Monday, May 9, 2011

James Fayed Murder-For-Hire Day 4: GOLD!

One-kilo gold ingots.

The jurors in the James Fayed murder-for-hire-plot got to feel in their hands the weight of a single kilo gold bar today. DDA Alan Jackson presented to the jury a small portion of the precious metals seized from several safe vaults at Fayed's home and business after the stabbing death of his wife, Pamela Fayed on July 28th, 2008.

Even Judge Kennedy got to hold the 2.2 pound bar in her hand for a few seconds. Accompanied by two FBI agents, Jackson presented for the jury's view a variety of different types of coins in several sizes and thirty-one gold kilo bars with an estimated value in 2008 of over two million dollars. After the bar was returned to federal custody, Jackson told the jurors the value of the single gold bar they were holding in their hands was $50,000, about the price of a new Lexus.

The total value of all the precious metals seized from several locations owned by Fayed was estimated to be $6.2 million dollars. It appeared to me that James Fayed couldn't keep his eyes off of the gold bars and coin piled up just feet away. I could swear I saw his head turning back several times to give it a longing look.

I am working as fast as I can getting the several days trial notes up on the blog. Please keep checking back for more testimony. Sprocket.