Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Day 2

Just a Reminder!
May 26, 2011

I'm off to my nephew's graduation this morning. I'll be back on Saturday and hope to have a couple days to catch up for myself and for you over the weekend, counting on the hope that Judge Perry finds the costs of opening the courthouse Monday prohibitive!

I'll be keeping track of the trial while in transit. Thank heavens for my spouse's Droid and good friends.

Just remember, this trial will be more of a marathon than a sprint!

After yesterday’s events, I’m looking forward to watching the prosecution put on their linear, logical case as was outlined by Linda Drane Burdick during her opening. I expect that the defense’s extravagant claims will be picked at whenever possible. I know that Linda Burdick and Jeff Ashton are not changing their game plan one bit. But they will, piece by piece, debunk a lot of what Jose Baez claimed.

Casey Anthony entered the courtroom at 8:52 this morning, seeming in a better mood than yesterday. There were a few, tentative smiles as she conversed with her defense team.

Judge Perry took the bench at 8:59.

Jeff Ashton said that his next witness Cameron Campena, a friend of Casey Anthony to the stand.

This should give us a guideline as to how Casey will feel about her "friends" testifying against her.
Jose Baez asked for a few minutes to find the files. Judge Perry suggested that the State turn over a list of 40 names for the week. Otherwise, they will end up with 35 minute lunches, going late, and possibly half days on Sunday, too. They will do it the "Perry Way."

The judge granted the defense a ten minute break.

The jury was brought in and the prosecution continued his case.

Cameron Campena, 23 years old, now lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended college at Full Sail University from 2007-0. He graduated and is currently a club promoter.

He lived with Tony Lazzaro. Clint House also lived there 2007-08. Nathan Lezniewicz was also living there, sleeping on the floor from May, 2008 until the lease ran out.

So it seems at the time Casey was living there, there were 4 guys camped out there as well.

In June, 2008, his class schedule was 1 to 9. Nathan's schedule ran from 9 to 5. Tony Lazzaro was on a different schedule as well.

Campena was questioned by Frank George.

Campena met Casey Anthony through Tony Lazzaro, around May 24, 2008.

When he met her, she was just a regular 22-year-old girl, happy and normal.

Casey started staying at the apartment middle-late June, 2008. He saw Casey on a social basis daily in the apartment and perhaps 2 or 3 times in other places. He said he met Caylee 3 to 4 times either in Tony Lazzaro's room with Casey or watching TV.

Caylee never spent the night at the apartment, but Casey did.

She told him she worked at Universal and she had mentioned things about the job.

Campena had never talked to Tony or Casey about her moving into the apartment. She told them she was looking for an apartment with her friend Annie (Amy?).

He never saw her go to work and only thought he saw Caylee once. When he asked where Caylee was, Casey said she was going somewhere with her nanny.

She would say that she talked to Caylee on the phone and was excited about that. However, he never heard her on the phone talking to Caylee or the nanny. Casey would always step outside and walk around the pond in the back of the apartment to make her calls.

Casey told him that she would go outside to talk on the phone because it was her time to vent.

When Casey started staying at the apartment, she started cooking and buying food. She did her and Tony's laundry. She did his once. Casey also helped clean the apartment.

Campena and all his roommates had Apple MacBook Pros. Casey also had a computer which only she used. She never borrowed anyone else's computer.

Asked about her general demeanor, he said she was happy and excited about life. They socialized once or twice. They never socialized at Fusian.

Casey didn't drink alcohol at the apartment, but came home drunk one time.

He never met Cindy or George Anthony.

George asked about Caylee's clothing and toys. He said he saw some clothing and also some toys and a video.

Casey never told him that her daughter was missing or kidnapped.

Campena only knew about the July 15th incident from his roommates. He met Lee Anthony that night. He told Lee he was sorry about what happened and if there was anything they could do. Lee seemed calm, but worried. Lee picked up a bag of clothing belonging to Casey.

He had no further contact with Casey or Lee after that date.

Jose Baez was up for cross.

He asked if Campena was at Casey's home on June 16 when Caylee drowned?

Campena answered no.

The next witness was another roommate, Nathan Lezniewicz.

Frank George again questioned the witness. He also attended Full Sail University for 1 ½ years. He did not get a degree. He presently plays in a band.

