Monday, December 15, 2008

Phil Spector Retrial Update V

My detailed trial notes for Thursday, December 11th have been added after the short entry for that date. You can find them, here.


4MrsB said...

Thank you for such detailed, and much appreciated information. I feel like I'm right there in the courtroom.
Do you have an understanding of why AJ's team would benefit from leaving out the "manner of death" testimony? It sounds great right now, but If DW can just bring up suicide and that whole scenario when he puts on his defense case (which will happen shortly after the holiday break), isn't AJ just postponing what he will need to address very soon anyway? Just curious what your thoughts are . . maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Off topic slightly, but Doron Weinberg is trying to weasle out of a pre-trial hearing in the case of child molester Dr. William Ayres, set for December 23 even though the Spector trial will be in a two-week hiatus.