit in the back row.

A huge sound emits from over by the camera crew and the deputy Shawn gives a hard look over in that direction.

Lori on phone, Juror #1 is there in the hallway.

Shawn is speaking to another juror, and I hear him say, “So, you are about 15 minutes away? Okay. Get here as soon as you can.”

A group leaves.

A tall dark haired man who came in with Pat Dixon gets up and tells Mr. Dixon that our jurors are 15 minutes away. He then heads into the well to speak to Harmon and Jackson. Dixon comments that it would take that long to get back upstairs and back. I smile. “With these elevators, your right,” I say to him.

Dixon gets up and speaks to Jackson. He then comes back to his seat, picks up his Kindle and leaves. Pat Kelly is speaking to the young attractive DATELINE (male) reporter again.

Now we are left with just a few public, reporters and the family members in the court.

One of the cameramen comes over to speak to Jessica.

9:47 am. Still lots of chatter and movement in the well and the gallery. More attorneys come in and stop at the clerk Lori’s desk.

Another defendant is brought in. He’s wearing a blue jumpsuit. Judge Kennedy is wearing a dark blue blouse that looks like it sparkles when she walks from her chambers. It’s quite nice. This defendant’s matter is held over until Wednesday, the 18th.

Judge Kennedy addresses the room and says, “Apparently, we are still missing one juror,” and then she leaves the bench.

Another reporter from DATELINE who was in court the last few days comes in and sits next to Jessica. She then gets up to speak to the bailiff.

I’m hearing whispers that jury instructions may go first. Greg Fisher and the reporter who I don’t know her name are talking. A female attorney comes in and speaks to Lori. The other group of attorney’s that are here observing reenter the courtroom.

I chat with the attorney next to me about the case. He didn’t know much about it.

JK: Back on the record. Are we ready to bring the jurors back in?

Both counsel agree. Jurors file in. Fayed is brought in. Same brown suit, yellow/rust striped tie and yellow shirt.

At this point we are at the time where we are going to instruct you on the laws of this case.

Given a printed copy of the instructions and law requires that she read the instructions to you.

Judge Kennedy goes over how it will go and starts with the jury instructions.

I will not transcribe all the jury instructions, just what I might hear is noteworthy regarding the death penalty charge.

I will note that Judge Kennedy still appears to be dealing with a cold. She has coughed a few times while reading the instructions. Pat Dixon is back and sitting in the gallery in the seats off to the left just behind the bailiff's box.

Judge Kennedy coughs again at one point and says, "Let me start again."

The attorney next to me asks if Fayed testified in his own defense. I shake my head no.

Judge Kennedy is now reading the instruction for murder. Now she's on conspiracy to commit murder. I take my first peek over at the jurors. they are intently reading their copies of jury instructions.

Judge now reading the alleged "overt acts" of the actual murder and afterwards involving the rented red SUV Suzuki.

Fayed looks straight ahead or looks off to his left. He doesn't look over at the jury at all. His head is often tilted to his left. Now, he slowly swivels his chair left to right. Maybe it's a calming movement; maybe it's a nervous rocking of his chair back a tiny bit back and forth.

10:45 am: Jackson's longtime companion, Lisa quietly enters the courtroom and sits in the third row.

Judge Kennedy is now going over premeditation instructions.

Now going over how to use the verdict forms and fill them out in order.

Now going over the special circumstances of financial gain and lying in wait.

The podium is turned now to face the jurors. I’m hoping were are close to the end of instructions. It’s 4 minutes until 11 am.

Done for now, but more to come after closing.

Judge Kennedy asks for counsel at sidebar.

Yes, Judge Kennedy’s blouse. It is a very sparkly scoop necked deep royal blue blouse. It might be tiny silver sequins on her blouse.

The jury looks a bit restless. Some of them in the back row look at the gallery.

10:59 am: Sidebar over.

JK: One of the jury instructions refers to preponderance of the evidence, that is not in your packets. Going to define that for you, and then add it to your packets when you go for deliberations.


Power point presentation. Dim lights please.
Good morning.

When thinking about this case over the weekend something dawned on me. And that is this in light there are moments that evidently define it.

There are other moments that determine who we are that who are make up (us?). These are moments that define us.

Example of promotion at work, company car, pension plan, more money, more exposure. But in order to get that, there is a cost. You might have to throw a coworker under the bus, or (another example).

That’s a defining moment.

Lets say, you go to restaurant. And there’s a wad of cash under the table. And the family that just used table looked like they were of modest means.

You can return the money, or stay quiet. These are defining moments. What do you do? What do you do?

Lets say you own a company. A multibillion (community property?) company, at least in the latter years. Lets say that man is going through a bitter divorce. And that wife is set to take one-half of the assets and that the government is looking at the company...

Defining moment. What does he do? How does he solve his problems?
James Fayed made his choice very clearly. James Fayed had a defining moment.

And what he decided to do, is hire an hit man, to stalk and prey on his own wife. And he ultimately paid this person to slit her throat, in a lonely parking garage somewhere in Century City, and in so choosing, he left a family sister-less, he left two beautiful daughters motherless and left a gaping hole in our community.

His was one of the greatest betrayals that could ever be committed, of love, matrimony, parenthood. His was a betrayal of the fabric of humanity.

James Fayed believed his life would be considerably more convenient if Pamela Fayed would be dead. So in that moment he looked inside himself and made a decision, and he revealed to you who he really is. A homicidal coward who pays others to do his dirty work. But make no mistake; Pamela Fayed’s blood is on his hands as if he had wielded that blade against her throat, himself.

When he waked into this court three weeks ago he was cloaked in the presumption of innocence. ut that cloak has ben shed and he stands before you, guilty of murdering Pamela Fayed. Guilty of conspiring to murder Pamela Fayed and the special circumstances of that murder are true.

I’m going to talk about the evidence (in this case). And the law. That doesn’t come from me, but that comes from the court.

Text is up on the overhead screen and Jackson discusses the law.

First of all, the charges.

1. murder
(Special circumstances)
a: lying in wait
b: financial gain

2. conspiracy to commit murder

As I told you when I first walked into courtroom, the charges were the two. The second charge is conspiracy to commit the very murder of Pamela Fayed.

What is homicide? (Homicide is different that murder. Murder is unlawful, but homicide can be lawful.)

Murder is defined on screen.

Like to go through from the ground up. how the law actually defines murder.

Every person who unlawfully kills a human being.

1. A human being was killed

2. The killing was unlawful
.....not justifiable
.....not excusable

3. The killing was done with malice aforethought.

Then that is murder, plain and simple.

Lets go over #2. Homicide, as it is defined is not illegal. It’s not illegal in any state in the union. How could it not be illegal? Jackson gives an example. Let’s say you are home in bed and someone breaks into your house at night and there’s someone all cloaked in black and there’s the glint of a blade and you grab you Louisville slugger and hit him in the head, killing him.

Does everybody agree that’s homicide? Perfectly legal, self-defense. Jackson then explains accidental death.

Malice aforethought. It’s where the rubber meets the road. It’s where we have to prove (premeditation).

Malice aforethought. (Express or implied.)
Jackson give example of expressed malice. Implied malice is not applicable here. Pamela Fayed. We don’t have to guess what the killers were trying to do with Pamela Fayed. (We know.) Malice aforethought. Jurors have asked hundreds of time what that is. It simply means you have thought about it before hand. It simply means you have the mental state to kill.

Killer must weigh and balance, the pros and cons. What the benefits are, what the detriments are. (The killer doesn’t) have to contemplate over days hours and weeks. Just show that there is some prior thought.

Every single murder.
1. willful, deliberate and premeditated.
2. murder by specific means: lying in wait
3. felony murder (during the course of another crime)

Now, was it first degree or second?

Every murder in California starts off at 2nd degree. If there is something more then we have to look at the above 3 things.

Felony murder is not applicable here. There are 2 reasons this becomes 1st degree.

This murder was willful, thought out. By definition it was well thought out. It was a paid for, contract hit. This is how we know the murder of Pamela Fayed is 1st degree.
There is another association of lying in wait.

This a little bit different. This is a theory of first degree murder. If you see lying in wait, then by default, it becomes first degree. So there are two ways you get to first degree. Premeditation and lying in wait.

Jackson goes over what willful, deliberate and premeditated mean.

willful = intentional
deliberate = thought about it
premeditated = thought about it before hand

Jackson now goes over the counts James Fayed is charged with.

(count 1 murder)

Half of you could come to different conclusion as to theory of how you get to murder, but you do not have to agree as to the theory for you get to that verdict. Murder which is immediately preceded by lying in wait is murder of the first degree.

Defined as waiting and watching for an opportune time to act, together with concealment by ambush or secret design to take the person by surprise.

This case is classic, laying in wait.

Pamela was getting her keys (when she was ambushed by her killer).

Only way to get to special circumstance FINANCIAL gain.
1. murder intentionally carried out for financial gain.

