Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Official: Phil Spector is Moving to a Better Prison

I still don't understand how anyone considers anything regarding Spector newsworthy anymore, but since the accredited press is finally confirming what I thought was another sympathy ploy by Rachelle Short Spector and the Spector's press agent, here's the latest on all things Phil.

According to Linda Deutsch of the Associated Press, Phil Spector is being moved to Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, the prison where CaliGirl9 originally thought he would go. According to prison officials, Spector is being moved to take care of other outgoing prisoners who need the mental health services at Corcoran.

At Coalinga there's infamous Erik Menendez for Spector to trade notes with, although prison officials indicate Spector will be housed in a "special needs yard" (meaning, kept away from other prisoners in his own private cell) much like the current accommodations.

With Coalinga comes the possibility of catching "Valley Fever." According to Splash News, Valley Fever has killed 16 prisoners in the past four years and Spector is terrified he might get it. Imagine how terrified Lana Clarkson was in the final hours of her life with the barrel of a gun shoved in her mouth.

The new prison will also mean Rachelle will have a longer drive straight up the I-5 to visit her CONVICT husband. How sad. I'm playing my little violin for her.


Anonymous said...

I guess the publicist will now a spin a story about "Valley fever" and that will be the next News Release on PS---after this one, of course.

There was also a letter on their myspace page from Phil to a friend, this whole thing was a grave injustice on the part of the DA and as soon as the Appeals Court sees the light, Phil Spector will be out and on top and will seek vengence against those who perpetuated these dastardly consequences upon him. Stay tuned.
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

You know what they say...becareful what you wish for (new prison location).

One can only hope he contracts "The Valley Fever" and dies very soon. Payback is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

The Bride may learn to keep her and her publist's mouths shut, or their emails. I don't believe the complaints have anything to do with his transfer, the system deals with alot more than PS.
As long as there is money, and she believes she may have a singing career on the back of a convicted felon, she will keep on keeping on.
At least one can say, up to this point she is loyal. But her loyality isn't going to last 19 plus years, and until he dies of
fright, old age, or Valley Fever.
Would love to know what is in their
agreement, which I am sure exists.
Yes, I am still fascinated, as I am with wanting to know how some others are 'doing', Scott Peterson, who said he could not wait to get to death row, or something like that. I am curious how Jesse James Hollywood is doing, or the evil Factor heir, or even others. But I am not searching the internet looking, just curious.

PS was a time bomb, took decades, and any woman he came in contact with should be blessing their lucky stars that they didn't become homicide victims.

Thanks Sprocket, for the update.

And, finally, any place I have read about this latest twist, and read the comments, with few exceptions, are overwhelmingly
anti Phil and his whining.

Clueless Chelle said...

And just how long has Erik Menendez been there now? Looks like he has survived the Fever outbreak just fine!

Phil's got a few things in common with Erik. Both are very notorious. Phil's bald. So is Erik's brother, Lyle. Both have been really self conscious of it.

All of them once shared the same council Leslie Abramson. And she had more hair then all the guys combined. Look like Phil's gonna make a new friend!

Funny how tough guy all his life is reduced to sniveling, whining "poor Phil."

His fans are buyin' all his bogus crap.

Phil's clueless wife is a pathetic excuse for a mouthpiece. I'm so sorry the poor wife has gotta drive farther, guess this will inconvenience her from getting her nails done or being with her boyfriend.

Oh, please. Cry me a river deep, and mountain high while you're at it...


Anonymous said...

One can never tell if Deutsch’s “stories” are valid or just promo for her pal Spector. I was so disgusted with her constant puff pieces on him that I complained to the AP… not that they read my emails but I see Deutsch finally referred to him as a convicted murderer in her opening line when she usually if at all mentions his conviction at the end of her “stories.” Maybe Deutsch should move up to Coalinga to take down his every sniveling word if she adores him so much, they could share valley fever together, too.

Anonymous said...

If Phil is segregated, not being out with the 'crowd', chances of him unsettling any dust is probably not going to happen, cannot see him as a guy who paces the outside. So, PS, stay in your cell! That way you don't have to mingle with the commoners, or the elements1

CaliGirl9 said...

Pleasant Valley is not pleasant; it's chock full of mainstreaming punk gang bangers. Coalinga is a really rural crummy little town, it used to be an oil town but now the main "industries" are Pleasant Valley and a state mental hospital for convicted criminals. There is nothing there. I grew up 40 miles to the west of Coalinga.

Chelle's gonna love it.

It wasn't Phil's complaints that got him moved. More likely his level of custody is decreasing (like I thought it would) and he's being moved to a somewhat less tough place, and of course, he was in a treatment facility which is used for ... treatment! I imagine he entered the system as a Level III or IV based on his crime. I expect as old as he is, and as un-prison savvy as he is, he's more a Level II, or even Level 1.