When he lived with Tony Lazzaro he slept on the couch for a month and a half until Tony's lease was up.

His school schedule was 9 to 5. He also traveled with his band.

He had performances during that time, going out of town.

George asked the same questions he asked Campena.

He met Casey at the same birthday party (the same party where Casey first met Tony). He said the same things about Casey's demeanor. He found out within the next few days that she had a daughter, Caylee. He saw Caylee 2 or 3 times.

He confirmed that Casey and Caylee never spent the night there together. In the 3rd and 4th week of June, Casey stayed over quite a bit. She said she was an event coordinator at Universal. He never saw her badge and said small things about her job.

She had promised tickets for the Batman premiers.

He was asked if he saw Casey getting ready for work. He said she'd leave at the same time they did and he assumed she was going to work. There were times when Casey was there when he came home. He would hang out with her and watch TV. Casey didn't have a key to the apartment.

He found her easy to talk to. She seemed normal and happy as though everything was fine.

He never saw Caylee when she started staying there more frequently. Thy would ask Casey where Caylee was, and they got the same nanny story.

Casey told him little about her mother. She left to talk on the phone because she and her mother had arguments on the phone. He never heard her talk to Caylee or the nanny.

Casey had a little white car. He never rode in it or get near it. Casey mentioned one day that the car had broken down at the Amscot. He was there when Tony left to get her and when they returned about 15 minutes later. He didn't recall if she brought anything.

Casey never did his laundry, but she did cook and help clean. He socialized with her at Fusian. Tony and Clint House promoted the club.

He was with Casey there 2 or 3 times. The state attempted to introduce a photograph of him and Casey at Fusian. He couldn't remember the date. He said that it was taken in 2008. The State then moved the item into evidence.

Jose Baez objected to the picture based on relevance and they went to a bench conference.

Let’s remember, the defense doesn’t think anything Casey did after the “accident” is relevant to the case!

The objection was overruled and the first “Party Pic” was published. Baez then indicated he had a standing objection to these photographs.

Lezniewicz said that when she was partying, she was always in a good mood and was enjoying herself.

He never saw her distraught, upset, etc.

Casey never told him Caylee was missing.

He was at the apartment June 15th, 2008. He, Tony, and Casey were there.

He recounted the knock at the door. There was a blonde girl there and Casey stepped outside the door. She returned to the apartment with Cindy Anthony and Amy Huizenga.

Casey and she and Cindy Anthony had an argument and Casey said she would not leave. She left (to speak to her mother) and never came back again.

When this happened, they were confused and figured it was something between her, her mother, and her roommate.

He met Lee Anthony about mid to late evening (9 to 12). Lee told them that his sister was known to get into trouble... (objection/sustained). He did not appear angry but appeared worried. Tony helped Lee gather up her things.

They were visited twice by the police. Before Lee came, Tony gave Casey's cell phone to the policeman. They were only there long enough to collect the phone.

Law enforcement came back about 1 or 2 hours. They searched the apartment for about 20 to 25 minutes. He didn't recall if they took items with them.

He never saw clothing or toys belonging to Caylee Anthony while he was there.

Jose Baez then did the cross.

His questioning of the witness mostly dealt with signs of abuse. He said he'd never seen Caylee hungry or neglected.

Then, he said that there were no indications she gave that Caylee was dead.

He said that Casey parked in random spaces not far from their cars.

Then Baez asked the same “zinger” he asked Cameron Campena. Was he at the Anthony home on July 16th when Caylee drowned?

After a break for the jury, the state called Roy "Clint" House, yet another of Tony Lazzaro's rommates.

Clint attended Full Sail for 10 months and now lives in Jacksonville, working in his family's carpet cleaning business.

He lived in the apartment from April to June, 2008. He slept on the floor or the couch.

Mr. George asked about his hours. They varied widely. This University is an intense place with round-the-clock shifts.

He also met Casey Anthony at the same party. She seemed a "fun party girl" who would get along with their group of friends. Tony had mentioned that she had a kid. Casey didn't mention her daughter at that first meeting.

He met Caylee 4 or 5 times at the Sutton Place apartment. He affirmed that Caylee never stayed over and that Casey started staying there full-time late in June.

