Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Judge Delays the Second Christian-Newsom Murder Trial

Guest Entry from David in Tennessee!

This morning Judge Baumgartner delayed the second Christian-Newsom torture-murder trial. The start date was pushed back from October 5 to October 12.
This is to allow tests to be conducted on Channon Christian's underwear. The underwear will be sent to a private lab in Virginia to undergo what is called a Y-STR procedure. The defense asked to have this testing done because sperm was detected on the underwear, but it was overwhelmed by Christian's DNA so it couldn't be identified by the routine DNA tests done by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Results are expected next week. The DNA may well turn out to be Davidson's. Here is the account from the Knoxville paper. Note how Davidson is laughing it up with his attorneys. He's dressed like the Menendez brothers from their trial.

Even if the new DNA is from another member of the gang, Davidson's guilt is conclusive from his own DNA and fingerprints. We should remember what was done to these two innocent young people who probably believed they did not have an enemy in the world.

Jury selection is continuing this week and is expected to be completed Friday. There will be 3 alternates in addition to the regular panel of 12.

David From Tennessee


Karen said...

I guess he heard that "clothes make the man"; really, doesn't he look just like a lit class professor now? A far cry from his former gang-banger self. Why wasn't this test done a ways back- they've had plenty of time....

Anonymous said...

Yes, when Davidson was arrested, he looked exactly like a gang-banger and/or drug dealer. I have no earthly idea why the prosecution did not have this test done two years ago.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

This trial has been delayed yet again. The medical examiner, who was the best prosecution witness in the first trial regarding these murders, will be out of the country. The trial of Lemaricus Davidson is now set to start on October 19.

An account of the ME's testimony is in my first entry about the Christian-Newsom torture-murders.

David From TN

Sprocket said...

Thank you for keeping everyone updated on this case David!

T&T is very lucky to have you covering this for all our readers.