Wednesday, May 18, 2011

James Fayed Verdict Watch Day 2

May 18th, 2011 7:00 pm PT: Tonight I'm working on the edit for day one of closing arguments presented by DDA Alan Jackson. Sprocket.

9:10 am: I'm inside 109 for verdict watch in the Fayed murder-for-hire case. We just got the single buzz at 9:10 that the jurors are all here and have started deliberating.

Marjorie is here to my left, there are some people in the courtroom for another case and three cameramen are here with their equipment all spread out around us.

9:32 am: I will be working on getting DAY FIVE of trial in the Fayed case up on the blog while I'm on verdict watch. The three cameramen have left. Scott Goudie, Pamela's brother has decided to come down to the courthouse to wait. Over by the bailiffs desk we can see a brown suit and cream colored shirt on a hanger. It's hanging on the black box by the door where the sheriff's put their weapons before they go into the holding cell area. I go over to get a closer look. It's a brown suit and it's most likely Fayed's suit.

10:11 am. Totally quiet in 109. We can hear the ticking of the clock on the back wall. Jessica from DATELINE is here at the other end of the courtroom, working on her laptop. Greg Fisher from CBS is here sitting next to Scott Goudie; they're chatting. Marjorie left and I'm guessing it's a personal since she left her laptop behind. I'm still working on DAY FIVE of Fayed trail notes. I'm also trying to do some research on a case in Tennessee. Gail Palmgren, mother of two young children has been missing for over two weeks. A dear friend of mine is related by marriage to Gail and hopefully I'll be putting a story up in the next day or two about the case.

10:19 am: For those of you following the Casey Anthony saga in Florida, Judge Perry suddenly ended voir dire for the day when court resumed after lunch. Judge Perry said something to the effect of see you all tomorrow and left the bench. Hopefully ritanita will have more for us in her recap later today.

10:53 am: I see Judge Kennedy outside her robes for the first time. She's behind Lori's desk for not even 20 seconds, asking about the "Curtis case." She's wearing a light, lime green knit-looking top. And then she's back in chambers.

11:08 am: Curtis (sp?) matter is being heard, a probation violation matter held over for June 2nd, and needs a prelim on new matter. That's it. Defendant is taken back into the jail/custody area.

11:46 am: We hear some faint voices back in the jury room. It sounds like the jury room door opened, and maybe someone using the restroom or an area where there is coffee. The door from the courtroom leads to a hall or general area and there is another door beyond that leading into the actual jury room.

Then again, it might not be the jurors. It's possible the sounds we heard came from the other staff that have offices behind the well area back where the Judge's chambers are.

11:55 pm: A man comes in to chat with the court clerk. He's in a preliminary hearing in another courtroom. They are chatting about Judge Kennedy's figurines on her bench. The big one is a duck. The little figure with the flag (is from?) the (former?) bailiff. I believe that's what was said.

I think the man who came in to chat is married to the court reporter. That's from what I can overhear of their chat.

12:01 pm: A different officer kicks us out. The jurors have not come out yet, so we don't know if they've decided to continue to deliberate.

12:04 pm: I'm in the hallway. It was a female sheriff who kicked us out. As soon as I came out, the jurors started to emerge from the courtroom.

1:05 pm: I did something different for lunch today. I went to the 13th floor snack room to eat my lunch I brought. In this snack room they have a high counter area and about six bar-style high-back comfortable swivel chair-stools with backs and arms. It was such a nice change to sit on these padded chairs! I chatted with two people who are here for jury duty on a case that is still in the early selection process where 35 jurors were called to their courtroom. I told them not to tell me what courtroom they are in or anything about it. I don't want to know. We talked about the Conrad Murray case. The older gentleman said this was his first time of ever being called for jury duty. In a few more minutes, I will head back down to the 9th floor.

1:31 pm: I just followed into the courtroom behind the jury. I don't know if they are all there yet. I have not heard a buzz.

1:33 pm: Judge Kennedy came back from lunch and she chats with her clerk about lunch options.

1:38 pm: BUZZ! They are back on the clock.

2:35 pm: One of T&T's loyal readers, an attorney, was coincidentally in the building on another matter and stopped by Dept. 109 by finally meet me. While he was here, Mr. Werksman came into 109 for another matter. I asked him if he had brought the envelope in and he replied, "Just now. Without fanfare."

2:46 pm: I overhear part of a conversation between Lori and the bailiff as to whether or not the jurors clearly understood that if they stop deliberating, they have to (use the buzzer?). The bailiff Sean tells Lori that they understand. From the gist of this conversation, the noise we are hearing is apparently, they are just using the restrooms located (right outside?) the jury room. Werksman takes off and waves goodbye.

3:04 pm: Nothing is going on.

3:52 pm: Greg Fisher comes over and we chat a bit about the shows his network does.

3:57 pm: We are not optimistic about a verdict today.

3:59 pm: The bailiff just went back towards the jury room. Just heard Lori on the phone, hang on a minute. Sean just went back there.

4:00 pm: We were right. Sean just went to the bathroom. He did not stop in the jury room.

4:04 pm: I'm speculating on how much past 4:00 pm the jury will go. My thoughts are, the jury will go to 4:15 pm, which was the time that Judge Kennedy usually went to during testimony.

4:12 pm: Day 5, Part II has been updated with all the witnesses who testified that day. Here's the link.

4:14 pm: BUZZ BUZZ! Sean goes into the jury room and asks if they are going home. Yes. They are done for the day. Jurors exit. They say "Good night!" to the clerk Lori.

4:15 pm: I was right. They went to about 4:15 pm. Tomorrow, same thing, verdict watch continues.


Sprocket said...

Chris said:


Was going to post on your blog but it did not like my ID so . . . hello anyway. They Fayed case has been interesting to watch. Thanks for your coverage which is how I “watch.” The Anthony case just gets weirder and weirder. I thought you all took forever for jury trials in CA . . . FL might have you all beat. The voir dire process is very tough. They’ll get there . . . just not as soon as I’d like. Thanks again foryou’re your efforts. So glad to have found your page and the other contributors contributions. Ciao


JellyBeanLowe said...


I read that the envelope arrived w/o fanfare =) But was there anything else regarding the Jury tampering mentioned today?

Thank you

Sprocket said...

Jelly Bean Love:

No, there was nothing on the record regarding the alleged attempted possible jury tampering, or attempt to cause a mistrial. Werksman told us he was only here for another unrelated matter and brought the envelope in as ordered on Tuesday.

JellyBeanLowe said...

Thank you =) I am just hoping that this won't cause any delays of any kind for the family seeking answers

Sprocket said...

Jelly Bean Lowe:


Unless something new happens where there is clear evidence presented to the court where a juror is involved in some manner, the trial itself and jury deliberations are not in jeopardy.