It wasn't a very big apartment will all of them crammed in there.

She also told him she worked at Universal Studios. She never told him about her work. He would see her getting ready to leave the apartment, saying she was going to work.

He never saw Caylee after Casey started staying at the apartment. Casey never said the name of the nanny when giving her excuses for Caylee's location. There was never any concern in her; she remained the same person.

He also had a laptop and saw Casey had hers. They never used each other's computer and he never saw her use anybody else's computer.

He was present when she spoke on the phone, but she would then walk outside. She was either on the phone with her mother or the nanny.

He saw her on a regular basis in the apartment and also went to Fusian with her and Tony on Friday nights. He was a DJ with Tony. She was trying to help them bring people out. They also went out to random bars in the UCF area.

He said that none of Casey's friends ever came to Fusian. She was in a couple of the contests he ran and participated in the Hot Body Contest. She would go around and socialize. Casey had nothing to do with selecting shot girls, but would give them tidbits of advice as to what to wear, although he did it also.

Maria Kissh was his girlfriend at the time. She also attended the Friday Nights at Fusian.

At this point, there was another side bar.

When we came back from the side bar (which seemed to have something about pictures), George continued questioned House. He was asked about Casey’s demeanor. He said she was drinking and partying and having a good time. She was happy.

House said that Casey and Tony seemed happy with each other. He said that she cooked and did laundry. He never saw them fight. He never saw her sad, angry, depressed, or withdrawn. There was no difference from when he first met her with Caylee.

He was not living at the apartment when Cindy came to get Casey. He had only spoken to her after he and Tony had a falling out over Fusian. She was trying to get the friendship back together.

She never mentioned anything about Caylee being missing.

Jose Baez then did cross. He brought out that he only knew Casey for 1 ½ months. He only saw Caylee at the apartment. She would come in with a backpack full of toys and flash cards. He said he never saw Casey and Caylee with other learning tools, but she did play with the drums.

He asked the questions to prove that Casey was a good mother.

Frank George objected to the question about the good mother and it was stricken.

He never saw Caylee go to the pool. He was aware they went to the pool June 2nd.

Baez also brought up the computer. He didn't keep a close eye on Casey's computer all the time.

Baez went into a lot of information about his dealings with "Fusians" as he called it. Casey volunteered to manage the shot girls, but she wasn't really managing anybody.

Casey lived there rent free and "paid her way" by cooking, cleaning, and helping with Fusian. House did say she NEVER threw out the trash, it was the guy's job.

There was a whole bunch of leading questions which elicited all sorts of answers about how wonderful Casey was to them and Caylee.

House said he never saw any change in Casey's demeanor.

Maria Kissh was the next witness called. She was Clint House's girlfriend at the time Casey lived at the apartment.

She graduated from UCF in 2007 with a degree in political science. She worked on a county campaign.

She was living in Kissimmee in Osceola County.

They dated from May through July of 2008 and never lived together.

She met Casey in June, 2008. She remembered meeting somewhere with a party atmosphere. Clint introduced Casey as the girl Tony was dating at the time. She also knew the other roommates.

She remembered meeting Caylee at Tony's apartment. When she knocked on the door, Caylee answered it. When she walked into the apartment, she assumed Casey was back in one of the rooms. She saw her come from Tony's room. She spent 15 to 20 minutes with Caylee.

She said that Casey came out for a minute and went back into Tony's room. When she and Clint were leaving, she was out on the balcony and Caylee was out there with her. She felt uncomfortable because she didn't want to leave Caylee out there on the screened balcony.

There was another bench conference.

When George began his questioning again, he picked up with the balcony incident.

She didn't want to leave Caylee on the balcony and Tony, Casey, and Caylee were going to leave as well. They came out and told Caylee to get her shoes on. She saw Caylee struggling to get into her shoes and socks and helped her. She also said that Caylee was speaking to her and that she never saw Caylee again.

Kissh remembered when Casey was staying there all of the time. She would go over to the apartment and stayed for dinner, Casey was there. They didn't have a friendship, but they were polite with one another.

Casey told her that she was an event planner at Universal, but never told her what her hours were. She never saw a Universal ID and never questioned that she worked there.

She also spent time with Casey going out to a bar or club, or out for something to eat.

