Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial: Juror Replaced

I just got a confirmation from Ms. Benson, Judge Pastor's clerk that the juror who had surgery and was replaced yesterday was Juror #9. If my memory serves, this was the older juror who needed to have copies of paper exhibits handed to him because of his eyesight.

The alternate who replaced Juror #9 was Alternate #2 who was seen wiping away tears at the end of the prosecution's rebuttal argument where the videos of Lauren were played.


ritanita said...

Thanks for the update, Sprocket. I sure hope the newly constituted jury can settle in and get to some very serious business and come up with a proper verdict.

Susan said...

Thanks for the detailed update, Sprocket! By the way, hope your bronchitis is gone!

Anonymous said...

Please refresh my memory, Sprocket. When is the jury deliberating?


Sprocket said...

The jurors go back on Tuesday. The Daily Breeze reported Friday that the jury "may be" deadlocked.

Let's hope Judge Pastor can move this jury onto a verdict.

Carolyn said...

How on earth can they be deadlocked? Any imbecile could figure this one out. I really hope that report is wrong.