Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jersey + Justice = Joke!

After seeing our system of justice work so beautifully with the verdict in the Entwistle case yesterday, I am deeply saddened by what occurred and continues to occur in the Jersey abuse scandal.

As readers know, the suspects arrested the other day were released without charge. Stuart Syvret gives a very detailed explanation of how and why it happened.

~ Remember, Syvret has called on the UK’s Jack Straw to intervene to obtain justice for the abuse victims ~

From Senator Stuart Syvret Blog: Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache – brother of Jersey’s chief judge, Sir Philip Bailhache – in an effort to obstruct and sabotage the police investigation, appointed, some months ago, lawyers of his choosing to vet the States police work; to make sure every possible legal box had been ticked before charges could be laid – and, as I said many months ago, to generally assist the Jersey oligarchy to do all it could to minimise the scope and scale of any prosecutions arising from the Jersey child abuse disaster.

The Police – battling against every conceivable obstruction – have been slowly making progress and bringing suspects to charge; but each time, they face the “legal” obstructions described above.

Nevertheless, yesterday morning they reached the stage where they had ample evidence to charge the two suspects in question. That the case was sound, and that charging was justified, was even agreed by Will Bailhache’s stooge – that’s how clear-cut it was.
So the police arrested the two suspects, and brought them in for charging.

But – Will Bailhache’s appointed lawyer reported back to Bailhache what he had said to the police. This lawyer then contacted the police again, later in the day, to inform them that “upon reflection, he had revised his opinion of that morning, and now could not endorse charging.” (Like I said, you couldn’t make this stuff up.)

The police – rightly and understandably – were furious at this, and correctly decided to defy what was clearly an attempt by Bailhache - via his stooge – to pervert the course of justice. They told the lawyer they were going to charge anyway – whether he agreed it or not.
The police then – for reasons described above – had to get an honorary police officer in to actually charge the suspects – because the States police don’t have the power to charge, remember.

This officer – Danny Scaife – accepted that the “evidence was present” – but told the professional Police that notwithstanding this – he wasn’t going to charge the two suspects.
So the States of Jersey Police had to release them - without charge.

The honorary officer - Danny Scaife – refused to give any direct explanation for his extraordinary actions – other than to say he “had acted after receiving expert legal opinion”.
Now – who do we think was behind that “expert legal opinion”?
One of the comments on my last post, attempts to assert that the Attorney General, William Bailhache, could not have obstructed the professional police. (Hello, William.)

The reason given, as I have explained above, being that the States police don’t have the power to charge. Therefore he couldn’t have stopped them from charging – from exerting a power they don’t possess. The comment is gross sophistry.

It is known that the States police don’t have the power to charge; and it is known that only the honoraries can. But – we must ask – how does this fact mean that the Attorney General couldn’t interfere with the work of the States police?

It doesn’t.

Not least because – guess what? – And you couldn’t make this up - the Attorney General is the titular head and ultimate authority – apart from the court itself – over all of Jersey’s honorary police.
I will be tabling – as a matter of urgency – an amendment to the law to give the power to charge to the professional police force.
As I said earlier – we now have – in plain view – the collapse of the rule of law in Jersey.

You want, perhaps, a further illustration of this collapse? And just why Jack Straw cannot credibly refuse to intervene?
Remember a couple of weeks ago, another suspect was arrested. On that occasion too, the police had to release him without charge. The suspect’s name is Danny Wherry.

This is getting so easy – but let’s do it anyway; who do you think is a friend of Wherry and member of the same golf club? “The Royal Jersey Golf Club”?

Yep – William Bailhache, Jersey’s Attorney General.
One of the tragic and bizarre features of this episode is that such is this man’s arrogance, megalomania and hubris – that he just cannot see that he has, essentially, corrupted the rule of law in Jersey.
Pretty frightening, no?

Take a look at a comment sent to the good Senator : "submitted a comment to the effect that I was ‘a f**king little shit – and should do everyone a favour by actually killing myself."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your part in generating greater awareness of this travesty. It is not often just a few distant individuals who care about justice find themselves in a position to make such a difference, but the outcome of the Jersey abuse investigation and legal case will probably depend upon the level of global interest.

I just read an old article in the Guardian about what that same powerful and greedy ruling elite previously got away with!