She observed that Tony and Casey got along well and were casually dating. They appeared to like each other and she thought it was beneficial for Tony. She never saw them argue.

George then asked Kissh about Fusian. She had been there with her boyfriend once when Casey was there on June 20th when there was a Hot Body contest.

She witnessed the Hot Body Contest and saw Casey participating. She was wearing a thin-knit bluish dress.

He showed her the picture that was admitted into evidence earlier. Based on the picture, Kissh could say that it was the night of the contest. She did not participate.

He then recalled that, other than participating in the Hot Body Contest, she was in charge of the shot girls. She heard Casey discussing things with them.

There were the same questions about Casey's demeanor and had the same answers as the others.

She stayed at the apartment and saw Casey there in the kitchen the next morning. They had a discussion about where Caylee was. Casey gave her one of her nanny excuses. She told her she paid the nanny $400 a week.

Casey told Kissh that Caylee's father was deceased.

They also talked about Casey's living situation. Casey told her that her parents were moving out of their house and she and Caylee would be moving in there over the next couple of months.

She rode in Casey's car while she was staying at the apartment once. She was with Casey, Tony, and Clint.

Baez again did the cross examination.

He asked where they went when they were in the car. They were going to get something to eat and she didn't smell a foul odor. Clint didn't say anything about an odor, nor did Tony.

Baez started to discuss the thin blue dress and thought better of it.

Then Baez tried to get Kissh to admit she was bothered with Casey's living where her boyfriend lived, but she wouldn't comply.

After Maria Kissh’s testimony, court broke for lunch.

When we returned from lunch, we had another motion.

Since the defense now knew the next witness for the defense, Ms. Fryer re-argued their Motion in Limine regarding the shovel. The defense said that the shovel was not relevant to the case.

Since Casey admitted she wasn't searching for Caylee and that language is in the Order, the shovel should be out.

The renewal of the motion was denied.

Frank George brought up the issue of the echo from the microphones. (The sound is echoing.)

Brian Burner, the neighbor who lent Casey Anthony the shovel, was next on the stand.

He is the next door neighbor who moved into his house in 2005. He said that they are "just cordial neighbors."

Burner is a truck driver and he lives with his wife, 2 sons, and a daughter. None of them are friends with Lee or Casey Anthony (who had already moved out when they moved in).

He returned for vacation the evening of June 16th and was home June 17th. On June 17th, he saw Casey's vehicle backing into the garage.

He had only seen Casey Anthony driving the car. He knew that the vehicle went all the way into the garage and this was the first time he had seen Casey do so. He had no recollection of the car leaving the house.

On the 18th, when he was outside doing yard work, he saw Casey Anthony when she approached him about 1:20 or 1:30 to borrow a shovel to dig up a bamboo root.

When shown a picture of the shovel in his garage, he identified it and the picture was entered into evidence over the defense's objecitons.

He gave her the shovel and Casey left his house and walked into the garage. He finished his work and went to see if Casey was finished with the shovel. He saw that the garage door was still open and he walked back to his house and told his son about Casey borrowing the shovel. Casey returned the shovel to her son an hour after he had lent it to her.

The car was also backed into the garage that day as well.

He saw her car again on the 19th or the 20th in the early afternoon between noon and three. He was in his house and the car backed in again. He didn't know how long the car stayed there.

He never inquired about the police activity at the house on July 15th.

Jose Baez again did the cross.

He immediately went into Burner's first statement on July 17th. He took it to the witness to refresh his recollection of the day.

At that time, he didn't know the date that Casey borrowed the shovel but that it was around the 16th. He later met with Cpl. Edwards and gave a second statement. In that statement, he started giving them dates. Baez went into Cpl. Edwards telling him to close his eyes to help him remember the dates. That technique didn't work, but as he thought about it, he was able to figure out the dates.

He talked about the car being backed in before. He said he didn't watch her comings and goings. He said he was not a nosey neighbor. So, Baez got him to admit he didn't know how Casey parked her car every day.

Baez indicated that the shovel wasn't dirty and Casey didn't look sweaty like she had dug a ditch. He can't know what she used the shovel for. He was unaware if the Anthony's owned shovels and could only offer speculation as to the use of the shovel (in Baez’s words as he led the witness as is proper in cross.)