So it's a promotion LOL

Pleasant Valley was my second choice. I thought Vacaville first, PV second and Soledad third. I'm thinking Men's Colony in SLO might be another candidate sooner than later ...

Katprint said...

I don't know if I would necessarily describe Coalinga as a "better" prison than Corcoran. It is a "different" prison. They are only about 50 miles apart in California's desert-like central valley; Coalinga is in the hottest part of the valley along I-5 whereas Corcoran is slightly on the cooler edge along Hwy 99 which runs along the base of the foothills.

IMO, the real news is that Phil is still at prison. I am happy that he hasn't managed to pull strings and obtain a compassionate release or maybe even a pardon from The Governator. We are all much safer with Phil in prison so him remaining in prison is good news. That's newsworthy to me!

ritanita said...

I'm not so sure Ms. 'Chelle will want to stir up the dust up there and risk Valley Fever for herself. I also wonder what sort of accommodations she's going to find up there if the town's like what CaliGirl describes!

Spector Did It said...

Hi Sprocketgal! If you're playing your little violin for Chelle I KNOW it would beat her trombone-tootin' skills in a heartbeat!

Check out

Amazing these guys put Spector at the top of the news list over this!


Patsy said...

Caligirl: you beat me to it about Coalinga being really rural. I lived in Lemoore back in the 80s. Coalinga was not the place to go for excitement.

Valley fever seemed to be very common in that area back then. Guess nothing has changed.

Maybe wifey wanted him further away ... better excuse to not visit as often. Don't think she is going to stay around after the money runs out. Poor, poor Phil NOT

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure that 'Chelle is clueless, livin' large and laughing at the press that will report anything she says. For example, she is the "CFO", but never sees the money? Clearly someone else has been entrusted with writing the checks. And maybe she DOES know the score about her musical career, but with a straight face tells us that it is very much on course. (We all know that Phil Spector would NEVER release sub-par material on purpose).

Clueless Chelle said...

Phil's being moved to another prison, and what image are we treated to? Chelle in that god awful monstrosity some refer to as a dress.

She's delusional if she thinks Phil would allow releasing anything SHE does "musically."

Maybe she actually BELIEVES she's in charge of the money? Maybe she really BELIEVES he WILL release her music? Hey Chelle, read the book by Ronnie Spector. He shelved her music too, at least that time around the woman had TALENT.

Anonymous said...

Was Spector dried out from his drugs and tequila and now that he's clean he's being moved on? I have wondered about how he was going to cope without all the pills and so on that he was taking, granted he can probably buy whatever he wants.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Spector will end up staying in his cell out of fear of interacting with his fellow convicts. I read that Angelo Buono, the Hillside Strangler, ended up dying in his cell, afraid to leave it.

David From TN

Anonymous said...

What no jam sessions with Charles Manson? Awww, too bad. I'm soo happy about this move. He should be scared and will most likely die in his cell since he is the ultimate coward.

Anonymous said...

I for one am so frightened for phil, come on people he really didnt do it, he doesnt deserve this at all,he was used as an example to other famous people,too many celeberties had gone unpunished so he is paying there price and that is not right,phil will win his appeal and then we will be laughing at all you haters,lets see if you print this,probably not but at least you read it,signed #7 fan sandra,and i have recieved many letter from phil,he is a true inspiration,

Anonymous said...

An inspiration, for what? Yes, music decades ago, but for his treatment of women? His children?
His love of guns for empowerment?
Please, do tell us, how has he inspired you? I am open to your opinion.

Clueless Chelle said...


If Phil yelled, verbally abused you to the point that you shook and had to escape by drinking like Ronnie Spector, would you still find him a "true inspiration?"

What if Phil knocked out your teeth like he did to Janis Zavala?
She knows him best. She loved him the longest. They're not together anymore. Even she couldn't put up with him forever. What does that tell you?

What if he threatened you as you tried to leave like he did to Chelle, at least twice. 911 had to be called at least twice. Nice guy much?

Ask his sons. They really knew him best. He forced them to go to the bathroom in a pot, in the middle of their bedroom with no private bathrooms. Forced to eat scraps while Dad dined on gourmet food?
Other heinous actions by Dad too.
Still inspired?

Keep feeling sorry for Phil. That's all he wants. He doesn't really care about you. He just wants sympathy. He has labeled you a "sucker" like he has so many other women.

Keep those blinders on tight. It's obvious you haven't seen the monster that dwells inside him. I pray you never do.


Anonymous said...

To No7 Phil fan, Sandra:

Phil was convicted in a court of law by 12 decent people who made it clear that they knew they were making a decision about the life of another human being. The verdict was not come about lightly.

He was fairly convicted, and now must pay the price of prison. Still, he has his life and the victim of his drunkenness and lack of self control is utterly gone from this earth.

One wonders how you can be a fan. What is it like in your heart of hearts to be a fan of a convicted murderer?

CaliGirl9 said...

