Friday, September 11, 2009

First Step Towards Justice For Brooke Bennett

Her ex-stepfather, Raymond Gagnon has been sentenced to 16 years and eight months in a Texas federal court on child pornography charges.

Gagnon expressed remorse after being sentenced by Judge Xavier Rodriguez today. "What I did was wrong," Gagnon told the court. "For my own sake and the sake of Brooke Bennett's family, I need to accept that responsibility."

It had been hoped Gagnon would cut a deal with authorities by testifying against Brooke’s uncle, Michael Jacques, who is accused of drugging, raping, and murdering Brooke.

Prosecutors called Gagnon a liar in court Friday and said he has not helped in the Bennett case despite being given numerous chances. Gagnon pleaded guilty to transportation of child pornography.
Gagnon admitted to having images and video files of prepubescent children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, including sexual acts with adults. Many of the images were collected when he lived in Alabama, prior to moving to Texas. He still faces additional charges of possession of child pornography in Alabama.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy Braun said Gagnon has been unhelpful. "By lying to us, he has all but guaranteed he won't be called as a witness in any other case," Braun said.

Gagnon had been married to Brooke’s mother for four years. They separated in 2004.


ritanita said...

I can't believe Gagnon won't do the right thing for Brooke.

Every time I think of her, I can't believe the number of evil people in her short, tragic life.