Friday, September 11, 2009

Weinberg Out in Ayres' Retrial

Continuing with his history of the delay delay delay tactic, defense attorney Doron Weinberg is no longer representing accused child molester William Ayres. The new defense attorney is Jonathan McDougall, a former DDA, and he's being paid through San Mateo County's public defender program. (San Mateo County does not have a public defenders office.)

The money's run dry, and there are four civil suits currently pending against the child psychiatrist.

Of course McDougall asked for a continuance so he could get up to speed. He requested an April start day with a February "readiness hearing" so he could let the court know if he was ready to begin.

Deputy District Attorney Melissa McKowan is good to go, and wanted a new trial date set today.

Superior Court Judge Beth Freeman stated that she did not feel an April start date was reasonable at all. But she did grant a continuance until October 9, where it is expected McDougall will continue the tried and true practice of "I'm not ready, I need to re-investigate this whole case, Weinberg's strategy was all wrong."

Which is an insult to Doron Weinberg. By hitting the jackpot with a new grad attorney on the jury, the lone hold out, Weinberg's strategy was genius. His client was guilty as heck and Weinberg got his client another holiday season at home. Questioning Weinberg's strategies or abilities as a defense attorney are a pretty crappy tactic but all too common.

For more, go to Deep Sounding's blog and offer him some support. I guess good things are worth waiting for (shrug—the good thing being putting away a child molester for a very long time).


Patient Advocate said...

Ayres will be dead before he spends one day in prison!


Deep Sounding said...

You'll notice that Joshua Melvin has now updated his story, and is no longer reporting that McDougall was being provided as a public defender. Melvin has now changed his story, and he says that ayres is indeed paying for McDougall's services.

I don't think ayres is NEARLY as broke as everyone seems to think he is. It is nice to have everyone's sympathy -- all these terrible men are saying such mean things about him, and now he's broke!

Probably also doesn't hurt to have victims who have NOT filed civil lawsuits believing that it's not worth the effort, that there is no money to be had...

Either way, it doesn't really matter... It's all about the delay tactics, and whether he gets delay for free or he pays through the nose with whatever money he could leave to Solveig and his kids for the hell he's put them through, probably makes no difference at all to that tubby old sociopathic pedophile.