Sprocket, next time a Spector story goes up, can you please share the photo you have of where Lana Clarkson is now? It puts things into perspective... she'd probably be happy for the opportunity to live and breathe and just be alive in hellhole Coalinga!

Anonymous said...

My letter to the AP:

Re: AP’s false headline about killer Phil Spector by Linda Deutsch Sept 5 2009

Dear Associated Press:

Deutsch’s headline reads “Spector’s Wife Blocks Music Mogul’s Prison Move.” But the article says THE PRISON stopped the move, not Spector’s wife. Doesn’t anyone bother to proof Deutsch’s articles before they’re released, or does the AP not concern itself with deceptive reporting by its so-called journalists?

Spector killed a woman when he shoved a loaded gun in her mouth after she rebuffed his advances, but the AP continues to do puff pieces on him. Are we supposed to feel bad that this convicted killer was upset that he’d have to change prisons? And are we supposed to acknowledge from this headline that he has so much power he stopped the move? Seriously?

Very disappointing, we expect more from the AP.

Sprocket said...

To quote my dear friend donchais, "For those of you who believe Rachelle, press your 'true' button now."

I have a ton of respect for Ms. Deutsch but this one took the cake and the tray it was sitting on.

Spector Did It said...

Hi Sprocketgal!
If it's true that Spector and Linda are buddies, isn't it unethical for her to keep writing about him especially with such bias?

Aren't there a ton of other AP writers who could cover the story with less bias? I do agree with you, I respect Linda but on this one she's way off.

Can't you see it now, Rachelle begging Linda: "Oh, please say it like THIS! No one takes me seriously! Tell them it's all because of ME ME ME!!!"

On a good note, I'm surprised (pleasantly) that there wasn't another hideous photo of Rachelle and her hideous knees accompanying this article. :) The plane Jane needs to give it up. The longer Spector stays with Rachelle, the more ridiculous she makes him look IMO.


Anonymous said...

Betsy I am sending a snail-mail letter to the AP re: Linda Deutsch, I think she should be a candidate for retirement---and I plan to say just that. Have never noticed her pro-Spector behavior before now, but have seen mention of it here by others.

It should be noted that sometimes the headlines are set by the LOCAL paper editors, not always by what the reporter sent in. Or so I am told.
Wes J.

Clueless Chelle said...

IMO, I don't think Deutsch is 100% to blame here.

Personal experience I've noticed when it comes to Spector, online 'zines such as have been printing this drivel:

...and then when crap like this is put on the internet, I've noticed the wires pick this stuff up really quickly and by then everything gets blown out of proportion including Deutsch's bias.

Hal Lifson, Spector's PR, really needs to be held accountable. Contact Music has got to stop printing this crap.

Rachelle does a horrible disservice to the truly
devoted wives out there who really DO fight for their husbands in prison.


John said...

Whatever your opinion of PS or RS, no one can argue this foible on

In it, RS claims that Gary and Louis (sloppily printed as "Lois") Spector testified against their father, PS, during the trial.

RS must have REALLY been snoozing a lot through this second trial.
Nicole Spector was the ONLY child of PS to testify. Gary and Louis NEVER were called!

Who's to blame here? RS for saying such an outright lie (that to her chagrin can be EASILY disproven)

-or- Hal Lifson for allowing the PR to be spun this way and not having it retracted -or- Contact Music for allowing this lie to continue online for the world to see.

In my opinion all three parties
should retract and apologize for their part in this.

Oh, last but not least:
RS has the audacity of saying it was her pleas that kept PS in Corcoran? To Ms. Deutsch's credit, she was the one who pointed out in her reporting that RS saw it one way but the prison officials see it for what it is-merely a routine movement of inmates.


Anonymous said...

I am really beginning to wonder just how closely Rachelle was paying attention to her husband's two trials. Today in the Daily Mail (UK) appeared an interview given by her. She is noted saying,, when Gary and Louis testified IN COURT! IN COURT! WTF What trials was she attending for those two years? LOL His sons didn't testify against him in court. Wonder what the publicist has up his sleeve next for her? Whatever it is I hope he educates her about the trial while he is at it.

CaliGirl9 said...

The Department of Corrections moves hundreds of inmates a day. Just wasn't Phil's turn on the barred bus yet.

In support of Phil, not Rachelle said...

If Chelle is SO devoted as a wife,
why did September 1st, the day of their supposed Anniversary pass without any gag-worthy comment on either Chelle or Phil's parts?

I know--I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth!

CaliGirl9 said...

Team Spector in the news again ... worth a read.

He's upset because he wasn't allowed to put his affairs in order, among other things.

Lana didn't get much of a chance to put her affairs in order either. Phil's had plenty of time.

And he's angry he has not been allowed visits from the Trial Bride.

Bring out the violins, please. The very little ones, you know.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this Sandra person wants to become famous. Famous for having no class and no shame. LOL@inspiration? Murderers inspire you?