Friday, September 11, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial: Status Update III

Both sides rested their case today. All that's left to do is the jury site visit on Monday, September 14th, closing arguments on Tuesday September 15th. Judge Pastor told the jury that they could "possibly" get the case by Tuesday afternoon. It should be noted that the following day, Wednesday September 15th is the court's mandated furlough day and there are several upcoming dates where different jurors have pre-scheduled appointments.

Today, the prosecution called Dr. Chinwah back to the stand in their rebuttal case to clarify what different photographs of Lauren's back actually showed. Detective Leslie was also recalled to the stand to state what actually happened in interviews he conducted with several defense witnesses.

The defense put on a sur-rebuttal witness, Dr. Posey who countered Dr. Chinwah's testimony about what the photographs showed of Lauren's back. That was the last witness to testify.

Judge Pastor went over with jurors how to prepare for the site visit. They are to be on the 9th floor outside 107 at 8:30 am Monday. Pastor specifically gave them suggestions on clothing, footwear, sunscreen, and a hat if needed since there would be time out in the sun. Pastor stated that he would be going to Trader Joe's over the weekend to pick up ample water for the jurors, but if they had some special water or drink that they wanted, they should bring it. Judge Pastor also suggested to the jurors that they bring along snacks (candy, energy bars, etc.), because they may not be returning to the courthouse until as late as 2:00 pm. (All these suggestions were provided to the jurors in written form as they left court.) It wasn't clear to me if the court would provide a late lunch for them or not. They would be away from the courthouse anywhere from four to five hours. Even the availability of restroom facilities was discussed.

Two media outlets requested to participate in the jury site visit: The Daily Breeze and Inside Edition. Inside Edition wanted to video tape the site visit as well as closing arguments. Judge Pastor stated the media could be there at the site visit but denied any video or camera recording during the view. He did agree to having the closing arguments recorded (cameras). I believe that Mr. Brown already agreed days before to waive his right to be there at the site visit.

It's my understanding that the jurors will be taken to five different areas at the site as well as taken out on Inspiration Point. They will be allowed to take notes during the visit. It's my understanding that the jurors will not be taking the same path/route that Brown and Lauren took from the Abalone Cove parking lot to Inspiration Point on the day she died. My guess is that the locations they will visit are: Abalone Cove parking lot; Portuguese Point; Inspiration Point and the archery range where Brown laid his daughter out on the picnic tables. I'm not sure what the fifth location might be. It could be Sacred Cove beach, I don't know.

When my schedule permits, I will be working on getting my trial coverage notes up for the last few days of court that I attended.

Almost forgot to mention this. On Tuesday or Wednesday of this week Cameron Brown's father was overheard saying something to the effect that this trial is costing him a fortune. If true, it would lead one to believe that his parents are contributing to the cost of defending their son.

Brown senior was also overheard to have said something to the effect that his son is being treated horribly by other detainees at the Men's Central Jail, specifically stating that the other inmates urinate on his son. I would not be surprised if this is true. There is a hierarchy within prisons and jails across the country and accused (or convicted) child killers and rapists are at the bottom of the ladder. They are often a target by other detainees or prisoners and in some instances have to be segregated and protected from the general jail or prison population.


ritanita said...

It's too bad the jury won't re-create the hike Brown took the 4-year-old on. However, I'm sure that they will be able to draw their own conclusions as to the appropriateness of the hike for little Lauren.

Brown probably didn't take all the precautions that the jury has been instructed to do.

Ronni said...

Maybe they thing the route Brown took is too dangerous or difficult for some of the jurors. Or, perhaps it's that his ecact route is not "carved in stone," as they say?

Sprocket said...

All I know is, they will not take the route, even though a 4-year-old took it. I do not know what reasons Judge Pastor gave for his ruling since I was not there to hear it.

Omama said...

It seems that Brown's parents were in the courtroom as the defense presented their case. Was this their first appearance? Were his mother and father both there?

Sprocket said...

The parents were in the courtroom in the afternoon on Thursday. I know that Brown's mother, Lynne Brown testified Tuesday and Wednesday. His father, Brown senior, was at court on those days also. I know there was something about notes being passed among the defendant's supporters on either Tuesday or Wednesday ~ that Judge Pastor had to address ~ but I don't have clear detail as to what that was about or who all the participants were.

I don't know if Brown's parents were in the courtroom beyond the days mentioned this week.

I do know that some trial watching friends that saw Lynne Brown testify were under the impression that in some of her testimony she lied.

When I get to transcribing the notes I have on that testimony from the people reporting I'll go into a bit more detail.

susan said...

Just the fact that the trail is too dangerous for jurors speaks volumes… if it wasn’t dangerous I think the prosecution would scream to take them down the exact path that Brown forced his daughter to take. I hope he gets LWOP so he can enjoy his many years of being urinated upon and whatever else his new neighbors can think of to make his stay more memorable.

Thanks again, Sprocket, for bringing this trial to us; I really hope we see justice done for sweet little Lauren and her mother.

Karen said...

Hopefully they might get to see the rock on the shore, the one that Cam originally claimed he performed CPR upon Lauren on; it seems they'll get to see the picnic table area, where he later claimed that he did it. I hope they get to at least be shown a clear view of all the places on the "hike" that witnesses say they saw them at, with Cam leading the reluctant Lauren, and NOT, as Cam always stated, her leading him (and he had a hard time keeping up, he said, as she raced ahead)! I hope and pray they get a good opportunity to see held up, point-by-point, the various statements he made, at various times, and what others actually saw take place, others with no stake in what the verdict might be, folks who just happened to be there that day, and saw or heard what they saw and heard.

Sprocket said...

Hi Karen,

I don't believe there will be any talking by defense or prosecution counsel during the jury visit.

It was not made clear to me if the jurors will be able to ask questions. They will be able to take notes.

My husband and I went out to the area today and visited several of the significant areas. We went all the way out onto Inspiration Point, and even went down a short ways on the "horseshoe" area. My husband was petrified that I would fall and to get down on the horseshoe area, we scooted on our butts.

We took lots of photos and also took some video.

All will eventually be up on the blog sometime tomorrow.

Karen said...

Sprocket- Just thanks again for all you do- your descriptions of everyone and everything going on inside the courtroom are really vivid, and thanks for your objectivity, too (which cannot be always so easily maintained, especially with the death of a child involved). You really are our eyes. And now you two risking your lives, for us! I know I get chills just looking at the scenic shots of the place.

Omama said...

Sprocket - Based on your personal opinion, irrespective of your observations of the trial, is IP a place where a responsible parent would take a 4 year-old child?

Just curious given that you've visited the site.


Anonymous said...

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