2. Two things I want to mention about financial gain (above).

3. The defendant believe the victims death would result in the desired financial gain


Financial gain for ANY party (to the crime).

Of course he (Fayed) didn’t get any financial gain, he got caught! But if he THOUGHT he was going to get financial gain, then we’ve proven financial gain.

Jackson describes Pamela’s divorce attorney’s testimony where Pamela thought she was going to get half. He didn’t want to part with his money. (Fayed thought) why don’t I just kill her, Then I can get it all.

Jackson goes over #3. If anyone of the perpetrators, then they all get financial gain.

(The attorney sitting beside me leaves when Werksman makes an objection.)

JK: Do you want to be heard at sidebar?

MW: (Yes.)


Another defense attorney in the gallery gets up to leave.

It looks like the cameramen tries to zoom in on the parties at the clerks desk. Sidebar over.

The hirer or the hiree, then that is enough to establish special circumstance for financial gain. As long as he believed, that’s all we need to establish. Then that special circumstance is true.

Now explaining the special circumstance lying in wait charge.

As long as you establish in your mind there was an intentional killing, then were any coconspirators “lying in wait,” well that’s the three in the parking garage.

He (Fayed) was sitting in a room not five feet from Pamela Fayed so certainly he was concealing his participation as well. We did not charge conspiracy to kill the others, (coconspirators) the conspiracy charge is to kill Pamela Fayed. The conspiracy is merely an agreement between two or more parties. They could have completely missed killing Pamela Fayed on July 28th, and the conspiracy would still be there.

An overt act is any step taken beyond planning. It is not necessary for him to have primarily done (completed/performed) the act.

Jackson now going over the overt acts that prove the conspiracy.

1. Paid Moya 25,000
2. Person drove SUV to Watt tower parking garage
3. Person repeatedly stabbed Pamela Fayed no fewer than 13 injures; not fewer than 13 cuts or slices to her body
4. Person fled in SUV
5. Person drove SUV to Happy Camp Ranch
6. Moya returned SUV to rental company (and) had car steam cleaned

Well, those things took place after the matter. Well, those (?) don’t matter, if we’ve proven one of them, then we’ve proven all of them; and the conspiracy has been proved.

Aiding and abetting. Jackson is now explaining that Judge Kennedy talked about that in jury instructions.

Anyone who facilitates or encourages the acts. That means they are as good for the crime as any body. They are as good for the crime as anybody.

What does that mean? Well if James Fayed wasn’t in that red SUV, how can he be (guilty of conspiracy)? Because he aided and abetted.

Explains via a sample of a sidelined quarterback in a football game. Even though he (quarterback) doesn’t take part of the actual win, but he was there on the sidelines, ready to participate. (And when the team wins, he also gets a winning trophy/ring even if he didn’t play one minute of the game.)

We know that Fayed was more that simply abetting, he was the mastermind. He doesn't have to have shown up in the parking garage, as long as he was helping to facilitate the commission of the crime, (he’s guilty).

We will talk about the phone records, and that will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Although he wasn’t in the parking garage....

Jackson goes over with the jury the background evidence

All of this you already know, but lets put it in order and see how the story unfolds.

The relationship started in June 1999. Ultimately, the relationship blossomed. Pam had a daughter, Desiree from a previous marriage. James and Pamela had a daughter, Gigi. As their family grew, so did the business. The family moved fro modest means, to something of more comfort as the business grew.

James and Pamela were partners in their business Goldfinger, but it eventually became something bigger. The couple bought the Baja home. They bought Happy Camp Ranch. Ultimately, the family realizes the comfort of this gold business. Bigger, cars, hence second home, bigger family. She was officer of the company and a partner in life. This was the eBullion headquarters. This was a gold trading business and internet gold business. It was Goldfinger Gold Coin and Bullion but there were several other business: the Internet, and digital currency. (Digital currency) was the mode of currency that Fayed moved in.

(Accounts were) usually backed by gold and silver or both. (These assets are) supposed to be stored in secure vaults that hold the customers money.

On the overhead screen, Jackson shows the vaults, and shows the bullion that was brought into the company to back the accounts.

2008 Revenue 160 Million

(The couple) did enjoy the profit of tens of millions of dollars in fees to run the company. Pamela, was entitled to those profits.

James Fayed, for him it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. And that growing greed, is what established the split. It’s what established the rage, for Pamela Fayed. James Fayed was so obsessed with his profit margin and gold, it took over his family life. It started to make him distance himself.

2007, 2008 the company was doing well. But now the bright spot lights are being put on the Internet business. Pamela Fayed had a good friend Carol Neve who had a (similar) company. Her company was the focus of federal (investigation) guidelines, and her company was shut down.

Carol Neve knew you had to have a license for each state, and they are very expensive; and James Fayed didn’t have any. Goldfinger didn’t have any of these money transfer licenses. In ? it drew the attention of the federal investigation (that were currently investigating other companies). (Federal agents) believed that they had a (ring?) of several multimillion Internet money schemes.

Jackson then goes over the federal investigation and the sealed indictment, the testimony of Mark Avis. There are leaks and then there are leaks.

He (Avis) has no control of how much information is disseminated, but he knew that they both had criminal attorneys to represent their interests. Of course they knew they were under investigation. Pamela became suspicious, that things were going to collapse. But every time she bought it up, she was told we don’t need those. We don’t need to worry about it.

But the fed’s thought otherwise. And Pamela Fayed thought otherwise.

(James Fayed didn’t want to buy the money transfer licenses) because this would be money out of his pocket. Because he didn’t want the government focusing on his Internet exchange business. So no licenses, that’s it. I said it; enough said, done. Done.

Pamela Fayed wasn’t happy. Pamela Fayed was going to do something on her own. Pamela Fayed decided on her own, without permission from James Fayed she decided we are going to go get a license. Pamela withdrew $400,000, possibly twice, to go get a money license. That absolutely infuriated James Fayed. How day you go behind my back. How dare you!

That was October 6th, 2007. Three days later, James Fayed initiated the high stakes divorce. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Now, that’s war.

Think about some of the things he presented to the (divorce) court. He wanted to limit Pamela’s access to the entire company. Now she can’t even come on the premises. He said (in the divorce statements) she’s incompetent, she mismanaged company funds; possibly embezzling company (funds/assets).

She was paying for various licenses, and that’s what he was furious about. That was the very basis of his divorce statements. What James Fayed was, was incurious. He bans Pamela from the company’s premises. He’s boiling over with rage, so he bans Desiree from the company, too.

Because she’s associated and affiliated with Pam so she’s banned from the company, too. He calls her a socialite, money grubbing whore. Fayed’s thinking, I’ve been letting her get away with this shit for years and enough is enough for James Fayed.

Low and behold, February 2008 there is an indictment and James Fayed is indicted. He was enraged before, but now he’s applepletic. And, on top of all that, he finds out Pam wants to ooperate wiht authorites. He know if she does, he would be implicated.

How do we know that he knew it?

Jackson goes over the tape recording made via his cellmate, Shawn Smith. The statements on the tape are up on the overhead screen.

"No she she was runng her mouth."

"She made things up."

"She was fabricating things in her own mind."

Jackson plays Fayed on the taped recording.

And what do you think he meant when he says she’s making stupid accusations?

“She goes on the record saying this stuff.”

Fired up, Jackson says, "Who do you go on the record with? The government! (not your firends, not desiree) The government!"

At this point. it’s simply on. It’s on. So he comes up with a plan. Comes up with a scheme.

(He said on the tape)

"The last thing she should have ever done, was allow me to go out to the ranch by myself, because I got to think."

And the only other person at the ranch, was Jose Moya. Coincidence? Not by a long shot.

So he devises a plan, and wahts to pay him 25,00 0 to do ut.

JF decides to kill his wife he hries JM to do it.

He doesn’t care who he hires to do it. He says on the tape, I’m insulated. I don’t know who you sub contract wiht, but lets come up with a plan.

HE subcontacts wiht marques and simmon.s

JF hired the one he trusted. He didn’t know the other two.

I also, i have the insulation. they thefed, can’t touch me for the murder. because they don’t know me. He thinks that’s enogh, to get him off the ook.

That’s gabirel maquest. Thats teven simmons, the an with the knife.

Thesea re the peole FJ masterminded ,he hired t kill hiswife.
this was his design. this was his plan, plai nand simple.
He had a dirve who was the cotracted.
He was the lookout subcontrato and then th hired killer.

and then again. all of this in the lap of oen person

the photos of pan ead o the ground.
silently sobbin.
Desiree is sobbin i nthe coutroom, her hed own.

The murder.

There was a meeting that was scheduled. why is that important. Because that was a moment in time that JF knew exactl where JF was going to be.

How else are you going to contract? You hae to knwo whre the victim is going to be.

Youv’e got the time, the address, and all you have to do in commute that to the contractors.

9:51 amd Moya in Ventura Ca. cell phone record.
How long to get to

who left him a mesage I wonder? who left moya a message. beause jst afte 11 am in the mornign, he’s in west La.

at 2:58 in the afternon, they got to LA HOURS before, Pamela Fayed.

