Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tune in for Coverage of the Case Against Casey Anthony on TruTV!

I've received word that Beth Karas will be on In Session on Monday, December 8 doing three one-hour specials on the case. They will be broadcast from 10-11, 12-1, and 2-3 ET. Beth will also be covering the hearing live on December 11.

The Case Against Casey Anthony: The Week in Review

After a busy weekend of poring over the latest document dump and the new information released the previous week, the Anthony camp fired back. Cindy Anthony announced on Monday, December 1, that her Yahoo e-mail account had been hacked.

According to Kathy Belich of WFTV, she received four suspicious e-mails from Cindy. She notified her by text message and then forwarded them to the FBI for further investigation.

The FBI asked Eyewitness News not to reveal the details of emails because of their investigation. They include exchanges between Cindy Anthony and her spokesman, her private investigator, and even the PR person for Kid Finders, angry with Eyewitness News after exposing their founder has a criminal background.

There has been talk all over the internet about this, needless to say. Some believe she was hacked, others think Cindy may have accidentally sent out those e-mails. Either way, I am amazed that she kept sensitive e-mails on a Yahoo account. There are also rumors that some of the information is sensitive to the defense case. Unfortunately, if a third party such as Cindy is privy to such information, it is no longer covered by attorney-client privilege. It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of the FBI investigation.

The Anthony family maintains there is a possibility that the "hackers" have ties to Ocala and possibly some of the protesters. According to Dominic Casey, Anthony's' private investigator:

"It would be a connection between Ocala and Orlando or several protesters that we did run background checks on throughout that period. As to me saying it would be attributed to them, not what I'm saying, but possibly an Ocala to Orlando," said Dominic Casey, Anthonys' private investigator.

Later Monday night, Dr. Lawrence Kobilinski reported on Nancy Grace that it was probable that the defense might have to ask for a delay in the trial as he had not yet had the opportunity to examine the evidence.

Dr. Koblinski is one of the three scientific experts to comprise the entire witness list for the defense. The evidence he needs to examine is the hair root showing decomposition. At present, the hair is housed at the FBI labs in Quantico, VA. At the hearing last week, Judge Strickland ruled he could make arrangements with the lab to examine the evidence. I should hope that Mr. Baez is working hard to make that happen. At the hearing, the prosecuting attorney stated that more testing could happen and the hair needed to stay in Virginia. Shipping the evidence to Orlando for examination and shipping it back and forth posed a danger to the chain of custody.

Dr. Kobilinski is based in New York City. If I recall correctly, it is about a five hour drive or train ride to Quantico. Mr. Baez would be to an advantage cost-wise to send Dr. Kobilinski to Virginia instead of Orlando, FBI willing.

Tuesday began with an announcement by Leonard Padilla that he intends to return to Blanchard Park on Christmas Day with Jesse Grund's father, Richard for a vigil for Caylee. He also announced that he had already raised $50,000 from private donors to continue the search he began in November.

The Anthony family returned the ball by making an announcement that they had "big" news!

First, "...members of Kid Finders said they've had a third witness come forward to tell them they also saw a little girl who looked like Caylee in an Orlando mall last month.

Then, "Caylee's grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, said a big development in the case is on the way. George Anthony wouldn't elaborate much further, but said a team of private investigators are working on a new lead that could lead to the discovery of the girl. "

According to George,

"There is just a lot of positive things that are still happening. A lot more people are coming forward because they can see some progress of bringing Caylee home and it's pretty awesome stuff. I can't be too specific with you but we believe we're close," he said. "

Apparently, any brown-haired, 3-year-old little girl is fair game for the Anthony family. As for me, I'm still waiting to see the photograph of Casey, Caylee, and "Zanny" that they have been hunting for somewhere out there.

Also on Tuesday, it was reported on WFTV that the family had still not reported the alleged hacking incident to police despite the assertion by Dominic Casey that "they are outraged and planned to report the intrusion to the Marion County Sheriff's Office."