George came back for re-direct and brought up the interview with Cpl. Edwards. George mentioned that Burner had mentioned a pick-up truck. The gas cans were stolen the following week and he saw Casey with a man. He saw them in the driveway and heard them speaking, but couldn't make out their words.

George asked about any other cars being in the driveway or the garage. Burner answered no. They can't see into each other's yards due to the privacy fence.

Burner didn't remember anything else about the day the gas cans were stolen.

Casey's white car wasn't in the driveway at the time the truck was there.

Baez did re-cross. Baez asked him if he had thought he would have to remember the events. Baez said that it would be difficult to remember.

There was a hot mess with Baez trying to establish lines of sight between his house and the Anthony home.

Baez also said that he couldn't see who was driving a car and Burner agreed. (Hint here that there was no way to know who drove Casey's car.)

Baez then tried to get into the media trucks parked in front of his house for months. The prosecution objected and it was sustained. (Could it be Baez wants to show Burner has animosity towards Casey because her actions disturbed the peace and quiet on Hope Spring Drive?)
Baez then asked if Casey looked normal and to define normal! Objection sustained. End of re-cross.

Before the next witness was called, Baez asked for a bench conference. Following that, there was a 10 minute recess.

Jamie Realander, who Casey knew when Jamie was a shot girl at Fusian, was called next.

Jamie Realander, 22, stated she is moving shortly to Indiana. In 2008 she was attending Valencia and was working at a golf club.

She met Casey through a friend at Fusian. She was a customer there. She was happy, a nice person to be friends with when she met her in May, 2008.

She was employed as a shot girl at Fusian. She made money on the sales. George then brings up the date June 20, June 13 and she was not a shot girl. She worked as a shot girl on June 27. She understood that Casey was the go-to person for information.

She was at Fusian on June 20, but not as a shot girl. She remembered the Hot-Body Contest. She was shown a photo on the monitor and saw herself in the photograph, along with Casey Anthony. She described Casey as wearing a blue dress.

The picture was entered into evidence and it was published to the jury. Realander did not take part in the contest.

George went into the questions about Casey's demeanor. She said that there was nothing unusual.

Casey told her the areas she should attend to as a shot girl on June 27. The girls in general wore the same thing. Some other girl told her that.

There was a problem when she worked there. Somebody tried to grab another of the shot girls and she was scratched on the stomach by a patron. Casey Anthony sent the girls home that night.

Realander had a conversation with her on July 15th. She didn't know before that Casey had a daughter but did know that she dated Tony Lazzaro. On the phone, Casey told her that she had to go to Universal and had to pick up her daughter. Casey said that her birthday was the next month and that she was invited to the party.

She never saw Casey outside of Fusian and this was the only phone call she had from Casey. She did receive a text message asking for help to find Caylee.

On cross examination, Jose Baez asked about the photograph. No, he changed his mind and asked if she heard anything about Caylee. Baez asked "is there anything that occurred that night that had to do with her death?" Realander said no.

Baez then portrayed that Casey was a mother-like figure and took good care of the girls. She was protective of them.

Baez asked if she knew of anything about June 16th that would help the jury.

George did re-direct and asked if Casey gave any indication that there was a problem with her daughter. No But she was protective of you? Yes.

The next witness was Erica Gonzalez, another shot girl from Fusian. She is a 22-year old mother who is studying at the University of Phoenix.

She worked every Friday at Fusian. She worked there every Friday in June. She met Casey Anthony there through one of the girls who worked there. She had no recollection of her first meeting with Casey.

While she worked there, she talked to Casey numerous times. She also knew Tony Lazzaro. She said that Casey was the shot girl manager. She told them what to wear and protected them.

Baez then objected to the repetitive questions and Judge Perry agreed. George pointed out that each witness brought new information.

Casey told her that she had a job at Islands of Adventure. She didn't know where Casey was living at the time.

She was aware that Casey had a daughter, and that's why she took care of them. She told her nothing about her daughter, not even her name.

Casey never gave any indication that there was something wrong with daughter or herself.

She never saw anything in Casey's behavior that would indicate that anything was wrong.

She spoke once with Casey Anthony on the phone about going out to dinner with all the shot girls to discuss what happened the week before. She said she was heading to the airport to pick someone up.

