Friday, September 4, 2009

Will It Be A Death Penalty Case For Melissa Huckaby?

~Huckaby booking photo

Although prosecutors have been treating the case as a death penalty case, they have yet to announce if that is how they intend to proceed in the case against Melissa Huckaby.

Huckaby was arrested in April for the rape and murder of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. She also faces charges of drugging a 7-year-old girl and 37-year old man.

There are some indications we may know early next week if prosecutors will seek the death sentence in the Huckaby case.

While Judge Linda Loftus issued a gag order and has sealed records, some bizarre information is coming to light from the San Joaquin County Court records.

When Huckaby appeared in court on August 17 observers noted bright red scratches above her right eye and on her arm. The records indicate that just days before the hearing Huckaby was found by correction officers hiding behind her mattress with a blanket tied around her neck.

In another incident Huckaby was noticed next to her bed with a trashcan. When asked what was wrong, Huckaby claimed to have taken pills, felt dizzy and then passed out.

Huckaby was examined by a nurse and a psychiatrist on August 12.

According to court documents filed for custody of his daughter, John Huckaby, her ex-husband, stated that she has a history of hurting herself and just days after Sandra Cantu disappeared Melissa Huckaby was hospitalized for swallowing several razor blades.

At a hearing next Thursday, Public Defender, Sam Behar is expected to enter a plea for Huckaby and Judge Loftus may set a date for the trial.

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Anonymous said...

As there has been a news shutdown, very hard to form an opinion, but my opinion won't count in any event. This woman has huge issues, not that issues should come into play, anybody who kills someone, attempts to drug or do away with anyone, has issues. An interesting case to follow, so incredibly sad for the parents and the community. I, like many others, wonder how this will play out. The wheels of justice turn very slowly these days, so it seems.