Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial: Status Update II


Today, the defense rested it's case after calling their final witness, Dr. Gunter Sigmond a bio-mechanics expert. It was an unsurprising move that Cameron Brown clearly stated in open court that he gave up his right to testify in his own defense, relying on his fifth amendment right against self incrimination.

I know that I have promised my notes covering the testimony of Friday, September 4th, but real life responsibilities and my own slowly recovering health have taken center stage in my life. I have received some information about the testimony presented on September 8th and 9th, specifically from the defendant's mother, Lynne Brown from other witnesses in the courtroom.

I will get my notes up covering the days I attended and what I was told about testimony I did not hear as soon as I am able.

Update: September 10th 8:17 pm:

The prosecution will present a rebuttal witness Friday, September 11th. It's expected to be Dr. Chinwah, the deputy medical examiner who did the autopsy. His testimony is expect to be short. We do not know if the defense will present a sur-rebuttal case. The jury is scheduled for a site visit on Monday, September 14th. Closing arguments are tentatively set for Tuesday, September 15th. Wednesday the 16th is the monthly furlough day. The jurors might get the case on Thursday. Then there are several days where certain jurors need time off for pre-scheduled appointments. They may not get to deliberate much at all until the week of the 21st.

I'm told the first trial, the jury deliberated 10 days. I do not know how many hours specifically they deliberated.


Pepper said...

Did closing arguments happen today? When do you think deliberations will begin? Tomorrow? Any predictions on how long before a verdict is reached?

Janet said...

Please clarify a question I have on the first trial. I read that the first jury found him guilty, but could not agree on the degree of guilt. Then I read that the trial was declared a mistrial because of that.

So, if it was declared a mistrial, why is he incarcerated now? Did they keep him because of the guilty status, or some other reason? I am very confused about the trial outcome, versus him being in jail now. Can you clear that up for me?
ps hope you are feeling better, and thanks so much for the info.

Sprocket said...


I will try but I know very little about the first trial.

Brown was denied bail after his arrested. When the first trial ended in a hung jury, that does not negate the bail issue, what it means is, a hung jury is as if the trial never took place. Brown is still under arrest, still denied bail and awaiting trial.