No. the didn’t follow her, because they predated her there.
That predates. they were lying in wait.

2:5 pm fayed calls moya. he’s about 90 seconds from walking int the door for the meeitng.

Four minutes before that, he’s on the phone with Moya the killer. Myat at the time was 1.39 miels fro m pamela.

So he’s 1.5 mie awyas. whci is aobut that thistance. whcih the crow files, jsut down the street.

Photo to shws where Jose Moya was, or the cell tower that the call bounced off of.

3:01 moya calls fabed back.

What do you think they’re dicussing.

Remember Fayed is already there. We know because he waks in the door 30 second later.

What is he saying? Where are you. whats the best way in.

Heis made his way althe way to the parking garge

3:02 fayedwalks in video of him walking i the building.

after literally after just having gotten of the phone with J Moya. Thats him with the briefcase.

Faed oens’t look at video.

move diveo of him going to elevators.

14:25 wich is 3:25 23 minuteslater, PF arrice in the parking agarage.

video of her car arriving. and ironically , 23 minutes after that, Moya pulls into the parking garage.

video of Pam coming inot the building. That’s pam geting off the elevator.


video of her walking luo some short steps.

Diesiree watche ehr mother on the vieo. her famil wath.
and you look at hte time stam its now 15:32 3:32.

more fideo id her coming into the building. at hte front desk.

Ken rubs deisreee shouldrs.

mshe makes her way to theelvators video.

and 15:48 23 minutes later, the RED Suv enters the building.

Ths is the Suv with the kilelrs in it.

How did they know where to go/think about it how did they know where to go.

JK watches the video.

morevideo of pam, video of suv, again.
that’s iple a recap to take a look at the time stapm and antoher reap of the time s tamp.

The red suv, with a used thentake a look ath this contrast.

Thin about whre tehy were. The tall buildings. The reakship to hwere Josy yol w

JF was sitting in a room, in this tower, just a few feet away.and the ohers i the parking agarage and waiting and waiting, he’s perfecting the timing of the hit.

He’s got the tool in hs hand the phone text mesagin 5:51 pm send text to fmoyd.

within smae minute retuns thetext messae

What do you thik it said
Now that you know that PF didn’t know what as coming what do you think that tet message said.

? shes coming
get ready
somethng like that.

It ould be great if e knew what that tet message siad.
because we got that blackberry.
Well never knwo, because JF deleted it.

He din’t delte everything

why did he do that? because it implicated him her her murder.

Just afew miutlter afe he send that ex.
themeting comes to a close and pamel fayed lwalkd downstiard.
shows video.
and this ladies and gentlemen, is the last anyone expcept stepeh fis and moya and maeuex will every see pfayealive.
image of her lieaving the build and wlaks to the evelator and some one kindly holds theelvato for her and she ahd to run to catch it.

se video.
she stped on the elevato the door close she got the thrid fllor, and ths is what she gets.

Desreee,d heand down ciying.

The attack.

the aftermath photos of the parmaed.s with the blood largs on he g

We know what happen she was attacked from behond.

and his si how she spent her last moments.


fighting for her lighf jsut having staf acros sfrom the man who kileld her.

bloodingrailing, bloody wall, bloody photos of he on the gorund.
and the autopsy photos of the injuries.

Desired doens’t look at screen

Her sisters try to maintin their comosue.

then the killers, are shows trying to try to get out of the garage.

Ultimately, a fingerprint was left on that ,card fro a memban who gets out of the let seet, icks it up with his left ad reached own pickup the card it doesn’t work and thats how detctive abdul figues out who the acutal killer was.

photso f vheicle leavin the garage.

the kilel lutget to a proper exit,and they tuen right exitign garage.

photo of this is the aftemath.
people scremn for her.

remember te itness form acros the street who head

the panic and saw

And this during all this when this is being taken, pamels fayed is bleeding to death yard away, he turns his bac andgoes the ooposite direction,

knwing exactly what happens hes’ the only oersn not to gravitate towards the caos. Why. Because he doen’st need to go here. He alwya knows whats hapenig.

because he paid for hwats happeng.

and what happend afterward?

Fayd and my eachtext each other 25 ties in the minutes just befoe and just afte pams murder.

teenage girls dont’ text each other like these tow wer

what could be the reason, they could be texting each other so much.

timeline on the screen.

I have to tkae abreak.

it’s 12:05 pm

Jackson goes over the timel ine. what is so important that thest wo men are awake. at so early in the morning texting each other.

Now move to the 28th. an hour efore mruder. we know whre Moya was, he had already gotten to the (murder site).

This is just boe pamela was attacked, Fayed text s moya one more time and moya retuend the mesag.e

Waht hapepnd after?
at 8:22 fayed is going crazy. He’s texting moya once, twice, within a mintue.

returns tex at 8:43 (moya does.

More texts back and forth.

again at 9:08.. and tha mesage retuend at 9:09.

Again texting at 9:11 ruen text a 9 l12.

adn 9:4.1 all of which were all unretuend.

Moya is trying to get rid of the knife, all the stuff in the car, getting rid of the coconsipriators.

And late at night, texting back and forth 25times, and what could

The investigation. We know where the motive leads us. it leads yo ustraignt to James fye he was oging thoug a high stakes divoce there was a federal invest he was enraged that he was going throug divoce, that she was acting on her ow.

we knw why it was perpetreaded. IT was an execution. It was up close and persona
who had the motive, to commit the crime this wa.

we know the mechanism. We have th car and the pole in vole.d Even the car comes back to james fayed. And the manpoerd. who ist i that isconecte d to these folks (photos of perps)

How do we know because it matches the decription of what riviera saw.

Goes over the connection between Marquez and simmons.
and how becaue Moya is dating his neice!

How are they connecte? and who are they connected to? james fayed.

Who was so happy to be left alone, to concoct this plan.

It’s a 10 mil he had 6.3 millin in gold, sitting in his livingroom folks. that valut at htelocation at the plant.
he had just htat much in bullin.

found a 20 bill shy, of 25, grand not in a bank, not in a safe, but in a ziplock back.

we know tha JF wanted Mr My dead.
thn he hand enough t put toghet another 25,00 to put together another hit?

who ahs the means to commit this kind of crime?
james Fayed. and of cour th muder plto for Jose Moya.

He wanted to supres evidne tha moya took part in it by killing moya. What better way than to order ah it man on the inside,

If you deteme that he tried to cover up that he had apart in it by trying to kill moya, that along convies.

Good time to take a break.
Alan Jackson has 15 mor minutes to go.

JK the courtreporter hasn’t had abreak since 10 am.

so, like to take th break.

see you back at 1:30 pm.

1:34 pm Judge kennedy back on the bench.

Had lunch with Lisa, Katie and her daughter Lynn.

The people are here, defendant is here.
are ready for jury?

Yes your honor. Werksman nods.

CAlling jurors for 109.

Just made it in time.
A reporter I’ve not seen before enters 109 sits to my left and knods to Meister.

Meister comes over to shake his hand.

On the reocrd.

People rep

JK : Mr. Jackson

Wer wer aout to visit the defense that was preosente in this trial.
Want to talk to you about that defense and the evidnce submitted for just a few minutes

I can best describe this as a hail mary mass.

When you’re up agains the wall, you’ve got nothing to use youer donw 40 to nonthing and your on the five yard line with eleven seconds left.

The whole world goes long and you toss one as far as you can 70 80 yards, you toss it as far as you poss can and just pray.

and they begun to call that a hail marry pass.

Hail mary of another sort. But a hail mary none the less.

After 3 years of know inthe circumstants around Pf death.. low and behod a revelation.

Comes from his own sister, thrownd is other suster undr the bus.

as if it wern’t enough he’s got an ongoin plot to kill his wife,
plot to kill other oele to cover his tracks, what the heck , elst throw oen of my ther sibling under the bus, to save my own (ass?)

Assc ot Pt she was shocked, devastad, couldnt be leive her own eyars.

She’s “close” to Pam but before, shes close, bfore
shes’ awae of bitter divorce,

she bleive Pam ma ybe “danger” but she didn’t belive Mary.

So what do I do?

Zero. I do nothing.

I’m accornidn to her, she has just heard a woman soclice for 200,00 to have her husband murder PF. she knows theyr going throug a bitter divoc,e I’m clsoe to am its not like she estranged its’ not like she couldnt get ahoeld of her.
in fat she said she spke to pam more than own borhter.

Zero. not a workd not a note. not an email. nothing.

Yet she says, she thinks pam may be in dange.r

When crossed, she fele back to same excuse like she had coached herself int o thos excsue.

:Beause I didn’t belveied.

She said a it was just a momentary lapse I didn’t bleive.

Yest she also said she warned pam, she might be in danger...

You can’t hace your cake and eat it too.

And why didn’t she actuall warn pam, because she didn’t belive mary . It makes no sense, is because it didnt’ happen.

