Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kim of The Darwin Exception is BACK!

She hasn't blogged in well over a year, but I'm happy to report that Kim of The Darwin Exception is back in the saddle and giving her loyal readers her unparalleled witty take on the Casey Anthony Case. I for one, couldn't be happier. We first read Kim when she covered the initial Phil Spector trial from the comfort of her living room sofa. She gave her readers some of the best analysis of the legal maneuverings during that long drawn-out drama that ended in a mistrial. From T&T, welcome back Kim. You've been missed.

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katfish said...

This is great news Sprocket! I noticed Kim was talking about the case on fb, but didn't realize she was blogging again. She has been missed, she brings a unique wit to her analysis...not for the faint at heart.Welcome back Kim!

Thisbe said...

Oh Gosh...She is back...The bad and lovely blogger from Up State NY...with her crazy life, weird neighbors, and razor wit. Hope she keeps her ear at the courthouse door.

Thanks for the heads up Sprockie.