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Cindy Ramos’ Family Needs Your Help

Christina Barnes at her mother's grave. From Christina's Facebook page.
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Children of Murdered Parents.

I’ve written about the heinous murder of Cindy Ramos, a vivacious 58-year old mom and grandmother. Cindy was assaulted, fought like a lioness, and was murdered in her bedroom by a “married” couple, Robert Plunkett-Morgan and Jorge Morgan.

This pair of gutless pukes decided to plead guilty to Cindy’s murder, not because they were remorseful and wanted to spare Cindy’s family any pain, but because the case against them was iron-clad. The death penalty was never on the table.

Here is why Cindy’s family needs your help:

After they pled guilty, Robert Plunkett-Morgan told Cindy’s daughter Kimberly that in return for their plea, the couple would be imprisoned and co-habitate in the same corrections facility. Together forever. In love.

It’s bad enough these two were allowed to share a cell shortly after their arrest (because both were parolees, they were incarcerated at DVI), but after their plea, the pair were returned to DVI for a short period of time until they were transferred to a permanent facility. Yes, they were at the same prison, together again! At this moment, they are not together; Plunkett-Morgan is at Salinas Valley, I do not know where Morgan is.

You’d think that there would be common sense in that co-conspirators don’t end up in the same place. Look at the Menendez brothers, or Charles Manson and Tex Watson. But there is no law prohibiting inmate co-habitation… in other words, there was nothing preventing this same-sex married couple from ending up at the same prison. And Plunkett-Morgan spends much of his time as a notorious jailhouse lawyer. He’s got nothing better to do than pour over law books and find something to bitch about.

If Plunkett-Morgan had been the “brilliant” jailhouse lawyer he thinks he is, he would have asked for the death penalty for he and his spouse—death row is San Quentin and the two would have been housed on the same tier, newfound buddies of Richard Allen Davis, Richard Ramirez and Scott Peterson, among other great guys. The couple could have gummed up their appeals for years, and would more likely die on death row versus being executed.

For anyone who has ever worked in a prison, you learn that inmates have nothing better to do than cook up ways to do what they want. Because Plunkett-Morgan and Morgan are openly homosexual, they will be in protective housing. For the most part, “like” inmates tend to be housed in the same tier. When I worked at Soledad, there was an entire wing dedicated to homosexuals and transgendered inmates, and they had their own outdoor facility. They did not mingle with the mainline.

Cindy’s family had a new mission: keep this couple apart forever. This is a mission they should not have had to take on, but they have—with zeal.

On March 11, 2011, Senator Mark DeSaulnier (representing California’s 7th District/Contra Costa County), introduced SB 906, which will require accused and convicted co-conspirators of violent crime to be jailed (county level) and prisoned (state level) apart. He took up Cindy’s family’s cause after they’d been announced the winners of the Senator’s annual “There Ought to Be a Law” contest.

On May 3, 2011, Cindy’s daughter Christina Barnes and son Daniel Martinez testified at a committee hearing in Sacramento. Joining Cindy’s children in support of SB 906 were the Crime Victims United, the CCPOA (California Correctional Peace Officers Association), and the Sheriffs Association. Thus far there is no opposition to the bill becoming law at this time.

Let’s make sure that our elected representatives know we want this bill to become law. Don’t know who your elected representative is? Click here for an interactive map to learn the name of your senator or your assemblyperson.

DeSaulnier Joins Family of Cindy Ramos to Separate Co-Conspirators

Text of the bill

Defendants: incarceration


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