Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Neil Entwistle Murder Trial: Verdict Watch Day One

The jury in the Neil Enwistle case went home today at 4:20 pm without reaching a verdict. While watching the live camera we were able to see the lovely Beth Karas come in and out of camera view for a few moments. The Judge instructs the jurors on not reading any articles, etc., as well as not deliberating until they return tomorrow and that's it. We hear "Court's in recess" and the gallery slowly exits the courtroom. Although the sound has been cut, we still see a few images in the courtroom of people leaving. And then the camera pans to the ceiling.

Verdict watch begins tomorrow at 9 am ET.

Update: 6:00 pm
A short note from one of our best trial watchers, ritanita:

Well, today we learned to keep an eye on the feed that shows the ceiling. Today it was the Fox station.

For those who didn't catch the action, the jury asked for the computer log-in records for January 20th.

A quick trip over to Joe Dwinell's blog at the Boston Herald site and I find out that the jury also asked for the Starbuck's receipt that Weinstein referred to in his closing statements.

I borrowed this from the Boston Herald to explain the significance of that receipt.

  • Weinstein said Neil stopped for two “lattes” at Starbucks Jan. 20 and paid $7.04 intending to bring one home for his wife.
  • Fabbri said the coffee run to Starbucks was the day before and the receipt will prove it.

Thanks ritanita!



Anonymous said...

Why do the jury have to ask for evidence? Why don't they have it all in the jury room readily available to them?

(I'm from UK so forgive my ignorance of your system!)

donchais said...

Hi tonythebrit!

This is from our June 18 loge entry, regarding the computer records:

Sidebar – a lengthy one

The printout is just being marked for identification now.

Some items are marked as evidence and some for identification which may be used later.

Hope that helps!

donchais said...

That should have read blog entry!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for all of your updates...fantastic job.

Just one question...it was said that Rachel's stomach was empty during autopsy, but was Lillian's? I am asking because NE said he fed her that morning Oatmeal, Cherrios, prune and pears...did this come out in testimony if her stomach contents were empty or not?



donchais said...

Thanks for the kind words DD!
Lilly's stomach contents.

More than likely another screw-up by Dr. Zane!

Anonymous said...

Thanks donchais! Very unfortunate if that is the case. I was also speculating that maybe there was too much damage to the stomach to be able to tell? But again, just speculation...I missed lots of Zane's direct testimony - so ignore me LOL.

Thanks again for your blog!


Anonymous said...

Take a look at this latest news item on evidence not submitted at trial http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2008/06/entwistles_foug.html