Sunday, May 1, 2011


As witnesses testify in this case, they will be added to the list and a link-back to the day's coverage where they testified. Sprocket


May 15th, 2013 Day 3
1. Greg Redding (Father of victim who pulled out of a business venture with Dr. Uwaydah.)
2. Kelly Duncan (Friend of victim. Had dinner with Juliana the evening of her death. Last person to see Juliana alive.)

May 15th, 2013 Day 3, Part II
3. Brian Van Holt (Actor, friend of Juliana who kissed and embraced her in the early morning hours of March 15th.)
4. Jessica Crissey (Friend of victim. Went to Las Vegas with Juliana for her 21st birthday party.)
5. Natasha Hobey (Friend of victim. Picked her up from the airport after Las Vegas trip. Testified about the Louis Vitton key chain.)
6. Robert Hernandez (Santa Monica PD officer who performed a welfare check at Juliana's apartment.)
7. Sgt. Richard Lewis (Santa Monica PD Detective who investigated the crime scene. Testimony incomplete.)

May 16th, 2013 Day 4
8. Lynn Mitchell-Parrish (Neighbor who heard screams at 9:53 PM)
9. Gary Marshall (Firefighter engineer paramedic who responded to the scene. He smelled gas in the kitchen and turned off the right knob on the stove. His DNA was never collected.)
10. Leslie Funo (Former Santa Monica PD forensic criminialist who collected a latent print off an orange plate in the kitchen that eventually sourced back to Park.)
11. Jennifer Zychowski (Santa Monica PD forensic specialist.  Photographed entire crime scene. Collected latent prints, blood, and hair evidence. Swabbed for DNA evidence. In 2009, re-reviewed the department's evidence case file and discovered a drop of blood contained within a latent print lift evidence card. Made the fingerprint match comparison to Park from the print found on the orange plate.)

May 16th, 2013 Day 4, Part II
11. Jennifer Zychowski (Continued testimony under cross.)
12. Cathy Kuwahara (Santa Monica PD supervising forensic specialist who verified the fingerprint match comparison to Park from the print found on the orange plate.)
13. Michelle Dimas (Santa Monica PD jailer who booked Park for 187 felony murder and obtained her fingerprints.)
14. Stephen Bevan (LA County Deputy Sheriff, manager of the Santa Monica area AFIS computer system. Responsible for ensuring the system operates accurately.)
15. Margaret Kaleuati (LA County Coroner criminalist.  Responded to the scene and collected evidence, including a rape kit off of Juliana's body.  Took a DNA sample swab from Juliana's neck.)
16. Hee Seok Ahn (Santa Monica PD forensic specialist. Collected a DNA sample from Park after her arrest.)
17. Michael Bambrick (Santa Monica PD Detective.  Served court order on Park to collect her fingerprints.  When Park would not cooperate with the court order, Ventura County deputies placed her under arrest and took her to the nearest jail facility to collect her fingerprints. The event was tape recorded.)

May 17th, 2013 Day 5
17. Michael Bamback (Continued testimony under cross.)
18. David Enriquez
(Santa Monica PD patrol officer. Pulled over Dr. Munir Uwaydah because he was talking on a cell phone while driving. Uwaydah gave two ID's to Officer Enriquez. One was a fake driver's license. The other was a "Second ID." On the back was a contact person, "Kelly.")
19. Felicia Burke (Orange County forensic scientist at OC Crime Lab. Analyzed evidence collected at the crime scene. Testimony interrupted to take the testimony of Dr. Pena, deputy coroner.)

May 17th, 2013, Day 5, Part II (Afternoon Session)  
20. Dr. Louis Pena (Physician, forensic examiner, position of deputy coroner. Performed the autopsy. Determined cause of death was manual strangulation. Manner of death was homicide.)
19 Felicia Burke (Testimony continued describing evidence she examined.)
21. Annette McCall (Orange County forensic scientist at OC Crime Lab. Performed DNA analysis on many items of evidence collected. Testimony incomplete.)

May 20th, 2013 Day 6
21. Annette McCall (testimony continued.)
22. Erin Kelly (Real estate agent for Dr. Uwaydah. Testified she interacted with Park who was acting on behalf of Dr. Uwaydah as his mortgage broker.
23. Gerald Lukiewski
11. Jennifer Zychowski (Recalled to testify about the fingerprint found on the orange plate.)

24. Mark Miner (Police Lt. for Beverly Hills PD.  Downloaded information off of Juliana's Blackberry phone.)
25. Karen Thompson (Santa Monica PD Detective. Took over as lead detective on the case. Testified about the steps she took to investigate the case.)

1. Wendy Tavara (Girlfriend of Juliana. Lived near Juliana. Spoke to her the day she was murdered.)
2. Cher Brooks (Spent the night at Juliana's house the night of March 14th.) 
3. Sarah Murphy (Lived with Juliana at prior addresses. Testified about Juliana's safety habits.)

May 21st, 2013 Day 7

(Incomplete section; will update soon.)
4. Jeff Fischbach (Expert witness on phone records. Testified about when phone was turned off.)
5. Mary O'Grady (Interior designer who worked six months on Uwaydah owned Beverly Hills house where Juliana lived for a few months. Saw Park and Juliana there at same time.)