Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kill Most Members of a Family in San Francisco, Have No Fear of the Death Penalty

Danielle Bologna, widow of Tony Bologna and mother of Michael and Matthew, all three of whom were murdered by illegal alien gang-banger career criminal Edwin Ramos.

Only 15 months after illegal alien MS-13 gang member Edwin Ramos gunned down three members of the Tony Bologna family—father Tony, age 48, and his two sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16—San Francisco County District Attorney Kamala Harris announced that the death penalty would not be on the table. The worst Ramos has to look forward to is life in prison if he is convicted at all.

Ramos is the most notorious beneficiary of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy. He has already reproduced and has a young daughter anchor baby.

A preliminary hearing was held in June. There is no trial date yet set.

The murders were eligible for the death penalty because of three special circumstances attached to the crime: gang motivated, committed as a drive-by shooting, and multiple victims.

Sorry Bay Area readers, but I have little faith in San Francisco jurors to do the right thing by the Bolognas and the citizens of San Francisco. Unfortunately you get what you vote for, and Kamala Harris is it.

To the rest of California, remember her name—supposedly she is considering a run for attorney general for our fine state.

Tony Bologna’s widow Danielle has filed a claim against the City and County of San Francisco for failing to deport Ramos. The claim will no doubt be denied, opening this case up for civil lawsuits. I am seldom in favor of civil lawsuits, but I hope that San Francisco pays for this mistake for a very long time.

Why why why can San Joaquin prosecutors stand up and put the death penalty on the table for Melissa Huckaby (alleged murderer of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu) and San Francisco’s DA can’t get it right?

I’m seriously too angry to write more.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, kill anyone in SF and have no fear that the prosecution will seek the death penalty.

That is because the current SF District Attorney opposes the DP in all cases, even when cops are executed, women die during rape, and when people are murdered (or mass-murdered) in connection with other serious crimes that otherwise meet DP criteria.

See “D.A. won't pursue death in cop slaying”- Harris fulfills campaign pledge with decision

"Generally speaking, I would think that was one of the type of cases where prosecutors would think the death penalty was appropriate," said Dane Gillette, who oversees death penalty cases for Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

Indeed, murder of a police officer was one of the special circumstances for which voters approved the death penalty in 1977, according to experts, and it is a circumstance that most states with a death penalty recognize as eligible for capital punishment.

But San Francisco is not most states, and Harris campaigned and won, in part, with her pledge not to seek capital punishment.

"I have been very clear about not seeking the death penalty," she said.

Patient said...

Justice seems very difficult to attain. I always thought of it as textbook straight. But it never is, the standards change to much.

I have lost faith in our elected officials and the processes through which the courts prosecute cases.

suzanne said...

I was born in San Francisco - it was a wonderful city then - in the many years since it has become a moral wasteland. Political correctness rules and right and wrong are so blurred no one can figure it out. Its just wrong. I'm ashamed of this once beautiful and unique city. I wish we could take the whole city back in time travel and start over.