When she heard that night that Casey's daughter was missing, she texted Casey offering help and made flyers. She said that Caylee was with the nanny.

Jose Baez went next on cross.

He reminded her that Casey was kind to everyone, courteous, and took care of everyone. She never saw Casey get drunk.

He then asked if she had any information that could help the jury understand how Caylee died.

There was a ten minute break before the next witness was called.

The judge returned with a note from the jury. They are saying that they would like to work on Monday, Memorial Day!

Anthony Lazzaro was the last witness of the day. He is 24 and lives in Long Island, New York. He attended Full Sail 2007-2009. He graduated with a degree in music business. He works at Best Buy and is interning at a record label.

He lived at Sutton Place of University Blvd. He lived with Cameron Campena. Later on, Clint and Nathan lived off his couch. They paid no rent and he was being a good friend to them.

George then discussed the operation at Full Sail.

When he knew Casey, his schedule was not consistent. He'd have a class in the morning from 9 to 1 and an evening lab. He had the same computer as his roommates.

The school wanted the students to get involved with each other and recommended they do various projects with each other. He did DJ'ing and he and Clint thought of starting a DJ company and promote.

He started doing this at Fusian.

He owns a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Lazzaro first came in contact with Casey Anthony through Facebook and they became friends. Most of the early contacts came through Facebook.

They met at a friend's birthday party at the end of May, 2008. They sent messages to all their Facebook friends and she responded to him.

He learned she had a child from Facebook. He didn't remember the name, but knew she was a toddler.

His first impression was that she was a pretty girl and they hit it off. That night went well and shortly after, he made plans to see her again. After that, they met more often. She would come over to his apartment a couple of times a week.

She brought Caylee the first time she came to his apartment. They went to the pool. It was June 2, 2008.

After the first party, he invited her to a pool party which she attended. In early May to June, Casey did not stay over at his apartment. She had a white Pontiac.

He attended Troy Brown's birthday party June 4. It was held at Club Voyage. Casey drove in her car. (That clarifies the reason her passengers who drove with her did not smell any odor.)
He saw Caylee a couple of times at his apartment and at the Millenia Mall. He was there to promote and event and hand out flyers. Casey did not hand out flyers, she and Caylee went other places in the mall. When they met up, they ate at the Cheesecake Factory. That was the last time he saw Caylee. They drove there in Casey's car. Casey brought him back to his apartment and left. He never saw Caylee again.

Caylee never spent the night at his apartment.

The conversation then went to how the shot girls worked. Casey wanted to help and he told her to keep them in line.

Casey told Lazzaro that she worked at Universal Studios as and event planner. He told him specific people at her job. There was a Jeff and he couldn’t remember the girls' names. He didn't remember if she complained about her job. He saw her Universal badge with her picture on it.

Casey said that her baby sitter or her mother took care of Caylee when she worked. She told him the baby sitter was Zanny at the beginning of the relationship. She didn't tell him much about Zanny. He didn't remember if Casey told him how much she paid Zanny.

On June 13, 2008 Lazzaro did a Hip-Hop Showcase at Fusian. It was the first time Casey was there with them.

Frank George then wanted to introduce a photograph of that evening. Jose Baez objected to this picture, saying it wasn’t relevant.

Let’s remember, for the defense, anything that occurred in the infamous 31 days is irrelevant since Caylee was already dead and disposed of after her accidental death by drowning. And of course, with her history of sexual abuse, whatever she did was her way of dealing with life. Think of it as an advanced level of ugly coping.

There was a side bar, of course.

Judge Perry overruled the motion and the picture was published to the jury, over objections, naturally

The showcase was a success and he had a few more coming up. After it was over, Casey returned to his apartment for the first time.

In mid to late June, Casey starting staying at his apartment, basically living with him.

June 16, 2008, he saw Casey about 6:30 to 7:00 in the evening.

There was then a stipulation that was read into the record. It agreed that the Blockbuster Videos and stills are true and accurate.

Frank George moved the DVD of the video into evidence and it was published to the jury.

Lazzaro identified himself and Casey in the video and George asked if she was any different that evening. He said her attitude was the same as always.

On June 16th he didn't remember if she brought a suitcase. There was perhaps a book of Caylee's in the apartment, nothing else that belonged to her.