It simpy didn’t happen.

I’m not going to stand her and pass judgemetn o n Ptaboga,

Im not going to di that.

God forbi and y of us are in a positon to defense a family member.

To make an unteibler decision to sace a siblings life. I wouldnt want that respos you wouldn. I’m not asking you to jusge ..andone of us whould liekd to help a sibling.

Wht the judge is aksing you you to dok is you must seee through, to the truth.

If you don’t want to judge pat for what she said or did, getting up her to sassist her borhter in a captital murder.

but judge tha facts, for what they are.
you jb is to clear aw that smoke

and the turth is this doenst make snes. this didnt’ happen

If she knew pam was going for a bitter divocle

if sh k that the company was u p for grabs.

If she knew that mary had solicited to killl pam, she’s tell somebody.

Only reason she does it ,bless her heart, is to help her borhtoer.

She;s married to a Pol off. she doesn’t even have to get out of bed to tell Pol.

Notice the glairing absence, of Mr. T. on the witness stand.

and the thing that you would have expceted would have been Mr. T on theat witness stand,

The reason he didn’t take the stand, is because he’s acop and he never told about it So all left in hadns of patricial and the best she can say is I never told ayone becuase I idnt’ bleived.

she never warned pam never told the lids. she was close to desiree.

Whould you say something to precious desiree, or gigi, NO...not if it didnt’ happen.

Ofcourse, the elephat in the room is she never told JF either.

ANd then we move to July 28th, or say july 29th the day after PF was killed.

lets tink logically.

acc to her test. she had heard 60 days pror. her sister Mary say I wanst to hire, to kill PF. And the you wake up ....and whats the next thing you do, is pick the phone up again. and you;ve jsut becasme a witness to a contract killing. you call everybody and you scream it from the mountain tops. I know who did this mary did it.

Not a word. Not a whisper. Zero.

didn’t tell her husband nothing to authorites nothing to prosecution. Rememver our number is listed, and the lapd the vent co. Our nuber is listed. call 911 for gods sake. but nothing. and then the kicker is, aug 1st, is she finds out her brother is taken in custondy. and is charged withthe very murder, that she knows someone else solicided.

andthe same not a whispter. nothing 2008 2009 2001 in to feb2011 her brother in jail for three years, for a murder she claims, she knows someone put up, solicited, created.

And nothing. Unti 32 days before this trial started. before we came and met ou. 32 before fayed came at met you at the 11th hour. dropping back, and throwing long.

When asked on cross you knew you were coming here giving swon testimony, you came out her for couple days, reason pack toothbrush, now pullout your purse the note, the email or the diarly or the journal entry to cooprbate thei ideat that this ctuall took plcas.e

Im srry mmr harmon, I have nothing, nothing. Nothing.

except for her own statement. And this stmtn came forwawrd, after consider the timethat she was visited by Holy Jackson al wlaywwer whosl job it is to make sure JF doens’t end up on death row.

Uho on. Jf is on tape ecordin ghat incriminating. the confession tape that you heard. Patcircid didn’t know aything about htat until she soke wit Holly Jackson She didn’t know that he was facing capital punishment
she didn’t knw he was fac the death pentaly

So after HL 32 days before, afer she find out that her brother is in desprate shape shfe she find out that he could be facing the death penalty, she says, I got it. Someone solicited her murder, and it wasnt’ jim.

I’m not asking you to jidge patricis, I’m asking you to look thought the smoke, and see that it didnt happen.

It simply doesnt’ exhist.

The jusge is going to instr you with, 2 interp of the facts, one that is reasonable and one that is unreasonalbe based n your common sense, as a matter of law, must reject the unreasonable of the facts.

I don’t see that. It comes directly from JK. thats what the law tell you to do.

there is now wya, based on all the evidence tha it doesnt’ oint to juames fayed opposed to the ridiculoys statent that we heard jsut a few days ago. and you have to reject it. It’s simoly unreasodnable.

and the reason you have to recjet it you dont have to reloy on me, or mr harmon, you can rely on jfayd own words. when he was in custond with shawn smith.

He as arrest on federal indictiment that mark avid takekd about.

whiel in that custody when he was house with another cell made named shawn smilth .there was recordings.

Welltak about hose for just a second

How you found out how shawn smith is.

We wern’t hiding it. he was a condivd drug dealer. we didnt hide it. Of course is ...he was in custody. he was awaitg sentencing.

And thats wen Mr. F started talking abourt PF murder.

sW turned around and told authorites.

hey this guy is balthering about a murder he comited.
What did they do he agress to wear a wire.

Lisa here.

play along with hem see what he says.

Think about the back stoy that you hread or headd in front of you. In that tapes thers a ton othat is alluded to the fist converston. there is als alot that explosedin the convesation

Shawn said Iknow a man, hes a made man tony.

you hear who tony is sw say his with lukemia my hiters gonna die.
you dont’ have to b worred about killin tony because tony going to die of natural causes.make sure you take care of rosie his wife and it was all made up.

fayedl ike the idea, and lots Moya’s murder.

Likes this idea, and it fints in his plan perfectly.

aloos endname moys aloos end name moquea ad anlose end name summons.

because the lat ting he wanst todi is sit around looking over his soulder wondering fi Moya is goun to crack.

and yes Ssmith is a crook or a criminal it wouldmatter who is in the cell next to him.

It’s HIS words being used agsinst him, becus etis waht comes out ho HIS mouth, thats of interset toyou.

and when given the oppetne Ssm plays an academy awared performace here, and when he thinks Fayed getting skittish her, hey youl wnat to back out back off,

Fayed no dont tel me no thatis not it.

don’t tle me that Mf going to tell you dwrong that’s s lose end tatyo u need to be snippe.d fayed I don’t know I gotta thin on it.

smith hu
I tane t think on it.

Well you dont’ want th?

Fayed, No, no no that’s not it.

al you hav eto do is look at the transcript 15, 16 ,17 18 a lot of wressling deffening
the wire was sewin intot he fabric of smith outfit..

waht was happeing.

I’m jsut a little nervous here. turn around.
what do you think whas happening?

Patting smith donw. searching for a wire.
and he talks aboutit in the tape Jack demostate patting down.

Smith said I kne you were looking at me funny everythingokay not
Now I’m okay. Now I feel better.

Given the oppru to back out, notp,

I just want to make sure wer’e not being taped and then he checks the bed. and theres a puse hes searchign the bed for awire. and doesnffind one
and thein the converstion is on.

Smthg give his another change.

The yare taking about a map fayhad been writn out a map.

How is tony going to know where to go to di the it?

why would say that because smith is not kdiotn.smith knows if he gets somethng on paper.

Smith doensk say I phe yo ugusy are getting thsi. he hs no cliee it hits is working

If you wnat the hit done you got to show us where to dgo so discssing the may and Fay said, if antyhig goes south, my fingerpints my handwritns is on that map.

fayed says these the pfoof you ned.
smith says.

you want to thowe it awaybro?

No, I want this cleand up I wanst this cleap ut happen.
he is 1005 invested in thei clean up to happen Killng moya.

There is al ot t otak about

he admist to having kill plan
and he buids aplan to kill moya.

Plays tape

What did htashoe ding you for.
too much
waht you give hm SS....

AJ what was in mr Fayeds drawer (the 25,000)

During tape, he calls PF every name in the book,

the wife, who had been slain days earlier. he calls his slain wife every name in the book.

beause if you din’dt doi t you might acutally be evastated,byt he death of your wife, you might not call her a dumb fucking cunt.

those words are hard for me to say, and I’m just repeating them those arent my words those are his word

call iher a terible mome, and a mone grabbing wholre. whis ing to fuck and teard down his milion dollarempire.

He puts it in living color inside the pages of that transcript.

AJ plays tape again.

Plas tape of jayed disparaging wife, if you jsut stay with me whi she gest into school

ssmith whow
ut she ended up being a funcs super money grubbing...

duri tape convo you’ llhere, that actualllamented that he hand’t met smith earlied that he actaly hired Moya. he as upsed about hiring the wong mperson t do the murer for him.

I din’t know you man, I whis ihan met you before. would life be all roses then and she admitd that he hadn been waitn and wiating for the proper oppetuniy.
FJ when he thougt noone was litenting, he said, Iwanted to do it myself.

he din’t say Im sorry she dead or suffered or injuerd Im sorry i took the mtoher of my children.he said I wish I d’ done it myself but I knew Id’ get caught. so like a cowsared he used his weapon of cohince and heuses checkbookt o hiresomeone els to do his dirtywork.

plays takep.

Plays tape of convo just argued about.

Words shown on screen from taped conversation.

Headmidd that oveht pars f mohts tha he had st u pfor clean sitatuon for the killers to murder pam

not mad that she was mrudered. mad that she was murdered in a wah thatwould come back to his doorstpe

but, here are points in this tpe that swan smith is literally laughingat him, not with Jf lauhing at Jf Sawn isplaying part of maide guy someboy tha hac contact with hitters contract hit men.
and so when ss starts laufhing at JF hey stooped, you had the guy do it in a parking garage wth camersa dummy what werey ou thing.