After a break on Wednesday with no publicity about the case, Thursday thundered in with the release of 7 DVD's by the OCSO jail. They show the visits between Casey and her parents and her brother, Lee. These visits occurred in July and August during her first incarceration on felony child abuse charges and before she was bailed out by Leonard Padilla. Since her arrest on murder charges, Casey has had no visits from her family. Viewing the videos clearly explains why!

Casey shows her control over the entire situation. Her parents tip-toe around her, possibly to avoid angering her and shutting her down. In the long run, they learn nothing new and those of us watching learn about how Casey operates. Listening to Casey talk to her brother Lee is like listening to a foreign language. I'm going to have to learn Anthoneese!

I'm looking forward to seeing the analysis of some of these tapes when they are hashed out on In Session Monday!

The week closed out on Friday with the announcement that the State will not seek the death penalty in the case.

Prosecutors last month told WESH 2 News they were not sure they had enough aggravating circumstances to convince a jury to recommend the death penalty. In its notice to the court on Friday, the state attorney’s office simply wrote that “it is not in the best interest of the people of the State of Florida to pursue the death penalty.”

The Anthony family fired back with a statement through their representative.

"In response to the state's intent not to seek the death penalty came as no surprise to us this afternoon," the statement said. "Our family believes Caylee Marie is still alive and our efforts have not lost focus to the objective of bringing her home. Today's announcement only supports our theory that our granddaughter is still with us, and we will continue investigating all tips and leads that support our position despite what the authorities continue to say."

Hello? She's still facing life without parole! The only difference I can find is that Jose Baez will probably continue as her lead attorney. In addition, George and Cindy Anthony, as well as their spokesperson Michelle Bart are rapidly losing credibility with their constant "exciting news" press releases. It's hard to believe them anymore. They've gone to that particular well too many times.

The final news of the week came when it was announced that prosecution had added to their witness list. The new total is 144 witnesses. The revised list has not been published yet. It should be interesting to see what names have been added.



CNN Find Caylee Blog


Anonymous said...

Thanks ritanita!

IMO ~ every parent with a 3-year-old, dark haired daughter needs to start dressing them in "I am NOT Caylee Anthony" T-shirts and carrying their birth certificate around! These "leads" are now disrupting innocent families' lives ~ and IMO have passed the point of ridiculous!

Sedonia Sunset said...

You aren't kidding about them tip-toeing around her! They looked like they were afraid she might wish them into the cornfield at any second.

Re Beth Karas's specials, do you know if it is one-hour special to be shown three times, or three different one-hour specials?

ritanita said...

Sedonia Sunset,

Beth will be on live all three times. Since she will be on all three programs, I'm assuming they might be similar, but not the same since there are different hosts.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on Beth Karas' specials and her coverage of the hearing.

Nice to see In Session doing something interesting (LOL?)-- it's been awhile.

Again, thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita - thanks for the updates! Is this In-Session on TV or on the net?? I just searched my TV for "In Session" and found nothing?? Thanks in advance!!


ritanita said...


It will be on the usual programs on TTV (Television). The case has gotten so much attention and with the release of the tapes, they've decided to do 3 "specials" Monday.

I can't ever find any kind of programming notes for In Session. They only start with the 3:00 PM (ET) re-runs!

Hope that helped.

Damsel said...

Great article Ritanita! Truly, I think that there is recourse for the parents of these children who are having their pictures taken and plastered all over the net. I think that you are supposed to ask if you can take a personal picture of someone. If I were them, I would definitely get in touch with a lawyer and see if charges could be brought against the person with the camera and the Anthony's for encouraging it. I think that it's against the law even for a non celebrity. Especially for a non celebrity and a child.

Anonymous said...

I, too, do not like Casey Anthony, who would? But, the problems with her started a long time ago. A high school dropout, pregnant teen, liar, and being a daughter always trying to look good in a domineering mother's eyes. Caylee paid for the bad relationship of the mother and daughter. I have heard words come out of George Anthony's mouth and you can tell he doesn't even believe what he is saying. Cindy's dominance again. If they truly want to help their daughter, they, too, have to lay it on the line to her and maybe she will open up. Very Sad for that beautiful girl, Caylee.