He did not remember her calling anyone that night.

He said he cared for her and the relationship was going well. They had no disagreements or fights. They spent the next day together as well and he skipped school. He preferred to spend his day with Casey.

Prior to the trip to Blockbuster, he had talked to her on the phone, but didn’t remember texting her.

That day, they stayed in his bedroom and there was no change in her demeanor. She gave him no indication that there was anything wrong. He didn't recall her calling anyone in his presence.

Lazzaro probably went to class on the 18th. Casey was to go to school or work or go see Caylee. He understood that she had a job.

His lease was running out in August and on June 19th he went with Casey to look at apartments at Crane's Landing. He was planning on living with Nathan and his friend Brian.

Only Lazzaro looked at the apartment because Casey didn't have any identification on her.

Casey was living at home. He told him that she and Amy were going to get the Anthony home or get an apartment.

Amy is Amy Huizenga, one of Casey's friends he had met her the night he met Casey at the birthday party.

Casey told him a little about her dad. At that point, she said nothing about her mother.

By the 18th of June, he and the defendant were not sharing secrets, it was a new relationship.

June 20th they went to Fusian for another Hip-Hop Showcase. This time, there was a Hot Body Contest. Casey was asked to participate by someone and he had no special objection to that. He was present for the contest.

His job there was to make sure nothing went bad, that nobody bothered the bartenders.

He was then shown a picture of Casey in the blue dress with Clint. It was taken during the contest.

The picture was admitted into evidence and published to the jury.

George then went through more questions about any change in Casey's demeanor.

(This was taken 4 days after Caylee "disappeared.")

That Showcase was also a success and Casey came home with him again.

On June 23rd, Casey called him saying she had run out of gas and needed to be picked up. He picked her up and took her to her house.

She opened the garage door and there were no other cars there. They went through the garage to the back yard. He didn't recall going into the home.

They went to the shed and it was locked. He broke the lock with a tire iron from his truck. He was concerned about it and Casey told him it was OK, it was her shed. They took two gas cans out of the shed. He put them in his truck and went back to her car. Casey put the gas into the car and put them in the trunk. He couldn't see inside the trunk when she opened it. They then went back to his apartment.

Again, there was no change in Casey's mood.

George reviewed Casey's habit of leaving the apartment when she took a phone call. Lazzaro thought it would be a private matter with her mom. There would be no change of mood when she returned and she never discussed the call with him.

Casey would tell him she was calling the baby sitter and would again take the phone outside.

The next day George mentioned was June 26th. They both hung out at his apartment.

On June 27th Casey called him again that she had run out of gas at the Amscot. He pulled into the parking lot and didn't get out of his car. She was already outside her car with bags of groceries. She said to him that the car broke down and that her father would take care of it.

They then went back to the apartment and dropped the groceries. They went to the Fashion Square Mall that evening.

There is a stipulation to the video of JC Penney's

George then proffered the video and Baez objected to it on the issue of relevancy. Judge Perry overruled the objection and the video was published to the jury.

Lazzaro drove to the mall and he never saw the Pontiac again. He didn't buy anything.

They went again to Fusian that night. Lazzaro identified a photograph as being taken on that date.

Again, Baez gave his same objection which was overruled and the picture was published to the jury.

George again asked if there was any noticible change in Casey's demeanor. He asked more questions along that line. (We will be hearing them again!)

George then asked about his short vacation to go home to New York. He left the 30th of June and he drove himself and Cameron to the airport in his Jeep along with Casey. Casey was to bring it back to the apartment. There was no discussion that she could use his car. He did not expect her to be using his car.

The witness then identified Casey Anthony in the courtroom.

Jose Baez again did the cross examination. He started by asking about the photographs. He wanted to know if Casey Anthony was standing trial for murder.

Jose Baez then asked about each photographs asking if Casey talked about murdering anyone, borrow any weapons, guns, duct tape from anyone? (He said more items, but I couldn’t keep up and the question was so ridiculous!)

He asked if she bought duct tape, guns, knives, etc. at JC Penney!

Same with the Blockbuster store!

(This is Baez being sarcastic because he believes the exhibits are irrelevant to the case. Remember, Caylee wasn’t murdered, he was saying, it was a unfortunate accident.)