Oh no this one wasnt’ my dien I had four clena situation inclding one in maluble. They went rougt on me.

the dint’ go rogue on him there were 25 text message that say How would J Moya know here to wfind Pf...on jll 2th.... Jf trying to make him smarter than he actually is.

ss laughts about it dude are you kidding only anidito wuld id thais.
JF said on no Im not the iditon, wel the iditons decided to do it that day because they idiont set ti upthat day there’s oly one way they could know to get there because he set it up that way.

play tape again.

plays tape whre he says therw were 4 other situations. a july 4th paryt down in malimg . it was rula areas, I even ahd the imte dates evyerhthlocation all i ahd to was have then get i the car ad jack it.

ramble o about how they missed four different situations.

but they poicekd the daybefore my fucking court hearing.

SS laughs.

ad just so we knw that we know hes not making this stup up, look what happend on the fourth of juy in makib therw as a party she was at that partyhe’s telling ss exactyhow he had set up a time plce and pecheckt it. she was supposed to be carjacked but something happened, something didnt look good. and he set up another and another and aonther like that. and on the fifht time she was kiled incentry park east.

fayed claimed that pam fayed was runnig her mouth. runnig her mouth on the freocrd to the authorites about his tax and lice issue.

Well it wasnt’ about the taxes, it was about other stuff. The license.

plays tape where he says she was running mouth out of control.

She had thi wild ida oaut you know, thesestupid accusations against me just to make me look bad, ..JF

as convsaton goes on fayed begins to talk about how to tie up lose ends and how t take care of Moya, He drew a ap for Moya and there was a payment play.

Fayed confiemd taht moya udt be murder Ye,s he gs got t go fucig indot.
It gota to look like he just disappeared.

Plays more tape of recording where Fayed efers to previous convo not taped.

And of cours ad asded flavor as a polic officer walsk by and MDC, mr F stats making fun of the fact that she cant even hear him just feet away plotiting multple murders.

durng that taped conversation Fayed bleive he made the right decision to murder pam

Why does he want t odo i?

Because i cant’ leave lose ends I can’t leave any lose ends I have to type up any lose end.
He asked i he would have been better off payi npan instead of killer her fayd said, no she’wouldn’t listen to reason.

more tape played. Judge Kennedy watches video.

and rpbalby most imortant of all the parts of this coveraton that are vile, that are dispicable, that establis hhis guilt. when eiven the opputrn to show the mosremot comassion sorro ro grive or remcose jf shows none.

If you had to over would you do it.

SS:affrimtar hun.??

fayed uh-huh. Absolutely.

giveexplanations as t woy.

Murdere his wife.

JF showd ablslno remose not concern or compassion wen eh thought nobody was listening the fact of hte matter ishetook pried in what he di. when he how it was done he was embaraed.

she wuldnt’ listen to reason/ he said she ahd to go.

Evekn know what he knew, he would do it again.
Even on top of that he still wasn’t done. He still wasn’t finished.

Contracted for te killing of myya and simmns the question become waht happens to Mr. smith.

The body cout’ rising. so hw hapens to smith smith asks him that how do I know that i”m on the reiceivi end of you ire.

Oh you don’t have to worry about that. You’ve got my word of honor. What a joke. What a joke.

All of this should not bel ost on you, what was really hanein at 1875 century park east. PF stepped of that elevator and she stepped into a conspiread to kille that was masterminded by James Fayed.

We know what she wahaene she was attacked fro mbehind and stabbed over and over and she founth for her life fouht like hell for her life, runing to the rain spilin blod left and right. what do you think she was ding whe nshe grabbed that ril.

she would rather throw herself off a 3 story building that face that brutal attacke that a 6 foot 3 190 lob man with a blade.

but the cuts wre too much and the wounds were too deep, and she colapes. just inf ron of Mr river. edwin rivera had the misfortuen or in a nother way a fortuen to hear a friendlvocie, whe nshe died.

she stepd out of the

she heard the des cires the death cires a wond epeate for heldpHer face, her arm all covered for blodo
he thought she

he thogut i was a pile of reages dhe was so coverd with bolld

ad then she moved her head tuend only hethe withes of her blodo not coverd in bolld

She had itme .reiember waht the doctor said.

she had time. she had time.
her sternty ws svered.
she wasn de she was n’t unccons she was very mus alive and she was very much awaed. she ahd time.

whed do you thik she might have been thinking when she ahd time ti think time ti f fel time to realize what was happening.

she’d never again touch the hand of her daughter.

s start wt ell
never kiss the cheek of gigi,
never see those smilig faces she had time.

How long do you thing a minute is.

she had 3 or four.while all this is gong throug her mind.
how long do you think that minute laste.d

thin about that what she was going through. I’m gon ti aks you to think for just one minute.

and alna stopes.
werks man.
your honor, may we approach.

objectons hour honor

That was ove quickly


just one minute just one minute. Jckson watched starting now.

and he stands there, in front of the jurors.

hoto f pam up on the elmos, smiling. a head sow, wearing glasses. .

Deisrees ,cryig, Dawn and gretta, vsibly said.

Aj. And that’s just one.

Anediwn rivera said, at the end, pf laid on the ground syou aw wher her body was, he lookedo n helplessly moved he head back and forth, a febal attmetp to get air sir that simplye would come the cuts were to bad the woulnd were doo deep, she strechedher arms out she stretched her legs out she was pleeding for help and ewn river said she was beggin i nher eys for some on any one to hold her.
pf took her last breath lying on the flitly floor of an ic ldo of a parking garage, with a stragne person with no famil no loved ones to help her or comfot her.

that’s how pamels fayed diied.
witht evyer beat of her life b beating out of her life.


with that in mind. iwant you to consider just asecond how james fiaye answered the question would you do it again.

Play tape.

Absolutely, and with that. JF. had his difining moment and showed you who he is.
AJ done.

take 10 mintue break.

then hear from defense.

Desire is comforted by her friend an fmaily

Fayed goes back into custody.
Jacko comes over th hug soctt and shake his hand.

Scot looks sad. The family is visibly upset.
Lisa enters thw well.

Scott hugs the wond I thin is his wife. Some of the famly leave the courtrom.

Dawn and scotthug and comfort each other.

2:4o Lisa takes off.

Jackson did not once read from a note. The entire closing was presented in classic Jackson style.

Reporter shaks werksman hand same one steve greted and Werksman said, Thanks for coming.

2:45 pm: Okay I'm going to post these raw, rough draft notes. Jackson has finished presenting his closing argument. Be forewarned, the typing is really terrible and sometimes, the message is not clear.

On record Calling jurors. now ready for defense closing argument.

Mr werksman.

Mya I please the cour counse.

good afternoon.
you head anoutsanding clsoing argument by a very seasoned experienc prosecutor.
who presented a large universy of fact to present a compelling narative.
but ladies and jentlem at the ehar of the presnetaiton i nth very fine closing arguemtn
is noting more tan a peal to your passion and your prejudice.

because if you go behidn and look at hte facts of this ase.

let me remind you of the jury isntrcuton that she read you.
you msut not be iflusi by sentiemtn conjecture public feleling and jeyt we had to sit for a mintue to ompletn ate for Pf life. no dout a terrible awful thing. but that’s not what thsi trial is about, oh were she did a awful deat,is where tis man tmy clietn ws repons bfor that death.
so I remeond you in my oepning stateme yo uwould se some very gme and grisled things you wuld hear some stuff thatwould maek you skin cred

you msut judge this evince impartiall and fainrly you can’t mgvei thi thought to those on this side of the bar who msut hear this thatyou can not put ourslef in the shoes of this famil yo msut keept your feet firmly plant in the sjury bos with a old hard eye to he imaritlald of both side. and noe swet into the passion and compeling of a clsing arguemt.
is i want to thank you for your patined and your attentive thoutou this tril

this is our fourht weke together. and evyr day weh you get on these elevto and the olbung poble you st her and tok notes we all noticed that and we all appreciat that. you know this is an iortna case for my client and so o behiav of mr miester and mr fayed for your onsciencousness for ateendign youe dutty as jurors.

spend am oement why you are here, to sit in judgemtn wit you fellow citicwed.

you ‘ehar udner subej your have to come but you also saw i te viir how easy it is to avoid jury duty.;

now I say this not to dencerat thos who could serve,.. sme becasue of fmaily situatuon. I don begrud hem that but therw ws a man wh sta her and todl us they was having aremode done on his itchen and that ws more importnat ot him than deteriming if ths man would go to death row.

