Monday, May 16, 2011

Closing Arguments in James Fayed "Murder-For-Hire-Plot" Heard Today

James Fayed, left, beside his attorney, Mark Werksman during opening statements. May 4th, 2011; Photo cr. by Al Seib, L.A. Times.

Closing arguments in the James Fayed murder-for-hire-plot will be heard in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom today. In the midst of a bitter divorce, Fayed is accused of hiring his employee Jose Moya, and two Lomas gang members Gabriel Marquez and Steven Simmons to kill his wife, Pamela Fayed. Fayed's co-defendants are being tried separately.

Prosecutors allege Fayed's "love affair with gold" and fear of Pamela becoming a witness in a federal investigation against him into his on-line money transfer business was Fayed's motive for murder. DDA Alan Jackson is expect to present closing arguments. Fayed is represented by defense attorney Mark Werksman.

I will be posting my unedited notes of closing arguments at the noon recess and after the case is handed to the jury in a new entry. Sprocket.