Lazzaro said he saw Caylee 2 or 3 times and he had no issues about dating someone with a child. He liked Caylee.

Then, Baez went into the litany of qualites when talking about what a good mother Casey was.

On June 2, 2008, he went with Casey and Caylee to the pool. There was no incident where she had to discipline Casey. (Baez flips through the interviews.) Baez asked him if he remembered a time when Casey had to discipline Caylee by raising her voice at the pool. Lazzaro said he didn't and Baez refreshed his memory with an interview he gave. All that turned out to be was that Caylee was going near the pool when Casey stopped her by telling her to stop.

Caylee really enjoyed the pool and he had an opportunity to see that.

There was a secret Casey told him... (as Baez asked that, Frank George objected because of scope and Judge Perry sustained it. Remember, George only covered secrets not being told early on in the brief relationship, not those after June 16th)

Baez argued that it was a statement by the defendant and Perry says that it was self-serving and sustained it again.

(Remember, heresay from the defendant can only be testimony against interest and not self-serving.

Baez then went into Lazzaro's cooperation with the police by allowing them to tap his phone and wear a wire with Lee Anthony. He never made any statements to the media and never sold any photographs or made money from the case.

Baez then brought up the first time Casey ran out of gas. Baez repeated the basic story and asked if Casey told him to stay away from her car. He said she hadn't. He was next to her when she poured the gas. He was more than 2 feet from the trunk. He remembered her tossing the gas cans in the trunk.

When Baez asked if he smelled the stench, he said no, he wasn't in the car. He did not see the lining of the trunk.

Baez then decided to refresh his memory again. Apparently he did.

Baez asked if he could introduce a photograph rather than have Lazzaro have to return to Florida.

After a lengthy side bar the objection was sustained. Baez said he could read the numbers into the record, defense exhibits Q and P.

Back at the Amscot, Lazzaro said the car was parked cock-eyed.

Baez was trying to prove that there was a gas station near the Amscot. Baez was allowed to show Lazzaro a photograph, but he it didn't refresh his recollection, but saw it in the picture.

Baez then broached the topic of Casey looking at a video. (Probably the one of Casey looking at the video Cindy had shot on Father’s Day). Then, Baez dropped the topic, knowing it was the same situation he had with the revelations he wanted to get from him that were objected to for being beyond the scope of direct examination.

Baez then went back to the first time Casey ran out of gas.

Then, it was over, leaving me puzzled and confused.

Baez asked to recall the witness tomorrow since he has about 20 more minutes with Tony Lazzaro.

Court is adjourned for the day.


FRG said...


Thank you for the report! You do such a wonderful job!

Have wonderful time and be safe!

I am not sure of what JB has accomplished yesterday, he is so incompetent, he keeps asking to the witnesses about the media and if they made money with photos in this case... it makes me sick to my stomach since he sold Caylee's photos/videos to ABC for $200,000 and he kept almost $90,000 of that money to pay himself! This is so unethical! IMO

See you next week in court!

Gary said...

Mr. Baez is a train wreck...
"Did you see her buy any guns or chloroform at JC Penny?"
"Did you see her buy any guns at Blockbuster?"
I think he's laying the ground work for an appeal... ineffectual\incompetent council.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you may be right. It does seem like Baez may be doing this charade on ensure that his client can file an appeal for incompetence (or delusional!) representation and so that she can get a 2nd trial with full knowledge of the prosecution's case.

Also, it seems that Geraldo is doing everything in his power to advocate for Casey because he probably KNOWS in his own heart that she's GUILTY, but wants the jury to give her the lesser of the penalty for her cold-hearted crime!

Sprocket said...

This comment was left on the wrong entry:


The Anthony case is sure getting a lot of press now - even in California. Tonight Nightline did a piece on it - saying how the evidence is showing what a good job Casey has done in covering up all her bad feelings. Of course, the focus was on George, the "accidental" drowning, Lee's attempts at sexual abuse towards Casey, and JB. I tell ya, if Baez is trying to get this case dismissed as being an incompetent attorney, couldnt he be charged with manipulation of justice, contempt of court, or something else? I can't believe he'd put his own profession in jeopardy over this case, though. But who can say what that guy might try? Ach - it is really an ugly trial.