Anthoehr man bee i nthe navy but an the end of hte dya you are all here becuase you want to be her and be part of hte geratest systen of justed deisgne dby all peole.
it a systme to protect and seguat theliberty of the indiviual.Its asysem desined to encuer that the gitlyt get convicted, rather its a system dieci to sensue that theinnocent, are acuqited
thats beuse a efense is presemend defendatn. thats why the ocsuethad t te burden of proof.

thatwhy he must prove beyon a reas odn

It’s diesciend to pevent , the worslt nightmre that a man woul be convicted for a cirne he dit’ commit.

you heard lke you james fayed has a fmaly has a bsiness he has a life hes got things he like to return to when theyse poceeding are done. is and you what you own him is not what i rewust , and I request an equittal,

is that you own your othat as surn and that you applied the othe squely and by the jaw. thats what you owne him and you ow him a fair trial and you owe him thats reached based on good fatih dleiveraths tat are baes on the facts of an the law not base on out rage or passion or jprejeduce.
and if you bid byo your otha and if you ie wthies evidenccafefully and you se gin the alw and that you will find Mr f not guld of the charnge.s

and you will do so, because the porcsuter and not broht forth evidnecbeyond areason doubt.

No your explai nreson doubt is defined as hat state of the case whch ath the entiere compoaren of all the einve leaves the midn of the jurs tthat condition they sya nd fell in the truth of the charg.

whatthat means is , if envidneci s presented it h courtroom has to be so comeplling hss sto be so stoug so strong thaty ou woul rley on it to make the most imortant decisno ni nyoru own live.s

Well, I head evined that he oltoed, and then I head evidnece that he din’t plot it. if ou are in the state of mind that you then you ahve reason able doubt

You msut fin Mr fayed guit if that’s your state of mind.

there are some subatan flaws int he prosecuton case.

ther is no evidnce of a conspice between james fayed an joey moya.

and I’ leava side the tape for amoment or the oscar awawerd fpefram by SS and oscalr award pef that was a temr y dedtedbdul.

fantsy land peformand by shan smth

What did the poce provle there eis no evide o f a oncpsirafy to klly.

ther is no conveston to the authoitls by ja no onfession to authois by joey by bjoey moy or steven symos no oneson by gabire mateiz

now whe know simon left his fingerpitns at hte scne

but where is the evidnec of a conspare betwen mre simmons and mr JF ther are hone mesage bletwe phone tet msssage. and the ATT and dixon and the detect he best they can inform you si that cell phon called cell texted cell phone and cellphne texte back.

you can look at thsoe pho erocrd thery in evidne rild with the reocled form may uen july from 2008 look at hten bcasue what you will see, is n a dial and nightly basis s ames faey and joys are textin on a relga basis. at 3 in mron 5 in mronti 3 i the afternnon

look weeks beofre the murder. the 24th. ther times jf an jmoy communicating at strange hours.

the live in a 200 ae cne out of nwhere, and joye was res for openig the gate.

that Jf notctenal ife stye work theogh night and sleep theough the dya.

Youl hea form Mr scnhce dwho ws the daytime rhacn manage.

Ther’ alwys somehtni that neede dot be odne wells na dorad, therw erw constuctn prjectu ndeay therw as a hosue on it.

why did jm live on the premises because he was on duty 24/7.

and jf expceted he to be on duty 24/7
and july 27th and 28th, they spoke dozens of times.

Now, l& g the possuggest to you, that the nubmer of calls and texts wre more than an 1 year old gilrs because there were an abundnace. ..we odnt know because w dont have them

they would have yo ubleive that Jafoay woulwas setitng up the murder of PF. it would bejust as plausable to PREVENT the murder of Mr. J fayed.
and when we go theought he tape , decibing to I don want yo d

di decibe da feve pit of his commun with jo moyd an attendped to clal off any pla in motion.
so when you look at any whos to say ath it was an attme pt pla nit or cll it off, or if this is the boss, to tele the ranc oand to tell the ranc hand to fix tings or whaever yo udo on the ranch we don’t know. and that’s ap rlem. we don’t know.

wek now that ther is no proof the y was enve i the parking garnag on the eve of july 28th.
now,I’m not syaing this to be lcieve, I sat theought this proceeding.s I know what it looks like itsould like joy was ther I’m not going to stand he and say he wasnt’ but I dont’ have the burden of proff. they do.

I didnt’ see a fingerpint of jo at the parking garage.

I didn’t se a confessi of anyoe tha cmae in the coutro.

this is what imtalkng aobut.

whre is the evidnece of Jm commited this murde.r

its suspicious. JM reported his cell phone stole.

they cnat’ bliethl aks to to assue he was the dirve.

who knows what role joey playd all we know is tha simons was there. and it looks liek it might we the persn river wekno simons ws but where is joey.

Jf in this tape betwe self and smit he din’t knwo what role if any that he played.

let me read to you two small ortions.

portion.s page 25...

you thi he di that tshit on pupe?
J did it on pupls so that hey can csh a check?

this is sip you dint her when th proceto played you ap eotto the tapel

I’ll go over som differ n that the proseuctoer didnt’ show you on that tape

That JUF say he din’t knwo why joey did it.

n then on page 63, they talking aobut what might have happe there.

SS did i think it might have en

do you thin joey dorve.

I thin so, but I don’t know

SS I don’t know,

Jf I thnk at the most two or posibl one.

Mr. prose a peented you theo that ther were three peole in the suv but JF aappear s to not evek now what hapene not evek nowing who did what.

thes no proof of a pay of 25,00 dollars.
the proc theoy is that that jf paid jom to ochestrate the murder of pf. and he shows you 24, in jfayd drawer, doesn’t equate to 25, 00 paid to JM where is the money in JM drawr,

how does that equate.

Coems to the oppostive that nobody waspaid.

would it benice if they coudl haveborout in a witness tha someone said that JM was speding like crazy shwo us a witnes who would show us where JM (is ni cash)

I didn’t hear that and neigher did you.

we have no proof the JM recieved a penny from JF>

can’t excuse this failre in evine and say I’m willing tovlerlookd because I’m so worked up over this horrible sltter, becasue this yound gma did because he was so..
thats not good enought.
there’s no proffo of any payment from Jo t simmons or marques.

we can’t sit her and assume or speculate that JM got 25,00 that we dont know and that he shared it with marquez or simmons

whre’s the evidnecthat they got a hige infusinon of cash. orthath e had a huge pocket of cash or went out and bought aket ski

I’m forn missous show me. Show me whre is the evidnce?

We’re all form mizzour in the jur box, show me.

What is the evince of JF demean on this dat.e

Yo usaw th vide of epole comign aand head about the bing meting between the divorce lawyers, yo knwo that was a monday.
I didn’t see one withnss that Jf was ofly sweat and nevous that day. or that he sat in that meetin encase in sweat.

the pose called jean nelson. I dont have to ahsk her I dn’t have th burden of proof.

Mr nelson how did he look on the 29
Idint’ hearantgn lke that how about the other peole at hte meeting.did he look lie someone plannign amurde, or did he jsut sail throght a meeting?

Jfarrives an he had this peculri piidgeontied gait has bit of girht, shuffling his feeit in with abig bad, he doen’t have aar in the world then at 6 32 p you see him shuffling out as am an wihtout a care in the workd.

then you ntice the ocoe pt i na pice of evidnce whic decirbes the phone alls that wer made

pele 140. map of locating of people wre when phone calls were mad.e

detec abdul testified that fayed had adriver.

and you see that faey had that gait. and you see that he hmaking a el pone but it look lie heccalling armon, the driver, armon, to tkae him home ot the ranche,

Where th evidne of how mR heyd behavie on the eveing of the murde.r but we do knwo that he made aala nd then, if yo watch the tape, they show the cowd gravitatng towrd the crownd, andthey see fayedshuffling makng acell phon ecall and det spend making a phen call.

and fya apl being the only cal going over ther after he makes a call, he goes over the garage with everybody els.e
so there is no eivnece that he knew pam fayed is gong to be mrudered.

proc have tried to present you evicne of a mtotive they tied to convice you that Jf wnat to kill Pf for finnciald gian because he feared a divoce would be runious.

lyou know that they wre in abit of divoce. echanig acucssations. coudocumet related ot the proceedins. people #32, a list of all the pleedins.
and hes this was notetion, divocroece

they each accuse eaht others of things the fought liek eople do, in divorce, her acc against him his acc aginst her. it was an gulugle divoce, but the fac

doens’t give rise to murder.

there was a hearing to be schedueld, whret pam should get more money, an whthere sacntion shoudl be impose. you said

J and made an agreement that the werw oeki thought counsek playing by rules ofdivoce proceing and the hearin on the 29th had not been ditemrned . the udge could have rled anything. but there was no guante what the judge would grn.e
therw sn nof eie that he owuld fac fincncial runious there is no say what hte judge would have done.

pice of testimony by jame sfayd in infamus tape where mr fayed talked aoud divorce,
and he says, thewasnt thewasn any guarantee that iw gong to get wackedo ut with any sacntions and shit. we’b dbeen in cmoliance with all the ruling and vocorce things like that.

so JF acknowedlign he wsn’t all that oncerned with the 29th. whre is it stated tht herw eould b some kind of runiouls calamiaty on the 29th that he would arrange his wifes murder on the 28th itls not there.

siad they foung about money ,whic somethign peopl fight about.procsuggto yyou that he hand a motive becaus of the oncog cirminalinvestination.
you learned that the govt was invest becuse they thought sme money launders were using th omcpnay

not that faye was ing anyhing dwong but htat the company was bieng use.

so got indictment udner sea

enveytestified that everne should testified thaat eveyone onewould not could not and should not Mr fknow about it.

