Friday, June 27, 2008

The Entwistle Notebook

On one side of the notebook, he professes love for his "Orange Rose" and "my Lilly." On the other side, he drafted letters, looking to sell the story of their deaths to the highest bidder.

Entwistle had the notebook with him when he was arrested in London three weeks after the slayings. In it, he calls his wife his "soul-mate" and "very best friend." "As a husband, I could never dream for more."

He wrote of the pain of losing his wife and daughter in what "sounds" like a suicide note - "I miss my wife and daughter so much it feels like I am completely empty inside.”

"The void grows larger each day and I fear a lifetime of this can only bring more pain. I need to be with them again, my Orange Rose and my Lilly."

On the other side of the notebook, he drafted two letters to editors.

He described himself as a "close friend and confidante" of Entwistle, and says he wants to "tell his side of the story."

"What's of interest to us is what price you would be willing to pay for exclusive rights to the full story."

Yesterday, Priscilla said to a packed courtroom, "Suffering does not begin to describe what we have been enduring without our beloved Rachel and Lillian.”

"I have lost two generations of my family."