Monday, August 3, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial: Day Six, Part I

Monday, August 3rd, 2009.

Testimony ended early today after just a few minutes. Alternate juror #3 was in the ER for 14 hours over the weekend and was unable to get any rest. She is exhausted. Pastor and all parties agreed to give the juror one day of rest in the hopes that she will be able to continue tomorrow morning. If she is unable to continue tomorrow, then it looks like they will have to let her go.

I'll be working on finishing and editing my entry for Day Three and trying to also get the testimony for Day Four up by this evening.


Patient Advocate said...

I guess jurors are not immune to stresses, and once could surmise there is a mind body connection in grappling with the expectations of handing down a verdict.

We certainly have seen jurors dropping out of a few cases of late.

Perhpas four to six alternates are not enough for modern times!

Sprocket said...

The juror's specific health issue that resulted in her ending up in the ER was not revealed to the court. Just that she was there.

I believe the court indicated (through communication with Pastor's clerk, Ms. Sammie Benson), that she did not get any sleep from the ordeal and was exhausted.

Judge Pastor in addressing counsel, indicated that hopefully she would be able to go home and get some much needed sleep and ready and able to continue tomorrow.

Note: I have 19 more pages of steno-pad notes to transcribe and edit from Day 3 before that entry will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket you do yeoman's work if you feel you should give us 19 pages of transcription. It is bad karma that jurors--also working for free--have to face these medical or other personal emergencies and still serve. And so much out there happens unexpectedly and can be devastating to the person on the receiving end. I know, I have been there (and have never served on a jury due to the financial impact. I hope to, some day).
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...will there be a "Day 5"?? You seem to have skipped over that number.

Anxiously awaiting more news...

Sprocket said...

Yes there will be a day five. Real life has kept me busy, and I have not had as much time to write as I would like.

Anonymous said...

Excellent coverage. Thank you.