They said that they wre goin to use it vfor leveralge to get him to coperate.

but ths avis testified abou the ivnestngato nand what that met for jame san pamel fayed. Mr avis, you heard a federal proceoturimeached by the ver next witness who was pm F lawyer.

goes into avis testimony.. and he aid wiling said, i want to bring her in. and avis testi that pm wuld be
but it turns out thats not theturht.
then nest witnes testified, the ehdi make a call but he din’tsay i’gong ti birng her in, he explain that in a cirm investingatherwe are there levels there are targets those subkect thsoe who are inviestingating teistasu whoare not jyet determiend and theree are thosue wo are witness.

and my intentw as to try to find a way to make her a wintess, but I never said she wuld beone.

Avid had hi mthwon of th cse. I wnde why.maybesue willing wasn ot as agreeable as he thought he would be.

we know that 2 dyas later willinghamd your out. YOu served one of the..seachwarrants.

she never talked aobut cooperattherw as noeve copration she testifed therw as no aggeement in olace

so simly there is no eivdcne she was coopeating with the fed o that Jf knew that she was considne coperationg, and behin all this

there was no way hekne therw s an indictment, all he knw that the was an investigation.

go over waht proc presnetation ws slanted.
I wha d no mean a pesna attack on these to gnetlement.
you can se they arep ofesion thcanseethey care about hwat they do, if youcome awya with a minessin istht all always porpotedthemse wilfdiginty and rpsen the proce presnt the statne,they aredbocates in favor of a convicton thee is no discresin every man is an ail they reporesent th state. the masrhal the sresoucse of ht state to layout the case agianst my client.

in my os i asked yo uto be cauious, and that it ould soudn god. butI’m aksn you to peel back the hood, and look things are not always what they seem, skim milk doens’t always aoe what it sems.

Avid told yo uabiut his role in the federla investingatnand how that might ive role to a fedral investigation.

why dit’ she cooperatoe.?

Well beause she was murered.
Mark avis, he testified about something he had no idea what he was talking about.

He cant tracke oams murer to that investigation.

youcant be sawyedby thattype of evidec.

then there wre the pictures they showed you octues of pam and daughters and loving family life she had dog and christmas and fishing.

its’ all tured she did ado all those things.thats not what this case was bout.

therw eas evine put into this trial to inflame your passin in order ot anger you in order to bulil up a head o stee so you could put aside rations thought. sam true with bloody picues ofcrime scne.

No oendisputes she had beautifly duaghters and hnad been brutally slaughted. but you were show that with othe reson t inflam you.

She talked abut JM had acces to caged areas.

to listen toled she worke hthere she see joey sometins in the cage area.s

shetried ot leave you wit te imporesson that Jm hd full acess to saes and gold andcaged areas and that would help you conclude was so trusted and so aces togod and cash that he would have en like this so tight that he would have done JF biding. and had acces to all this welath.

but that was not a rue deiction on cross exam.she ahd to adn she had never seen joey go in thesafe. shed never seen the safe opened.
Only saw it once, during the accounting.

only time saw safes open.

lefe you with tie impresin that joey was carrying aoru buskes of sgold and slives joey had no acess to safes hd no acces of gold.

and i aksed her well you see htes buldging bags, how do you know they don’t contai mashmallwos or food,

I wans’t tring to be filppant, I was trying to make a point.
she was saying whatever the prosec aksed her to say.

But she didn’t knwo, upon direct exam you’be being and imresosin the witness would tell you fact with a ceitn, but whe you wueat them they had no idea.

det separ desc vieo at scene, pear hatsay eveyone ouside on olawed ging owrd garage and they care

and JF doesn’ care. but hen, forusecond later, fayed does go over there.

spear tired toleave you with a false impresion.

cas isnted you se it it paear to be a mind quite serene shuflfing out hes making outi submti to you hes trying to get his ride, we know he calls his driver armonand then he walks over to the garage.

but thats not how spear presented it.

talks about suv rented by james fayed but spear had it wrong. who really rented. It ws rented at corporate account. it was acually she who rented it.

this is it where spearwould have yo ubleive spear rented the suv. female emoolye did on a corprate account.

now attenton to the tape

one othe thing about text messge and cell phone.
I’m not knocking det abdoul the test that te text mesage were delted. he things there might hve been text mwssagesaved from daughters.
I didn’t see any evidnce about tex messge sved y daughter. he doen’t know who delted messaged or hwo they got dletled or f ithere were any test message.
we knw they were eet useage, and we don’t know hwo the phone becasue meot of all dat betwe joey and jim, t

It’s nt in evidnecthat jim feyd elted allt hose texts.

the tape is aperversn the ue ss to con and conje to lead in into a confession...

convictefelon drnk driver hit and run drive, he is the instrument of this thee hour tape you canlisten and
thsi ma is evli and no goo comes from evil.
#! is ss leads andcons and directs ames fayed and the other thing is, that JF did not want ot go through with conspiracey to kill Pam Fayed.

and he tels him, age four... (JF to Ss?)
det between ss and about performance.

good luck. always abdoul says youre oging to do your thingk if it was an in a diferent light.

I will be afte today you may be firig me.....
ss ad fae faye are sititng in acell youvle seen ictues of simt e has the fulnyyese heieyse are damag huo can hear the toliente flishing you can feel thlasutophobia.
thelanguag by hame sfayed, I’m not going to try to santize or the crude remarks.

if it were a crime to peak ill of the dead, Jf would erting be dead to you.
if he were th first man, to nt be sorry of the pasing of an ex wife,....????

and so, thinking that he’s in thli letitle cell with this drug addict, who won’t stoptalking, you can hear james faye afectig hte language thedued this and the dued that, the street veacular, one of the most interesing, mr fayed isn’ necessrily buying it.

he exhibts some cofusin about what s gog on.

ss aksing him hey you havent told anything

this is slos end time

werksmma is readin so fast.

JF> I don’t even know what’s going on anymore, siting not evekn knowing how to play it.

now tis scene of lets her a mafie sckeme.

letshire a mafia scheme.

Goes over the tape. and the audo that’s ambiguious in Werksmasn opinion.

my hands are cramping up I almost an’t write anymore.

You know hwat’s that’s called? That’s called a denial.

SS is coacing him on endlessly. Did you ever see a map? there wasn’t any map. JF was playing along. there never was a map.

SS says, watch, watch and learn,

MW Watch and learn while I set you up for a trip on death row.

More from the tape that appears to help his client and how SS percists.

It’s 3:45 pm.

Werksman says that SS is so close to getting Fayed to confess, because that will get him a get out of jail free card.

Four examples where J fayed withdrawals. and jury instruction... werksman goes over that jury instrtion an intetnion to withdrawal.

Goes over tape where Faleyd supposeldy tells SS that he told Joey to stop.

James fayed is acknowledging he tried to stop it and he wants his money back.

I told him to forget it. I called him a dip shit. Four different times.

Werksman is a bit confused with his exhibit papers. I read yo the four withdrawals.

you hae thes efour examples. where F is telling M don’t do it it’s over.

Well gentlemen, MM happened.

The pros called this a hail mary, thati t was a desparete ply by a desparate defense.

If thi were a foot ball, analogy, this is where the prosecution fumbled on the 1st yard line.

But there’s mary.

Mary had motive, mary hadopportuntiy, and mary had intent.

Mary’s son had the car. we learned that mary came out at end of 2007 beg of 2008 to assis Mr. F to run his affaris, that she became so involved, she got on the Phone list. It’s the magna carted, it has all the imoortant information.

Mary is now by ealy 2008 she’s working at busines sshe’s runnig the rnacy shes’ got her son out there, her son working for the compan with a entatn car.

We know that may and joye tested on july 28th. but on the talked or texted or communicated twice.

Mary and Joey called texted, we can’t be sure how long the conversation lated.

IT’s it suspicions the very last cal on the phone call in the parking garage, comes from mayr to Joey.

the very next thing that happmens on that phone is 10:30. Mary was the very last person to talke to JM at that garage.

You heard patty calm little bit nervous, a nurse, bit of fmly dysfunction. She loved pam. and she loved he borhter and she loved mary and she gets this funny phone all of may 200, she remmeber is was a sunday, it was a phillies game, that pam is runinig hte busines sthat pam is bad parent,

would jurt kill her for 200,000. I’m sorry you can’t make stuff like this up.

Mary goes to her sister husband tht was a cop and tried to hire a contact killing.

So, paty thought that was the end of it.

