Thursday, June 26, 2008

Entwistle Sentencing

Entwistle doesn’t look so smug today.

Fabbri wants mandatory life consecutively.

3-5 years on lesser.

Priscilla Matterrazzo speaks and calls Neil, "low and despicable" for trying to blame Rachel for suicide.

Joe talks of the betrayal by Neil.

Jeremy, Rachel’s brother says they will never get to hear Lilly’s first word or take her first step.

ritanita says - Short and sweet. This family is all class.

Entwistle does not speak.

Kottmyer says 1st degree murder in Boston means life sentence with no parole. She basically says the consecutive sentences are redundant, so they run concurrent

Lesser charges, 10 years probation

Entwistle will not be allowed to profit from selling his story to any media outlets.