Patty didn’t tell kurt because patty didn’t want to believe it.
then 3 months later, pam gets murdered. and the only sorce of info, is Mary and mary gives her a story that doesn’t have anything do to with Mary.

then they ahd a falling out but hten, when this trial is coming to trial, and is contacted by rep of our defense, she can’t keep this in any longer. she writes a letter to jim and this is what she wrote. someone else wanted to kill your life, it wasn’t you.

patty’s testiony I submit you ous was credible, and I submit to you, that it’s credible.

Jim didn’tknow anything about it.

Jim did not know that may was planning to kill Pam, that SS smiht asks F you sister doesnt know anythng about htis does you, NO F no.

Fayed hasy Joey had hsi own reasons to kill.

Mary not knowing anything about mary, so you can see whre may went forward behind jim’s back.

we know she had motive and she had intent.

And now says he’s done. that Mr. harmon speaks again, because he has burden of proofo.

I want to thank you, to look at this evidecne from both sides. and you’ll find that the only evidnce in this case is to look

Mr. harmon.


I have one moment.

Harmon rulstling of papers.

Fayed from what I could see, never looked over at jury

begin les me than you sincely on behkf of mysekf and jackso and we know that is not easy.
and this is the jury werhe the elevators didn’t work ,the sewers and now wer are focued on tone thing that’s the evdnce.
it’s imort to thank you.through your srvice this is the way that justie is done.

there is noe person
this man jame fayed when had pobem in stenad of istting in a chiar liek this and blieve in a systme he chose t kill his wife.

insteand of sititng and hasing it out, he couse to kill his wife

and to avoid to sititng inthis chair,

he tried ot kill myy simons, garquest, this is aman who though evyerhtng wil throw is hown sister on the bous to avoid sitting in th this char.

but to focus on the evidnce to go through all of these things. It’s not passion itl not tyrin to imflame you

Didi t looke lie we tooks liek we took great job, o n whochose those photographs, Joame fayed id. dhe chose those photograph.s

who chose her final inute on that filty floor in centry citye he didn. ot us. and now we have to do our job.

our job is to present you with the evidnce and seek jusice.

To say that we are ahamer looking for an nail is to isreprent what we do.
this is evince 149. the audit tpel

how are we oging to explain some of it awya.

I had to write it down. it seemed like preposters lik,

but yes, he confessed, becaue he was clasutrophobic and he wante to seem tough...
but MM devleoped amtoive, umbeknownste to him but he was using the smae people, but he withdrawal from the plan, but it was really mayrs plan that wen t through, you get the ridiculous ness of this hail mary pass.

(where the next day he was oging to lose up to a millin dollars.

shedl ifke

Thats a red herring or Jame fayed.

You know htat a red herring is what people usle t o actually detract you from the plan.

That convicts would use to distrat teh traci dogs.

but that red herring, is mary mercedses.

But we have the motive.

long before MM showed up in california.

a mitive that Mm had no idea how JF felt about this murder.

JF had that problem on July 29th, that disappead eiththe ath of PF.

and he had the problem that the feds were investigating.

Was she cooperaint o was hse

the fat of the matter that fjame fayed kenw that she wa partipatin ad she was contemplating paricing in this investigation.

but like I said in the beginning of this case, this is the love that James Fayed loved. I’ts the gold.

Two witnesses came in and testified that he accused pam of having an affair.

then we have his version. of how theyr perfect life began and ended.

james fayed, on the tape, saying how he tried to get rid of her, when they were first dating and how she trapped him with the baby. Sedaid, I just don’t want to be a singe mom again. I know you might not want to be married, but I love you more than anything in the world. (may not love me)

Fayed disparages his wife on the tape. Look, she’s a dumf fuckin c...

The truth is that Mw doesn’t have the burden to present any motive i thsi case.

But what he chose to do is present a red herring.

Show us where the motive was , for Mary,

Whre is the evidence that Mary M had this level of animosity (that JF had).

Carold Neve’s testimny to get a money transfer license.
The fateful check that caused MR. F to go into a downward spirla.

He says in his own affidavit. She knew this was against my wishe.

due to thelightenig fast sped, if I didn’t have time to cover the massive withdrawal., wich would have caused massive colapse of company, a company that has millions of dollars in assets thatwould be colapse by a 400,00 transaction?

H knew in the beginning she wa going to run her mouth and made sure she wasn’t going to be albe to share any information with any authorities.

GregHerring started poling around, fayed didnt’ want them.

Fayed stonewalled them he was using the co as a personal piggybank.

12 million 718, 12 million buck assets.

also 125,00 a month and pam making 8,000

there was at one point, where this company was rated at a billion in value,

Did mm have any motive in comparion to this (motive)/

was that the same thing(indictment) hanging over MM head?

Was that (the 1 mil judgement) hanging over MM head?

the judgement, the thought that he might have to look that mil in the eye and say good buy to it was more than he could stand.

MM didn’t have that hanging over her head.

He feared taht what she was doing would bring greateer legal scrutinty to his business.

And that would cause these businesses to be shut down?

hoe do we know that he was under investigation.

He hired a criminal atty, he knew that he was under this investigation and that they had a joint defense agremeent one that joined them in some of these preceedings. so these 2 people knew exactly what was going on in May 150 days before her murder, the sealed indictment was.

The question is, did she belivethat she would have a hand in the hammer bieng dropped.

based in reality.He feard sothn thw was oing to happen.
was it cooperate, or coopearte going to happen.

He thoughtthere was the possiblity that PF was going to open her mouth to the feds.

why are we talkng if she had a signed agreemtn or not.
whe knw why not a signed agreement signed, he didn’t wait around for her to sing on the dotted line. He killed her.

It was the idea that she hadn the good son him the idea that she was going to run her moth. how else do we knwo

when does the subpone come otu

60 days before?

it way may 27th, the account received the subpoea.

what happened then?
On May 29th, joes moya talks to days after sub leaked.

taked to gabriel marquez
marquez calls simmons

then moya calls james fayed.

the nest series of calls immed folling days after sub leakes.
He blows up the phone of gabriel marquez, lots of calls after talking to Fayed

The detail of phone calls from Moya to Marquez and Moya to Fayed, right after 48 hours that the subponea had leaked.

Marquez reaches out to his homey steven simmons.

James f knew that the day would come, which is why he enjoined her fro talking to anyone, except to her atty.

Plays tape where James fayed made stuff up.

James fayed had two motives and low and bheond those two robems disappeared.

This confessin plays tape

in this opinion, takig with SS is that the prosecuiton only had circustatial bullshit

it changed whe he talked to SS about what he had done and what he was plannign to do.

And because SS had bulging eyes and the cell claustrophoci it caused James Fayed to confess to something he din’t do befoere.

SS is a bad guy just becaue he reached out to authorities.

There’s no evidence that SS ever murdered anybody.

Im not saying that SS said that you can hear JF saying all this you can hear it on the tape.

He has a criminal history, but who do you think is going to be there and tape mr F? the pope? at MDC?

No the people the peole wh are MDc are people who have done things wrong.

when things happen in hell. you’re not going to get an angel as a witness. is it machismo that somehow twisted the arm of JF? he confesses in detail,

he solve the crime by saying its Moya, moya drives te car and knows who the other people are.
How is it that Mr moya knows that, if he didn’t have the crime set up>

So the way

More argument, but I’m so tired.

4:35. Harmon is breaking down everthing werksman tried to build up.

This isn’t machismo, this is a purpose driven killer. This isn’t all show. The fact that JF got nervous, and flushed it down the tolitet, you heard it (on the tape) describing the areas. tape played

Somehow, is that shawn smiths idea to murder?

It’s clear Fayed is saying he wants the cleanup to happen.

This isf

n’tsomeone who is aving their arm twiste,d this is someone who has their mind made up. This is someoen who is purpose driven.

I always wanted someone like you. Could hall ben fithly fuckin stinkin rich.”

So is it JF or

Harmon informs Judge Kennedy he has 15 minutes left to go, but Judge Kennedy states, “It’s 20 minutes to five.” She states that her court reporter needs a break and that we will conclude this tomorrow morning. When the court reporters go too long, Judge Kennedy states they start to lose their accuracy.

She addresses the jurors.

J: 9:15am ladies and gentlemen. We have yet to have start on time. Let’s have that as our motto, to start on time. (snip) What is it with the planes ,trains, and automobiles.....

She gives the jurors the admonitnon and we are off the record.

Out in the hallway, I wait for Mr. Harmon to come out. I’ve not met him before and as he’s pushing the DA’s file cart down the hallway towards the elevators, I step up to him, introduce myself and compliment him on his closing. He was following two very talented and experienced litigators and I think he held his own with them. I wanted to let him know that. He didn’t read from a script and he didn’t falter throughout his presentation.

The case will go to the jury tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope he is hanged ... And rots in HELL......

Jan_49 said...

Why even bother posting the closing argument? You're spelling is so bad it's hard to understand most of it.